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Lord Vi'kirr'naam, Master of House Torak

 "Power is a means to an end. For that reason, I will obtain great power, and I will destroy or corrupt anyone who gets in my way. Through Power, I gain Victory. That is the way of the Sith."   -'Vi'kirr'naam''

Vi'kirr'naam, born as Varon Torak, is a Pureblood Sith Lord during the Great Galactic War. Born into House Torak, he has been trained by his father, Lord Kyro Torak, alongside his half-sibling, Zikara. After many years of fighting, he joined a group that called themselves the Sith Imperium and fights for their cause.


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Varon's Mother

Vi'kirr'naam was born in the time before the Great Galactic War, to a female Pureblood Sith Alchemist and a male Zabrak Sith Sorcerer named Kyro Torak. His mother took Kyro's blood and used his DNA to fertilize herself, and Varon was born eleven months later. Without him knowing, she altered Varon's DNA until there no trace of Kyro's DNA flowing in his veins, making Varon a pureblooded Sith. His earliest memory was that of his mother and "father" fighting over his future. They came to the similar conclusion that he needed to be trained first. The next day, on his sixth birthday, he was given his own personal lightsaber was sent to the Korriban Sith Academy.

Arriving on Korriban...

Varon, although was subconsciously afraid of where he was going, was also excited for a chance of power. When he arrived, he saw a chance of making himself known; a battle taking place in front of the academy between two Sith Lords. As they both fought, Varon immediately saw one Sith Lord, a male Twi'lek, on the verge of failure. The sight of the Sith in a pitiful state brought anger to Varon.


Sith Overseer

Unknowingly moving foward, and masking his prescence with the Force, he stalked behind the Twi'lek Sith Lord and ignited his red lightsaber through his back and out his chest. The opposing Sith Lord, the Twi'lek Sith Lord, and the gathering crowd, stared in suprise and horror, as a small Pureblood child had easily snuck up on a Lord of the Sith and so easily killed him. Varon then retrieved his saber and let the Lords body fall to the ground dead. He then looked upon the other Lord, then the crowd, then walked into the academy. An overseer watched the whole even play out before him, and later that day, he took Varon under his wing.

Training and Fate Found...

For ten years, Varon was subjugated to intense, painful and rigorous training that broke all other acolytes around him. But he proved to be stubborn and keen on living, as he survived every challenge his overseer gave him. Ten years of broken bones, blood, sweat and dozens of missions and assignments, he felt himself ready to move on. In front of other acolytes and Lords of the academy, he challenged the overseer to a duel to the death. After watching his teacher for 10 years, formulating a way to defeat since the day they met, Varon came prepared.

During the duel, he noted flaws in his teachers technique and proceeded to mark his teacher's mistakes by slashing into his armor and flesh. Within minutes, Varon had proved how weak and useless the overseer had become, and provided the killing blow to put him of his misery. Within the crowd were his parents, who had thought it was time to retrieve Varon. They had been in constant battle over Varon's fate, so they decided that Varon should choose. Varon thought for a moment, before declaring that his parents will fight, and the victor would decide his fate. Varon watched as his parents fought long and hard, until the killing blow was dealt by Kyro. Varon gazed upon his mothers corpse, then bowed to his father, now his new master.

Meeting the Others...

After korriban, Varon and his master traveled his stronghold on Ziost. When they arrived, they were met by two children. Kyro introduced them as Zikara'naami and Zikar'naam. Varon eyed Zikara first, but she averted her gaze. Her brother, however, walked up and stood chest to chest with Varon to try to measure him up. Kyro then shocked all three of the children with force lightning to ger their attention.

Kyro Torak

Varon droned out what his master was talking about, but he understood what he was saying; more training, more pain and blood and broken bones, and more assignments. For 5 years, Varon adopted the code name "Vi'kirr'naam" and has gone on many dangerous missions, one after another. More than a few times, Vi'kirr and Zikar have come to blows. Zikara and V'kirr, however, instantly took on the role of friends, and later as teacher and student. For a time, behind Kyro's back, Vi'kirr would teach Zikara what Kyro taught them, but in a more simpler form, so Zikara wouldnt fall behind. But when Kyro found them training, even Vi'kirr was afraid.

Severing Bonds...

Kyro aimed lightning at Zikara, but Vi'kirr intervened and blocked it with his saber, but the was what Kyro was hoping for. Kyro then propelled himself foward and clashed sabers with Vi'kirr, keeping him off balance. Vi'kirr was scared several time, before Kyro thought it was long enough, then severed Vi'kirr's arm, then proceeded to shock them both with lightning. Vi'kirr regained consciousness 2 days later, and had learned that Kyro had sent Zikara to another master, a boorish, disrespectful man who called himself "Cage", due to the caged helmet he wore. Vi'kirr wanted to destroy his father for this, but he knew that this was a test where his loyalties lied. When he healed, he turned to Kyro and asked what his next assignment, harboring his anger for another day.

The Reunion of the Master and the Apprentice...

Vi'kirr'naam, now 27 years of age, had finished his training and became a Lord. Having left his father to find his
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own way, but still following his orders, Vi'kirr decided that he needed credits in order to get far. So he disguised himself as a mercenary for hire, and worked to make good pay. One day, he and his partner, a Trandoshan named Styxx, went to Alderaan for their next target, their target being a woman who appeared to be a dark-cladded Jedi. But when they attacked, she discared her hood to reaveal a sight that completely unnerved Vi'kirr, his sister Zikara. The Sith within him decided to hold back and see how she would fare against Styxx. In the end, he see she was stronger, but her form was a tad sloppy, as after the fight, Styxx stood over Zikara and was about to kill her. He then made his decision, and stalked behind his Trandoshan friend and shot 3 times at the back of his head at point-blank range. Vi'kirr looked at his sister and took off his helmet, revealing a face she hasn't see in years. She called out his name, but he shook his head and smiled grimly as he stated that, to her, he was called Master. She understood and knelt before him, and asked her new master's bidding.

The Death of a Boorish Sith...

Before he could teach her anything, however, he had to first deal her current dreadful master, Cage. They left for Zikara's hideout, where he was waiting for her. His disgust for the man only intensified when Zikara finally reavealed what she had suffered at the hands of Cage. When he found the hideout, Zikara led called her master out to speak, saying it wasnt safe there any longer. Angered by this, Cage exited the building and went to attack Zikara, only to be lifted into the air by the force with a grip around his throat like a vice. But before he could retaliate, Zikara blasted him with sith lightning back into the hideout.

Zikara and Vi'kirr walked in to face Cage, who was still stunned by her attack. Zikara, grinning as the time for revenge had come, closed the door behind her and she and her new master took care of Cage.

When they finished, Vi'kirr destroyed the hideout with the force and left the life of a mercenary behind, in order to become the Sith Master he was born to be, with Zikara as his apprentice. The two walked to the spaceport and boarded Vi'kirr's personal ship, an XS-series light freighter, and left to begin their training together.

Training and Fighting a War...

Training Zikara similary like he was trained, Zikara grew accustomed to a double-bladed saber and grew into a deadly and powerful fighter. As proud as Vi'kirr was for his apprentice, he was also concerned. Days before, he had recieved an encoded message from Darth Malgus, calling all available sith to prepare to attack a major Republic target. Vi'kirr was excited for the upcoming battle, but at the same time he couldn't allow Zikara to go, because she was still in her training, and would probably not survive. The day before Vi'kirr was going to leave to join Malgus' assualt, Vi'kirr told Zikara where he was going. Knowing of what she would do, he then proceeded to use the force to put her into a deep sleep, and placed Zikara into a stasis pod and put the pod in hiding, in a place where only he could find it. Relieved that he had placed his apprentice out of harms way, Vi'kirr dawned his armor and loaded onto a transport filled with other sith, and left for their target, the Jedi Temple of Coruscant.

The attack went as planned; we took one of the Republic's own ships and crashed it into their precious Jedi Temple. And when the ramp went down, and the dark cargo hold that they were in glowed with crimson light, Vi'kirr was one of the first off the ship and into the fray. Relying on his training, his anger and the superior power of the dark side, dozens of jedi ranging from padawans to full-fledged masters, fell to his saber. In the end, he stood with his brothers and sisters of the dark side and watch as the Jedi Temple crumbled to nothing more then a destroyed mountain of rubble and a reminder to the galaxy.

After a few years of fighting and the signing of the treaty, Malgus discharged Vi'kirr and the other sith to allow them to train for when the treaty breaks. Vi'kirr then retrieved Zikara, and even though she was angry with him for leaving her behind, she stayed with him and learned a great deal.

Learning of the Sith Imperium...

Over time, Vi'kirr heard reports of a new empire known as the Sith Imperium. Intrigued and wanteing to find out more about it, he sent Zikara to join them and to relay information of the Imperium back to him. After arriving on Korriban, Zikara met Dhanilich, who in turn brought her into the Imperium, and thus, beginning the realay of information from inside the Imperium. Although Zikara didnt like it at first, she had actually found a surrogate family within the Imperium, from Dhanilich and Yohaseq and there children. For years, Vi stayed back and let Zikara grow attached to life in the imperium, but over time felt slightly alone and out of practice. So, leaving his sister in capable hands, Vi left into the galaxy once more.

A Little Heat on Illum...

Deciding to go fight the republic, Vi'kirr'naam went to Illum for training, and there were no shortage of republic troopers to practice with. While there, he also often shared company with a Chiss agent, codenamed "Anadye." She was calm and calculated, never showing emotion during interrogations, and always seemed to have the answer. Both Vi and Anadye spent time together, on and off the mission, and he saw that she was, in his opinion at the time, the perfect woman. But he couldn't allow his feelings for her take control of him yet; he had to finish Zikara's training and finish his father once and for all.
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During his final missions, Vi suffered near-critical damage from explosives rigged to the base he was at, prematurely detonationg at the hands of a terrified republic scout. In a fit of adrenaline and rage, Vi'kirr'naam ran through enemy forces that attacked moments later, taking even further damage, but decimating the enemy before passing out, due to blood loss and extreme burns.

During his recovery, Anadye visited him frequently, showing worry for his health, suprising him, since he had never seen her show emotion before. At the end of one visit, when Vi was healing well enough, Anadye pulled Vi close and shared a kiss with him, suprising him greatly and leaving him utterly speachless as she left. After he had recovered, they had shared several hours together, which then turned to several nights.

On the day he was leaving, Vi smiled at Anadye and pulled his lover into one final kiss before departing, promising to making sure that they have more assignments together. Vi'kirr'naam left Illum and Anadye behind to return to his main duty: to train Zikara, but had decided to add a twist; he would join the Sith Imperium

Joining the Imperium ...

Two months after leaving Ilum, Vi found his way to Tatooine, in search of Imperium sith that were sighted there. Who he found was Vindictiva, daughter of Emperor Willerick, and Princess of the Sith Imperium. Alongside Vindictiva, there were K'aryssa, Makhzor, and Mando'lore Achilles. Vi approached with greetings to Vindictiva and asked if they were part of the Sith Imperium, and asked if he could join. Vindictiva granted his entry, and welcomed him to the Imperium. He greeted all in turn; a greetings and a compliment to K'aryssa, a greeting of humor and respect to Makhzor, and a greeting to Achilles who, at the time, was uncomfortable and disliked Sith. At the same time of meeting them and joining, however, Zikara was speaking to Dhanilich on the fleet, saying that she saw a vision of Vi killing her. In truth, she knew that Vi was going to join eventually, and thought it was the perfect time to achieve her destiny and kill Vi and become the master.

Betrayal of the Apprentice...

Zikara had called Vi to Dromund Kaas to speak to him on a sensitve matter. On the outskirts of the city, which was where she wanted to meet him, Vi suddenly found himself surrounded by droids and Sith Acolytes, with Zikara in front of them. One word was spoken by Zikara, "Attack", and everything around Vi charged at him. Angered and enraged from this betrayel, Vi did not move but used the force to lift and kill everything around him except Zikara.
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Vi'kirr'naam, Lord of the Sith, Dual-wielding

He said nothing as he pulled a saber from a dead acolyte's hand, and ignited it with his own saber and advanced on Zikara. She was terrified at the sight before her; she ordered the attack that she had planned out, taking into account all Vi's strength's and weaknesses, but he crushed all opposition in a blink of the eye. Vi began to drive Zikara back, strike after strike, blow after blow, toying with her, and slowly beating her down. At the end, she was beaten, bloody, and her arms broken. Vi looked at her, the weak but still determined eyes that locked with his. He turned towards the city and walked, calling his apprentice to follow. She followed after a moments hesitation. She vowed to destroy him, and he smirked and said, "As is the way of the Sith."

Earning His Place...

For nearly 4 years since joining the Imperium, Vi grew stronger, both on his own and in the company of his allies. He fought and defeated hundreds to
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High Councilor Vi'kirr'naam

thousands, conquered active warzones, and learned that he had a daughter with Agent Anadye, who he had yet to meet. But Vi put his work in the Imperium first, and slowly rose in the ranks, until he was chosen to be part of the High Council of the Imperium, the leading body of the Sith imperium, under the Lord Emperor. He kneeled before the Emperor a Lord of the Sith, and rose as Darth Vi'kirr'naam, of House Torak, Head of the Ministry of Production and Logistics.

Searching for Family...

Vi'kirr'naam continued growing stronger and wiser. He had not heard from Zikara for several months, and grew slightly worried. He left on a leave of absence to track down Anadye, and meet his daughter for the first time. He looked and gathered information, and finally, after searching for over a month, he found they were on Alderaan...with the new Rakghoul Resurgence.

The Search...

As soon as he landed, he was attacked by infected citizens, forcing his hand to cut them down. He fought and searched all over the city, and found Anadye, surrounded by dead infected and infected herself. She begged Vi to look for their daughter, who was taken to the Rakghoul Tunnels, beyond Outpost Talarn, and then asked her former lover to end her life before she turned. Tears in his eyes and brokenhearted, he fulfilled her request. Then he turned is sadness into pure rage, and raced to the tunnels. When he got there, Vi was seething with emotions. When a soldier walked up to him, to simply inform him of the situation, Vi merely swiped his saber and decapitated the man. Vi'kirr'naam would not hear anything, not the howls of dying rakghouls and infected, or the terror-filled screams of Jedi and Sith alike, as he cut all in his way down, to look for the one thing on the planet that he cares about. Vi heard screams, her screams, and followed them threw the cave system. He found his daughter, Ana'vira, being attacked by two Rakghouls.

And Tearful Discovery...

He lifted them off her and crushed them in his grip. He approached his daughter, a Chiss like her mother, but with his eyes. When he was near her, he could see it; she was infected, and it was already settling in. Injecting her with the rakghoul vaccine, he saw that it had no affect. He was too late. He looked at her and smiled, with tears in his eyes, and introduced himself to his daughter. She looked upon him, and hugged him, and asked where her mother was. He closed his eyes, and aimed his lightsaber at her chest, and said, "You are going to go see her. When you see her again, tell her that I am sorry for not being there to protect you." Holding her close, allowing her to feel her father's embrace and warmth, Vi activated his saber, and quickly ended his daughter, sparing her from a grueling fate. He looked and watched as the life left her body, then he screamed, both physically and through the Force, all sense leaving his mind, as he set upon everything in the tunnels, enemy and allies and infected alike, and even the walls of the tunnels themselves, gaining serious wounds, like a mangled arm. Vi eventually attacked and destroyed a supporting wall to the tunnel he was in, and brought the tunnel down upon himself.


Vi awoke, hours or days later, he didn't know, later and saw he was trapped in a cave. But rather then get up and find a way out, he simply laid there and thought of everything that transpired. He was trained and betrayed by his father, trained his sister, joined the Imperium, and lost his family to the Rakghouls. And he thought of the friends that he made within the Imperium; Mandalore Achilles and his wife, Azu'lae, Makhzor, S'rahnia, Ravnikis, Archilos, Shaurine, the Emperor, and Grand Moff Alette. But then his mind turned to Alderaan itself. This is a Republic world, he thought. So where were the Republic in this? Bile hit his throat as a flood of anger and rage enveloped him, as he discovered the truth; the Republic did nothing to help. They let his family die. Throwing his anger, but controlling it this time, he blew apart the rubble blocking the cave, then left to collect his daughter's body and left for the surface. There, he collected his lover's body and gave the bodies to Imperium hands, commanding they get proper rites and burials. After that, he left for Voss...


Arriving at Voss, Vi made his way to the meeting chamber in the Palace. At the meeting, he noticed that almost everyone in attendance looked weary and exhausted; most had seen and felt the effects on Alderaan. Vi would use his ministry to produce the Rakghoul Vaccine in bulk, so the Imperium soldiers and medics have protection against the threat. The meeting broke up when the meeting recieved a broken up messege from Lord Ravnikis, one of their own. Vi set out with 2 other Imperium members to retireve him from the Rakghoul Tunnels. Vi set out to the place where his family died mere hours before.

Back to the Pit...

Each Taking the vaccine before entering the Tunnels, the Rakghouls proved no match for the rescue team, being cut down in dozens at a time. It didn't take long before they found Ravnikis, near death and comatosed. They carried him through more Rakghouls and monsters in the pit, all the way to the surface. Retrieveing him from that pit, they called ahead to the Ziost Shadow and had them prepare the medbay.

The Communal of the Dark Side...

Days later, he left and attended the funeral of his family. There he stood, a man and Dark Lord of the Sith, as he silently cried over the graves of his loved ones, the ones he killed himself. After a moment, he dried his tears and, after looking at the graves one last time, he turned around and didn't look back.

He sat in his quarters, contemplating on what had transpired. With newfound hatred for the Republic, Vi returned to his training with burning passion. He would not stop, until the heads of the Republic's leaders were at his feet and the Republic lay in fiery ruins.

He trained his body for 3 days straight, stopping only once to rest. At the point of physical exhaustion, he sat down and meditated. He then trained his mind, reviewing the Sith Code and opening himself to the Dark Side as he mentally recited each line, over and over again. When he awoke, he was more in tuned with the power of the Dark Side then ever before, and after resting, he dawned his armor and returned to the imperium, and returned to his duties as a member of the Council.

Meeting an Apprentice...

A few months had past. Vi'kirr'naam was getting a little tired of what had appeared to have a daily routine for him. He had decided that he needed companionship, an apprentice. So he searched the Imperium for a worthy disciple, but to no avail. After a while, Lord Lykaas and he walked around the fleet, and there they found a girl, with blonde hair and stricking beauty. When asked for her name, she introduced herself as Kobie'lyn, a fallen Jedi Padawan. Vi thought for a moment, then decided to take her on, to see if she was the one, who could be the disciple that he wanted.

After a time, she proved him right. With Zikara, they both learned together, but this time, he had the age and wisdome to be a real Master. She responded well to his teaching. She learned well in the art of Sith magic and sorcery, becoming deadly and powerful. And over time, he grew to like her more and more. In time, she proved to be incredibly strong. Most would have to train for more than a decade to become a true master, but with Kobie, it was second nature to her.

Graduation and Rage Unleashed...

Soon, she would complete her training. Vi'kirr'naam soon made her a Lord of the Sith, feeling immensely proud and happy for her.  She was a great Sith, in his mind. The Dark Side pulsed inside her, and her power grew daily. She was manipulative, as well. She had made a relationship with a bounty hunter named Atinra'kel for a secret purpose, a purpose that was soon fulfilled.

As she broke the relationship, Atinra'kel was not happy. Vi watched, his anger rising, as he shouted abuse at her over and over again. He lost control when he hit Kobie. He charged foward and proceeded to beat Atina down with his hands and saber, even when an ally of Atinra came to help. He came to his senses when Aku'muro, the Wrath of the Imperium ordered to him to stop, and as Kobie ran from Vi, in fear of him.

His rage was stronger than ever, thanks to his training and communing with the Dark Side, so much so that he had lost control of it and nearly killed a fellow member of the Imperium. After seeing Kobie was alright, and she was no longer afraid of him, he returned to his ship. There, he trained again, to hopefully retain control of his rage more. He lost control two more times afterwords, but for the most part, he kept it in check.


Seeing himself, Kobie, and other members of the Imperium growing stronger, Vi'kirr'naam wanted to help more. But he could not, for his position on the Council, though a great achievement, a symbol of his capabability and prowess, was hindering his availability. So, after speaking to the Emperor, at the next meeting, announced his retirement from the Council. He kneeled before the Emperor, as he awarded Vi with the Distinguished Service Medal, then retired him, placing him in a part of the reserved forces of the Imperium Military. As he rose, Kobie was called before the Emperor, and through Vi's recommendation, was named his successor and took his place in the Imperium, as Head of the , Minstry of Production, Logistics, and Treasury. This way, Vi'kirr'naam could help the Imperium as a powerful warrior, and he can serve as an advisor to the now Councilor Kobie'lyn.

Two Years later...

In time, though still not called upon as often as hoped, Vi'kirr'naam enjoyed his retirement. He used it to his advantage, getting to know more about his fellow Imperium members and more about the Imperium itself. However, two years into his retirement, several issues soon came up within the Imperium, coming from several members. One of which was of Darth Iax, once a member of the Imperium turned traitor. Starting his own small Emprire to undermine the Imperiums efforts, Vi spoke to Iax briefly, before allowing Lords Vaguest, Zugium, Andrekios, and a few others to deal with him, that way, he could deny any involvement. It must have worked out well, because the next few days, he had heard of Iax's demise.

The other was of the colored past of his successor on the Council, Kobie. Kobie had tried to assassinate the Lord Emperor, on orders of the Jedi Council. She had failed, and she fell to the Dark Side, which is how she came into the Imperium and under Vi's teachings. She was later tried and banished from the Imperium, forcing Vi to come out of his retirement to serve on the Council again, until a suitable replacement could be found.

Return to the Council and Changes...

In the time of serving as a temporary Councilor, he once again saw the Imperium through the eyes of the Council. A sense of longing grasped his heart, having actually missed his time on the Council, and so during a mission, he had decided to speak to the Emperor upon his return. Speaking on a secure channel, Emperor Arestenax, and his wife, Empress S'rahnia, listened to his request, and approved. Vi'kirr'naam was once again welcomed as an official Councilor of the Imperium, taking up his old position, Minister of Production, Logistics, and Treasury.

However, not long into his return, he received a notice, saying that he was transferred to the Ministry of Diplomacy and Expansion, serving as its Minister. Asking around the Council, several received changes as well, some being moved to different ministries, and some new faces on the Council. Though confused and skeptical at first, he spoke to the Emperor about this, he later accepted his new role as a diplomatic warrior, as he liked to think himself as such.

Tenure and Battles Therein...

Into his tenure, Vi'kirr'naam had called a representative to one of the Noble Houses of Alderaan, stating that with their patron dead, their claim to the throne was weakened. So Vi offered him a way out; Support Emperor Arestenax' claim to the throne, and Imperium forces will back up his house and deal with their enemies. The plan did not work, however. Though they had agreed to it, soon a civil war broke out across the planet, and all the Noble Houses fought against each other and against the Imperium. SIMCOM is currently fighting to regain control the planet.

Some time later, Vi took part in an Operation on Voss, consisting of Arrax, Tykas, ally to the Imperium Si'alla, and several others. Also a part of this, was new Keeper Ruu'san, appointed by Arrax just moments before the Operation began. The mission; fight against improved Gormak forces, while at the same time, infiltrate command center, and take all the information off of their computers. The infiltration team, being Arrax, Si'alla and Vi, were met with resistance, and found that the SIS were supporting the Gormak forces. Killing the leading agents, Vi'kirr downloaded all the data they had, and had it sent to Intelligence for analysis.

Tensions later rose with Arrax, as he sensed pain, Ruu'san's pain. To Vi's knowledge, Arrax had though Ruu'san betrayed him and proceed to beat her, both physically and with the Force. Vi arrived at Arrax' home, to see Ruu'san on the ground, unconscious, and demanded what was going on. Arrax responded in an arrogant-rich tone that she had betrayed him. Vi felt his anger growing every second he spoke with Arrax, but kept in check, until he had learned of Arrax future plans, with him taking complete control of the whole Council, and possibly the Imperium. Believing that Arrax had become a threat, Vi ignited his saber and challenged him.

Arrax, empowered with the power of Dread, attacked Vi's mind, making him see things that no one else could. With Arrax, were Agents Torvix, Techx, and later Ruu'san, and all had arrived and aimed their weapon onto Vi. Arrax continued to attack Vi's mind, before he decided he had long since had enough of Arrax, and released his dormant, but endless rage. Surprising everyone, he destroyed Arrax' illusions then proceeded to fight Arrax with all he had. Even with his agents opening fire on Vi, decades of training had taken over his body, perfectly balancing the defensive form of Soresu and the aggressive form of Shien, to deflect their blaster fire, and continue to attack Arrax.

Vi further surprised everyone, by gaining the upper hand and defeating Arrax. But as he went in for the kill, Ruu'san begged him to stop, but it was a trick, for as his attention went to her, Arrax activated his saber and impaled Vi'kirr through the gut. Yelling in pain, he head-butted Arra before gripping him with the Force and flinging him across the Room. After that, he then threw Techx into Torvix, and lifted them all up and slammed them down onto the ground hard, knocking all except Arrax unconscious. But before the fight could continue, High Councilor Reveren and Wrath to the Empress Raptus, arrived and stopped the fight. Arrax, instead of standing down as Vi did, pull out a remote, a remote for Raptus' Power-Guard enhancements. Taking control of him, Raptus was ordered to attack and defeat Vi, and then send him to a base to receive the same enhancement, so Arrax could control him as well. Ratus attacked Vi, as Arrax attacked Reveren.

But instead of following Arrax' follow up order, he broke free of the control Arrax had on him. Tried as he might, Arrax tried to take control of Raptus again, knowing that without him, he was outnumbered. Distracted, he did not notice Vi approaching him, until he turn to him just as Vi repaid his earlier attack, and impaled Arrax with his saber, seemingly killing him. After the battle, Reveren left, leaving Raptus and the wounded Vi, to search Arrax' home. There, they found that Arrax had access to every research available, involving the Phobis devices, and had in his home numerous pieces of Rakatan technology. The purpose to both items before mentioned were part of an unknown plan of Arrax', a plan that had "died" with him...

A Betrayal from a Ghost...

Within four years of his tenure as Minister of Diplomacy and Expansion, Vi'kirr tried to the best of his abilities to make peace for the Imperium, both external and internal. However, one day the comm channels went off, stating that Prince Andrekios had betrayed the Imperium. Andrekios called upon Vi, asking to meet him on the Sovereign, the Emperor's Flagship. There, Darth Resendia, Andrekios, and Vi had confirmed the truth; Arrax was the betrayer, and was pinning the betrayal on Andrekios. During their meeting, Keeper Ruu'san had arrived, wounded but alive, and confirmed Andrekios' story; her minister had betrayed the Imperium.

Moments later, the comms went off again, stating that an Imperium dreadnaught, equipped with a Silencer super weapon, was attacking Imperium space, along with several non-friendly strike teams across Imperium space. Taking temporary charge of the Ministry of Intelligence, Vi'kirr coordinated counterattacks with Arrax's forces, using Intelligence's resources, the Imperium Army and resources that Darth Resendia and Andrekios could spare.

Hours later, confirmed reports that enemy strike forces would eliminated, along with casualties from their own forces, Vi ordered the teams to cease fire and rest, gear up and get ready to take down the super weapon. Si'alla Va'lenn, brand new recruit to the Imperium, approached Vi during the battle and gave him the blueprints to the Silencer, and he gave it to Ruu'san to have it analyzed by Intelligence for structural weaknesses. When everything was ready, all available forces attacked the Silencer-enhanced Dreadnaught and take the ship, disabling and sending it to the Imperium for study.

But Arrax was nowhere to be seen...

Death of a traitor...

Months later, Vi'kirr'naam was arrived on the Sovereign, in the middle of a meeting, with Lords Andrekios, Arrax, Erasis, Reveren, Moff Loret, Keeper Ruu'san, Apprentice Ullani'de, and the Lord Emperor all in attendance. Though just arriving, he knew that the meeting was about Arrax actions, crimes, and all issues related. Through much arguing and debating, the most gravest of Arrax crimes against the Imperium; the planned assassination of Andrekios' wife, the crowned princess Vindictiva. Arrax' betrayal now undeniable, Emperor Arestenax had ordered Arrax' death.

Andrekios stepped forward and impaled him with his double-bladed saber. Loret, at this point, stood against this, saying that he deserves a trial. But Vi stood in front of her, saying that this meeting was a trial, and Arrax was found guilty the second he confirmed his plan to kill Vindictiva. Releasing all of his anger, Andrekios yelled and decapitated Arrax, ending his life. Erasis and Ruu'san took his body away, and Arestenax reminded Andrekios, that though he is a prince, he still answers to the Emperor.

Loret, disgusted with what had transpired, left as soon as Arestenax broke up the meeting. Ullani, Andrekios and Vi were the only ones left in the Councilors chambers. Andrekios told Vi his plans of the future, ominously stating that the Emperor is mortal. Vi knew what Andrekios was getting at, and stated that he would serve the strongest, not saying who. Though as he left, he stated that the Emperor may call on him or the others to defend him.

After that, he left...

The New Council...

A month later, another meeting was called. This time to discuss some changes to the Imperium. The Emperor stated that it was time to call upon a new Council, and so called Erasis, Reveren, Ruu'san, and then Vi'kirr, and gave them their new positions in the Council. Where Erasis was named the Minister of Diplomacy and Expansion, Vi's former position, Ruu'san as the new Minister of Intelligence, and Reveren retaining her place as the Minister of Law and Justice, Vi was surprised at his new position; Wrath to the Lord Emperor. Later, the Emperor announced a new position; Praetor, a title that would be given to one chosen to lead the Council, in the absence of the Lord Emperor and his wife.

A vote was later held and tallied, and the First Praetor was Darth Erasis. Having to temporarily step down from his new position on the Council for this new one, Si'alla was chosen to hold his position while Erasis served his time as Praetor. And so, the Fourth Council was assembled, and they continue to serve the Emperor faithfully. And Vi'kirr is always at the ready, to fight wars in the Emperor's name, or to put down anyone who wants to betray the Imperium, whether they are enemy...or ally...

A True Master At Last...

Vi'kirr'naam had trained his body into a lethal weapon, thanks to personal training and aid of his Imperium connections. He felt he was finally ready to achieve the destiny that was his by birthright; the Mantle of Patriarch of House Torak. He called Zikara to his side, to explain their next course of action. Zikara had become more powerful in the years following her release from the boorish Sith, Cage. With Vi's teachings, she had become an assassin with few rivals, those living because of her mercy or fear of challenging her.

Together they travelled to Yashuvhu, Vi's Homeworld. Walking from their ship, they moved through the jungle like terrain to their destination, the Three's Compound. There, their father stood waiting, along with the other two leaders of their Compound. Vi and his father shared few words, before Vi gathered his power and both charged one another. Warning Zikara not to assist him in the fight, Vi fought against Kyro, with a hateful and strong passion. The battle was too even for Vi's own good, so he had to rip up his father.

"Whats wrong, Kyro?" Vi mocked. "Has old age finally claimed what little strength you had?" Kyro pushed back against Vi's assault. "Defiant as always. You remind me of your mother more and more." Vi saw an opening and took it, scoring a slash at Kyro's arm. As they broke apart, Vi continued to mock. "You want defiance then? My mother, before I was born, altered my DNA, so none of your DNA would be part of me. I am pure Sith. You are nothing, but a foolish footnote in my rise to power."

Feeling Kyro's rage rise, he blocked in time as Kyro called down a storm of lightning. Catching it with both his lightsaber and his hand, though in pain from the attack, Vi redirected the lightning at his enemy, completely catching him off guard. Millions of volts of lightning passed through Kyro, shocking him and destroying his lightsaber. As he was shocked by his own attack, Vi picked him up with the Force and smashed him onto the ground, hearing a bone or two snap.

With his father on the ground, Vi couldn't help but remember his time with the man, the pain of losing his arm, of losing his sister and potential apprentice so soon after meeting for the first time, all the anger and rage he felt bubbled to the surface. Finally, his mind clouded with rage, red lining his sight, he roared a defiant and hateful howl and charged at his father, throwing his saber from his hand and beating his father with his bare hands. When it was over, Vi had beaten his father beyond recognition then, with a flick of his wrist, called his saber back to his hand and ended his fathers life. With that done, Vi'kirr had done it; he was master of his House. He was now Darth Vi'kirr'naam, Master of Undying Rage and an Indomitable Will, Dark Lord of the Sith, Dark Lord of the Unknown...

Return of the First Wrath...

Vi'kirr'naam, serving over 10 years in the Imperium, at first held the title of Emperor's Wrath. But soon, Azu'lae, the first Emperor's Wrath return to the Imperium, after being lost and assumed dead several years beforehand. She is a strong-willed, determined, but also headstrong, stubborn at times. But Vi knew her strength, and also her pain. He tried to help as counsel, but she refused his and anyone's interference. Vi, not dissuaded by this, then decided to help in a different way. After a private meeting with the Lord Emperor, Vi resigned his position of Emperor's Wrath to Azu, giving her old position back to her. Vi, while Azu would serve in her position as the Emperor's Wrath, would then serve as the Wrath of the Empress...

Death of a Friend...

Taking care of his House was taxing to Vi, as he was often torn between his duties to his House and his duties to the Imperium, often so that he would miss some details, both unimportant and important, such as the expedition that Prince Andrekios ordered Grand Admiral Vaguest and Grand Moff Loret on, to find an item for the Prince and the Imperium. And how they mission ended in failure, and the item destroyed.

Vi'kirr'naam sat in the Council Chambers on the Imperium Flagship, Sovereign, with the other Councilors, as Vaguest stood before the Prince, who demanded why the mission as a failure. Vaguest said that Republic and Imperial Forces were alerted to the area, and in the ensuing battle, the item was destroyed in the crossfire.

It was a failure. Vi thought to himself. But it was the only failure in Vaguest's service to the Imperium. But that didn't stop Andrekios, in a fit of rage, from calling him a traitor and a failure before impaling Vaguest with his saber. Vi only watched in shock, surprise and a bit of horror, as Andrekios retrieved his saber and ordered Vicros to finish him. Vicros, reluctantly, obeyed and decapitated Vaguest...

Eruption in the Council Chambers...

Upon Vaguest's death, his armor became imbued with the spirit of Tulak Hord, which then proceeded to attack the Prince. Having unmasked the Prince and his weakness, the spirit turns to the crowd, and Loret attempts to kill Andrekios. Vi'kirr fights against several of his fell Imperium members, as similar brawls take place throughout the Chambers. The Wrath of the Emperor arrives, only to learn in shock that Vaguest, who had been courting her, has died. The spirit then passes the armor to Zaffand and tells Azu'lae the depth of his feelings for her before disappearing forever.

Praetor Kaldar arrives on the scene and immediately commands order, declaring the Prince as a traitor. Andrekios is arrested and taken to the holding cells. On the way to the detention level, his escort, Rae'vyn, is ambushed by Loret, allowing Andrekios to escape. His freedom is short-lived, as Zaffand arrives and renders the Prince unconscious. The Prince is taken to stasis, and Loret is apprehended and returned to the conference room. The Sith Lord Heid appears and reveals that the weapon was actually an artifact containing the experiments of Karness Muur; then goes on to state that both the Prince and the Grand Moff have fallen victim to these experiments.

Regent Vinidciva arrives as Heid attempts to heal the Loret's "insanity", whichends up wiping away her recent memories. Vincitiva orders that Heid and his nephew Tykas are to be arrested for treason, and they are taken away. She also orders Zaffand to be arrested for interfering. Heid is locked up breifly before he tricks the Grand Moff into unlocking his cell. He is then chased to the escape pods where, upon the order of the Regent, Lord Jaudulis executes the traitor, and his headless body is thrown into the void. Zaffand also escapes by blinding Vi'kirr'naam, who chases after him with the help of Azu'lae.

By the time Vi recovers, Zaffend is gone, and there is no point searching for him, for elsewhere, Vindictiva had pardoned Zaffend. The evidence standing against Andrekios being undeniable, Vindictiva had no choice but to call for his arrest and sent him away to await trial.

Eruption in the Courtroom...

Several days later, Andrekios was brought into the courtroom at SISA, where Vi'kirr'naam, Alvaro, and Takhisis stood as the judges, Andrekios representing himself on the Defense, and Azu'lae and, surprisingly, Regent Vindictiva as the plaintiffs. Andrekios defended himself as much as he could, claiming that he did not do the things he was accused of, and arguments much like that, but the evidence, stated by Azu and Vindictiva, shot down any and all defenses he had.

The three judges listened to all the evidence and all arguments, then adjourned to a neighboring room. When they returned, they passed judgment. Andrekios had 3 charges against: Disturbing the Emperor's Peace, Murder, and Treason. Andrekios was convicted the first two, but was not convicted of treason, much to Vi's shame and anger.

As a result, Regent Vindictiva stripped Andrekios of his title of Prince, reduced him to Duke status, and demoted him to Imperium Knight. Many were enraged hat he was not executed for what he had done, but other found it agreeable; the Prince may have some use left.

A Party, Remembrance and a Weakening body...

Some time later after the Trial of Andrekios, Azu'lae invited fellow Imperium members to her home for a party, a momentary distraction from all the troubles the Imperium has been facing as of late. here, Azu surprised everyone gathered, announcing that she and Jaudulis were engaged, and that Azu was already carrying his child. Everyone praised them both and wished them both well. Vi spoke well to Azu, with whom he thought was a good friend.

Many were attending, even the Lord Empress, much to Azu's surprise. Vi watched the party with a smile on his face, but then sadness. The party, Azu's unborn child, her engagement to Jaudulis, made him think of his daughter, Ana'vira, who had died by his hand during the Rakghoul Resurgence. He secluded himself in a different part of Azu's home, and silently drank from his glass, stopping every now and again to give a small prayer to his child in the Sith language.

Feeling he has been an outcast long enough, he returned to the party. However, before he arrived, he chest felt like it contracted and he erupted into a coughing fit, retreating into the adjacent room, so he wouldn't disturb the party. But his fit had caught the eye of his Empress, as she followed him into the other, and demanded to know what was wrong.

Reluctantly, Vi revealed that his body was failing him. Years of communing with the Dark Side, coupled with Undying Rage, which was hard to control at times, had ravaged his body's organs, especially his respiratory system. S'rahnia, though showing concern, told Vi to have it fixed. Vi agreed and would have it fixed as soon as possible.

Party Crashed...

However, Vi'kirr'naam would get his body fixed tonight, as Desocratos, who was attending the party, became possessed by Alesis. Azu ran from the room, to find and protect her children, while most of the party members turned, and drew their weapons at Desocratos, wary in case of attack.

Vi would not take part at this time, as he was ordered to move the Empress to safety. Keeping an eye out for any kind of trouble, he led the Empress away from what was happening. Stopping to see Azu and her children were safe, Vi was brought into coughing fit, leading him to cough blood into his hand. Growling at his weakened body, he continued to lead them to the upper level balcony, where a speeder was waiting for the Empress. She told everyone defending she wanted a report of everything that happened, then departed.

The Imperium Civil War...

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Troubling times followed. The Lord Emperor was still missing, and tensions were raising between the Regent and the Lord Empress. Rumors circulated the Imperium, that Pyara, the Emperors previous wife was returning to the Imperium. Empress S'rahnia, having been stressed by the tensions between her and Vindictiva, and the fear that Emperor Arestenax would go back to Pyara, she openly challenged Pyara to a duel. Regent Vindictiva, thinking this was a foolish and brash move, called for the Empress "protection", which to S'rahnia, was an oversimplified house arrest. She would not have it, and defied the Regent's order and continued with her declaration.

This caused a rift within the Imperium. Now being two leaders of the Imperium, the numbers of the Imperium flocked to one side or the other. Before long, the two were butting heads, talks of Civil War on everyone's lips. Vi'kirr didn't care of the infighting, knowing that it was part of the Sith way, but was concerned for the Imperium's future. Finally, things came to a head, when Vi received a coded message from his Empress, saying that Civil war was coming and wanted her Wrath to stand at her side. Vi was conflicted and didn't want any part of this war, but he had no choice, for he was honor bound to serve his Empress.

Called to S'rahnia's Flagship, the Matriarch, and watched as she mobilized her fleet to Hoth. While she did, she had ordered Vi'kirr to lead a team to Hoth's surface, to find Pyara's downed ship, and find clues where the Emperor was. Vi did so, and with him was Zatraxia, Ray'ak, and others. They searched and searched around The Starship Graveyard, until Vi felt a disturbance, a vision of a coming fight.

Battle on Hoth...

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End of a War...End of a King...

Vi'kirr'naam and his team fought bravely on Hoth, against fellow Imperium members, while searching for Pyarra's downed ship. However, the end of the fight came soon, as Imperium channels opened, ordering both sides to cease fire, and that the Emperor was at last found and returned to the Imperium throne. A day later, Councilor Vi'kirr and the other Councilors, plus those who fought in orbit around and on the surface of Hoth, were assembled on the Sovereign, and there they were made to endure the Emperor's hate and disgust over fighting a Civil War. The Emperor was most displeased with both his wife, Empress S'rahnia, and his daughter, the Lord Regent Vindictiva.

During the meeting, several Sith, among them was one of Vi's ground team, showed disgust for the turnout of the fight and the return of the Emperor and his rage, and abandoned the Imperium. But the worse came moments later, as while in the middle of the meeting, a figure uncloaked, and after brief words, pulled out his rifle, and fired at the Emperor. Vindictiva dived in front of the beam, to save her father, but the beam was strong rip through her neck and pass through her to hit the Emperor in the chest. As the assembly turned to aid their leader, the assassin was already gone. The Emperor looked at the face of his wife, and sat his subjects gathered to aid him, and then vanished, becoming one with the Force.

A New King Ascends...

A month after the murder of the Emperor, a silver lining was found. During the Emperor's disappearance, several of his family was killed, Sith, Jedi and civilian. However, one of his heirs was found, a man by the name of Salvatus. Brought to the Imperium, he was greeted by the Royal guards, and by the masses of the Imperium and their roars of revelry and loyalty. Vi'kirr actually met the new Emperor on Korriban, going there to meet with an associate of his. Gauging himself, he approached the Emperor in an impassive but friendly matter, greeting him by name. Emperor Salvatus, however, reprimanded him, and called for his loyalty. Vi'kirr swore to him that he would give the same loyalty as he gave his father. Satisfied, the Emperor turned and departed. Vi'kirr, when away from the Emperor, smiled, impressed and grateful for the similarity of Salvatus and the Late Emperor, and continued about his business.

Later, the Council, their Emperor, the Dowager Empress, and several Imperium Sith, gathered on Voss, attending a funeral march for their Emperor. There they traveled from the temple, to a secluded area of the Nightmare Lands. There was an alter there, with a center stone. There they gathered, and many members came forth, placing a hand on the center stone, calling out a name from the past, names of departed brothers and sisters of he Imperium, ending with the Emperor coming forth and placing his hand on the stone, and saying the Emperor's name. But as he did, an apparition of the Emperor appeared. The Late Emperor, after briefly talking to the Empress, finally turned to Salvatus, and officially passed the throne to him. After that, he disappeared, returning to the Force.

Second Retirement...

Several years Later, Vi'kirr'naam juggled fighting for the Lord Emperor, and ruling his own House. However, his attention was too divided, matters escaped his notice, and he was taken out of the loop of what transpired of the Imperium. Soon after, a new Council was about to be formed, and Vi made a decision. Nearly a decade back, he had to end his retirement to return to the Council, because his successor was banished. Now, he had no successor, but retired nonetheless. His time with the Council ended, he fought as a warrior, a Darth, and as a Knight. But he couldn't enjoy his retirement long, for he soon received a distress call from House Torak. Worried, he ran to his ship, and raced across the stars to aid his House.

Attack on a House, Wounding of the Master...

Arriving in orbit, a portion of his fleet is being attacked, while the main portion is fleeing with transports and cruisers, most likely filled with his people, all trying to get to safety. He could not join the retreat, as he is set upon by fighters. It was a losing battle, so Vi had his droid pilot the ship, while he took an escape pod to the planets surface, to try to find answers before falling back to the retreating fleets. As he steped out of his pod, he is set upon at all sides. As he is attacked, he looks around the Compound, seeing his Mandalorian and Intelligence allies being attacked as well. Igniting his saber, Vi joined the fight cutting down many assailants in the process, and saving as many as he could. This was a losing battle, and Vi knew he needed to call for help.

Cutting down attackers left and right, before reaching his communication center. Once there, he contacted the Imperium on all open Imperium channels, calling for help. Several Imperium members, including Adr'iah and Candicia heard his call for help and asked what the situation was. But before he could explain, explosions were heard from where he is, as he sends out an S.O.S. The explosions get louder, and he knows that they will be upon him again. Looking behind him, Vi'kirr notices one of his top Acolytes standing there, amongst his Mandalorian and Intelligence allies, and tells him to prepare for the fight.

The Acolyte only chuckles at his words, but before Vi'kirr could do anything, he is pushed back, and the Acolyte cuts down the warriors and agents. When Vi recovered, he saw the decimation around him, caused by this Acolyte. That's when it hit him; the Acolyte did all this. Vi roars in hate and rage, as he charges at the Acolyte. Immediately, Vi gains the upper, as he never trained with any of his Acolytes at his full strength, throwing his student off balance. Pushing the Acolyte into a wall, Vi raises his saber to end the traitor's life, only to be distracted and severely wounded, as the blast door into the room they were in suddenly exploded open, throwing the Acolyte and Vi'kirr back.

As he rose, he couldn't feel his saber arm, and he looked down, sparks flew from it; the explosion broke his robotic saber arm right off, leaving a semi-flesh, semi-cybernetic stump left. But worse, Vi had lost his saber. And worst of all, he momentarily forgot the Acolyte, who had lunged forward from behind Vi, and impaled him through the back and out his chest. He felt some pain, but he was numbed; he had lost, to his own student. His mind retreated into itself, as he processed all that had happened; this Acolyte had managed to betray and attack his master and his House, and made it look like he had nothing to do with it, all to get close to his Master, and kill him.

Vi chuckled at that thought as the Acolyte withdrew his saber from him, and he fell forward, having no strength to move. Before slipping into unconsciousness, he heard his Acolyte tell his soldiers to dispose of Vi and find the Torak Holocron. Vi felt anger fill his body, but instead of attacking, he decided to bide his time until he was recovered. He pooled his power within him and forced his weakened body into a hibernation trance, slowing his heart rate to one beat per minute.

To the galaxy, Vi'kirr'naam would be believed dead, and that would serve his purpose well.

Death of a Traitor, Return of the Dark Lord...

For the next 3 years, Vi'kirr trained his body and mind, so he would never be tricked like that again. Within those years, he took on and taught a young girl from the streets of Nar Shadaa. He saved the girl, showed her how to use the Force to kill her enemies, and named her "Viera". After that, he took her from Nar Shadaa and traveled to Dromund Kaas. From there, he taught her the Ways of the Force and the way of the Saber, teaching her how to harness her power and use it to better herself in ways she only dreamed of.

During their training, Vi kept up with new of his House's traitor, who during the 3 years, made his way into the Imperium and hid himself in the ranks. Feeling that the traitor lived long enough. Vi sent a message to one of the minor instructors of the Academy, and ordered him to make sure that the traitor would have a trial on Kaas.

The planned worked; the Acolyte was brought to Dromund Kaas, given a fake trial to retrieve an artifact from the Dark Temple. As he arrived, he was immediately attacked by Vi'kirr'naam, and after a brief battle, inside the ancient Temple, witnessed by the dead eyes of the possessed soldiers and workers who tried to attack Vi'kirr'naam, there he decapitated the traitor, and left his corpse to rot in the Temple.

Afterwards, he gave Viera an assignment mission on Balmorra, and then left for the Imperium, and then returned to active duty.

A New Threat on the Horizon...

Over 5 years passed by, Vi was approaching his 7th decade of life, and could still out battle many young members of the Imperium, and was proud to not let them forget it. Though there were severeal more issues over the past few years, such as a Ny'reen, a member of the Imperium, being executed for burning holy texts, and the Dread Masters splitting off the Imperium for time, in the Emperor's absence, nothing would compare to what was coming. Several in the Imperium received a Vision of the Force, and heard reports from both Empire and Republic channels, of a force within Wild Space, and it was decimating any who crossed their path.

After that, the Emperor returned, and brought the Imperium together again, brokering a truce agreement between the Council and the Dread Masters, and set about preparing for what is to come.

The Fall of the Imperium...

Another 5 years passed, with mainly small issues, when the visions of destruction came to be.

Before long, the reports and visions had come to be; The Eternal Empire attacked the Empire and Republic, and would soon later attack the Imperium as well. In the initial attacks, the Imperium had lost several of its sectors, as well as control of their Capital World, Voss. The Imperium, having seen the strength of the Eternal Fleet, and believing that if they continued to fight, they would fall, began to form a plan. leaving behind a portion of their fleet, troops and many Sith, the Imperium then began another Exodus through the Galaxy, retreating into the Indrexu Spiral. At that moment the Imperium stood alone in the night. The galaxy at large presumes the Imperium fell, passing into history.

From then on to now, the Imperium was to be a rumor of a rumor, proclaimed dead at the hands of the Eternal Fleet. Saying otherwise was punishable by death, decreed by the newly proclaimed Supreme Overlord Salvatus. The Imperium would wait, and regain its strength into order to combat the Eternal Empire, and reclaim its lost sectors and worlds.

Vi'kirrnaam, having been promoted to the Council again, as Deputy Lord of the Ministry of War, would serve the Imperium's interests in the Shadows, like the other Lords and Darths of the Imperium. He would watch, report and wait, until the time came for War to come to the Eternal Fleet. But it would not be today, tomorrow, or maybe even years. But Soon.

For the rest of the Galaxy...The Imperium was nothing more than a memory...


Father: Kyro Torak (Surpassed and killed)

Mother: Unnamed Sith Alchemist (Deceased)

Brother: Zikar (Deceased- Killed by Twin Sister(Zikara) on orders by Master)

Sister: Zikara (Deceased- Betrayed Master one time too many)

Lover: Anadye (Deceased- casualty to Rakghoul Resurgence)

Daughter: Ana'vira (Deceased- casualty to Rakghoul Resurgence)


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