Xardur'ax was a sith warrior raised in the Empire, who suffered major injures when he fought against his brother: Arsakul. He was trained to be a front-line soldier, thus his aggressive fighting style.


Xardur’ax was a pureblood Sith born on Dromund Kaas. He was the son of a minor Sith lord by the name of Lord Ahamkara, and his mother was a pureblood sith who shortly after giving birth, died on a sith raid.

The Ahamkara bloodline dated back 3,254 years when their first force sensitive ancestor slew a Krayt dragon, spilling its blood on thousands of Tatooine. Their ancestry was a rich history of powerful sith lords whose history has since been lost.

He was trained by his father from a young age. His father was a cruel sith, who valued only the strong. Xardur learned to adopt these traits and they became his “motto”.

At age 15 Xardur was sent to the sith academy on Korriban to become an apprentice. He crushed the competition with his sheer brutality. After graduation, he became apprentice to Darth Ptollious, a deceitful and power hungry sith lord who preferred to let his underlings do all his dirty work.

A New Master

That night, Xardur had a force vision of a dark, robed figure. It spoke with a raspy, old voice: “you must fear what you cannot see, for many forces work against you. When you are broken an alone, travel to Amgarrak.” Xardur had never heard of such a place (though, he was not very knowledgeable when it came to the galaxy as a whole). The young sith discarded the vision, thinking of at as only a dream. Why waste his time on a pathetic vision. Leave the sorcerers to decipher that nonsense.

The next day, he took a shuttle to Alderaan to meet his new master. Upon arrival, three assassins jumped him, shooting him three times in the chest. The apprentice lashed out, throwing his lightsaber at one and choking the other two to death. It was the first of many deaths to be caused by Xardur on Alderaan.

Upon meeting Darth Ptollious, Xardur was told that the assassins were sent by his master, who wanted to test his worth. Seeming satisfied, Ptollious then sent Xardur on seemingly worthless missions. Go kill a jedi there, kill this dark lord here, murder this rival crime lord, find some artifact. Errand after errand after errand. Yet, Xardur was content with it. He reveled in the simplicity of that life.

Six months into his apprenticeship with Darth Ptollious, Xardur got word that Lord Ahamkara had been murdered by an unknown force sensitive. Not influenced by grief, but rather curiosity, Xardur went to Dromund Kaas to investigate.

The Assassin

Entering the quarters of Lord Ahamkara, Xardur had a flashback of all the pain that he endured here. The suffering. But there was something else. Something that wasn’t there before. A presence that was oddly familiar. Xardur shook his head and cleared his thoughts. Lord Ahamkara was no great sith lord and, by the looks of it, there would be not reason to assassinate him. Xardur started looking through his father’s work. Apparently, he had been working on an archeological excavation on Tatooine. However, where his research notes should have been, it was empty. So, this was what the assassin was after. Though Xardur could care less about his father’s fate, he decided that as the last heir of the Ahamkara bloodline, those notes were his by birthright.

Xardur took all his father’s belongings he could carry, making sure to check for any extra insights to his research on Tatooine, and left Dromund Kaas for Alderaan.

The aspiring apprentice spend all his free time following leads about his father’s work. Most of them were fruitless, and each time he found nothing, Xardur got more and more frustrated. However, Xardur’s work did not go unnoticed by his master. One day, Ptollious entered his quarters and demanded to know what he was doing. Xardur was not one to lie, and he did not consider the possibility of treachery. Thus, he told Ptollious everything.


Ptollious nodded thoughtfully and gave Xardur hints on where to find his information. One was a Jedi enclave on Alderaan. They had archives on many sith and Jedi artifacts. Xardur was not one for a subtle entrance and blasted his way in, slaughtering anyone in front of him. Luckily for Xar, on that day the Jedi masters were at a meeting at house Organa and it would take them time to organize and get to the enclave. There were only three Padawans whom Xardur slaughtered with minimal effort.

Inside the archives were treasures and artifacts sith could only dream of. But Xardur ignored it all and was focused on his one main goal: the artifact on Tatooine. It took him half an hour to finally find the Tatooine section. He grabbed as many books and tomes as he could and stuffed them into his bag. He could hear the masters coming down the stairs. He ran as fast as he could to the back door and snuck out behind the enclave. It was a miracle that no one heard him, since he was so loud.

Returning to his master, Xardur and Ptollious looked through the tomes and books. Finally, Xardur stumbled across something. It was a writing of the first sith of an ancient bloodline who hid his lightsaber in his tomb, waiting for his ancestors to find it. It took Xardur a minute to connect the dots to his father and the saber. Of course! Now it was obvious that that was the first Ahamkara’s lightsaber, the one that slew the Krayt dragon. It all made sense now. However, there were no details. No one had ever found the tomb. Ptollious ordered his apprentice to Tatooine to find the saber and not to return until he did.


Once on Tatooine, Xardur came across a defective Imperial scientist in a cantina. The scientist (obviously drunk) rambled on to Xardur about how his team had been under the command of a sith lord to find some tomb of which there was no evidence to it even existing. Xardur was silent as the man continued about how the lord was borderline obsessed with it and would not let anyone on the team off the planet until they found the tomb and the artifact. He said it belonged to some long dead sith lord bloodline or something. Weird stuff. Xardur, although not very bright, immediately sensed a connection.

He ventured to the abandoned science lab, but when he found it, there was nothing. All data had been stripped. Someone wanted the saber too, and Xardur bet it was the assassin. There was nothing else in the lab, so he left. Pondering over how to track down the assassin, Xardur went to Imperial customs. He told the officers to look for any shady looking people. Particularly force sensitive assassins. Three days later, it came up affirmative. Someone on Tatooine had those notes.

Xardur searched all records in the cantina and shops. But this assassin knew how to disappear. All entrees and exits were monitored, and no one was leaving or entering Imperial territory without Xardur knowing about it. Finally, after three days of sitting and waiting, Xardur was notified of a stranger in black heading towards the spaceport. His ship was being prepped. The reports also mentioned the sighting of a lightsaber. This confirmed Xardur’s suspicions. It was the assassin. Xardur scrambled to get his bearings. This time he would go in stealthy. If the assassin could best his father, then Xardur might not fair too well.

Entering the spaceport, Xardur ordered inspection officers to distract the assassin while he would grab the notes from the ship. He heard the officers talking and snuck aboard the ship. There was no one on it. That was a good sign. The model was the X-70B PHANTOM class. The assassin, it seems, had friends in high places. It also meant that he was part of the Empire, at least somewhat. That means the officers would not hold him for long.

Xardur immediately saw the notes, they were laid across the holocomputer. He took everything and left the ship, seeing the officers walk away from the assassin, he knew he had been close. As he left the terminal, he felt a wave of anger and hate radiate from the ship. Haste had to be made.

Xar quickly left on his shuttle and made his way to Alderaan. Ptollious was waiting for him. The sith lord said nothing, just motioned in for Xar. Looking through the notes, it seemed the artifact was deep in a mountain of sand and stone. The exact location is unspecified, though there are some markings of tusken raider camps. Perhaps they had the answer Xardur was looking for.

Xardur leaves for Tatooine again and locates one of the marked camps. One is in a cave, near a mountain fitting the tomb’s description. Xardur travels to that camp. The tusken raiders take up arms, but Xardur slaughters them on his way to the heart of the camp. There, he finds a stone carving. A crude map, barely readable, but it was enough. The location of the tomb was no longer a secret, and the heir to the Ahamkara bloodline trekked to the tomb.

The Artifact

Much to Xardur’s surprise, the tomb was not impressive. Just two large doors with a Krayt dragon insignia. His legacy. Not knowing what to do, he just stared at the doors. Waiting for something. Suddenly, he had the irresistible hunger for blood. Xardur felt sick. Then it occurred to him that this feeling was not his, but the . . . door’s? He opened his palm and cut a slash. He smeared the blood across the doors.

Suddenly, the doors shake and rattle, and he is let into a large cavern, with a large, circular staircase leading up to the tomb. The first Ahamkara. Xardur’ax climbed the steps, each footfall a loud echo. Behind him the door shut.

Xar reached the top of the stairs and looked at the tomb. Laying of the grave was an old lightsaber, it’s emitter decorated like a dragon. Fitting, for a dragon slayer. Xardur grabbed the lightsaber and ignited it. The multi-colored blade illuminated the room.

A rattle as the doors behind him opened again. Then a voice behind him spoke.

“Drop the lightsaber, thief.” Xardur looked behind him. A robed figure wearing a mask was standing behind him at the bottom of the stairs.

“This saber is mine by birthright, assassin.” Xardur said.

The assassin growled. “Pretender. Well, at least I warned you first.” The figure stepped into the light, igniting their purple lightsaber. Xardur gripped the Ahamkara blade and prepared for a fight.

Without warning, the assassin leapt into the air, lightsaber aimed to decapitate Xardur. After a quick deflect, Xardur swung at the assassin. The assassin easily dodged and counter-attacked with a quick stroke to Xardur’s chest. Stumbling back, Xardur immediately knew he was outmatched. But he would not give up. This saber was the only thing of value he had.

It was a grueling battle. The assassin was acrobatic and had mastery over lightning and dueling. Xardur was a heavy hitting warrior, who used kinetic force attacks. Over the course of the duel, though, Xardur was slowly being worn down. He had hit the assassin a few times, but the assassin hit him many more. The assassin then began a barrage of lightning, which Xardur’s blade seemed to engulf and faster than the assassin could see, shoot out again. It flung the assassin against the wall, who only managed to regain balance when Xardur was on him, attacking nonstop.

The assassin force pushed Xardur back then, instead of hitting Xardur, destroyed one of the support pillars for the tomb, starting a collapse. He then ran to the doorway. Xardur noticed what was happening and raced for the doors. The assassin was already outside.

“Check-mate.” The assassin said. Xardur’s eyes went wide as he was blasted with a full barrage of lightning, scarring his skin and flesh, and flung back into the tomb, where it collapsed.


Ten days later, Darth Ptollious investigates the tomb and finds Xardur, still alive, but on the brink of death. He still holds the saber. Ptollious takes Xardur back to Alderaan and into his private medical facility.

Xardur wakes up with Ptollious standing in front of him. “Ah, my apprentice. You live! Wonderful. You suffered some nasty injuries, though.”

Xardur looks around in a daze. It is as if he is looking through the world with glasses. Then he realized that he was wearing a mask. He struggles to take it off, but Ptollious stops him. “You need that to live, now. ”Xardur, realizing the situation, struggles against the bonds that held him to the medical table.

“You see, Xar, I am disappointed in you. You can’t retrieve one artifact without injuring yourself? So, I put matters into my own hands. I have fitted you with a personal suit instead of re-growing your skin,” Ptollious says.

Xardur stops struggling. He looks at his hands. They are fully covered with metal armor. He can feel the hands, but not anything outside of that. At that moment, he starts feeling the pain. All over his body, agonizing pain. Every part the armor touches the flesh, he feels pain.

“And, of course, the lightsaber is mine.” Ptollious looks Xar in the eyes. But Xar does not look back. All he sees is red. A burst of pure force energy explodes from him, breaking his bonds and the entire medical section. Ptollious is flung across the walls, and before he can get up Xardur is choking him. With a swift stroke he snaps his neck, and Ptollious’ limp body falls to the floor. Suddenly very dizzy, Xar falls to the floor and passes out.


When Xar wakes up, he sees a medical droid hovering over him. The mask is removed, replaced with a breathing device covering his mouth. He rips it off impulsively and finds out he can’t breathe. Xar immediately puts the device. He touches his face. Even though he can’t feel it, he knows it is skin. The medical droid must have taken the mask off and regrown skin before Ptollious. “Droid can you” Xar says before he is interrupted.

“My name is TX 057.” The droid does not look up from the medical data pad. “I will be accompanying you to monitor your health.”

“Ah, yes, TX 057, can you regrow the skin on my body?” Xar asks.


“No? What do you mean ‘no’?”

“Clarification: no.”

Xardur growls, then gets up to sit on the medical bed. He is suddenly confronted by the question: where does he go now? He just murdered his master, the sith would kill him. He’s killed many Jedi, he can’t go to the republic, what now? It is at that moment that he remembers the vision he had when he became an apprentice. Travel to Amgarrak. Xardur sighs, but he has no choice. Accompanied by TX 057, they leave Alderaan and travel to Amgarrak, where his new life begins.


Xardur'ax graduated the academy with no problem. He showed neither extreme skill with lightsaber or the Force, and was rather balanced between the two. Upon graduation, he met Lord Rhiess Valkan, who took him in as an apprentice.

Ministry of War

Xar, after a time of just training, joined Ministry of War (now known as Ministry of Defense). He applied for Officer's Academy and was accepted, now an Ensign. On his first patrol, he met the squad that he applied for when he becomes a Lt. Erther, Del, and Zyn. The squad preformed well on their patrol, however Xar's past made it hard for him to lead, as he was trained to take orders, not give them. Eventually, though, he passed Army training and was to be summoned by Minister Alexandus to be taught naval training.

There was no naval training and instead, he had one final trial to which he passed. Immediately after he was deployed to Geroon, where he received his Lt. promotion. He became leader of 'Cresh Squad.'

After the final confrontation with the "Sword" tribe and the following large-scale battle, Xar was promoted to Captain. A few days before his next deployment to Rago, he was promoted to Lord.

Force and Lightsaber Abilities

Xardur’ax is proficient with one-handed lightsabers. He utilizes a mix between form IV: Ataru and for VII: Juyo. His style is to overpower opponents with powerful, aggressive attacks that lower their guard. However, Xardur’ax is more efficient and powerful using force attacks combined with lightsaber skills. He is no duelist.

During his apprenticeship, he also learned Form V: Deim So.

Force Abilities:

Force Push - Xardur’ax is powerful with basic attacks like this. He can push and pull objects and opponents with minimal effort.

Force Choke - As the first attack to kill someone after his transformation, Xardur’ax can force choke multiple enemies while dealing with others.

Force Crush - Xardur’ax can use the force to crush and contort objects and beings.

Breath Control - Due to having a breathing mask but having facial skin, Xardur’ax learned how to “force breathe” in a sense. He can shut down the body’s need for oxygen so he can go without a mask for short periods of time.

Force Rage – Xardur’ax can channel his hatred to increase his body’s abilities of endurance, strength, and speed.

Hatred – When feeling immense hatred, Xardur’ax can radiate waves of pure anger, destroying everything near him (note: this is a taxing ability and cannot be used often).

Force Fear - Under Darth Rhiess' tutelage, Xar learned how to cause terror into opponents and, sometimes, allies.

Force Barrier - Darth Rhiess taught him also how to use pure hatred to create a barrier shield.

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