Urthewans was born on Corellia and was born with twin sister named Vaalthuun. Later on they adopted a Mirilan girl named Mulniss and a sith pure blood named Apexious. Early on nobody knew that Urthewans was force sensitive until he lashed out at his father in anger and killed him. Out of fear of what the local authorities might do his mother sent him away. He then ended up in the Korriban Sith academy but was only there for a year until he got framed for his master’s murder. It is unclear what he was up to during those 5 years between when he sent away and when he ended up at the academy.All that is certain however he ended up owning a cross guard lightsaber with a silver and grey crystal and with strange engravings on the hilt. After he left the Sith academy he stumbled onto the Sith Imperium joined with the intent to get revenge on those who wronged him.

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