New Amgarrak was a beautiful world and the seat of Imperium City was a paradise. Seated high up on the cliffs, a palace over looked a beautiful tropical beach. It was a welcome change from the more urban, sprawling worlds that made up much of the Tion Hegemony. Grand Moff Ruu'san considered herself lucky to have been posted here.

Her Harrower hovered over near the city, casting an imposing shadow to the south. From the bridge she has a bird's eye view of the surrounding airspace. The clear blue skies, the purple colored moon and a bright orange sun held in the sky.

Admiral Rhykan Korrel, an elder gray haired man of clearly aristocratic background marched up to the Grand Moff. They both wore the white uniforms of naval flag officers. Both impeccably dressed.

“Your Honor,” He began. “The reports from the capitol grow more urgent. Jaminere and Embaril have fallen to the Eternal Empire”

Grand Moff Kaldar said nothing but the stern peircing voice of another soon broke the silence.

“I presume the young welp has placed another summons?” Said Darth Ray'ak, Lord Wrath of the Sith Imperium. She walked up in her typically black garb. Feared by all one would not need the Force to sense the cold chills she sent down the spines of the bridge officers.

“Yes, Excellency.” The Admiral nods. “She commands our fleet to join them at Voss. To hold the line.”

Grand Moff Kaldar says nothing simply staring into the horizon. Her gaze was locked on the large white wing verebirds. Native to the planet they were nearly human sized and often flew near the Harrower. Graceful in the sky they were often causing trouble for the Paladin's maintanence teams which often had to deal with the animals clumsily colliding with the ship. On more than one occasion the Grand Moff thought to simply exterminate them but was informed by her science officers that the disruption in their population could hurt the local eco system and affect their food supply.

“I will soon have to conduct the ritual.” Darth Ray'ak said.

“I'm told that Project Starbird is ready to be implemented but I cannot pretend to understand the mechanics of this particular Sith Sorcery, Your Excellency.” The Admiral said.

“You might as well call her, Majesty. Soon, Darth Ray'ak will be Empress.” The Grand Moff breaking her silence. The Admiral bowed. “Of course, my apologies, Majesty.”

Darth Ray'ak waves him off. The Admiral bows and marches away.

“Once the Wall is up, we can weather the storm. As the galaxy contends with this new threat we bide our time and strike when ready.” Darth Ray’ak says near cackling.

Grand Moff Kaldar turns and smiled. “Their family humiliated me now I will have the last laugh.” Kaldar said smiling.

A series of beeps and buzzes soon echoed out the bridge. This was normally a sign that new information had come in from the capitol or elsewhere on the warfront. The officers rushed around in a frenzy attempting to verify the new information so they could report. They had to be quick and accurate or Darth Ray’ak was known to be merciless with their lives. A lieutenant finally approaches, a younger Chiss officer with black hair held in a tight knit bun, deep blue skin and red eyes.

“Your Majesty, Your Honor, Voss has fallen to the Eternal Empire.” She said her head looking towards the floor, still bowed. “The Empress Kharia is dead, Long Live Empress Ray’ak.” She takes a knee, as does most of the bridge crew as they begin to echo the sentiment. “The Empress is dead, Long Live the Empress!”

Grand Moff Kaldar doesn’t kneel. She felt herself above that, she would kneel to Sith no more in this new order. She believed she had fostered a close enough relationship with Darth Ray’ak to be allowed that much.

“The Rodericks are dead, their House will fade into history-“ Darth Ray’ak began as another series of beeps and buzzes echoed through the bridge again. The officers stand and each run around from console to console in a frenzy again and a young ensign man, a tall human with brown hair and black eyes runs up and bows. “A transmission from Lord Zefra, your Majesty.” He says.

“Put it through.” Ray’ak commands. She then places her hand to her head as she feels a tremor in the Force. Something from Voss had awoken and the Indrexu Spiral emitted a simultaneous tremor of immense power. It could only be one thing, The Wall. “That’s not right…” Ray’ak said to herself.

“Majesty, you can certainly sense it, Project Starbird has been initiated.” Lord Zefra said.

“Good –“ Grand Moff Kaldar began before Ray’ak interrupted.

“Who initiated the ritual?!” She demanded.

“I cannot tell. We are on the wrong side of –“ The man began to choke as Ray’ak is filled with rage. She kills him instantly and the comm cuts as the bridge shakes.

“What is going on?” Grand Moff Kaldar asked confused.

“I don’t have control of the Wall, we are exposed!” Darth Ray’ak sneered.

The young officer checks his datapad. “Another message, Your Majesty.” “Put it through.” Grand Moff Kaldar commands.

The visage of a familiar face fills their view. He wore a proud white combat armor, his face a memory of a time at the Imperium’s peak. His skin had paled, his hair had whitened but his power in the Force and his image was unmistakable it was Darth Arestenax, risen from the grave.

“Darth Ray’ak, Grand Moff Kaldar, what a pleasure it is to see you.” He said with a confident smile.

Darth Ray’ak could barely muster the words and the years of conditioning dictated her response. “Majest-“ She began, cursing inwardly to herself. “Darth Arestenax. What it has been a long time.”

“"Do you remember your oath, madam?" Darth Arestenax asked, his confident smile turned to stern scowl.

"I -" Grand Moff Kaldar began to speak but the words suddenly did not leave her mouth. She was muted.

"No? A pity. I do." Darth Arestenax says his hand held forward as if to hush a child. "Your houses are sworn to mine. To come, when called, when needed."

"Enough of this Darth Arestenax!" Ray'ak yelled.

Darth Arestenax frowned a moment. "At Dellalt, you refused the call." He began.

"At Chadaar, you refused the call." He continued.

"Jaminere, Embaril, still you refused the call." He said pausing. "Your sovereign, my blood, you abandoned her. You abandoned your sacred duty and you thought you would live to see the benefit of that betrayal. You. Were. Wrong." He said as a series of beeps and buzzes flowed through the bridge.

"Darth Salvatus foresaw your betrayal. So we sent you to this world. We told you it would be our new capitol. That was less than honest." He said as the reality set in with the two women. "You are beyond the wall, and my ships fled the Capitol in your direction. They should be there any minute." An explosion is heard on the surface, then another, then a series. "Ah, right on time."

"You are a fool to engage us, Darth Arestenax, battle stations!" Grand Moff Kaldar commands but her officers stand motionless and unresponsive. Their voices silent amid the tactical alerts blaring throughout the bridge. "What is wrong with you?! Move!"

"Ahem" Darth Arestenax coughs. "Who said anything about me engaging you."

Darth Ray'ak looks past him to the large viewports on the bridge, the ships were unmistakable. "The Eternal Empire..." She said barely audible.

"You were once my most loyal servant Darth Ray'ak but Grand Moff Kaldar did have a duplicitous streak." He said.

"What do we do?!" Kaldar says to a now unusually quiet Ray'ak.

"I know how much you value your House's reputation Grand Moff. It all end here..." Darth Arestenax continues as Kaldar frantically attempts to respond to the attack. Explosions rock the city as ships of the Eternal Fleet systematically destroy the anti-ship batteries below. With the Harrower's guns quieted the Eternal Fleet ignores them for a moment.

"Your Houses will disappear..." Darth Arestenax continues.

"Wake UP!" Grand Moff Kaldar slaps a male officer, he falls to his knee, stands and is immobile once more. "Your words will disappear..." Darth Arestenax taunts.

Grand Moff Kaldar rushes to a command console near the holocom and frantically tries to activate the ship's systems. "Ray'ak, help! Do Something!" She yells.

"Your memory will fade into history..." Darth Arestenax says as an explosion rocks the ship, their shields were never activated.

"Damn you! Damn YOU!!!!" Grand Moff Kaldar screams.

"Now are those the words of a lady? Tsk, tsk." Darth Arestenax chides. "Have some dignity in your final moments." An explosion rock's the bridge as Darth Arestenax cuts the communication as wall of fire consumes them.

Darth Arestenax, marches down the central corridor of the bridge flanked by six knights in two columns. He makes his way up the stairs. Through the viewport he can see as the blue streaks of hyperspace turn to the purplish black of space within the Indrexu Spiral. A green and blue colored world flashes into view.

Darth Q'urrim, a Zabrak and his new Hand turns to face Darth Arestenax and kneels upon his approach.

"We have arrived, my Lord Emperor." He says. "New Amgarrak, the true one."

Darth Arestenax nods. "Rise, Lord Hand, we have work to do."

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