The world of Varkion-5 is significantly far away from most galactic powers, including the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Varkion-5 was also the home world of the Varkion Imperium.


Varkion-5 Geography



Varkion-5 is a very hot planet with molten rock covering most of the surface.

The Varkion Imperium

The Varkion Imperium was founded by Emperor Rubar Imperior. Everything went fine after it was founded and the Emperor maintained control.  

One day, an official from the Sith Impeerium found this Imperium and reported it. it turns out that official, Bahr've'ahz B'Makhzor, discovered the Varkion Imperium, an isolated empire of Sith who had fled Imperial space decades before. After hearing of this, Arestenax, Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium, led his fleet to the Varkion Imperium’s capital world, Varkion 5, and attacked, careful to target areas of low population in order to avoid heavy casualties. His goal was not to destroy, but to demonstrate. 

Leading a ground assault after the bombardment, followed by Knights (including Bahr’ve’ahz), Akaan’alor Wu-fei Kryze, and his Hand Darth Q’urrim, he fought his way to the palace where the Varkion Imperium’s leader, Emperor Rubar, was waiting along with three of his followers, Darth Kayyash, Despra, and Reyes. Instead of fighting, however, Emperor Rubar conceded to peace talks aboard the Imperium flagship, the Sovereign.

Since that day, no notable activity has been recorded on the planet. Accept for the outpost Darth Rubar established there after his induction into the Sith Imperium.

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