Vanguard Squad is the most decorated Special Forces Squad in the Sith Imperium. Many state that Vanguard Squad is the Imperial equivalent to the Republic Army's Havoc Squad. The exact origins of Vanguard Squad remain a secret, but what is known is that the Squad was commissioned by Lord Emperor Arestenax. Many famous leaders of the Imperium have at one point been a part of Vanguard Squad.

Battle of Rhen Var

Vanguard Squad saw it's first piece of action on the snowy world of Rhen Var. The mission of Vanguard Squad was to enter behind enemy lines and eliminate an enemy threat in the form of rogue battle droids. Vanguard Squad was forced miles away from their planned drop point due to heavy enemy anti-air. The Squad, led by a Human Lieutenant who was only known by his callsign Hawk, worked their way behind enemy lines, silently destroying enemy patrols. Upon reaching the enemies' command center, The Citadel, Vanguard Squad rappelled up the Citadel's wall and eliminated the threat. This battle earned Vanguard Squad prominence, as they had saved thousands of Imperium soldier's lives by ending the threat quickly.

Battle of Belsavis

After many years of successful conquests, Vanguard Squad's biggest challenge came in the form of the Battle of Belsavis. The mission was simple: Rescue the Lord Emperor. Vanguard Squad, under the command of Moff Jubei-Yagyu, was airdropped on the front lines to quickly neutralize the enemy garrison. Vanguard Squad made their way into where the Lord Emperor was reportedly being kept. Upon eliminating the enemy in the garrison, Vanguard Squad found that the Lord Emperor was not there and a very large amount of enemy forces were closing in. Suddenly, the garrison began to crumble and almost all the members of Vanguard Squad were killed, save for the Squad's youngest member, Salkoro Thul. Month's after swearing revenge on Jubei-Yagyu for killing his squadmates, Salkoro found that the person who commissioned the order was long dead. He also found that the Squad was planned to be used as a distraction to draw out the enemy reinforcements so that they could be eliminated by heavy ordinance at the cost of Vanguard Squad.

New Squad

Vanguard Squad, now under the command of Commander Filan Kelborn, has been re-designed into a smaller Special Forces team. Only the most gifted and skilled fighters are granted entry into Vanguard Squad. The new Vanguard Squad still does the same missions the old Squad undertook, but only if the Commander is heavily briefed beforehand. The current members of Vanguard Squad have had their identities concealed until Filan deems it best to have the Squad completely commissioned again.

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