“It is unwise to search for a past that was never written.”


Tuldrum is a sith zabrak who has come from nothing. The only pieces of his past he knows of is the time he spent with the Nightbrothers of Falsh on Dathomir as a young child. The young zabrak had no mother or father, no siblings. Nothing. The day the Empire came to Dathomir Tuldrum was given to the sith conquerors without a second of hesitation from his brothers. 

Tuldrum spent most of his life training to become a Sith and eventually joined up with The Imperial Ghosts. Tuldrum grew to feel nothing as he slaughtered thousands of lives. He had no emotion. Years went by and he slaughtered more without any second thought. On one conquest however Tuldrum met a jedi of no given name. This jedi was ruthless almost sithlike. Tuldrums battle with this jedi left half of his face completely burnt and scarred to the point of him having to wear a life support mask for the rest of his life or without it, the pain would increase.

At this point in his life Tuldrum finally felt an emotion. Hatred. Upon arriving back at Imperial Ghost frontline camp he killed two sith students and abandoned the Empire looking for a new chance at revenge and thus he met an Imperium sith. 

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