Darth Vaguest Orion was once Hand of the Lord Emperor, serving under both Lord Emperor Arestenax Roderick and Veldarius Imperior.

Commonly accepted as the foremost swordsman in the Sith Imperium, Vaguest rarely finds defeat in single combat.

Darth Vaguest was born on Coruscant.

Styles of Address

Current - His Excellency, Darth Vaguest of House Orion, Hand of the Lord Emperor, Heir of Tulak Hord, Battlemaster, Lord Councillor of the Dark Council, and Dark Lord of the One Sith.


Vaguest was frozen in carbonite following the events of the Civil War, where he betrayed Lord Emperor Veldarius, killed him, and usurped his throne. Veldarius was later found to have survived, returned, and reclaimed his rightful seat.

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