By: Sarion Sev, SIT Frontline Reporter

QUESH -- The Sith Imperium Military Command confirmed various reports that the Hutt Cartel had launched a coordinated invasion against the Sith Imperium. In a press conference Imperium Navy spokesman LCDr. Larra Fenik announced that two minor systems had fallen as well as one Imperium Harrower-class dreadnought. 

"The Hutts have made a blunderous push into Imperium territory," said Fenik. "I can confirm that Kessel and Honoghr have fallen and one Imperium warship was destroyed intentionally resulting in the loss of nearly a half dozen Hutt warships."

The ship in question was confirmed as the HMS Sovereign, the Lord Emperor's flagship. The Imperial Palace disputed rumors that the Lord Emperor was aboard stating that such wild speculation about the Lord Emperor's death bordered on treason. 

"His Majesty is alive and well and his wrath shall be visited upon the Hutts in short order." Said Imperial Palace spokesman Rion Traevco. 

Various sources confirm that the Lord Empress, Darth S'rahnia was aboard the HMS Sovereign at the beginning of the attack along with Darth Iax, the Emperor's Executor but both survived and escaped the battlefield aboard the Lord Empress's flagship the HMS Silence. 

The Palace and Sith Imperium Military Command refused to release casualty counts and names of the souls lost in the recent attacks stating that family members have yet to be notified and the count has not been solidified. Estimates suggest that casualties are in the thousands. 

Military Command Shaken Up

By: Tham Seenzae, SIMCOM Senior Correspondent

VOSS -- Following the defeats at Honoghr and Kessel, His Majesty, the Lord Emperor ordered the execution of various members of the Sith Imperium Military Command Council and proclaimed their names be striken from existence. 

"His Majesty will tolerate no incompetence in the senior leadership of the Sith Imperium Military." Said Rion Traevco, the Imperial Palace spokesman. "As such, he has erased the former leaders from existence and history and appointed Darth Arishol as Supreme Commander of the Sith Imperium Military, Darth Avendin as Commandant of the Imperium Marine Corps, General Darth Delinere as commander of the Sith Imperium Army, Grand Admiral Darth Iax as commander of the Sith Imperium Navy."

The Palace went on to warn the Hutts that "His Majesty's wrath shall visit them soon."

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