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Apprentice and Master

Training an apprentice can be difficult, with multiple apprentices at once even more so! Taking this into consideration, the Sith Imperium has provided those who will be training our new generation of Force-users with a portfolio of information that will hopefully help them in this task. Understand that not all of this must be used for each individual apprentice, they are simply ideas and practices that have worked in the past. If you are looking for ideas that go beyond what has been provided by this page, do not hesitate to ask a Lord, Darth, or Force-sensitive Lord Councillor for assistance in the guild discord or in-game. Remember, training an apprentice is as much a journey for the master as it is for the apprentice!


There are a variety of ways to train an apprentice, from doing personalized one on one RP events in-game to sending them to search or kill an in-game boss or item. The apprentices that turn out the best generally have a good mix of everything, so make sure to consider that when training. This wikia/fandom page will provide a list of activities in the hopes that masters will provide a good mix to their apprentice(s).