Viktoria Is the first child of Ada Eliasara Olesya, kept in secrecy from the Jedi Order do to her father being a jedi knight she was raised on the planet of Hutta where she would be trained with a few other members that were selected to be known as the "Vanguards"

At the age of 16 she managed to kill her first target by only using what little resources she had left, she was selected for the Vanguard Unit which was a group of orphans (people who lost everything) who possessed special abilities some being force sensitive the others knowing much more about combat meaning they were taken from the slums of Coruscant and planets that had nothing but constant fighting and wars.

During this time she met her first friend "Tyler Edwards" who was a former Imperial Citizen whose family was slaughtered at the hands of the sith for getting him on an escape shuttle for republic space.

Those who were the lucky enough to survive the training for a grueling twenty weeks graduated into the ranks of the Vanguards.. out of over 600 recruits only a few remained (estimated 100)

Assault From The Unknown Empire

At the age of 23 Viktoria and her squad were responding to a distress call on the planet of Centares upon arrival the Vanguards were shocked to see the carnage left over as they continued to progress through the planet a figure emerged the vanguards quickly took a firing squad position aiming their rifles at the figure.

With a flick of it's wrist the figure killed most of the Vanguards but the ones that were left standing was Edwards and Viktoria they charged in at the figure showing rage and anger as they begun their assault fighting with all their might

Edwards knowing that the sith was going to kill Viktoria pushes her out of the way taking the saber to the chest for her before turning around dropping a thermal detonator taking both him and the sith figure out

Viktoria cried out in sorrow as she ran toward Edwards to find out that he was dead not giving up on him she picked him up and carried him to extraction, when she gave Edwards to the republic Medic they took off without her she fell to her knees letting out a war cry causing almost everything around her to bend and break

A Jedi could be seen looking at her with a displeased expression as the republic shuttle departed from Centares leaving Viktoria to fend for herself

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