Greetings citizens of the Sith Imperium, this is Praetor Kaldar contacting you. During the course of the next month (week IRL time) we will begin the fundraising for the completion of our capital ship, The Sovereign. This event will be a fifty-fifty draw, details will appear in the next paragraph. If you have any questions or ideas for future fundraising events, contact me via a secure line(Through mail, comments, WikiChat or email me:

The event will be as follows:

  1. From Saturday, January 10th to Saturday January 17th the event will be held. (ROUND TWO)
  2. You may donate at any time during the week until January 17th at 12PM PST so we may calculate the draw.
  3. To participate, you must donate at least 50 000 credits to the Guild Bank. This will earn you one ticket for the draw.
  4. There are no limits to tickets. I.E. Ruu'san donates 500 000, she receives 10 tix. Desocratos donates 2mil, he receives 40tix.
  5. You must pay in 50 000 increments. I.E. Ray'ak has 57 826 credits, can she put all of her funds in the bank? Yes, but will only receive one ticket.
  6. The draw will happen an hour after the fundraiser closes. The winner will be announced both in game and here on the wikia.
  7. NOTE FOR WINNER OF DRAW: The Emperor has issued a capital tax of 10% of the winnings to help fund the strongholds further.

Good luck to you all! Donate as much as you can, donations will be kept track of by Ruu'san Kaldar using the GB Ledger.

Glory to the Imperium, glory to the Emperor!

Note: Funds raised will be for the expansion of the guild ship as well as a larger guild stronghold (Tatooine).

The name will be picked at this address If you have any other random draw websites, please comment them.


  1. Congradulations to Zaarin on winning the first 50/50 contest! The total funds raised this round was 2 700 000 credits!
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