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"In this time of change and shifting leadership it is paramount we work diligently to maintain stability throughout the realm. Serve your ministries well, for they are the pillars upon which this nation rests... 'It is in times like these Empires collapse into ruin, and therefore we must redouble our efforts. Our Imperium shall not be reduced to ashes. We shall not crumble; instead we shall build and rise. Our bond is strong, and I am certain that together -- through the grace of the Dark Divine -- we can work to restore our great Imperium. We shall again make our name one that commands fear and respect throughout the Galaxy."

~ Veldarius Imperior

Lord Emperor Veldarius I was the fourth sovereign of the Sith Imperium, but only the second to rule as Lord Emperor.

He was formerly a Lord Councilor on the Dark Council of the Sith Imperium and a Dark Lord of the Sith. Prior to his ascension he headed of the Ministry of War under the late Lord Emperor Arestenax. Before that, he served as Minister of State, Education, and Commerce.

Darth Veldarius is of Alderaanian decent, born into House Imperior. He was the first-born son of Duke Arkam of House Imperior. His father was cousin to Lady Pyara of the Alderaanian House Bailiss, making Veldarius a second-cousin to royal predecessor Darth Arestenax of House Roderick. Following the death of Grand Duke Willerick (Arestenax) of House Roderick, Veldarius inherited the royal house. Through these relations, Veldarius is of Alderaanian Houses Roderick and Imperior. Additionally, following Arestenax's death, Veldarius ascended to the throne as sovereign of the Sith Imperium.

After voluntarily abdicating to Darth Nezic of House Zadane to ensure the survival of the realm, Veldarius devoted himself to the Ministry of Mysteries and Truth, taking up the mantle of Primarch of the Arcanum.

Styles of Address

Current - His Grace, Darth Veldarius of the Houses Roderick and Imperior, the Undying, Vessel of Dark Truths, Conqueror of Amgarrak, Prince of the Sith Imperium, Lord Councilor of the Dark Council, Primarch of the Ministry of Mysteries and Truth, Grand Duke of House Imperior of Alderaan, and Dark Lord of the One Sith.

Former (As Lord Emperor) - His Supreme Majesty, Darth Veldarius of the Houses Roderick and Imperior, the first of his name, the Wise and Mighty, the Reborn, Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium, Supreme Lord of the One Sith, Conqueror of Amgarrak and Grand Duke of House Imperior of Alderaan

Former (As Dark Councillor) - His Honor, Darth Veldarius of House Imperior, Lord Councillor, Dark Lord of the Sith, Head of the Ministry of War, and Supreme Commander of the Sith Imperium Military Combined Armed Forces.

History: New Beginnings

The story of Veldarius Imperior —

I - Early Life

Veldarius was of Alderaanian descent, born the heir of the noble House Imperior. His parents were Alissa and Arkam, with his father secretly holding the title of Sith Lord within the Empire. Raised and educated by the pair, Veldarius received a blessed upbringing and excellent education. The youngest years were a blur of faces, with the young noble meeting many different kings and queens, dukes, and duchesses. House Imperior was prosperous under Arkam's benevolent rule, and the estate's bounty reflected that quality.

From the moment he was enrolled general schooling, Veldarius immediately tested as very bright. He proved to be far more advanced both intellectually and emotionally when compared with other children of similar age. This did come with downsides, as Veldarius found himself easily alienated from social cliches because of how he acted around others. He tended to throw empathy to the winds in exchange for knowledge and furtherance of his academic career. 

Veldarius completed schooling with relative ease, beginning immediately to work with his father Arkam in up-keeping the image of the House. Veldarius eventually stumbled across his father's collection of Sith tomes and a small number of Sith holocrons. He was immediately intrigued, as this field of study was unbeknownst to him at the time. By the time he had been caught, Veldarius had absorbed information on several notable Sith Lords, as well as the understanding that Korriban was home to an academy of the Sith; a place where one could go to learn the ways of the Dark Side. Veldarius began experimenting, quickly discovering that he had potential in the realms of the Force. He approached his father, requesting admittance to this academy on Korriban. Arkam, though hesitant at first, could see no reason to prevent his son from following in his footsteps. With a degree of hesitation, Veldarius' father enrolled the boy in the Academy on Korriban. 

The soon-to-be Sith said his goodbyes to his family and friends and set out alone on a journey during which he would learn to command the Force and wield it without equal.

II - Knowledge

Veldarius arrived on Korriban with a number of other aspirants. Greeted at the gates by an overseer, the young man would soon face a number of difficult and perilous trials on his journey to becoming Sith. Throughout his time on Korriban, Veldarius would delve into the ancient tombs, recovering relics of a bygone age which would be taken by the overseer and turned in the proper authorities. Throughout this time, no credit would be given to the young Sith. 

In equal measure, Veldarius spent his time in the libraries of the Academy. The sheer number of volumes dedicated to the study and utilization of the Force, as well as numerous available holocrons and relics, was hypnotizing. A young Veldarius spent days on end reading tome after tome, memorizing all he could. Using this newfound knowledge to his advantage, the Sith found he could easily best the other aspirants in his journey to apprenticeship. 

Veldarius completed his trials at the age of sixteen, chosen immediately by a master known as Lord Drakien. After taking Veldarius into his service, Drakien departed with the new apprentice to the planet of Dromund Kaas--the capital world of the Sith Empire. Overlooked by the tall, gleaming spires of Kaas city, Drakien and his apprentice would toil for a two year stint studying the nature of the Force and its applications in the Dark Side. The pair would travel from planet to planet often, delving into long-forgotten tombs and recovering lost troves of knowledge and treasure. Happy to expand his knowledge-base, Veldarius accompanied with no hesitation.

After a number of years, Veldarius would eventually strike his master down; the man had grown weak and lacked ambition, and the younger Sith had no patience for this. Taking on the mantle of Lord of the Sith, he would continue his travels and studies, amassing more knowledge and recording it in various tomes. Most notably, Veldarius wrote and compiled the "Akdûrun Infinium", a collection of studies regarding Sith Alchemy and Force power. He also authored "A Study into Sith Philosophy" and "Dogma of Fractured Democracies". While his crave for knowledge was strong, the Sith eventually elected to return home to Alderaan and check on the family. He had not seen his mother, father, or family for some time. 

III - Loyalty

The city of Valendras on Alderaan is the seat of House Imperior.

Veldarius returned to Alderaan to find his house, House Imperior, a shadow of its former self. A number of rival houses had banded together in a coalition against the Empire-leaning houses of the West. Eventually neutralizing the coalition with the assistance of a handful of equally-oppressed houses including House Roderick and House Bailiss, Veldarius and Arkam, his father, were able to salvage the mess.

With a little elbow grease Arkam and Veldarius brought House Imperior a large degree of wealth and glory. No longer shackled by enemies, House Imperior could rise to its full potential. Additionally, Veldarius oversaw the construction of the city and spire of Valendras—House Imperior's regnal estate. The city was sizable and the spires of the palace were a mass of soaring towers, surrounded by beautiful courtyards. Taking four years to construct, Valendras continues to serve as the base of operations for House Imperior on their home planet. One day, whilst reading in the gardens of the, Veldarius came across an unfamiliar term: an organization called the Sith Imperium. It interested him, and he wanted to know more.

IV - Belonging

As affairs with House Imperior hit a lull in the days following the end of the coalition and relative peace within their sector of Alderaan, Veldarius decided to pursue knowledge regarding the Sith Imperium. After days of meticulous research, the Sith stumbled upon a trove of information in an old, discarded data-pad. Through careful research he learned that it was a small cult of Sith and former Imperials that had sought refuge somewhere in the Indrexu Spiral, and that they practiced a variation of the traditional Sith Code. This in particular he found quite intriguing, as he too had gripes with the morality and efficiency of the Sith doctrine. The topic was rather obscure, and unfortunately the Sith Lord found little else on the matter.

He left the matter in the back of his mind for a while, focusing on developing a new form of Force meditation he christened ethereal observation. In a meditative stance, Veldarius could shift his consciousness into a plane of the Force, using newfound sight to uncover any external influences on one's mind or conscious. Primarily, it was to detect if someone had been mind-tricked or possessed. Figuring it would come in handy, he focused his efforts.

As life on Alderaan became repetitive, Veldarius began to notice the continual absence of his father for days or even weeks at a time. When asked, Arkam explained that he was making a business deal with Czerka Corporation, a expansive Sith-aligned organization known for producing arms. Arkam claimed the deal would benefit House Imperior. He went on to provide that he was expected to appear at shareholder meetings, and it was for that reason he was continually absent as he traveled to the planet of Telos IV with frequency.

These business meetings occurred quite often for a number of months. Eventually, Veldarius' father called him to his study and told him something relatively alarming. Arkam revealed that House Imperior had landed in a massive debt to Czerka, and he had been busy at work attempting to rectify the problem. Veldarius immediately promised to help fix the issue, and Arkam graciously thanked him. The next day, the younger Sith awoke to find that his father had gone without a trace. Veldarius, heavily confused, searched Arkam's study for answers. He found a simple note left on an open window of his father's terminal.

The note read:

"I have gone. I have to follow my destiny, as it has been written in the stars. I concede that fate has taken a toll on me and I have been coerced into action by will of the Force. I must leave in search of something which I cannot begin to describe. I do not abandon House Imperior, as I leave it in capable hands. I hereby name you, my firstborn son, Veldarius, successor to the title of Duke, my lands, and holdings, and estate." - Arkam Imperior

Attached to the note is a holo-recording of Arkam, for Veldarius' eyes only. The older man explains that he had taken notice of Veldarius' interest in the Sith Imperium. He then went on to reveal that he had long been partnered with the order and that House Roderick, one of House Imperior's Alderaanian allies and member of it's defensive pact, was also affiliated with the mysterious group. Arkam goes on to state that, throughout his service to the Sith Empire, he had become aware of several unforgivable oversights in both the Sith code and the Sith way of life. Arkam had, in fact, served a different liege for some time—Arestenax. Arkam clarifies that Willerick, Duke of House Roderick, was indeed Force-sensitive and had taken on the Sith name of Arestenax. Attached to the holo-recording was a set of coordinates and a pendant that bore a carved Vorn Tiger.

Veldarius was eager to learn more, and hastily departed for the attached coordinates after placing his brother Vindictivus in a position as regent.

Arriving on a planet called Ry'llara, Veldarius was immediately admitted to capital after presenting the pendant bearing the Vorn Tiger. Following an attendant, he began making his way towards the capital Once inside, they guided him to an audience room where he was met by what could only be a Dark Council. Many figures sitting in tall-backed chairs, with a throne looming on the far side. On that throne sat a white-clad individual, immediately recognizable as the man named Willerick that Veldarius had met on Alderaan prior. The figure introduced himself as Arestenax. Understanding Veldarius' value, Arestenax then offered him a place within the order that called themselves the Sith Imperium. The Sith Lord graciously accepted, giddy in anticipation of once more proving himself to a figure of significant power. Shortly thereafter, Veldarius was named Minister of State and Commerce. He was later reassigned to the Ministry of War, where he served as Minister and Supreme Commander.

V - Rise

Veldarius in his traditional battle armor and classic white saber.

Veldarius had been serving in the capacity of Minister of War for some time, and had developed relationships with many of the Sith Imperium's notables and people. He had been recognized for pristine military stratagem and tactical know-how on many occasions, accumulating a large amount of prestige and influence.

Veldarius had commanded the Sith Imperium Military as Supreme Commander during several campaigns, including campaigns for dominance on the planets of Asmoedus, Illisil, and Solaria, as well as the battles of Ferrous Redoubt and the Blackened Dales.

Commander of the Joint-chiefs, Veldarius would still risk venturing down onto the front-lines. This was most unlike many of his predecessors, who preferred to remain in safety. It was his philosophy that a commander should fight alongside the troops that were willing to die for him, in order to boost morale, cohesion, and cooperation.

During his tenure, the Sith Imperium saw several decisive victories and key successes, with no important failures. Around this time he received the Imperium Medal of Victory, the Imperium Service Medal, and most notably The Medal of Honor, following the Solaria Campaign.

History: Days of the Lord Emperor

VI - Ascension

In 22 ATC, Dramatic change occurs within the Sith Imperium. Lord Emperor Arestenax Roderick recognizes there is a wound which exists and has existed within the living Force - a result of the Great Transference which saved the Sith Imperium from certain doom in ages past. The Sith Imperium emerges from hyperspace above the planet of Voss, and makes their way to the Force Convergence - the ancient ritual place where the Transference occurred.

Within the Force Convergence, Arestenax speaks to the Sith Imperium one last time

Arestenax arrives at the Force Convergence, and immediately delves into the living Force. He sees many different realities once more, as he did on the day of the Great Transference. Eventually he comes face to face with himself from a different reality, and with the Old Soul Makhzor. The trio converse for several minutes, before Arestenax re-emerges in the present. The Lord Emperor beckons Veldarius and his Wrath, Azu'lae Vizla, to his side.

Arestenax explains that, in order to quell the oncoming danger, he must give himself to the Force and sacrifice his living form. Arestenax informs Veldarius that the force willed he becoming his successor, and that Veldarius must take up the mantle of Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium. Arestenax provides Veldarius a small box, wherein lies a ring inlaid with a gold vorn tiger - the sigil of the Royal House of Roderick. Arestenax announces he is bestowing the Grand Duchy of House Roderick to him. The ring was The Ring of House Roderick. Additionally, Lord Emperor Arestenax announces that Azu'lae is his daughter, naming her Princess of the Sith Imperium and member of House Roderick.

As the battle turns against the Imperium in space, Vindictiva gives herself heroically. Simultaneously, Arestenax is called to the Force. He fades, becoming one with the force. He breaks his worldly chains and attains immortality. Is he gone forever? It is unclear, but he is gone for now. The Imperium must move on...


Following the events on Voss, the Sith Imperium assembles within the Imperial Palace on Solaria to celebrate the ascension of Veldarius and d Emperor of thlife of Arestenax. Music echoes through the halls of the palace as the Imperium's citizenry celebrated the occasion. When it came time to hold the ceremony which officiated the transfer of power and the seat of the Emperor, the palace grew quiet. Darth Bhula Roderick proceeds over the ceremony, the rites and honors are preformed, and at long last Veldarius is crowned Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium.

He delivered the following speech:

Veldarius in the ceremonial robes of the Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium

"My friends and companions, my comrades in arms - It is with heavy heart I knelt before the great Arestenax last week and witnessed his meld with the Force. I will admit it was unbearable, and I mourn the loss of our glorious Lord Emperor and the loving Crown Princess, Vindictiva. 

Allow me to be the first to officially reassure you: they died valiantly whilst protecting the Imperium; they served to the very end. Arestenax was, without a doubt, a wise man -- wiser than most of us will ever be. He was a great teacher to all, and I, for one, learned much through following his example. That Darth Arestenax entrusted the great task of governing our Sith Imperium continues to surprise me. Regardless, I shall do my utmost to uphold the principles held dear to our people’s heart. I will do my best to pass on the teachings I have learned to future generations, and I promise that I shall work diligently to be the compass that guides the Sith Imperium to greatness. With the Force and the One Sith Code as our guides, I have no doubt we will succeed. 

Together, we shall ensure the security of the Realm. And when we are stable again -- when we have rekindled the flames of might that once rested in the breast of every man and woman here -- we shall seek revenge against those who have brought us to our knees. Though that day may be far from now, it is a day that will arrive. It will happen -- this I promise you. We shall grow our might to a level none shall rival. I swear I will strive to ensure our Imperium remains strong.

Make no mistake: I am not Darth Arestenax, nor shall I be the same Emperor as he. There are doubtless few in the galaxy that could match his gravitas. Nonetheless, I aspire to fulfill my promise to him and govern the Sith Imperium to the best of my ability. And I will not be alone. All of you assembled before me make up the backbone of this great empire, and only through unity will we succeed as a people and a nation.

My first act as your Emperor will be to build up our homeworld, Solaria. Solaria carries unparalleled potential and I sense we may discover many undiscovered and unique natural resources. I have no doubt these will be instrumental in revitalizing the planet. Additionally our Capital, Solaria City, will have its defenses and infrastructure renovated. With these actions, we build a foundation from which we may expand our influence. 

Furthermore, with the tragic passing of the late Crown Princess at the hands of the Eternal Empire, we are left without a flagship for our fleet. This will not stand. Construction on a new Harrower-Class starship shall begin immediately. We will take what technology we could save from the Sovereign and add to it. Simply put, we will create a stalwart machine of unparalleled progress.

Lord Emperor Veldarius addressing the Sith Imperium's heroes following his ascension

In this time of change and shifting leadership it is paramount we work diligently to maintain stability throughout the realm. Serve your ministries well, for they are the pillars upon which this nation rests. Without the workings of our Dark Council, we simply could not function. It is in times like these Empires collapse into ruin, and therefore we must redouble our efforts. Our Imperium shall not be reduced to ashes. We shall not crumble; instead we shall build and rise. Our bond is strong, and I am certain that together -- through the grace of the Dark Divines -- we can work to restore our great Imperium. We shall again make our name one that commands fear and respect throughout the Galaxy. 

You -- all of you assembled here -- are the embers of a once great fire. With naught but a guiding hand, it is possible to rise from the ashes and relight the flames of victory. It is imperative that we hold true to the values of the Sith Imperium in this time of doubt. 

We must not hesitate to follow each other through fire; and we must guide each other through the darkness. We must be prepared to give our lives as our leader did, and accept our deaths. We must work cooperatively and as a unified whole to lead the Sith Imperium to triumph. May the Force ever serve us!"

Veldarius was officially sworn in as the Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium. It was his turn to rule.

VII - Civil War

Confrontation between Lord Emperor Veldarius and his Hand, Darth Vaguest

Darth Vaguest entered the chambers of the Dark Council. He was decorated in the garb once worn by the ancient Sith, Tulak Hord. In his wake a contingent of fifty soldiers followed. Veldarius sat alone upon a high-backed throne, gazing down at them as they entered. Vaguest stopped at the foot of the throne and looked up at Veldarius. After a brief pause, the Hand proclaimed to that the Emperor's reign was to come to an abrupt close. He announced that his reign had not been, "in the eyes of Arestenax", proper and just. No doubt angered by the Emperor's recent engagement to Darth Azu'lae Vizla-Roderick, Vaguest proclaimed Veldarius a traitor and drew his lightsaber. Veldarius responded with a laugh and a few choice phrases, dismissing the man's viewpoint as insignificant. He informed Vaguest that it would take more than a small group of soldiers to remove him from the throne. Vaguest smiled, clicking his fingers. As he did so, royal guards placed around the chamber came to attention, drawing their vibroblades. Combat followed, with Veldarius quickly dispatching his "guardsman". Fighting Vaguest one-on-one, Veldarius put up a fight but was quickly felled by the Sith Lord. Vaguest proclaimed victory, taking the Emperor's crown. Looking down at the body of Veldarius, he was surprised to see it begin to smolder in purple flame. There was a flash of bright white light, and the body vanished. A moment of silence followed, quickly replaced by a cold, emotionless laugh that echoed throughout the hall. Veldarius was defeated for now. He would return.


Veldarius awoke from a timeless sleep. He glanced downwards, attempting to gather his bearings. He was surprised to see that there was no being attached to his vision. His hands were simple wisps of smoke. He did not know for how long he had been drifting, or how much of himself he had sacrificed to the winds of time, but he knew one thing: today would not be his last. He felt fragmented, his conscience mind adrift among the many stars, solar systems, and sectors of the galaxy. In fact, he struggled to even recall why he was forced into such a confined state. Faint shards of memories presented themselves as he drifted through space and time. Slowly a small quantity of recollections presented themselves. He began to remember small things: His name, his quest, his responsibilities. One name kept ringing bells in his mind--One name: Vaguest Orion. He couldn't quite place it, but he understood the Vaguest had done something wrong.

What felt like years had passed, and still he sat adrift, sailing the winds of time. Nothing was changing, his conscience fading. The name Vaguest continued to ring in the empty halls of his subconscious. Perhaps his time truly was at an end. Perhaps it would be easier to simply move on, and become one with the Force. One word held him back... A small feeling of belonging and purpose--A small light in the darkness shrouded his mind, body, and conscience: Azu'lae. No. Today would not be his last day.


The Force-beast that overtook Darth Vaguest during his last stand aboard the flagship Vindictiva's Triumph.

Lord Emperor Veldarius mustered his waning strength and in one final push returned his conscience to his physical body. He staggered, falling to the ground on the deck of the HMS Vengeance. His physical form had been returned to him, reconstructed through atomic manipulation. He quickly departed, looking to end the Usurper's reign. Attacking the man with a host of loyalist forces, Vaguest suddenly transforms adopting a form of a large Force beast, revealing himself to be corrupted by some sort of Force entity. Ultimately, the Usurper is subdued and taken captive for trial at a later date. Patience had payed off, and Veldarius had reclaimed his throne.

Vaguest the Usurper was brought before the Sith Imperium Judiciary to answer for crimes against the order and the attempted murder of various significant figures within society. Moments before being sentenced to life behind bars, Vaguest decided to claim the sacred rite of trial by combat. The Divine would decide his fate. Fighting in the courtyard adjacent to the Hall of Justice's courtrooms, Vaguest bested Veldarius's champion, and was freed of custody, relieved of all punishment. It would seem Arestenax had further plans for both of them...

VIII - Ruin

It had been several months since the Third Imperium Civil War had come to a decisive end. Vaguest withdrew from the political stage in an attempt to revitalize his standing with the Imperium's citizenry. Meanwhile, Veldarius had redoubled his efforts to ensure that the Sith Imperium grew strong. Fortifying and reorganizing the infrastructure on Solaria, his efforts had ensured that the capital world was set up for success. Unfortunately history would soon repeat itself, and this period of peace and stability would reach an abrupt conclusion.

Throughout the period following the Civil War, Veldarius would make an effort to speak publicly about the importance of unity and comradely within the ranks of the Sith Imperium. Many welcomed his words, though some were outspoken in disagreement. Among those who disagreed was a Sith named Valorrak. Darth Valorrak was public about his disapproval with Veldarius's rule, citing that they were much, much worse than the Empire he had left behind. One day, Valorrak gathered his followers and departed the Imperium without a word. Upon investigation, tracking beacons installed within the ships showed Valorrak emerging from Hyperspace in the atmosphere of Dromund Kaas and then fading from the radar. Do to internal issues, this event was not given much thought.

Weeks later, Valorrak's intentions were revealed. By going to Dromund Kaas, he had summoned a great host to fight the Sith Imperium. An large enemy fleet, composed of Imperial Forces summoned by Valorrak, emerges from Hyperspace outside of Solaria. They meet the staunch defenders of the Sith Imperium's capital planet head on, deploying wave after wave of seemingly endless fighters. A handful of Sith also join the fray flying Fury-class Interceptors. Both sides suffer heavy casualties. The battle over Solaria has begun.

During the battle, both Veldarius and Valorrak are deep in a Battle Meditation. Vaguest Orion also preforms the ability on-board his ship, the HMS Abyss. The balance of power wavers back and forth, never seeming to lend a certain side an advantage. Both powers lose a number of capital ships, and countless fighters and small spacecraft. 

In a last-ditch effort to overwhelm the Sith Imperium's defense line and destroy the Orbital Station they are protecting, the site of the Sith Imperium's evacuation effort, Valorrak commands his fleet to deploy ever available fighter and unit. This successfully staggers and overwhelms the Imperium's defensive line, as the onslaught of fighters were too much for the fleet to handle. The defense fleet begins to crumble, and Veldarius breaks battle meditation to call all those who were supposed to evacuate but had chosen to participate in the battle back to the Vindictiva's Triumph. They arrive, and almost immediately the radar begins beeping with a warning noise--another fleet has emerged from Hyperspace. It is immediately recognizable as belonging to the Kingdom of Hiigara, the Sith Imperium's steadfast allies in recent times. This fleet slams the hostile fleet from behind, trapping them between two forces. Unfortunately, soon after, a massive reinforcement fleet belonging to the Sith Empire arrives perpendicular to the forces of Hiigara and the Empire. 

It took some time, but the Sith Empire had crushes the Hiigaran forces between it's two jaws and began to bombard the Sith Imperium fleet. Valorrak's forces took took to razing the planet's surface as well, conducting an orbital strike and scorching the earth. Veldarius takes command of the Ship and relays Hyperspace coordinates to the rest of the evacuation fleet. They hit the hyperdrive and soar blindly into space in a blind jump. As he does this, Solaria can be seen exploding in a blinding light that engulfs the Sith fleet. Guided by Arestenax and the Force, and aided by instinctive astrogation, Veldarius successfully guides the Sith Imperium out of hyperspace and into safety.

The Sith Imperium had lost the battle over Solaria--the Empire had won. This was not the end though, merely a new beginning. The Sith Imperium had endured once again and lived to see another day.

IX - Amgarrak

The Eridanis Nebula, the system containing the planet of Amgarrak, historical homeworld of the Sith Imperium.

Emerging from hyperspace in an unknown region which would later be named the Eridanis Nebula by Veldarius, the Sith Imperium quickly came upon an ancient planet strong in the Force. Sending probes down to the surface, the Sith Imperium learned that the planet was partially inhabited by a single society of humanoids - the Kingdom of Namal - and it was engulfed in a bloody civil war.

Divided in half following the death of their king, two factions vyed for power. Both used an ancient prophecy as the foundation for their claim to rule. Quickly recognizing the potential of the prophecy's words, the Sith Imperium began spreading information that Lord Emperor Veldarius was the one the prophecy concerned, not faction leaders Pseudopos or Toral. It worked, and the Civil War was quickly quelled after the capture of the cities Jen'Skaidrus and Jen'Akmuo. Claiming the kingdom for the Sith Imperium, it was integrated into the order. Two years later, they were assimilated and a capital city named Vaya'vilial had been constructed in the center of the main continent. The Sith Imperium had a location from which they could expand their influence - they had a way to grow. Following this event, Veldarius claimed the dutifully-earned title of Conqueror of Amgarrak.

History: Greater Calling

Three years following the instillation of Imperium regency on the reclaimed world of Amgarrak (26 ATC) —

X - Visions of Truth

Veldarius stood in his chambers, facing a burning hearth. It was dark, the void was pushed back continuously by the bright flames that fought it. The halls were silent, and not one being stirred in the cool spring air. He was lost in thought, his silhouette shattering the clean lines of shadow cast by the large ornamental pillars that decorated the room. He brought his hand up to take a drink from the wine class which lay within, but paused. Perplexed, he glanced at his hand. It was gnarled and old, his skin wrinkled. That had not been the case moments before. Bringing up his second to compare, Veldarius was met with a similar sight. Turning, he glanced in the mirror. His hair was grayish-white, and his skin was wrinkled. It was if he had aged many decades in but a few seconds. Blinking, he was in a different room. No longer were the walls embroidered with Sith Imperium heraldry, but rather emblazoned with familiar crests of House Imperior. He turned as there was a knock on the door. From an adjacent room emerged what the now-elderly lord took at first to be a younger version of himself. The new arrival bore a similar jawline, eyes, and gait, and was clad in dark robes.

"Father," it began, and Veldarius was taken aback. It was his son, Aritarus, not as a a child but a man. He wore a concerned expression on his face. Understanding flooded through Veldarius then; they were in the halls of Alderaan, and he must be seeing a glimpse of a future yet to come. Intrigued, Veldarius asked his son what was troubling him. Replying grimly with an undertone of frustration, Aritarus explained that the Sith Imperium had fallen to forces belonging to Valorrak, Emperor of the Sith Empire. Amgarrak had consumed in flames of war, and all but a handful of the Veldarius' allies were dead. Aritarus continued that, despite Veldarius' best efforts as Lord Emperor, he had failed in his quest to ensure the Sith Imperium's survival. He had held on to tendrils of power that did not exist, and it had cost his allies dearly. The Dark Council, his friends - all were dead. Pausing, Veldarius reflected on the moment. Was he not destined to rule? Had Arestenax been wrong about him on that fateful day many years ago? Overwhelmed with emotions, an elderly Veldarius staggered backwards, gripping the chair. He fell then, clattering to the floor, his lightsaber skidding away. He heard faint shouts for help, and then darkness took him.

Eyes opening, Veldarius found himself breathing heavily on a velvet sofa. Catching his breath, he glanced down once again at his hands. Now back to normal, he realized the vision had passed. He remained on the sofa a moment longer, in near-total darkness.

"My friend," a familiar voice began. A soft white light illuminated the center of the room. The voice spoke again, echoing quietly, but with confidence: "You have completed what you set out to do. Do not linger in a place that will bring only death. Make your choice, and know that the fate of many rests upon it..." The light faded, and the room was once again consumed by the void, eternally fought by the flames living within the hearth.

Veldarius was conflicted. The task he had set out to do - the revitalize and bring strength to the Sith Imperium - was indeed complete. It was strong now, and was in a place where it could grow like never before. However, he felt as if there was so much more he could do - why stop, when the path was clear for him to continue? No, he would not tempt fate. His time to rule was over. He had made his mark, and now he must move on and pursue greater mysteries.

The Lord Emperor stood then, silently. Removing the crown from his deep brown hair, he cast it to the floor. It shattered, the crystal ornaments fragmenting and scattering across the floor. He looked down at his hands again, glancing at the Vorn Tiger Ring that had been a gift from Arestenax. The one who makes the greatest mark is not always the one who casts the biggest shadow. With that, he strode from the room. He would find Nezic, and inform him that it was time. A new bearer would carry the torch.

XI - Finale

Within a Dark Council meeting, Lord Emperor Veldarius called forth Nezic Zadane after explaining his vision to the Council. He named Nezic his successor posthaste, and stepped down as Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium. Never faltering in his loyalty to the vision of the Sith Imperium and the One Sith, Veldarius continued to work to better the Sith Imperium for the rest of his career.

House Imperior

Official House Imperior Crest

House Imperior was the ruling house of the Sith Imperium from 20 ATC to 26 ATC, and has long been one of the many great houses of Alderaan. Founded circa 1450 BTC by ancient ancestors and reforged by Valdarion the Great in 301 BTC, House Imperior has served as a influential figure in Alderaanian politics since it's inception. Recently becoming affiliated with the Sith Imperium, it's place among the great houses has only been strengthened. House Imperior is currently led by Grand Duke Veldarius I, and was founded by Grand Duke Valdarion I.


Veldarius Imperior is the son of Arkam, who is the great-grandchild of Grand Duke Valdarion I, founder of House Imperior.

A widower, Veldarius was married to Darth Azu'lae Roderick-Vizla. She is presumed to have died in childbirth delivering Aritarus and Willerick II, and an official funeral was held in 23 ATC.

Veldarius has two brothers and one sister. Vindictivus (Deceased), Vacrun, and Rey'ale.

Veldarius' parents were Duke Arkam of House Imperior and Lady Alissa of House Thul. Veldarius was also second-cousin the late Lord Emperor Arestenax I, as his father Arkam was the cousin to Lady Pyara Bailiss. Through this relation, Veldarius has a strong claim on the throne of the Sith Imperium.

In The Present

Darth Veldarius Imperior rules as Grand Duke of House Imperior and Primarch of the Sith Imperium's Ministry of Mysteries and Truth. He is a Prince within the Sith Imperium, as well as the former Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium, preceded by Lord Emperor Arestenax and followed by Emperor Nezic.


Apprentices Trained

  • Eather Tenebris - Veldarius' first apprentice, they showed great interest in the mysteries of the force.
  • Syril - Veldarius' second apprentice. Syril later went on to become a Knight of the Imperium.
  • Elrikar Surik - One of a originally neutral force-alignment, Elrikar Surik committed to the Dark Side under the teaching of Darth Veldarius.
  • Urthewans - An interesting apprentice, Urthewans went on to prosper within the Sith Imperium.
  • Telia Vukua-Midicoil - A philosophical Sith Pureblood, Telia worked to bring the Midicoil name to glory once more under the banner of the Sith Imperium.
  • S'roq - An ancient Anzat, S'roq would study the mysteries of the Force under the watchful eye of Veldarius.

Battles Fought

  1. The Asmodeus Campaign - Veldarius lead the change to secure Asmodeus and cleanse it from the terrorists embedded on the world. It was successful and the planet was returned and placed back into Imperium Hands.
  2. The Battle of Ferrous Redoubt - Veldarius successfully participates in the recapture of Ferrous Redoubt, taking out the terrorist threat once and for all.

    War Council Meeting in the 'War Room' of Solaria City

  3. The Illisil Campaign - Veldarius, accompanied by many of the Imperium's heroes, braved the depths of the Ice Planet and secured the terminal which would grant them access to the planet, Solaria.
  4. The Solaria Campaign - Veldarius was instrumental in the Imperium's attacks on the planet Solaria, and well as the eventual securing of the planet's core.
  5. The Battle for the Triumph - With the assistance of an Imperium Strike Team, Veldarius managed to foil the plans of persistent group of cultists that attempted to sabotage and destroy the HMS Vindictiva's Triump.
  6. The Second Battle for Solaria - Alongside Sith Imperium forces, Emperor Veldarius quells the Cultist threat once and for all, eliminating their base of operations on their home planet of Solaria, taking it for his own.
  7. The Third Sith Imperium Civil War - With assistance from loyalist groups, Emperor Veldarius was successfully able to put down the rebellion created by Darth Vaguest Orion and regain his crown.
  8. The Battle for Ry'llara - In coordination with the Imperium Forces led by Leskee Ordo, Veldarius helped recapture the long lost planet of Ry'llara for the Sith Imperium, securing a means of growth and expansion.
  9. The Battle over Solaria - Veldarius commanded the forces of the Sith Imperium in the battle over the Imperium's capital world of Amgarrak. Fighting the Sith Empire, the Imperium was forced to abandon Solaria and retreat into unknown space.
  10. The Amgarrak Campaign - Veldarius commanded the ground invasion which resulted in the capture of Jen'Skaidrus, the capital of Amgarrak.

Awards & Commendations

  1. The Medal of Honor
  2. Imperium Distinguished Service Medal
  3. Imperium Medal of Victory

Promotions Earned

  • Veldarius attains the rank of Lord following his service to his master, Darth Arkam.
  • Veldarius is promoted to Deputy Minister of Intelligence upon his arrival to the Sith Imperium by Minister Arkam.
  • Veldarius received the duty of Minister of State, Education, and Commerce following his introduction into the Sith Imperium by Darth Arkam, the Minister of Intelligence at the time.
  • Veldarius receives the title of Darth of the Sith Order at about the same time he is promoted to Minister of State and Education.
  • Following promotion by Lord Emperor Arestenax, Veldarius left the paperwork of the Ministry of State behind and became Minister of War, Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander within the Imperium.
  • Following the death of Lord Emperor Arestenax, Veldarius ascended as the Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium.
  • Following a vision of a possible future, Veldarius willfully abdicates the Sith Imperium throne and begins his tenure as Primarch of the Sith Imperium's Ministry of Mysteries and Truth.

Powers and Force Abilities

Force Powers

Force powers were the manifestations of a Jedi, Sith, or other Force-adept's connection with the Force, an energy field that binds everything in existence. These powers were supernatural abilities not described by scientists. The powers were usually taught by Force-using organizations, but there were examples of individual, self-improving methods of learning to use the Force. There were many kinds of Force powers, but not all were available to a single person, since some of them required a deep connection with one side of the Force and others were secret or very rare. Also, as a side note, it should be taken into account that the Force is not "magic," nor does it have specific "spells" or "powers," and they are far more interrelated than a list might suggest.

A corrupted Veldarius fending off the attacks from his comrades after being taken control of by Darth Vaguest during the Third Imperium Civil War.

Veldarius' Force Abilities

Veldarius is a master of the dark side of the Force, able to perform all but the most complicated Sith rituals and force attacks. It is accepted that Veldarius is a master of all adept Force abilities. Darth Veldarius is exceptional at the following Force powers:

  • Basic: Force Barrier, Force Fear, Force Persuade, Force Wound, Instinctive Astrogation.
  • Advanced: Drain Knowledge, Essence Transfer, Force Maelstrom, Psychometry, Pyrokenesis.

Saber Combat

Veldarius has spent years perfecting forms IV and VII of lightsaber combat, often mixing the two to provide a near unpredictable and impossible to counter flurry of different lightsaber actions and strikes. During duels, Veldarius often employs techniques meant to confuse his opponents or cause them to act in error.

Ataru (Form V) was an aggressive combat form relying on a combination of power, strength, and speed. Practitioners of Ataru were always on the offensive, attacking with wide, fast, and powerful swings, constantly calling upon the Force to aid in their movements and attacks.

Juyo (Form VII) was described as the most vicious form of lightsaber combat, and was said to be filled with both fury and "malignant grace." The form came to be known as the most difficult and demanding in all of saber combat.

Blaster Proficiency

While not an expert by any means, Veldarius is proficient in simple blasters. He was forced to learn them as a youth during his time aiding in House Imperior's resurgence. Most notably, during the Czerka Heist.


A Sith Juggernaut, Veldarius was known to utilize an equal measure of both the Force and physical lightsaber attacks during combat. He wielded a single lightsaber with a two-pronged saber hilt which jutted out from the shaft at a 45 degree angles. Originally red, the saber was recolored to white following his ascension as Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium. It continues to by white to this day.

In addition to his blade, Veldarius equipped himself with numerous armors for in and out of combat. Veldarius often wore a set of interlocking cortosis plates above a long, white gambeson. His boots, armguards, shinguards, and gauntlets were also made of the strong lightsaber-resistant cortosis plating. For more ceremonial occasions, Veldarius had several white sets adorned with gold embroidery.

He has also been known to favor simple black robes for many occasions.


Veldarius is intelligent, innovative, honorable, unrelenting, and a tactical genius. He is often quite serious, though he has a soft spot for his friends, family, and people he considers close to him. He harnesses the Force and uses it to compliment his lightsaber attacks, as well as simple Force techniques.

He has vary rarely lets his anger and emotions control his actions, preferring to entertain a more logical thought and decision-making process. He is often cold and calculating, though there are times when humor is displayed.