By Elisah Thul, Senior SIT Correspondent

VAYA'VILIAL ⁠— Just out of the capitol this morning, an operation involving an ancient Rakatan vault has just now been unclassified! It appears that in the mountainous northern reaches of Amgarrak, to the north of the capital city of Vaya'vilial, a buried Rakatan structure was located. By will of His Majesty, the Lord Emperor Veldarius, a strike-team led by the Dark Council and the sovereign himself descending into the mysterious halls. According to sources familiar with the subject, the group encountered age-old Rakatan tech sourcing back to the time of the Infinite Empire.

According to the late Head thmistress of the One Sith Academy Lady Candicia Augustina, the "geographical location of Amgarrak" matches "perfectly with an area of the galaxy which was once under the rule of the Rakatan Empire." This is interesting to note, because such a theory suggests the presence of even more Rakatan ruins on Amgarrak and surrounding planets. As stated by Senior Ministry of State Correspondent Elia Rus, it is "very bad" to go looking for these ruins by yourself, much less delve intoem without proper equipment and preparation.

The Office of the Hand has issued a ban on all civilian exploration of Rakatan-based architecture throughout Amgarrak in an attempt to grant the Research Department more time to look in to the significance of these strange structures. That being said, if civilians locate Rakatan architecture, they are advised to notify a government official immediately so proper precautions can be taken.

As of now, it is unknown to the general public what the Dark Council plans to do with these Rakatan structures. Divines know, if there are more, it could prove a threat to the carefully maintained peace on our home planet. The Sith Imperium Times shall keep the world updated on developments. Stay tuned for more as this situation evolves!


By Kamron Vale, SIT Editor-in-Chief

His Excellency, Darth Taboran

THE IMPERIAL PALACE ⁠— In a bold announcement last week, Lord Emperor Veldarius announced to the public the ascension of the first Hand of the Emperor since Vaguest the Usuper who struck our sovereign down during the Third Civil War! Quite different from Darth Vaguest, Darth Taboran possessed a number of fine qualities which aid him in his duties serving our Emperor. Reportedly, he possesses a number of genetic boons which aid in his tasks. Furthermore, it is rumored that he has some connection to House Imperior or House Roderick, as the color of his garb would most definitely suggest.

As far as his character, reports from the infamous Wine & Chiss cafe suggest Darth Taboran is a coffee-addict who enjoys spending free-time socializing with the Sith Imperium's citizenry.

What's next for our new second-in-command? Will he rise to infamy like the last, or shall he go down as a kind-hearted and just Hand of the Lord Emperor? We will see...


By Kamron Vale, SIT Editor-in-Chief

THIS MONTH'S SATIRE ⁠— In an unexpected by entirely believable move, Darth Khroend the Wide of the Sith Imperium has consumed the Republic capital of Coruscant. While an act of this smouldering intensity was not entirely predicted by close Chungology experts, it is in line with previous statistics gathered by the Sith Imperium Department for Chungus Control.

While the man is now reported to be the size of a small star, citizens are still advised to treat him like a normal Darth within the Sith Imperium.*



By Director Iclyn Wynters

Have you wished to live a double life? Wanted to save the world from shadows? Risked your life on the go? Get lot of money? If you do then, perhaps, the Ministry of Intelligence is the right place for you. Of course, just not anyone can join the mysterious ministry that deals in secrecy. However, if you go through the admission process and succeed, you will be on your way to become one of the greatest Intelligence Agent of the Imperium. Ludicrous missions awaits for all the aspiring daredevils.

Please be advised that great risks leading to permanent injuries and death may be possible. The Ministry of Intelligence offers insurance in consequence. Applicants must understand what they are getting themselves into. For additional information in regards to the Ministry of Intelligence, please go to Intelligence Recruitment Center in the Capital City or on the Vindictiva's Triumph.



By Sergeant Desh'al Ate'kar

The Ministry of War, Overseen by Minister Alexandus, is looking for New Recruits every day! Are you in need of a lot of action, and even fun? Come fight along with the Imperium’s Best fighters, in the Ministry of War! Pilot your own fighter in the Navy, Carry your favorite weapons in the Army. Become an officer in our new Officers Academy! We welcome anyone who wants to help protect our people. Force-users and Non force-users alike! Talk to any recruiter with any more inquiries if you so have them.

Please note that joining this ministry comes with sacrifice. Each excursion we embark on may lead to serious injury or death.

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