The Events Forseen by Knoxus

Conflict Destruction Death

All of these being forseen by Knoxus after the civil war has engaged while a force greater lurked in the distance.

With the death of the Lord Emperor Arestenax and his son taking the Throne it would seem that everything was thrown into a shamble and corruption was inevitable.

Knoxus faints after the events of speaking with Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar about her not feeling her brothers presence through the force anymore but not to her knowledge it was a manipulation from her ancestor a Female sith lord who wants to take control over Knoxus' Body to seek to cause more conflict with the Imperium. The steps were in play for the Dark Lord of the sith in the afterlife calling herself "Zavik" or so she was called.

Knoxus feels her body being torn between her mortality and her spirit as her ancestor Darth Kallig knelt before her trying to repeal the curse as it would deem useless as the area around Knoxus became black with darkness.

Darth Si'alla thankfull was able with the help of Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar develop a vaccine for the Poisson cursing through Knoxus' veins that would have made her in a coma like state

Through The Shadows

Through the shadows many voices echo inside the very mind of Knoxus as something reaches out to her touching her very mind twisting her very sanity she was Alone on Belsalvis no one could hear her cries for help as she could feel her body turn into a flame.. Her mind has been broken as the voice continues to Echo inside her "Allow me to gain control over your body and I shall rid you of this pain my child" the voice echoes throughout the dark shadows as Knoxus would fall to the ground weeping she had no control over these events as she feels her body slowly being torn away from her.

Zavik has taken over her body. The true Embodiment of the Dark Side now fully unleashed.

Who will stop her? who will free Knoxus of this curse?

Time Will Tell..

(( OOC message: I wanted to develop a interesting RP storyline Idea for the guild or whoever wishes to take part since I feel I haven't done much to help out of being apart of the guild ))

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