"The truth, and nothing but the truth."

The Sith Imperium Times is the leading public service broadcaster and news media organization in the Sith Imperium. Its headquarters are at the Royal Palace News Office in Vaya'vilial, Amgarrak.

The staff at The Sith Imperium Times strives to produce consistent, monthly reports detailing the goings-on of Sith Imperium society. Kamron Vale, Editor-in-chief, and his reliable and excellent staff of writers and editors, do their best to ensure the highest degree of quality in all works and articles officially published through this news-source.

Do you know of an interesting story or information regarding one of our articles? Contact one of our associates, writers, or the Editor-in-chief!

If you wish to file a complaint about the accuracy of the news media reported and written by our staff, please set up an appointment or send us a direct communication via the HoloNet!

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