The Time Before

Var'kan Imperior, son of Maratha and Rubar Imperior was raised on Dromund Kass until Rubar abandoned the Sith Empire for one of his own, the Varkion Imperium. After the Minister of Intelligence was murdered, Rubar and Var'kan fled the planet, while Maratha abandoned the Sith Empire and aligned herself with the Galactic Republic.


After Rubar established himself as the Emperor of the Varkion Imperium, he named his greatest ally, Rubur Daleshresh an Imperior and his heir. With Rubur Imperior taking the the heir-ship of the throne of Varkion, Var'kan was named the second heir in the line. As the Varkion Imperium fell to shambles on the planet of Varkion-5, Var'kan spent his time as a bounty hunter, earning profit for claiming bounties. When the Varkion Imperium was annexed by the Sith Imperium, Varkion members joined the Sith Imperium or died. Var'kan was not aware of any of this for he was out bounty hunting. When he returned to Varkion-5 he found it abandoned and in ruins. Where had everyone gone? no one knew.

The Transfer

A Year later Var'kan finally found out when happened and rejoined his brother Rubar, Serving under him as one of his agents and a member of the Order of the Red Dawn. He became part of the Sith Imperium, more specifically, the Sith Imperium's Ministry of Intelligence. He carries out this role to this day.

Physical Appearance

Var'kan can be found wearing traditional Mandolorian armor, seeing as he was given the title of Mandolorian on one of his jobs.


Mandolorian Armor, Similar to Var'kan Imperior's Set

Not much is known about Var'kan Imperior, except that if your his bounty, you best give yourself up because your dead anyways


Var'kan Imperior, Second heir to the Imperitorship of House Imperior, Agent of Imperium Intelligence and Faithful Knight to the Order of the Red Dawn

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