By Elisah Thul, Senior SIT Correspondent

VAYA'VILIAL ⁠— In an impromptu address this morning, His Supreme Majesty, Darth Veldarius, Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium, informed the public that he had, overnight, come to the decision to freeze Darth Vaguest Orion, Hand of the Emperor in a carbonite casing. Darth Veldarius stated during his speech that Darth Vaguest was subjected to this punishment because of "long-time crimes against Sith Imperium," for he posed a "significant threat to the security of the society." When asked to comment, His Majesty responded that the Usurper would be taken to a "secure location, away from the royal city." One can only guess as to where the carbonite captive will end up.

As for

Photo taken at scene displaying Darth Vaguest frozen in Carbonite and awaiting transfer to unknown location.

the actual arrest, little is known. SIT interviewed Lt. Major Lockwell, the military officer tasked with preforming the arrest. He commented on the matter rather vaguely: "I received a direct order from His Majesty, the Lord Emperor. I did as I was commanded and neutralized the Hand. I would not have done anything differently. He was deemed a security threat, and my team and I saw it dealt with rapidly and efficiently." He refused to give any further information.

As far as the now-apparent vacancy in the Office of the Hand, no new successor has officially been chosen by the sovereign. Somewhat different than most other elections, the Office of the Hand is directly appointed by the Lord Emperor--not a vote of the Dark Council. Rumors speak of a new face on the political stage who goes under the name Darth Taboran.


Darth Taboran

The Darth recently made his debut investigating a security concern in the mountains to the north of the Royal City and has been seen multiple times conversing with the Lord Emperor, though currently no sources can confirm their relationship. Interestingly enough, Darth Taboran can often be seen sporting a royal white garb which, per Sith Imperium Public Law, is restricted to the Royal Family. Only speculation as to the reasoning so far, as no official statement has been released from House Imperior or the Royal Office of the Sovereign.

Tradition incites that the sovereign name a new Hand of the Lord Emperor before the next cycle is complete. Citizens will have to wait in the edges of their seats to find out who will succeed the notorious Darth Vaguest as head of the Dark Council.


By Jason Dornall, SIT Military Operations Correspondent


Recently, a second set of scans were done by researchers and they discovered something that was previously unseen. Deep within the mountainous region due north of Vaya’vilial, a large cave was discovered. Depth readers and scans indicate that a massive system of man-made caves lay beneath the surface. Reacting, His Supreme Majesty Darth Veldarius, along with a number of the Imperium’s finest, deployed to uncover whatever secrets and evils lay within.

Deployed to this mysterious vault, they quickly found remnants of an ancient Rakatan civilization. Numerous buildings were scattered amongst the cave system, each with different peculiarities. Among these interesting finds, a AI System calling itself EUROS interacted with the group. It stated that it was called upon by the Vault's previous owners to serve as warden and protector of the area. It was tasked with keeping the monsters locked away within the institution.

Unfortunately, due to this conversation, a number of beasts managed to escape from one of the cell blocks on the other side of the compound. Responding to late, the Sith Imperium was forced to stand and fight against a massive enitity.

Luckily, Sith Imperium forces managed to best the creature and the area was secured. Unfortunately, a number of smaller beasts escaped and are currently at-large.

Issuing an official statement following the incident, Military Adviser Jonah Vaughn states that citizens should, "be aware of the danger, and prepare themselves for an immediate, unforeseen attack by large, winged beasts." While this comment does little to quell the worry and fear rural communities around the Royal City are currently exhibiting, it's at least good to know that the military does their best to keep civilians in the loop. This story is developing.

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