Fear the Union

"After the fall of the original Masters, the Warlord desired an army to maintain the Masters' legacy of fear and darkness and sorcery. Thus the Second Dread Masters rose under his leadership, a growing legion which would survive for the purpose of striking terror into the galaxy."

Kataret's writings

The Reborn Dread Masters were several powerful Sith Lords that had separated from the Sith Empire in order to serve under the leadership of the Warlord and her new legion of fear. The Warlord created this group after the defeat of the original Dread Masters, six powerful Sith sorcerers who held the ability to kill their enemies through the unique power of casting horrors into others' minds. The Reborn Dread Masters were to continue the legacy of the original six and to show the galaxy fear once again.

Despite the organization that the Warlord had setup for the new dread legion, the legion did not last long. The Dread Masters, tired of obeying the Warlord and her authority, separated, causing a massive war between the two parties. After suffering heavy losses, the Dread Masters came out victorious, oppressing the Warlord back into hiding and taking complete control of the legion. However, the legion was broken and fractured from the war, leading Dread Master Rampage to become the leader of the legion and lead them to glory and conquest. The Warlord eventually struck back, killing Rampage and destroying the legion. With his loss, the other Dread Masters realized there was no hope for their legion. They separated from each other, abandoning their ties with one another and beginning new lives.

However a sense for unity eventually returned to the lost Masters. One Dread Master, Kataret, went rogue, seeking to gain immense personal power and authority for himself. Lord Erasis attempted to stop Kataret, but decided he could use help. Over time, Erasis became the Dread Master Emeritus, seeking out powerful Sith Lords who would become Dread Masters and rekindle the strength of the union. The Masters defeated Kataret, before converting him to their own, and at one point, establishing a full bond of six Dread Masters. The Masters bonded in their experiences together as siblings and comrades of one another, standing together in the darkest and most threatening times. They survived every encounter--no matter how deadly.

The Founding

The Warlord and her Death Stalkers

"It is my honor and mine alone to meet the Dread Masters!"

-The Warlord

The Nightmare of Ilum

The Warlord

Before the Dread War and the galaxy's later conflicts, the Sith Empire discovered the Republic's hidden prison world, Belsavis. Belsavis remained somewhat a mystery to the Empire, until they send recon to confirm the world's purpose as a prison planet. To this fact, the Empire launched fleets and war forces to land and secure an outpost on the planet, hoping the planet could be of use to them. After landing it was discovered that many Sith and Imperial legends--including the powerful six Dread Masters--were located deep within the planet's prison and tombs. The Empire immediately began to send forces all over the planet for the purpose of freeing their imprisoned allies and strengthening their hold on the planet.

Eventually, a man known as Commander Calum of the Imperial Guard was sent to the world as an operations director and to oversee the activities on the planet. Later, being contacted by the Sith Emperor, Calum was tasked with the immediate discovery and recovery of the six Sith prophets: The Dread Masters. At the time several Imperial specialists were located planet side. Calum quickly assembled dozens of these specialists and separated them into five individual operation groups whose mission was to find and rescue the incarcerated Masters. However, following the assembly of these Operation groups, many of Belsavis' vaults were opened across the planet, releasing criminals, ancient creatures, and beasts. These problems would eventually become a major obstacle for the Operation Groups and destroy them.

With the decimation of the Operation Groups, Commander Calum reached out to the Empire's Fury--an elite team of Imperial heroes--to free the Dread Masters instead. Though the commander feared this four man strike team would not be enough, additionally enlisting the help of a legendary Sith team known as the Death Stalkers. The Death Stalkers and their leader, the Warlord, arrived in the orbit of Belsavis in their flagship several days after the Empire's Fury had landed themselves on the planet. Though, Calum ordered them to remain in their flagship instead of landing on the surface.

Nevertheless, the Warlord discovered the presence of the Empire's Fury and their mission to release the Dread Masters. She enraged at this fact, believing that it should be her honor to free and meet the six Sith prophets. Tension quickly grew as the Warlord threatened to assault the Empire's fleet over Belsavis with her powerful naval strength. Calum and several Imperial officials responded to the threat, negotiating with the Warlord in order to protect their operations on Belsavis. Ultimately, it was determined that, while the Empire's Fury would release the Dread Masters, the Warlord would be the one to shuttle the Masters out of the system on her flagship.

After the release of the Masters, they were welcomed aboard the Warlord's flagship as honored guests. Though, whatever meeting transpired on the ship between the Death Stalkers and the Masters is much of a mystery. Yet, it is believed that the Dread Masters became affiliated with the Warlord, introducing her and the Death Stalkers to their unique powers and Dread, manipulation, and the Force. The Warlord then brought the Dread Masters to their desired destination of a remote moon known as Oricon for unknown reasons. Afterwards, a strange coincidence happened, as both the Dread Masters and the Warlord's Death Stalkers disappeared from the known galaxy, never to be seen again.

The Dread Masters across the Galaxy

While the Death Stalkers' remaining history remained a mystery, the Dread Masters did reappear to the galaxy several time in odd places and planets. In their return to the galaxy on the rich planet of Denova, it was revealed that the Dread Masters has declared themselves an independent faction, now opposing both the Republic and Empire. On Denova the Masters had corrupted a large group of hired Trandoshan mercenaries along with a number of Imperials led by Kephess on the planet. Kephess and his forces were eventually defeated and the Masters lost control of the world. This proved that the Masters were capable of turning people to their side simply through the Force. Several people also question if the Warlord's Death Stalkers had been corrupted in this fashion.

After their reappearance to the galaxy on Denova, the Masters began to oppose the other factions more openly with their newly corrupted forces, the "Dread Guard" and "Dread Host". Returning to Belsavis, the Masters directed their forces to a remote part of the planet--Section X--in order to seize ancient Rakata technology and weapons, along with a ship full of elite assassin droids of the HK-51 series. This accounting show the Masters are interested in ancient technology. Later they are seen on the ancient Gree world of Asation, where the Masters' forces, led by a resurrected Kephess, were working to steal Gree hypergate technology and also to unleash an ancient beast known as the Terror from Beyond. The event further showed the Masters' desire for technology, and their ability to manipulate the force into doing whatever they want, including resurrections. Once more, the Masters' forces, led by Dread Master Styrak, appeared on the Hutt world of Darvannis where they corrupted an army of mercenaries, machines, and beasts.


The Final Grounds of the Masters, Oricon.

The Dread Masters were seen for a final time on the remote moon of Oricon, a moon drenched in their corruptions and housing their Palace and Fortress. The Republic had sent a fleet to bombard the Masters, however, through their power of fear, they destroyed the armada with the force. A Republic strike team and an Imperial strike team were then sent to the moon's surface to recover and make one final attempt in defeating the Masters. Republic and Empire heroes worked across the moon, destroying the Masters' corruptions and stopping their plans. Afterwards, a joint Imperial and Republic strike team consisting of the Empire's Fury and the Coruscant Aegis entered the Dread Fortress and Dread Palace, ultimately defeating the Dread Masters and ending them once and for all.

Recreating the Fear

"We were called by the Warlord. one by one we came, abandoning the mantra of "Darth" and "Sith" We became greater. We became the Six Successors."

-Dread Master Erasis

Despite the Republic and Empire's combined efforts, much of the Dread Masters' legions and forces survived the initial purge of Dread. Though, at this time, the Warlord reappeared for once, inviting the remnants of the Dread Guards to join her in her quest to preserve the Dread Masters' legacy of fear. Among the Dread Guards that joined were Rampage and Parasitus, who would later play major roles in the preservation of Dread. The guards joined the Warlord on her flagship, along with her forgotten Death Stalkers, and they began searching the galaxy for a stronghold and sanctuary where they could rest and recover.

After searching for several weeks, the legion traveled to the tundra world of Ilum, where, far from any civilization of the planet, lies an abandoned outpost: Fray Landing. Long before them, a large conflict broke out on the planet, and the Republic outpost was raided by Imperial attackers. The Republic soldiers were slaughtered and their corpses now litter the outpost's grounds. Despite this, the Warlord saw the location as a place of death and despair, and due to its seclusion, made a perfect sanctuary for the legion. From Fray, the Warlord began to rebuild the Dread Masters' forces.

The Fray from which whispers Came.

At first, the Warlord began to recruit through a series of manipulative whispers. Across Ilum, Imperial personnel began to hear near silent messages in the back of their minds. These messages urged the Imperials to travel to the Fray for the Warlord's desired purposes. Most Imperials turned down this strange offer, obviously afraid of this unknown voice. Some have even reported, becoming very insecure on Ilum. However the legend of the whispers has attracted many to Ilum and the Fray, where the Warlord and her new legion unknowingly are building up their numbers and strength. It is believed that one man, now known as Erasis Citadel, joined the legion through these whispers. Not too long after the recruiting began, the Warlord prepared for her upcoming conquest, where she and her new Dread Legion would travel throughout the galaxy, increasing their numbers and spreading fear wherever they go. In preparation, the Warlord selected six powerful individuals of the legion and announced them as Dread Masters. Now, with her Masters present, and her army emboldened, the Warlord set out to once again spread dread and darkness to the known galaxy.

Dreadful Conquests

Soon after their settling on Ilum, the new Dread Masters and their recreated Dread Legion began to travel across the galaxy, recruiting more to their cause and secretly spreading fear. While still far from the original Dread Masters' power, the Warlord and her army were rapidly growing in strength and even posed a minimal threat to other powerful organizations. Their assaults took them to many planets where the Masters' attacked small Imperial and Republic outposts, but often drove the defenders insane rather than kill them. Others began to notice these attacks, leading more people to question and inquire about the still unknown assailants.

Though, as their attacks continued, the Warlord noticed that her army was messy and disorganized with their conquests. This led her to set up a system where each Dread Master controlled a certain number of Dread Guards and attacked a specific worlds. Additionally, each of the six Dread Masters--Rampage, Parasitus, Arctis, Shavalia, Terrorem, and Erasis--to be named as individual successors of the first Dread Masters. Therefore, the legion had a system of organization, known as the Pyramids of Fear, with each master holding one sphere and a certain number of recruited Dread Guards assigned to them.

The Masters themselves were divided up by the Warlord, each of them having different separate tasks. Still, due to their union and unbreakable bond, the Masters often performed the tasks together. Rampage and Parasitus usually traveled between the worlds of Korriban and Dromund Kaas, in an attempt to steal and corrupt new Sith acolytes and apprentices from the Empire. Eventually, a powerful sorcerer known as Kataret sought the Masters out and joined the legion. Dread Master Arctis worked on rallying the legion and training new guards by pinning them against each other and having the strongest come out on top. This tournament was often referred to as the Dreadful Duels. Dread Masters Terrorem and Erasis led the attacks on the different worlds, spreading the fear and darkness to various places throughout the galaxy. Meanwhile, the last Dread Master, Shavalia, was mentally and telepathically connected to the Warlord. This allowed the Warlord to stay hidden and out of sight while Shavalia acted as a voice to the other Masters.

As the Masters conquests began, more and more worlds became confused and unknowingly terrified. The Masters' corruptions sometimes engulfed entire planets and converted many to Dread guards. The legion was large, and seemingly appeared to be a challenge to control. Since the Warlord often remained in the shadows using Shavalia as the voice, the other Masters grew distant and began to lose their respect for their Warlord. They ignored Shavalia's order, doing as they wished. Without the Warlord's guidance, the Masters' forces began to become disorganized and reckless once again, much to the Warlord's displeasure. Something had to be done before the Dread Masters fully ignored their Warlord and separated for good.

The Dreadful Division

Declaration of War

In response to the Masters' loyal and reckless behavior, the Warlord designed a simple plan to take back control. The Warlord told Shavalia, the last loyal Master, to find and capture another, Dread Master Arctis, and imprison him on Ilum. When it was done, the Warlord disconnected both Arctis and Shavalia from the dread union. Afterwards, Arctis was mentally connected to the Warlord and once again forced to obey. Without all six, the remaining four masters were burdened mentally and nearly driven insane. But through the force, they realized that Shavalia and Arctis were on Ilum. The Masters traveled to the icy planet, eager to restore they're Dread union before they went insane.

As Rampage, Parasitus, Terrorem, and Erasis landed on Ilum, they immediately traveled to their Dread Sanctuary, Fray Landing. As they entered the abandoned outpost, they met the Warlord, who demanded that the Masters devote themselves, once again, to the Warlord's authority. They ignored this order and then demanded the location of Arctis and Shavalia. At that request, both Shavalia and Arctis took the Warlord's side, and revealed that they had already devoted themselves. The four Dread Masters enraged, echoing a scream that filled the entire world of Ilum with darkness. The Warlord explained that she would reestablish the union if all six Masters became loyal once more. The four immediately denied the offer, and declared war on the Warlord, Arctis, and Shavalia.

The Warlord laughed at the Masters, reasoning that they could not command an army without her guidance. Though, the Masters went into silent, refusing to speak to the three betrayers. They instead simply left Fray Landing, returning to their ship and leaving Ilum. Immediately, the Warlord, Arctis, and Shavalia recalled all the loyal Dread Guards back to the planet Ilum to prepare for war. At the same time, Rampage, Parasitus, Terrorem and Erasis called their followers to a remote part of the planet Tatooine. Both sides began to prepare as they were about to enter into the Dread Civil War.

The Warlord's battle against the Masters

Attack on Tatooine

Just as the Masters and the Warlord split, the legion did the same. Some of the Dread Guards joined the Masters as defenders, while others returned to the Warlord as loyal subjects. Though, the majority of the Dread Guards rejoined the Warlord, with the odds being four to one in her favor. Despite this, the Dread Masters did not surrender, instead preparing and strengthening their forces so they are ready. Though, the Warlord gave them no time, immediately launching half her forces to the Masters' location on Tatooine to destroy them. While there appeared to be no hope for the Masters' survival, they did not dare give up.

The Warlord's forces, commanded by Shavalia, arrived in three Dreadnoughts. The massive ships quickly positions themselves overhead of the Dread Masters, then immediately began deploying shuttles. As the shuttles landed, the Warlord's soldiers poured out, regrouping to a large army. The Masters' defenders, though largely outnumbered, stood valiantly, ready to fight and die for their masters. The invading army slowly began to approach the defenders, attempting to intimidate them. In one move, the Masters' defenders broke their silents, yelling and screaming as they charged directly into the massive army. Due to the odds, the Dread Masters knew their forces could not stand against the invaders. The Masters stood behind their defenders, beginning to perform a ritual. All four of them began harnessing their combined force energy, then, through a meditative trance, released the energy onto their defenders in a form of Battle Meditation.

Shavlia, commander of the Warlord's forces, realized the sudden empowering of the Masters' forces. In response, she gathered an elite team of the Warlord's assassins, then, through stealth, sneaked behind the clashing armies to the Masters. As soon as they were close the assassins uncloaked themselves and charged. The Dread Masters were taken by surprise as Shavalia broke their meditating and impaled Dread Master Rampage. With the meditation broken, the Masters' defenders strength was lost, and they began to be defeated once more by the Warlord's invaders. Enraged, the Masters combined their powers and channeled a large force storm of lightning, killing all the assassins aside from Shavlia. Then, Dread Master Erasis separated himself from the group and approached Shavalia, saying this was his fight. While the others tended to the unconscious Rampage, Erasis and Shavlia locked blades, going into an intense duel. However, Shavalia was more skilled with her lightsaber, beating Erasis back. But, in one quick moment, Erasis attacked Shavalia with a blast of pure dark energy, completely disintegrating her. Erasis, being sentimental, took a portion of Shavalia's ashes in remembrance.

Meanwhile, the Masters' defenders were nearly defeated, with only a handful remaining. Suddenly, with Shavalia's death, the entire invading army stopped attacking. They just stopped and started screaming, driven insane by the loss of their commander. This allowed the remaining loyalists of the Masters to pick off the rest of the invaders. With the invading army defeated, Dread Masters Erasis, Terrorem, and Parasitus proceeded to dealing with the three Dreadnoughts. Through their combined effort, the Masters and their force sensitive loyalists grabbed one massive ship with the force, and using all their remaining energy, collided it into a second one. A large explosion occurred as the two ships were disabled. As the Masters proceeded to deal with the third ship, it retreated from Tatooine, presumably returning to Ilum. With the Warlord's offensive army defeated the Masters knew it was their turn to strike. Along with their surviving defenders, the Masters boarded their personal shuttle and headed towards Ilum.

Clash on Ilum

As the Masters landed on the icy tundra world of Ilum they were immediately displeased. The remainder of the Warlord's army had already positioned itself into a defensive formation around the Warlord's sanctuary, Fray Landing. The Masters examined their remaining followers, but realized that only about a dozen had survived the onslaught on Tatooine. Due to this fact, the Masters knew their loyalists could not possibly combat the massive army of the Warlord. Dread Master Rampage, now recovered from his injury on Tatooine, stated that the Masters only option was to attempt to use their powers of fear to break the army. Despite their doubts, the other Masters agreed.

Dread Masters Rampage, Erasis, Parasitus, and Terrorem departed their shuttle and stood at a snowy hill less than a mile away from Fray. They were overlooking the army as they prepared their ritual. Then suddenly the entire defensive army appeared to notice the Masters, as they all broke into a full rush towards the hill. Despite this, the Masters held their ground, beginning to chant in union in the ancient sith language. Then, in one moment, all four of the Masters directed their hands to point towards the army, with all of them yelling the simple word, Fear. But nothing happened. The army kept advancing towards the masters until they were just a hundred meters away. Then, suddenly, one soldier fell. Then another... and another... All of the army began to fall to their knees and scream due to the intense mental pain they suffered. They all began to have body spasms on the grounds.

The Masters were delighted to see their plan had succeeded, and so they continued passed the dying soldiers to the outpost. As the Masters entered Fray, they saw the Warlord, standing alone, emotionless. They spoke in unison, telling the Warlord they were done with her and that she had failed. Suddenly, she began to cackle, saying that her army's loss is not a concern and that she alone had the power to defeat them. In response, each Master drew their respective lightsabers, ready to attack. But the Warlord suddenly vanished, using the power of stealth to elude the Masters' sight.

Then, she appeared behind Dread Master Terrorem, and, with one move, thrusted her lightsaber through Terrorem's chest, instantly killing him. Dread Master Rampage enraged, bringing his lightsaber on the Warlord's own. Erasis also joined in, as they both pushed the Warlord back. But she quickly summoned her force powers, electrocuting both masters and pushing them back. She then lifted Erasis with the Force and slammed him into the ground. Then, Dread Master Parasitus threw a blast of force energy, taking the Warlord by surprise and throwing her off balance. Just as she regained her footing, Parasistus, Rampage, and Erasis all approached her, beginning to chant in ancient sith once more. They directed their hands to the Warlord, once again yelling, Fear. The Warlord began to scream from the mental pain. As the Masters began to defeat her, she let out one final laugh, then creating a massive explosion of lightning and disappearing.

Plans for the Future

In the aftermath of the battle, everything was destroyed. The Masters' union, their legion, and their sanctuary had all been broken. Even their individual wills of living were tattered. The remaining Masters--Erasis, Rampage, and Parastisus--began to discuss with one another the future of their now broken union. Erasis believed that the remnants of the Masters were too minimal, and that the damage had been too high. He recommended that the Masters end their partnership right there, and leave each other forever. However, Parasitus suggested a different idea, regarding that they could rebuild their lost forces but base them around a different perspective rather than the power of dread. At this, Dread Master Rampage shouted at the others, calling them disgraces to give up so easily. He spoke confidently and directly at the two, demanding that they stick together and have faith in one another's abilities. Parasitus and Erasis both immediately agreed, and they began discussing plans for rebuilding. Erasis by now had recovered Terrorem's combat sword in remembrance.

The Masters first returned to their shuttle, calling on their remaining disciples that had survived the battle on Tatooine. They all returned to Fray Landing, concluding that it would be their permanent sactuary, and began reconstructing it from the damage that had been done. As the legionnaires worked on building, the three Masters met inside the outpost. Once they were settled, Dread Master Erasis quickly brought up the point of a potential problem. If the Masters were to one day rebuild an army, how could they be sure another civil war wouldn't erupt again. Rampage quickly answered this, reminding them that they were no longer following the corrupt Warlord. Additionally, he stated that their new leader would be directly part of their union, rather than a stray voice commanding them from afar.

As their meeting progressed, the Dread Masters all quickly agreed that Dread Master Rampage would be their new leader and command them into the future. Furthermore, Rampage shed the title of Dread Master, and bestowing upon himself the title of Dread Overlord to show his superiority to the others. The Masters then discussed the possibility of going insane and mad like the original masters did when one member of the union was lost. Considering the only three of the six Masters had survived the division, they were incredibly eager to seek out new Masters and stabilize their union. One of the most loyal followers, Hicalibre, had proven himself worthy of the rank, as he had been the one to encourage and lead the Masters' forces on Tatooine. They quickly summoned him, and, through a complicated and intense ritual, inducted him into the union.

Rebuilding the Legion

With four Dread Masters now present and Fray Landing rebuilt, the Masters set out once more to the galaxy. Individually, the Masters led their forces to various planets throughout the galaxy, attempting to corrupt as many as possible to their nature. However, without the Warlord's powerful manipulation technique, the Masters' recruitment proved to be mostly a failure, having very few join the legion. The Masters again traveled to the Sith world of Korriban, corrupting fresh allies from its academy. Though, despite their inability to recruit, one of the Dread Guards within the small legion had been working valiantly, trying to save the legion and recruiting as many as he could. The Dread Guard was a Zabrak man, known as Kataret.

The Dread Masters soon took notice of Kataret, as he formed a solid relationship with Dread Overlord Rampage. The Masters remembered that they still required two more to complete the union, and so they discussed the possibility of Kataret's ascension. They soon agreed to promote him, and quickly summoned the Zabrak to Korriban. There, he confronted the four Masters, questioning their reason to pull him aside. They answered very little, but soon, all four Masters extended their hands and pointed them at Kataret. Using their signature ability, the Masters yelled Fear and bent Kataret to the ground. They continued their powers, forcing the struggling Zabrak to the edge of a cliff. He yelled at them, believing that they had betrayed him and were now going to kill him. Dread Master Erasis smirked at the comment, sending a wave of force energy that knocked Kataret off the cliff to the depths below.

The Dread Masters quickly made their way safely down to the far ground. As they arrived, they found the motionless body of Kataret. All four began meditating, and, after several hours, began chanting in an ancient Sith tongue. The Dread Masters' deep meditation allowed them to connect to Kataret. They began sending waves of dark energy into the body, essentially giving Kataret a "rebirth". Suddenly, the Zabrak's body sprung to life, rising. He was now clothed in the robes of the Dread Masters. He expressed his apologies for believing the Masters had betrayed him, and then expressed his thanks for the promotion. The five Dread Masters--Erasis, Rampage, Hicalibre, Parasitus, and now Kataret--joined together and meditated, now searching for the final member to complete their union.

The Ritual of Erasis

It is worth mentioning that Dread Master Erasis conducted a ritual during the Masters' attempt at rebuilding the legion. The ritual was a dangerous experiment, as Erasis was mentally assaulted by a mysterious entity that sought control over his body. Erasis called on his brothers and the growing legion to aid him. Together, the Masters sped across the galaxy in an attempt to locate Erasis' corrupt family members of House Citadel and persuade them to aid Erasis. Ultimately, the group forced the Citadels to lend their power to Erasis. However, it was too late as the entity already controlled Erasis and all the power. Luckily, Dread Master Kataret was able to defeat the possessed Erasis and allowed Erasis to retake control of his body, absorbing the entity and gaining immense power.

The Final Dread Master

The Dread Masters had rebuilt their legion and, while it still paled in comparison to the Warlord's army, it served their purposes. At one point, Dread Master Kataret had traveled to Voss. It was there he met a prominent though mysteriously individual, Asavian. Asavian cared little for the Masters and legion but wanted to learn of the ancient powers and techniques that this union possessed. He joined the legion, quickly demonstrating his unchallenged mastery over the force. His power immediately impressed the Masters, though they were reluctant to allow Asavian a place in their union. This led Kataret to take Asavian on the ancient Dread Trials that tested Asavian's skill and that only the strongest people could survive.

The Trials were simple and quick, Asavian's power allowing him to easily pass the trials. He destroyed an ancient beast on Dromund Kaas, disrupted a Jedi Sanctuary on Alderaan, displayed his expertise in one on one combat, and commanded a small team in defeating a powerful drouk. Asavian's success in the trials delighted the Dread Masters, as it was proof he was worthy to complete their union. Asavian was given a very informal introduction as Dread Master, as the Masters did not have the time to give him the traditional ceremony. Asavian was put through an intense ritual, and afterwards joined the union. Together, the Masters were now complete and began planning their next steps for conquest.

Time with the Coalition

Soon after the Masters had built a formidable army, they learned word of a power coalition rising up. Dread Master Erasis, the most diplomatic of all the Dread Masters quickly sought out this Coalition. He learned it consisted of powerful organizations including the early Sith Imperium. Erasis expressed his desire to temporarily leave the union, and take a closer look at the varying empires within the Coalition. The Dread Masters were unsettled at this, as they had finally completed their union and now Erasis sought separation. However, Erasis persuaded them to agree his request, reminding them that it was only temporary and that the Masters could benefit from an alliance with the Coalition.

Despite their bond with Erasis, the Masters could not sit still with him gone. They knew they were slowly beginning to go insane and not think clearly. However, a solution seemed to come to the Dread Masters, as a powerful sith known as Avendin sought them out. This Avendin demanded a spot in the Dread Masters' union, and while the Masters would naturally turn down the man, they considered the offer. Seeking to preserve their sanity, the Masters allowed Avendin to take Erasis' spot. They quickly regained their sanity, and this union bonded and became more powerful together. None of the Masters considered what they would do when Erasis returned.

But Erasis appeared to have been gone for good. While the Masters continued their own rise for power, Erasis had become formal with the leaders of the Coalition, and they now welcomed him to any of their individual orders. Though, Erasis eventually desired to return to the Dread Masters and his union. He wanted the legion to join the Coalition. He sought out Rampage alone, but was confused why he could not contact Rampage through the force, as it should be possible through the union. At the failed communication, Erasis set up a meditation spot, and after hours of deep meditation, was able to confirm that the Masters had disconnected him from the union. He enraged at the though, unable to understand why this could happen. He boarded his personal ship and set a course for Ilum, ready to confront the Masters at Fray.

The Fight Against Avendin

As soon as Erasis landed on the surface of Ilum, the Masters Rampage and Parasitus felt it. They knew that Erasis' rage was powerful, but they did not fear him. They awaited patiently for his arrival at Fray. But when Erasis arrived, he brought trouble. Entering the Fray, he found the two Masters waiting, and unleashed an extension of his fury, suddenly blasting Parasitus with lightning and critically injuring him. Rampage was impressed by Erasis' outburst. Nonetheless, he and Parasitus attacked Erasis, easily subduing him. With Erasis contained the two Masters brought him inside the Fray outpost. Erasis struggled but could not break the hold of Parasitus and Rampage.

As they entered a room, they released Erasis, who immediately began to scold the Masters. He was enraged that they had severed his connection to the power of Dread and exiled him from the union. Rampage calmly and quickly explained that they had to do what was necessary to preserve their union and sanity. After an hour of bickering, Erasis finally controlled his anger, understanding the necessity to bring in Dread Master Avendin as a placeholder. But Erasis remarked that Avendin was just that. A "placeholder". Now that Erasis had returned, it was time to exile Avendin and allow Erasis to retake his powerful position as a Dread Master. But Rampage was hesitant to bring Erasis back, as Avendin had proved to be a powerful warrior and Dread Master. Parasitus stated that Avendin's power was greater than Erasis'.

At this, Erasis threatened the two, reminding them that he now had the backing and support of the entire Coalition. If the Dread Masters did not allow Erasis to return as a Dread Master, he would have the Coalition wipe them out. Though, Rampage and Parasitus did not feel threatened. In fact, they chuckled at Erasis' attempt to intimidate them. But they considered the possibilities. If Erasis was to return as a Dread Master, then the military and naval strength of the Coalition would support the Dread Masters' legion. With this they accepted Erasis' request, promising him the chance to destroy Avendin and once more be a Dread Master.

Erasis quickly got to work on planning the downfall of Avendin. He summoned the highest ranking officers of the Coalition to a summit on Dromund Kaas. There, the Dread Masters and the Coalition devised a plot to completely destroy Avendin's pride, power, and life. The plan was to attract Avendin to Tatooine where he is supposedly going to be meeting with the Dread Masters. But instead, a portion of the Coalition's army will close in around Avendin, trapping him in the area. In the end, Avendin will see all his allies gone and his morale will be broken. Then Avendin would die, and Erasis will return to the union.

In the following days, Erasis organized the assault and made sure everyone was in position to attack. Afterwards, Dread Masters Rampage, Parasitus, Hicalibre, Kataret, and Asavian met in Outlaw's Den on Tatooine. From there, they summoned Avendin, tricking him by telling him that they would strengthen their power at the location. Avendin quickly arrived, meeting with the Masters. However, to Avendin's surprise, he found Erasis standing beside the others. When Avendin questioned the Masters they revealed that Erasis had returned as a Master and now Avendin was to die. Knowing he could not defeat all the Masters at once, Avendin quickly turned to flee but was confronted by the army of the Coalition. He cursed, telling the Masters that he would have his revenge somehow someday. Then, Dread Master Parasitus drew his lightsaber, quickly decapitating Avendin. Parasitus then took Avendin's severed head for his own twisted enjoyment, and Erasis gathered a vial of blood from the corpse.

After the assault, Erasis was formally and officially granted the title of Dread Master, and he once more took his position of successor of Tyrans. This should have been a time of celebration, however, the following events were those of darkness. Despite the Coalition's show of power and cooperation during the operation, they were eventually split apart. There was deceit and deception in the air, forcing the leaders of the Coalition to turn against one another and end their alliance. When the split happened, the Reborn Dread Masters separated themselves and returned to their sanctuary on Ilum where they endured temporary exile. To this day, it is remembered that the Sith Imperium is the only remaining empire from the Coalition to have survived.

A Sinister Plot

After the fall of the Coalition, the Masters faced even greater struggles. Going into exile on Ilum, the six Dread Masters, now reunited, began to create plans for expanding their grasp on the galaxy and strengthening their forces. However, at the same time, the Warlord, has unknowingly returned to the galaxy. The Warlord was still angered from the Dread Masters rebellion that destroyed her army. So she remained hidden, creating a vicious plan to destroy the Dread Masters and exact her revenge for their rebellion. She knew that most of the Masters relied on Rampage, the Dread Overlord, for guidance. So the Warlord knew if Rampage were to fall, the rest of the Dread Masters would follow.

The Warlord first sought the help of former Dread Master Arctis. He had been part of the first generation of the Reborn Dread Masters, and one of the only Masters who remained loyal to the Warlord. By now, he had become one of the Sith Empire's most prominent lords. With his position in the Imperial hierarchy, Darth Arctis became incredibly hard to communicate with. However, using her powers of shadow, the Warlord evaded his defenses and infiltrated his compound on Dromund Kaas. When she confronted him, Arctis was puzzled, half-expecting the Warlord had come to end his existence. Arctis arrogantly tried to persuade her to join him, offering power and wealth as his servant.

The Warlord found Arctis' attempts pitiful and pathetic. She, in fact, had use for him. After a brief discussion, the Warlord convinced Arctis to be the bait that lured Rampage out of hiding on Ilum. If Arctis managed to attract Rampage out of his territory, the Warlord would be able to strike at him and deal with him. At that point, the other Dread Masters would fall, and she would kill any stragglers, ensuring the end of the Reborn Dread Masters and their pathetic legion. In accordance with the plan, Arctis traveled to Oricon, the original Dread Masters' sanctuary and the location where the Warlord was strongest. From there, he communicated with Rampage, taunting the Dread Master into a duel alone that would decide who was strongest. Rampage, back on Ilum, could not step away from a challenge, and did as was asked. Mysteriously, he left Fray and the other Dread Masters, traveling to Oricon. Rampage had awaited the day to kill Arctis for his betrayal, and now that goal was within his grasp.

Landing on Oricon, Rampage quickly traveled to the original Dread Masters' Dread Palace to confront Arctis. There, he entered the throne room, where he found Arctis sitting calmly and patiently on one of the thrones. Rampage immediately called out to Arctis, stating that these were Arctis' final moments. At this, Arctis laughed, telling Rampage that he had walked straight into a trap. At this, the Warlord appeared from the shadows, blocking Rampage's exit. At this Rampage drew his two lightsabers, telling the Warlord that this was the ultimate confrontation. The Warlord smirked at Rampage's comment, stating that he had lived long enough and this was his end. She drew her double-bladed lightsaber and a duel immediately occurred.

Rampage and the Warlord locked swords, each clash of weapons creating a shock wave. Rampage, being a blade master, beat the Warlord back several times. However, each time he gained the slightest advantage the Warlord disappeared into the shadows again. Rampage attempted taunting the Warlord, naming her a coward and a weakling, but the Warlord did not give in. She made calculated strikes, constantly wearing Rampage down and depleting his energy. Eventually, Rampage caught the Warlord in the shadows, catching her by surprise and putting her off balance. With the upper hand, Rampage continued to attack the Warlord, bringing numerous heavy strikes down on her. The Warlord was still regaining her balance, allowing Rampage to make a quick cut, slicing her double-bladed lightsaber in half. With the Warlord's defenses disabled, Rampage prepared to bring down a final trike and end her. But the Warlord had one final trick up her sleeve, unleashing a massive amount of lightning. The Warlord's mastery of the force greatly exceeded Rampage, allowing her to continue to burn him with lightning until he was out of energy. Rampage fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Then, the Warlord summoned Rampage's own lightsaber to her hand, activating it and slashing a critical strike, bringing Rampage to the brink of death.

But before the Warlord could finish Rampage, she was stopped by Darth Arctis, who had been watching the entire duel. Arctis reminded the Warlord of all the trouble Rampage had created for her, and told her that a simple death would be too merciful. Arctis suggested that instead of ending Rampage's life, they imprison him aboard a starship, which they would then let drift into open space for eternity. The Warlord pondered Arctis' suggestion, but soon agreed, convinced that Rampage could suffer far more this way. Rampage, who had now become unconscious from all of his injuries, was dragged out of the Dread Palace. The Warlord and Arctis returned to Arctis' shuttle, in which they traveled off of Oricon. Arctis admitted that he knew of an abandoned Imperial Terminus-Class ship that appeared to have been completely unusable. However, Arctis stated that he had been working on the Terminus as a private technological project of his, and had repaired it to functionality. The pair soon arrived on the seemingly abandoned Terminus, where Arctis led the Warlord deep within the ship. They eventually came to a modified stasis chamber that Arctis himself had been working with, and stated it was the perfect torture device. Arctis explained the design of the stasis chamber would securely imprison Rampage, but leave him conscious for the duration of the prison, eternally unable to move or react. The Warlord commended on Arctis on the device, and the two proceeded to place Rampage in the stasis chamber.

As they activated the stasis chamber, Rampage returned to consciousness, and immediately attempted to attack the two. But the stasis chamber successfully restrained Rampage, forcing him to stop attempting to break free. Arctis then confidently explained Rampage's fate to him, telling how Rampage would be stuck within the stasis chamber forever. Rampage scoffed, saying no prison could hold a Dread Master. The Warlord, remembering Rampage's mental connection to the other Dread Masters, performed a quick but dark ritual. In the process, Rampage was tortured. Through the ritual, the Warlord severed Rampage's ties with his brothers, leaving him to be nothing more than a shattered and broken man. Across the galaxy, the other Dread Masters and Ilum felt the connection severed, and were devastated by it. From their perspective, they presumed Rampage had been killed and ripped from the union. Rampage screamed in defiance, but the Warlord and Arctis turned their backs on him, and left Rampage to his eternal prison. Arctis then activated the ships systems and programmed them to have the ship drift endlessly into unknown space. Afterwards, the two Sith left and went in separate directions, promising each other they would never meet again.

Back on Ilum, the five remaining Dread Masters believed Rampage had been killed, and sought to understand what had transpired on Oricon. They themselves left Fray and traveled to the Dread Palace of the original Dread Masters on Oricon, hoping to find some answers. When they entered the throne room of the palace, they immediately sensed death. The Dread Masters inspected the throne room, realizing that a duel has occurred most likely between Rampage and his opponent. Upon seeing the split double-bladed lightsaber on the ground, the Dread Masters realized that the entire situation had been due to the Warlord. They began cursing at her existence. Dread Master Hicalibre took Rampage's death directly, making him swear that he would personally kill the Warlord soon. The Masters knew they had work to be done to find a new member of the legion, and so they departed back to their ship. However, before leaving the Dread Palace, Erasis noticed a single object on the ground. As he came close to it, he realized what it was: Rampage's own lightsaber that had been lost to him from his duel with the Warlord. Erasis recovered the lightsaber in remembrance of Rampage, still believing him to be dead. The group then returned to Ilum.

The Claim of the Sith'ari

The months following Rampage's loss were complete chaos. With the disappearance of their leader, the Dread Masters became lost, unsure of what to do and how to lead. Just as the Warlord predicted, the Masters' legion could not survive without Rampage's leadership, and so they began to destroy themselves. But as the chaos grew stronger, one Dread Master, Parasitus, proposed a solution. He decided that the power of the original Dread Masters had been exhausted and could no longer serve as a path to power. He explained no other individual could harness the powers of fear like the original Dread Master could. The other Dread Masters considered this, but questioned Parasitus' purpose to tell them this. When they asked, Parasitus revealed that he had been studying the ancient Sith'ari, and that the Masters should empower themselves with the legacy of the Sith'ari, rather than the Dread Masters.

Many of the Dread Masters were unsure of this change and did not agree completely with Parasitus. But he denied their doubts, going on with his plan. He began to restructure the Dread Masters' legion -- or what was left of it -- into a type of fractured Sith cult. The rest of the Dread Masters, seeing no other possible solution, decided to work with Parasitus on this change, hoping that they could return themselves to the powerful places they desired. They relocated their sanctuary to the Emperor's Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas, hoping to study and use rituals or artifacts found inside. Parasitus claimed the throne and announced himself as the new leader of this so-called Sith'ari cult. He then gave the former Dread Masters new titles they were supposed to use as Sith'ari Lords.

But as the change continued, the Sith'ari Lords realized that the power of dread they had gained as Dread Masters had begun to face. They also noticed that Parasitus' rule was inferior, as he had done little to strengthen their power and influence on the galaxy. At one point, the Sith'ari Lords -- Erasis, Asavian, Kataret, and Hicalibre -- traveled to the Dark Temple and confronted Parasitus in his throne room. But they were surprised, as they found Parasitus was a corrupted mess. He seemingly had conducted numerous Sith rituals on himself to give him some type of power, but it had failed and instead destroyed his mind. The fractured Parasitus demanded that the Lords leave him alone, but they told him they would no longer follow his leadership. He screamed, producing massive amount of lightning to make the Lords kneel and respect him.

However, since the Lords were together, Parasitus stood no chance. They easily resisted his attack, then, in unison, blasted him with lightning. He cursed as he was burnt and crushed under the immense pressure of the attack. He was injured beyond healing, as he began to slowly die. In his last words, he spoke clearly to the Masters, telling them that a galactic catastrophe beyond stopping was approaching in the coming years. But before he could reveal any more, Parasitus died from his injuries, his Sith'ari heresy coming to an end and his corruption cleansed. The former Dread Masters remembered his warning of the galactic threat but did not elaborate on it. As the group left, the sentimental Erasis recovered Parasitus' crown off his corpse.

Parting Ways

After the fall of Parasitus and the final destruction of their legion, the former Dread Masters were completely lost. Like before, they had no idea where to go from there, or how their lives would continue. Unlike before, none of them offered a solution. No rebuilding the legion, no starting fresh, no ideas at all. Hicalibre talked to the others, telling them that their original idea to preserve a legacy of fear and dread had ultimately failed. He reminded them that they had a long run, and that their bond and relationship with one another had grown strong, but that they could not go any further with being Dread Masters. Hicalibre then mentally broke his ties with the others, saying his goodbyes, and hoping that they would cross paths once more some day. Erasis, Kataret, and Asavian understood Hicalibre's reasoning. Kataret also severed his ties with the others, but Erasis and Asavian still wished to maintain some power of dread, so their link with each other remained.

Afterwards, Kataret and Hicalibre left individually. Hicalibre explained that he wanted to travel and explore the galaxy and beyond. Kataret stated that he wanted power, and that he would be searching for ways to increase his strength. Meanwhile, Erasis and Asavian sought out Darth Arctis, offering him a place in what was left of their union. They knew their powers of dread could be increased if another was linked to them. Arctis, also wanting the power he once had, agreed. Though, after that, the former Dread Masters spread apart. Erasis returned to political affairs, working with the remnants of the Coalition. He also worked on the reconstruction of House Citadel. Asavian retrieved any remaining artifacts of the Dread Masters and disappeared in the galaxy to achieve personal goals. Arctis continued to serve the Sith Empire, working closely with Darth Ravage, a member of the Dark Council, to expand Imperial territory. The Masters did not speak again with each other. Not for a long time... not until a new threat arose....

The Lost Years

A New Threat

The former Dread Masters spent a long time before meeting each other once more. They spent much of their time gaining more power of knowledge, constantly trying to remain as powerful people in the large galaxy. The union was gone, and the attempt to preserve the legacy of fear and dread in the galaxy had all but failed. But something new, a threat from an old ally, may be just what was necessary. Necessary to bring the Masters back together and unify them into a strong and unbreakable union. But not at any easy cost.

A Neutral Agreement

Shortly after the disappearance of the Dread Masters, one of them resurfaced. Former Dread Master Kataret traveled to the Sith world of Korriban, presumably on a quest for power. He and the others had been gone for months, so there is no telling what each of them had been up to. But Kataret alone had finally reappeared, his goals still mysterious and his motives unknown. But Kataret's return soon caught the attention of another powerful being. Another former Dread Master, Asavian, also traveled to Korriban in pursuit of the discovery of Katatret's plans. He had most likely learned of Kataret's presence on the world through his power of foresight. Arriving on the dusty world, Asavian was quickly able to locate Kataret at an old and abandoned outpost of the planet. When Asavian made it to the outpost, he found Kataret, alone, standing on a landing pad overlooking a deep canyon.

Asavian quickly caught Kataret's attention. Kataret questioned Asavian's presence, but he refused to answer and instead talk cryptically. The two had never had the best relationship as Dread Masters, and now that they were no longer bonded, the tension between them was sparking. However, Kataret saw opportunity in Asavian's arrival and asked him for a favor. Kataret vaguely explained that he was planning on completing a ritual that would grant him unmatched power. Kataret offered a compromise: Asavian would protect Kataret while he performed the ritual, and in exchange Kataret would share the power gained between the two of them. Asavian appeared hesitant at first, but agreed to this deal. Kataret was filled with excitement, now that he had all the factors to complete his master plan.

While Asavian watched and protected the area, Kataret began experimenting. Over the next few days, Kataret conducted many tests to make sure his ritual would be successful. He needed everything to go perfectly or his master plan could fail and backfire on him. Meanwhile, Asavian had become suspicious of Kataret's motives and purpose. He had been watching Kataret conduct his experiments and had come to believe that his end goals were for personal gain alone. Asavian also at one point attempted to enter Kataret's mind to discover the nature of the ritual. He was nearly successful, realizing that Kataret had planned to use the environment of Korriban to gain some type of army. But before he could discover all the details, Kataret was able to resist the invasive technique. He did not know that it was Asavian who had done the technique.

The Duel of the Fates

At last, Kataret was finally prepared. His tests had finally proved to be successful, and he now was ready to perform his powerful ritual. Kataret stood at the edge of the outpost's landing pad. Asavian stood at the other end, closer to the outpost, to intercept any trespassers before they could disrupt the ritual. At once, Kataret began chanting in the ancient Sith tongue. He immediately had a red glow as the ritual started. Power force spells were cast into the deep canyon as the whole area shook from the intensity of the power. Kataret laughed maniacally as his ritual proceeded without disruption. But suddenly, someone new entered the picture. A Fury-Class Interceptor landed outside of the outpost, one simple Sith man walking off.

The one Sith was robed in exotic gear and he wore a mask. As walked directly toward the outpost, soon making his way to the landing pad above the canyon. Kataret immediately sensed the new presence. He momentarily stopped his ritual to tell Asavian to deal with this mysterious man. As the two men approached each other, there seemed to be a brief conversation. But the the pair quickly broke out into a duel, Asavian and the man drawing their lightsabers. They momentarily clashed swords, but then both stepped back, attacking each other with their powerful force powers. Their powers were evenly matched, their force powers countering one another with neither side gaining an advantage. Though, Asavian moved quick, and was eventually able to defeat the mysterious man. Asavian approached to perform the final strike and end the man's life. But, as Asavian approached, he was suddenly caught off-guard. The mystery man raised his hand, sending a powerful blast of the force at Asavian, pushing Asavian back and knocking him unconscious.

With Asavian subdued, nothing stood in between the mysterious man and Kataret. As the man approached, he threw another force blast at Kataret, interrupting the ritual. Kataret enraged, quickly turning to scream at the interference. Kataret then revealed that he had known this man's identity the entire time, identifying him as the infamous former Dread Master and master politician, Erasis. Erasis smirked, quickly drawing his lightsaber and declaring that Kataret would not succeed. Kataret laughed at Erasis' claim, stating that his entire life has built up to this point, to this ultimate ritual. Kataret then proceeded to reveal the ritual itself, saying that it could revive the souls of the fallen Sith and soldiers on Korriban and turn them into a mindless army of slaves. This army would then supposedly be able to keep growing as more fell to Kataret's power, and would eventually conquer the galaxy.

Erasis mocked Kataret's claims, saying that he was no leader and could never succeed in this task. Kataret yelled, saying that he would listen to no more of Erasis' mockery. He then drew his lightsaber, engaging Erasis in a duel. Kataret charged Erasis, fighting with his lightsaber and quickly beating Erasis back. But Erasis was powerful, defending himself with the force and pushing Kataret back. The two then engaged with their force powers, Erasis becoming more formidable and posing a threat to Kataret. However, despite Erasis' best attempts, Kataret once more defeated the Dread Master. But Erasis was persistent, being determined not to let the insane Kataret win. Summoning all his strength, all his power, he rose once more, blasting Kataret with an overwhelming amount of dark powers. Kataret, caught off-guard, was pushed back to the edge of platform, but recovered quickly, engaging Erasis in the fiercest duel yet.

The two powerful Sith clashed, their powers shaking the whole area. Erasis had summoned his most powerful abilities and Kataret was doing his best to counter it. Their dark mastery of the force was nearly equal. Erasis soon beat Kataret to the edge of the platform, continuing to blast him with lightning. Just as Erasis seemed to be winning, Kataret looked up, a maniacal grin upon his face. With one blast, he unleashed all of his force power, countering Erasis' lightning and throwing Erasis all the way to the other edge of the platform. Kataret laughed in a sinister manner, reminding Erasis that he could not be defeated. Just when all seemed lost, Asavian reappeared, as he had seemingly recovered from his first duel against Erasis. It was at that point that Erasis revealed that Asavian had betrayed Kataret, and had called Erasis to Korriban to combat Kataret. Asavian confirmed these claims, and the two former Dread Masters unsheathed their lightsabers to combat Kataret together.

The battle was intense, both side being incredibly powerful with the force. Now Asavian and Erasis, together, were more than formidable for Kataret. He struggled in fighting them, being forced to stay defensive and only use his powers to counter his opposition's attack. But he could not hold out for long. Asavian and Erasis empowered each other, and combining their best force attacks, were able to once more push Kataret to the edge of the platform. The pair then electrocuted Kataret with their powerful assaults, finally crippling his power and defeating him. In response, Kataret screamed, reminding the two that he had been so close to conquering the galaxy and having ultimate power. Erasis mocked Kataret again, telling him that he never would have had the power to dominate others in the galaxy. Kataret began to rise in protest, attempting to summon is power for a final offensive. Erasis noticed this, quickly drawing his lightsaber and stabbing Kataret in the gut. Kataret knelt, struggling to stay alive against the unbearable pain he was enduring. In his last words, he told the two that this would not be the end of him, and that they will never stop the problem they've unleashed. Together, Erasis and Asavian threw one final blast of force at Kataret, throwing him off the platform and dropping him into the deep canyon below. As Kataret hit the ground far below, an explosion of pure force energy occurred, rumbling the entire area.

The Battle Ahead

After the defeat of Kataret, the former Dread Masters remained on the platform for a few minutes. They simply looked down on the canyon below, thinking of what had become of their once loyal brother. They began to discuss what would happen next, but a they did, the whole platform began to shake, the area becoming unstable. Erasis and Asavian rushed to leave the platform but they were stopped by apparitions. Six diverse figures appeared before them, glowing in yellow and radiating with the same presence as Kataret. One woman, presumable the leader of the six, stepped in front and confronted the former Dread Masters. She told them that they were Followers of Kataret, and that they would never rest until their master was avenged and that Erasis and Asavian would be destroyed. Then, before either of the two could question these Followers, the six disappeared, fading away. Erasis and Asavian then left the platform. They discussed once more, to remember Kataret's warnings and to be prepared for the battle ahead. They both then went their separate ways.

Entering the Imperium

Months passed after the defeat of Kataret. Erasis, utilizing his diplomatic skills, made allies in several different legions and empires. Since the fall of the Coalition, Erasis had been working to once more increase his political standing points with different leaders and warlords who Erasis saw as being gateways to power. Erasis had also been working with his House Citadel, a family of opportunists who held a web of influence in the galaxy. Meanwhile, Asavian had been pursuing his unknown goals, traveling to foreign locations in the galaxy and making new discoveries that could potentially assist him in his future. With their dreadful pasts dissolved, both Erasis and Asavian had been doing considerably well, their advantages many and their goals met.

But not too long after, Erasis and Asavian would inevitably meet again. Erasis, working in diplomacy, had come in contact with the Sith Imperium, the vast galactic power that has demonstrated it authority in the galaxy. Erasis had come in contact with Lord Emperor Arestenax, the leader and emperor of the Imperium. After working cooperatively with the Lord Emperor, and noting the achievements of the Sith Imperium, Erasis decided it would be a fertile place for him to ascend to glory and political power. He joined, soon being promoted to the High Council and entertaining a personal relationship with Arestenax. Later, Asavian also discovered the Imperium while he was on Voss. He had been studying the Voss mystics and their unique connection to the force, when he realized the Imperium's presence on the planet. Impressed by the Imperium's good standing with the Voss, Asavian also joined. Asavian's strategic mind and tactical prowess earned him a place in the Imperium's military. Asavian's talents in the military were impressive accomplishments, prompting Arestenax to grant Asavian a seat on the High Council and name him the Supreme Commander of the military.

Erasis and Asavian occasionally conversed as they frequently met with each other. In some cases, they talked about their old dreadful lives, but never stayed on the subject too long. They had both accepted and moved on, now eagerly looking for ways to improve and aid in the Sith Imperium. They saw many battles with the Imperium, including the liberation of Empress S'rahnnia and the first Imperium-Hutt War. Eventually, Erasis came across another member of the Sith Imperium's military, a young woman named Loret Occlus. Erasis found the woman to be a devoted and loyal member of the Imperium, but he sensed something was strange about her. He also had found her to be very familiar but did not know where they had met before. Nevertheless, the Imperium progressed smoothly, as well as Erasis and Asavian's constant and rising power. After Asavian led the Imperium to victory against the Hutt war, he retired from the military life and became Minister of Mysteries, Lore, and Knowledge, a more calm and fit ministry for him the lead. Loret Occlus then succeeded Asavian in the Ministry of War and became the Supreme Commander. Additionally, the Imperium eventually granted Erasis a small space on Dromund Kaas in which he built a Palace in the name of Dread.

The Wrath of the Monarch

A Mysterious Ally

Both Erasis and Asavian worked cooperatively in the Imperium for months. Their names and contributions becoming legendary in the citizen's eyes. Lord Emperor Arestenax had appeared very pleased with their contributions. However, this relaxing life of comfort and relaxation would not last forever. At some point, Erasis had traveled to Voss for an Imperium ceremony. The celebration was short but pleasing for Erasis. Once the ceremony had ended, Erasis prepared to leave the planet and return to his palace on Dromund Kaas. Though, as Erasis was about to leave, he was contacted by an unknown citizen of the Imperium. The citizen was mysterious and subtle, being very unclear to Erasis. But he demanded for Erasis to come to one of the buildings in the Voss-Ka Alien Enclave. Erasis, seeking to understand more, followed the instructions and went to the specified building.

As Erasis entered, the door behind him immediately shut. Erasis, unimpressed, demanded that the citizen reveal them-self. As he said this, a pureblooded sith man walked into sight. As soon as Erasis saw the man, he felt a type of connection, as if he knew the man, but Erasis was sure he had never met this man before. The man spoke, identifying himself as Zorget, a sith in the Imperium. However, Zorget stated that he had very important information that the Erasis alone needed to hear. Erasis understood and listened to the man, very interested in what he had to say. Zorget revealed that he was a former Follower, a servant of Erasis' long dead rival Kataret. Zorget went on, explaining that Kataret had established a powerful and formidable cult dedicated to his revival and the destruction of the Reborn Dread Masters. Erasis scoffed at this remark, remembering Kataret to be an insane and crazy sith. He was surely unfit to lead any type of cult. Also, he was dead, so how could this cult threaten him.

But Zorget begged Erasis to reconsider, saying Kataret had utilized a type of mind-control that allowed him to direct and control his army of servants. Zorget continued, listing all the information he could about the Followers. He told Erasis that the several leaders of Kataret had been placed as high ranking members of various organizations, so the leaders could steal certain resources and necessities from the organizations. Zorget also said that the Followers' ultimate goal was to resurrect former Dread Master Kataret from the dead, so he could exact revenge on Erasis. Lastly, Zorget spoke of the Supreme Commander of the Followers, who was a covert agent in the Imperium. Erasis, now convinced that this cult had to be stopped, demanded the identity of this agent. Zorget said that it was Loret Occlus, the current Minister of War of the Imperium. Erasis knew that Loret, as Minister of War, could secretly be providing the Followers with naval and military support, and knew she had to be killed of captured.

When Erasis asked for Loret's location, Zorget revealed that she had already been captured by Hutt forces in the most recent Imperium-Hutt naval battle. Erasis realized that freeing Loret and bringing her back to safety could win her favor towards him, and she could be persuaded to help Erasis destroy the other Followers. Zorget agreed to this, telling Erasis to prepare for the rescue. Zorget detailed their plan for saving Loret. She was on a Hutt-controlled area of Makeb. Erasis would have to invade in this enemy territory, take out the enemy captors, and bring Loret safely back to Imperium space. Then they could convince her to give up her secrets of the Followers. Erasis agreed to this plan, stating that he would also discuss these new developments with Dread Master Asavian, and then request Asavian's aid in stopping the Followers. Later, when Erasis did bring up the subject, Asavian revealed he had already known all of this information, as he had seen it through his force visions.

Rescue on Makeb

Erasis, Asavian, and Zorget prepared for their mission. They, discreetly, set out for the Makeb system, not wishing to draw unnecessary and unwanted attention. They soon arrived at an GSI Space Station in the planet's orbit. After securing a shuttle to the planet's surface, they talked over the mission reminding what would be needed to be done. They were to land on the surface, locate Loret's prison bunker, kill the sentries, and bring her back to the station unharmed. After they went over the plan, Zorget reported that would return to Erasis' palace on Dromund Kaas and begin working on locating the enemy Followers himself. Erasis and Asavian acknowledged this, and once Zorget had departed, they took their secured shuttle to the planet's surface.

As they landed, they came to realize that the planet was now mostly occupied by Imperial forces. Erasis noted this, understanding that the Hutt forces on the planet could not be anything too large and should be considerably easy to handle. They took speeders, traveling to a small Hutt camp. After tearing through two enemy bunkers with no luck, they came across a third. As soon as they entered, they immediately sensed Loret's presence within. Using their force powers, Asavian and Erasis dispatched the several Hutt Cartel guards, making their way to the lower level of the bunker. Upon coming down, they saw Loret bound and blinded in the corner. As they approached, her a Hutt Cartel commander jumped out, along with many more guards.

It was an ambush. The Hutts must have expected someone to come and attempt to save Loret. Both Erasis and Asavian drew their weapons, prepared to combat the overwhelming enemy forces. Despite being outnumbered, the two sith were able to defend against the guards. Then, in one quickly move, they channeled their powers together, unleashing a massive force storm of lightning and quickly killing all of the guards in the room. After confirming their enemy was dead, they hurried over to the captured Loret. They quickly freed her and handed her one of the dead guard's rifles for defense. Loret thanked the two sith, and they quickly hurried out of the bunker. After tearing through Hutt reinforcements, they made their way outside. Spotting a Hutt shuttle, they boarded it, activating it, and took off.

Using the stolen shuttle, Erasis, Loret, and Asavian returned to the Imperial outpost. After waiting a few minutes, they boarded an Imperial transport, which returned them to the GSI space station they had initially come from. Upon returning, Asavian reported that he had work to do back on Voss. He departed, leaving Erasis and Loret alone. Once he was gone, Erasis revealed to Loret that he knew of her allegiance to his enemy, Kataret. Instead of predictably denying this claim, Loret confirmed it, saying that Kataret could never be stopped. Erasis, angered, demanded for Loret to give up her secrets that he could use against the Followers and Kataret, for saving her from the Hutts. Loret laughed at this, saying she had no obligation to help Erasis. Erasis was about to shock Loret for her defiance, when she did a quick kick, briefly subduing him. When Erasis recovered, Loret had escaped his grasp.

Darkness of Belsavis

Erasis and Asavian met again, but they were displeased. They truly believed that rescuing Loret from the Hutt forces would have gained her favor and persuaded her to turn against Kataret and the Followers. But they had been incorrect, as Loret seemed to be firmly loyal to the enemy. Asavian was even angered toward Erasis for allowing Loret to escape their grasp before they could interrogate her to learn useful information. Erasis claimed she was more cunning than he initially thought but would not underestimate her again. After talking, Erasis and Asavian returned to their Dread Palace to discuss their next plan. When they arrived, they were greeted by Zorget, the former Follower that had enlisted the help of the Dread Masters in rescuing Loret. When Erasis informed him that Loret escaped, Zorget told him that the mission was not a total failure. After Loret had left Makeb on her ship, Zorget had tracked her and located her in a tomb on Belsavis. Believing Loret had big plans, the Dread Masters and Zorget immediately departed to intercept Loret on the planet.

When they landed on the surface, Zorget instructed the Masters to rendezvous with him at an outpost in the Tomb section of the planet. They did as told and met with Zorget there. After arriving, the pureblood immediately informed them of the information he had learned while doing reconnaissance on the Loret and her operations on Belsavis. He stated the Loret had gone deep into a vault. Zorget believed this vault was the former prison of the first Dread Masters, who had been held there years before. Asavian inquired that a location like that could have potential for reviving Kataret, and that they needed to stop Loret immediately. Before they left, Zorget also reported that many of the Esh-ka warriors had gathered around Loret's location and were apparently working for her. Erasis claimed that they would be no threat as they are no match for the Dread Masters. In any case, Zorget was going to create a distraction to lure the Esh-ka defenders away from the vault so Erasis and Asavian had a clear path to Loret.

The plan worked successfully. Zorget, using his own force abilities was able to damage the Esh-ka's numbers and convince them to chase him away from the vault. This allowed Erasis and Asavian easy access, only having to fight minimal soldiers guarding the way to Loret's chamber. They continued to cut through the Esh-ka until there were none left to aid Loret when the Masters fought her. The two sith then proceeded deeper into the vault, finally arriving at the chamber. Upon entering the room they several massive sources of dark energy building up power. They moved in stealthily, hoping to avoid detection. As they came closer, they found a hooded female cultist working on a console, surrounded by six stasis chambers that once held the original Dread Masters. The cultist was speaking to someone via holocall, stating that their work was nearly complete and the master plan would soon be started. Just as woman was about to reveal more information, Erasis stepped out of his hidden spot, and directly addressed cultist. She turned, showing her face and revealing herself to be Loret.

Just as Erasis had confronted Loret, Asavian joined him, stating Loret could not stand against the two of them. Loret shook her head in frustration and yelled behind her. As she did so, her modified Imperial-style droid, K1-II emerged from the shadows, charging at Erasis and Asavian. While the two sith began to battle the K1-II, Loret began typing on the console rapidly, different machine mechanisms began to move. She was accelerating her plans. The droid came at the two sith with full force, rapidly firing its rifle. The Sith easily deflected the shots but the droid was able to get close. It lunged at Asavian, smacking him with its arm and pushing the Sith to the ground. Erasis then sent a bold of lightning at the droid, stunning it. Asavian threw a blast of forcing, pushing the droid back. The two sith then ran over to the droid and blasted it with massive amounts of force lightning. The droid was persistent, trying to move closer. But it could not survive for very long, and soon dropped to the floor, disabled. The Masters then approached Loret, who realized she was out of time. But as she looked at them, she smiled deviously. Loret stated it was too late and the ritual would start momentarily.

Asavian demanded to know the nature of the ritual, and Loret decided to oblige. She stated that the Followers had gathered up remnants of the first Dread Masters, and using magnificent bioengineering technology, had recreated six clones of the Dread Masters. At this, Erasis and Asavian looked at the six stasis chambers, noticing each one held a Dread Master filled with dark energy. Erasis said that it was impossible to duplicate powerful beings like the Dread Masters, but Loret said they were brain-dead bodies, only holding the power the Dread Masters held. Loret went on, saying the power of all six Sith would be drained into Kataret's new body, which he would possess and use the immense power to resist the pull of death. After everything was told, the machines began moving, Erasis and Asavian realized the ritual was beginning, and the Dread Masters' energy was about to be drained. To counteract the ritual, Erasis and Asavian blasted one stasis chamber with lightning, destroying it and stopping it from contributing its power. Loret screamed, demanding that they stop this interference. She then drew her rifle and her vibroknife, engaging the two sith. Loret attacked Erasis first. While the two dueled, Asavian used his power to slow down the draining of the energy and delay the ritual as much as possible.

The fight was intense, Erasis continuously projecting blasts of lightning at Loret. But she skillfully dodged them all getting close to Erasis. She swung her vibroknife, cutting his arm, but he threw her back with the force. He then began electrocuting her. As she began to fall, she fired a skillful shot with her rifle, hitting Erasis in the gut and momentarily stopping the lightning. She then ran over, kicking him in the head and slashing his shoulder with her vibroknife. Erasis drew his lightsaber, but his attacks were wild and inaccurate because of his injuries. Loret kicked the weapon out of his hand and shot his leg, bringing him to a knee. She shot once more at Erasis' head to kill him, but as she did a force barrier projected around him, deflecting the shot. She turned to see Asavian blast lightning at her, and she was hit directly. Despite the pain she still attacked Asavian, slicing him several times with her vibroknife. Just as she got the advantage, Asavian summoned a massive amount of force energy, choking her. He then smashed her against the ground several time, showing no mercy. As she prepared to make one more counterattack, Asavian blasted her into a wall with so much force she fell unconscious. Asavian proceeded to the five remaining stasis chambers and resurrection machine. He conjured an enormous storm of lightning, destroying everything and stopping the ritual just minutes before it would have been complete.

Crippling the Cult

After Asavian had successfully stopped Kataret's dreadful resurrection, he returned to Erasis' Dread Palace, bringing both the defeated Erasis and unconscious Loret. Entering the Palace, he met with Zorget, who had apparently been waiting for the Masters' return. Asavian quickly summed up the events that took place on Belsavis, explaining Loret's planned ritual and that it had been stopped. Zorget then tended to Erasis, taking him to the recovery room in the Palace where Erasis could rest and recover. Loret was imprisoned inside a force barrier in the Palace, and she would be trapped until further notice. Zorget congratulated Asavian, saying that the mission had been very successful, as the resurrection plan had been stopped. But he reminded Asavian that Loret was one of six Follower leaders, and that there were five that still had to be defeated before they attempted a resurrection again. Asavian agreed, and Zorget left to plan their next assault.

A few days later, Erasis had made a decent recovery from his injuries. He and Asavian decided what to do with Loret. Despite all the trouble she had caused them, they decided it would be in their best interest not to kill her. Considering her high rank in the Sith Imperium, and unexplained death may cause unnecessary hostility towards the Dread Masters. Additionally, she still had vital information that could aid the Masters in their battle against the Followers. They entered the throne room, and found a deranged Loret talking to herself. She appeared to be in denial of failing, saying the Kataret would punish her. Erasis shocked her, grabbing her attention. She asked why they had not killed her yet, and they explained they had better plans. Abruptly, Asavian waved out his hand, stunning Loret and holding her in place with the force. She yelled constantly, demanding to be freed. The two Sith did not oblige, as Erasis instead began to cast a ritual. He waved his hands as dark, smokey chains emerged from Lorets body, connecting her to some other unknown place. Erasis, after much concentration, creating his own blast of dark energy, firing at the chains. As it impacted, the smokey chains broke, and disappeared.

Loret was drifted into unconsciousness for a few minutes. When she awoke, she instantly realized what the Dread Masters had done. They had, using the force, severed her link to Kataret, erasing any ties she had with him. She immediately began yelling at them for disconnecting her from her master. But over the next few minutes, she began coming to her senses. Soon enough, she inexplicably thanked the Dread Masters and stated she was grateful. They could not understand why, as she had just been yelling at them for performing the ritual. She then went on to explain that she had never willingly been working for Kataret, and he had been secretly mind controlling her, as he does with all the other Follower leaders. Erasis was glad they could free Loret from Kataret's monstrous control. He then went on to ask for Loret's help in defeating the rest of the Followers. However, Loret declined, saying she was finally free of his curse and didn't want to be brought back in. She stated she wanted to forget any of this ever happened, and resume her life in the Sith Imperium as a fully loyal citizen. The Dread Masters were displeased but understood. They all said their farewells and Loret left the Palace.

The Enemy of my Enemy

With Loret defeated and her plan stopped, the Followers plans would be majorly delayed. However, the Dread Masters remained at a disadvantage, as they had no further leads on their enemy's whereabouts and movements. Zorget, the Masters' valued ally, stated he would be checking some possible locations where suspicious activity had been recorded. Lord Erasis decided he would return to Sith Imperium space and attempt to convince Loret to give some type of information. Meanwhile, Asavian had other plans. Ever since the battle on Belsavis, Asavian had been having strange feelings through the force. He decided he would remain in the Palace and meditate, and attempt to find the source of this strange calling. After about several hours of deep meditations, Asavian finally felt a strong pull on his mind. The pull seemingly wanted Asavian to travel to Fray Landing on Ilum, the former sanctuary of the Dread Masters.

Asavian decided it would be in his best interest to follow this call, hoping it would lead him to some answers. He quickly departed the Palace and landed on Ilum, then traveling to the Fray Landing outpost. He arrived, but found nothing of importance. He examined the abandoned outpost but it remained as it always had: a snowy courtyard littered with bodies. Asavian sighed, still confused why he had been brought. However, as he turned to leave, Asavian noticed another man had just entered. This new figure approached Asavian slowly. He wore a hooded brown robe, and his face showed him to be human. Strapped to his waist was one lightsaber and Asavian could sense the light side of the force from this man. Clearly a Jedi. But, instead of attacking the man Asavian approached him as well, believing this mysterious Jedi was the reason that the force had called Asavian to Ilum. Though, despite Asavian's peaceful nature, as soon as the Jedi was in striking distance he drew his lightsaber, activated it, and lunged at Asavian. The Sith quickly retaliated by putting a barrier around himself, blocking the strike. He then pushed the Jedi back, and the duel began.

The Jedi was heavily gifted in lightsaber combat. He continuously came close to Asavian, and slashing his lightsaber with extreme accuracy, only missed Asavian each time by a centimeter. Asavian was able to keep his attacker back with the force, where he would attack with blasts of force energy and lightning. The Jedi was prepared however, maneuvering to dodge the force blasts and using his single saber to block the lightning. At one point, the Jedi came closer to Asavian, swinging his lightsaber and skimming one of his legs. Asavian was angered by this, and through a powerful blast at the man, throwing him across the courtyard and making him drop his lightsaber. The Jedi attempted to grab it back up, but Asavian use the force and brought the saber back to himself. The Jedi scowled and chased after Asavian, landing a powerful kick on the Sith's chest and pushing him back a few steps. The attacker prepared to make a follow-up attack, but Asavian had had enough. He pointed his hands toward the Jedi and a barrage a lightning came out, completely engulfing the man. The Jedi attempted to resist but he eventually fell to his knees in defeat.

Asavian approached the defeated man, sending another shock at him. The man wailed in pain, cursing under his breath. Asavian then demanded to know the man's identity. The Jedi smirked, standing up and taking off his hood. He revealed that he was the son of Asavian's rival and enemy, Kataret. Asavian remembered Kataret mentioning his son once before, a powerful boy named Maxect who had betrayed his father and became a Jedi. Maxect went on to say more, that he had also been called to Ilum through the force, but had attacked Asavian believing the Sith had set up a trap. Asavian believed the story, and saw opportunity in the Jedi. Asavian asked Maxect if he had heard of Kataret's cult, the Followers. Maxect astonishingly replied, saying he knew of the Followers goals and was currently hunting them down to prevent Kataret's revival. Asavian appeared surprised that he and Maxect both had a common objective, and decided not to waste the opportunity. The two of them exchanged stories. Asavian recounting that he and Erasis were also hunting the Followers and had already defeated one, Loret. Maxect told how he and his Republic allies had also located and killed another Follower Leader posing as a Republic Admiral, Torget, the second leader to fall. Asavian both agreed that with the two's combined resources, the Followers would be an easier enemy to defeat. They settled on an alliance, and that two would call one another if they learned anything. Later, Asavian told Erasis and Zorget of their new ally.

Taking the Offensive

The next mission arrived quickly. Zorget and Maxect, now working together on uncovering the Followers' operations, had finally located a new target. They informed Erasis and Asavian of the news. On Nar Shaddaa, there was a Follower outpost, posing as a Republic diplomacy building. Based on the information they gathered, Zorget and Maxect believed the outpost was actually an installation where the Followers inducted new members and soldiers into their cult, and then trained them to be prepared against the Dread Masters. While the facility showed no sign of housing any revival devices or Follower Leaders, Erasis agreed they should attack it. Destroying the facility could be a major blow against the Followers, critically weakening their numbers. So the mission was set. Erasis and Asavian would infiltrate the facility, recover any data or leads they could on future targets, and then destroy everything in sight. However, Asavian revealed he would not be joining Erasis on this mission, as he had other priorities that needed to be completed. Erasis understood, and Zorget volunteered to infiltrate the outpost with Erasis. With their mission known, the group set off.

The group flew in on Maxect's ship, a Defender-class light corvette. They made their way to the undercover outpost with little interference. Maxect landed, allowed the sith to step off the ship, and then he flew back into the skies, saying he would provide orbital support where he could. Erasis and Zorget then proceeded into the base. As they approached an entrance, a Republic-looking astromech droid came out to greet them. Zorget simply blasted the droid with lightning, and it exploded. However, as soon as the droid was destroyed, alarms were sounded throughout the facility. Six heavy war droids came out, standing in the Sith's way. They fired their weapons, but Erasis was able to shield both of them with force barriers. Zorget then attacked, taking his lightsaber and crippling two of the droids. Another one shot at him, but he skillfully dodged and electrocuted it. Meanwhile, Erasis conjured a powerful force storm of lightning, disabling the last three droids. Wasting no time, the two Sith ran inside. As they entered, they saw a dozen Follower soldiers line up and start attacking. Zorget blocked the shots but Erasis was hit a few times in the arm. Zorget approached the soldiers and started ravaging through their lines. Before they could defend themselves it was too late, and within a few seconds they were all dead.

Zorget insisted they go further into the facility, but was cutoff when Maxect came in on their communicators. He directed them to another room close by, filled with computers that could have priceless information concerning the Followers. Erasis and Zorget both went to the room as directed, but were met with heavy opposition on their way. When they arrived to the room, several soldiers started shooting. Zorget defended Erasis while he summoned his dread powers, mentally attacking the enemies and shattering their minds. As they killed the last of the soldiers in the room, an alarm was heard overhead, stating the data was about to be erased. Erasis quickly worked with one of the computers, and uploaded it to Maxect on his ship, who stole as much data as he could before it was erased. Once that was done, Erasis and Zorget left the computer room and went deeper into the facility. As they entered the next room, they quickly found an elite Follower soldier, who stood in their path. Erasis and Zorget was about to attack the man, but he stated they had fallen into a trap. The door they all the exits from that rooms immediately shut and locked, as gases started pouring into the room from the vents. The elite soldier stated that they had very little time before the toxic gas took effect and made their bodies useless.

Erasis demanded for the man to give up the antidote, but was surprise when the enemy revealed he did not have the cure. Erasis immediately began fighting the man, who proved to be skilled. He dodged most of Erasis' lightning, and was able to fire precise shots at vulnerable spots on Erasis. The Dread Master enraged, casting many dark force blasts, eventually knocking the soldier off his feet. Meanwhile, Zorget and located a control panel in the room and was able to turn off the vents from feeding anymore gas into the room. He then joined Erasis in opposing the soldier. The Follower fought Erasis with extreme precision, wearing the Sith down. He threw detonators which Erasis could not dodge, sending Erasis flying across the room. The Follower hurried up to make a follow-up attack but Zorget made a surprise attack, impaling him and killing him. Zorget then rushed over to the hurt Dread Master. Erasis sat up, and was bruised. Erasis insisted he could go on, but Zorget contacted Maxect for a pickup. Erasis came back the way he had entered the building to Maxect's ship, where he could hopefully be safe. Zorget then took a deep breath as he stepped deeper into the facility. He now stood alone against the challenges.

Zorget went further. Oddly, there was no more opposition. As he made his way down a staircase, Maxect contacted him, saying Erasis was safely aboard the ship. He also stated that Zorget was approaching the final chamber of the building. Zorget drew his lightsaber, prepared for whatever was in the next room. He opened the door, seeing several dozen follower soldiers all lined up. They readied their rifles, and began firing, Zorget moved quick, attempting to dodge and block the enemy fire. He got close to the soldiers and began slicing through their ranks. However, there appeared to be too many, as he suffered several blaster fire wounds, but he kept fighting on. He cut through many more soldiers. But, just as he was gaining an advantage, his weapon was shot out of his hand. He was then hit several more times until he was forced to the ground. As the soldiers surrounded him, he unleashed one final blast of energy, sending lightning to flourish throughout the room. The last of the guards were defeated. Zorget stood up, slowly. He smiled, grateful that the fight was finally over. But just as he had begun to relax, another door opened. Out of it stepped a well-built Sith Pureblood in armor. A Follower Leader. Zorget grabbed his lightsaber and charged at the man, but did not make it. His many blaster wounds, along with the toxic gas taking effect, made Zorget unable to move. The Follower Leader, Tyreal, smiled deviously, as he smashed Zorget with the force, knocking him out.

Prison Break

Erasis was at a loss. After the Dread Master had escaped and joined Maxect on his ship, the two realized Zorget had gone silent, and understood that he was either captured or dead. They both wanted to go back and try to rescue Zorget before it was too late, but Erasis was in no condition to fight. Maxect returned to space, where, aboard his ship, he and his medical droids tended to Erasis. They were quickly able to save the Dread Master, easily recognizing the nature of the toxic gas and creating an antidote. After Erasis had recovered, he returned to his palace at Dromund Kaas. He met with Asavian, who appeared to have been meditating. When he recalled the events on Nar Shaddaa and the capture or death of Zorget, Asavian responded by telling Erasis to speak with an inside source for answers. Erasis instantly understood when Asavian meant, and headed for a transport. Erasis, seeking a potential lead, headed directly for Loret Occlus' home on the planet. When he arrived at the apartment in Kaas City, he made his way directly towards Loret's office, finding her inside sitting at her desk. Loret greeted the Dread Master and offered him a seat, but Erasis was in no mood for pleasantries. He immediately got down to business telling Loret of what had happened on Nar Shaddaa.

When he mentioned losing contact with Zorget, he asked her whether the Followers had killed or captured him. Loret reminded Erasis she no longer wanted anything to do with the Followers, but Erasis retaliated by demanding her help. He stated that if she didn't help, Zorget could be lost forever, and the Dread Masters would have lost a great advantage against fighting the corrupt cult. Loret thought it over, and then finally agreed to help. She started by telling Erasis that Zorget had probably been captured, and the Followers would be interrogating him to gain information about the Dread Masters' weaknesses. Erasis inquired about this prison, and Loret said she knew of one remote prison on the far side of Dromund Kaas. Erasis thanked Loret for her information, and promised the Followers would be destroyed soon. But as the Dread Master prepared to leave, Loret stopped him. She insisted on coming with Erasis to help. Erasis stated her help would be valued, so Loret, Erasis, and a small squad of soldiers entered the transport and headed off towards the Follower prison.The facility was easy to find. Deep in the Dromund Kaas building stood a small building with several turrets and other defensive installments. Loret and Erasis landed their transport a kilometer out from the prison, approaching on foot.

When they arrived, Loret was able enter a code into an outside console, deactivating external defenses and opening the doors to the facility. They entered the building, Loret stating she and her squad would hold the exit open while Erasis found Zorget. Per Loret's advice, Erasis used the elevator to head to the top floor, where Zorget was most likely located. As Erasis stepped out of the elevator, he came face to face with several guards. He quickly channeled his lightning, electrocuting and killing all enemies in sight. As he walked further, he could sense two powerful presences. One was clearly Zorget, but the other seemed stronger, darker, and more mysterious. Erasis attempted to move towards the two sources of energy, but was stopped as a ray-shield activated, blocking his way. He turned around to see Follower elite soldier taunting him with a remote, which presumably could grant Erasis access past the facility. He quickly engaged the elite soldier, who told Erasis he had come all this way in vain. As the two clashed, four droids activated, also engaging Erasis. He produced a force barrier to defend himself against the attackers. His enemies closed in on him, as planned, allowing Erasis with draw his lightsaber and slash two of the droids, destroying them. The elite soldier and the other two droids kept shooting, but Erasis easily deflected. He then sent a wave of the force at the group. The soldier held his footing, but the two droids were knocked backwards, crashing through the window behind them and falling. As Erasis prepared to finish off the soldier, he told Erasis that he could not be died. Apparently, the room they were standing in was connected to the soldier, and if he died, the room would explode. Erasis smirked using the force to steal the remote from the soldier. He then sent a powerful blast at the soldier, knocking him off his feet through the window where he fell to his demise. Erasis rushed out of the room just as it exploded behind him.

Erasis, using the remote, deactivated the ray-shield blocking his way. He then tread on, coming closer to the two energy sources. As he entered the next room, which was filled with guards. But Erasis had enough. He deflected all their useless attacks, and then conjured of lightning storm, killing all of them. He kept going, until he sensed Zorget's presence in the next room. He hurried in, finding Zorget floating unconsciously in a stasis chamber. Erasis typed into the console, deactivating the stasis chamber. As it turned off, Zorget dropped from it. He began to stir but was not awake yet. Erasis turned and prepared to leave but found an armored Sith Pureblood standing in his way. The Follower Leader, Tyreal. Erasis instantly channeled a blast of force energy, throwing Tyreal to the next room so their duel would not endanger Zorget. Erasis chased after Tyreal into the next room, where they found the man in a battle stance and ready to fight. The two locked blades, Tyreal taking the offensive and slowly pushing Erasis back. Tyreal laughed at Erasis, saying he had already learned enough information from Zorget, and had informed the other Followers. Erasis did not respond, barely able to keep up with the skilled swordsman. Tyreal cackled as he cornered Erasis. He attacked Erasis with powerful strikes, knocking Erasis' own lightsaber away from him. Tyreal then grabbed Erasis' throat with his hand, and with amazing force, smashed Erasis into a wall. He then stepped back and laughed, saying he was amazed at how weak the Dread Masters had become.

But the taunting was a mistaken. Erasis quickly recovered, summoning his darkest powers and attacking Tyreal full force. While he was remarkable in lightsaber combat, Tyreal's force powers appeared very limited, and could not stand against Erasis' assault. He was blown of his feet and violently electrocuted. Erasis picked up Tyreal with the force and smashed him into the ground several times, before releasing him in a blast sending the Follower straight into a wall. Erasis retrieved his own lightsaber, approaching the badly damaged Tyreal, preparing the final strike. But just as Tyreal seemed defeated, a massive source of dark energy came from him, blasting Erasis to the other side of the room. Erasis quickly regained his balance, but was surprised to see how Tyreal had change. The Follower laughed again, but his voice was modified. Erasis soon recognized Kataret's own presence within Tyreal. Erasis yelled at the possessed Tyreal, speaking to Kataret, saying how many victories the Dread Masters had won against his cult. Kataret, through Tyreal's body, answered, admitting the Dread Masters had proved formidable, but they were still no where near defeating him or his Followers. Erasis yelled in fury, and the two engaged in another duel.

The Dread Master attacked the possessed body with the most powerful of force attacks. But Tyreal, now empowered by Kataret, easily defended against these attacks, and threw his own attack, hitting Erasis and knocking him off his feet. He then slowly walked to Erasis, electrocuting him while he did, and reminding Erasis that the power of dread was no match for his mastery of the force. He stood tall over Erasis, still shocking the Dread Master with lightning. He then drew his lightsaber, holding it overhead of Erasis, saying all of the his struggles had been for nothing. But as he brought the lightsaber down, Erasis leaped to the side and sent a blast at the possessed Tyreal, knocking him off balance. Erasis then picked up his own lightsaber, activated it, and skillfully threw it at Tyreal, impaling him. Kataret yelled, saying Tyreal's body had failed him. He reminded Erasis that this would not be the last of him, and he left the body. Tyreal came back in control, and was immediately frightened, saying his master had abandoned him. Erasis ended the confrontation by taking his own lightsaber and beheading the defeated Follower. The third out of six Follower Leaders to die. Erasis then went into the next room, finding Zorget, now awake. Zorget was upset, cursing himself for revealing so much about the Dread Masters and their weaknesses to the Followers. Erasis told Zorget they would survive against whatever happened. The two sith then made their way back to Loret and her squad, who had successfully held the exit open. They all made their way back to the transport, and headed for the Palace.

Relics of Power

The Dread Masters were basking in their successes. With Zorget back to safety and another Follower Leader defeated, they were getting closer and closer to the Followers' ultimate defeat. When Erasis, Zorget, and Loret returned to the Palace, they got work done right away. Loret began to be more cooperative with the Dread Masters and began giving more details and information they could use against the Followers. Zorget and Maxect had reunited, and began doing more research on suspicious activity and ancient technology the Followers could use. After Erasis had returned, he met with Lord Asavian to reveal the news that Zorget had been saved. Asavian commended Erasis for his success but then returned to his secretive meditations. When Erasis later spoke to Zorget, the Pureblood recalled being tortured brutally when he was in prison, and having been forced to reveal what he could about the Dread Masters and their weaknesses. Erasis asked Zorget of what he had revealed, and Zorget had given up information about the Dread Palace, Loret's new allegiance to the Masters, and about Erasis' unstable House Citadel. However, while Zorget had been imprisoned, he had also apparently learned of a new lead for the Dread Masters to follow: Hoth. On the planet, there was supposedly long forgotten relics that the Followers could use to revive Kataret. Erasis followed the lead at once.

Erasis, Zorget, and Asavian all traveled to Hoth. Upon arriving, Zorget instructed them to go to an Imperial outpost where he could brief them on their mission. The Dread Masters did as was told, and went to the outpost. There, Zorget revealed that he had overhead the Follower Leader Tyreal talk with another Follower Leader, Sharet, about launching an operation to recover relics on Hoth. Maxect had done research on these artifacts, and had been able to learn they were aboard a ship that had crashed in the Starship Graveyard. Zorget, believing these relics were the key to Kataret's resurrection, demanded that the Dread Masters go to the crashed starship and locate the powerful relics before the Followers found them. The two Sith understood, and headed out. They traveled to the Starship Graveyard on the planet, and then briefly meditated together. Using their unique connection to the force, Erasis and Asavian were able to sense a large source of force energy within the area. They believed this area was the ruins of the crashed starship, and among those ruins were the powerful artifacts they were searching for. At once, the two headed in the direction, hoping they could arrive before the Followers did.

As the Dread Masters were closing in on their target they were troubled. They saw wreckage of a starship in front of them, but they also found a battalion of Jedi and Republic soldiers guarding it. They instantly realized the guards were Followers in disguise, and that they may be too late. Wasting no time, Erasis and Asavian drew their weapons and charged at the enemies. Together, their force powers were strong, and they tore through enemy ranks with ease. They continued fighting down a single path until they arrived at a large opening. Before them stood about a dozen Republic Shuttles, all of them appeared to be loaded with large crates. However, behind all the shuttles Erasis and Asavian could sense a powerful warrior. Stealthily, they moved through the airfield, making their way to its edge. They were soon able to find the warrior, the Follower Leader Sharet. He was a Zabrak Sith Lord, and he stood tall as he oversaw more Follower soldiers carry the last of the relics to the shuttles. Immediately, Asavian and Erasis leaped out from their hiding place, channeling a lightning storm together, killing all the Follower soldiers. But Sharet remained there alone. As the Dread Masters walked to him, he stumbled, begging them to spare him. Asavian electrocuted him, demanded that he reveal the nature of the artifacts. Sharet stated that he did not know the specifics, but that the relics would help Kataret in resisting the pull of death. Asavian picked up a relic from a dead Follower, looked it over, and found truth in Sharet's statement.

A wave of relief passed over Sharet, as he believed the Masters would space him. But just as he did, Asavian crushed the relic in his hand. Sharet yelled at them to stop, attempting to bargain with them. He offered to trade ancient technology if the Dread Masters left him and his operations alone. As Asavian appeared to consider it, Erasis instantly refused the offer, drawing his lightsaber and engaging Sharet. The duel was short. As Erasis made calculated strikes, Sharet was barely able to defend himself. At one of Erasis' strikes, Sharet parried it, and began to get an advantage. But just as he did, Erasis electrocuted him and pushed him back. He approached, to kill the Follower, saying he was pathetic. But Sharet screamed, calling for assistance from other Followers by the shuttles. The battalion began to rush over, quickly surrounding Erasis and Asavian. Sharet cowardly fled off. The two Sith began independently channeling Force attacks, killing many of the enemies. Once they were defeated, Erasis quickly contacted Maxect, telling him to come to the airfield with his ship and bomb the area before the shuttles could take off. They then proceeded to follow Sharet's trail. They soon found him, about to board one of the shuttles and escape. Using lightning, they attacked the shuttle, and it exploded, leaving Sharet stranded.

He told them to stop, saying they could never beat the Kataret and the Followers. Erasis retaliated by saying that three of the six Follower leaders had already been defeated, and Sharet was next. But as Erasis said that, the sound of several engines starting filled the air. Sharet laughed as Erasis and Asavian turned, to see the shuttles begin to take off. Sharet stated they were too late, and while the Dread Masters were still looking at the shuttles, he surprised them, sending a wave of force energy at the two and knocking them off their feet. As they recovered, one shuttle flew directly overhead of them, and Kairus jumped onto it. He laughed maniacally, mocking their failure. Erasis and Asavian tried to use the force to stop some of the other shuttles, but were only able to destroy two more. Though just as the rest of shuttles were leaving the area, Maxect arrived in his Defender-class light corvette, chasing after the transports and attacking. As the starship fired, four more shuttles exploded and crashed into the ground, leaving only a handful left. Just as he prepared make a follow-up attack, one of the shuttles turned away from the group and flew directly at Maxect's ship. There was no time for Maxect to move, allowing the one shuttle to crash directly into him. An explosion occurred, badly damaging the starship. It crashed into the snow, allowing the remaining few shuttles to escape. Erasis and Asavian found Maxect, wounded, leaving his ship's wreckage. Despite the mission being a failure, they were glad their ally had survived.

A Threat to Home

Now that the Followers from Hoth had escaped, the Dread Masters were no longer needed on the planet. Erasis, Asavian, and Maxect made their way back to the spaceport, where they boarded their ship. They returned to their Palace on Dromund Kaas, where they found Zorget who had been waiting for them. As the Dread Masters settled in, Maxect hurried to Zorget and filled him in on the result of the mission. When they were done speaking Zorget stomped into the Masters' throne room, demanding to know why they had failed. Erasis simply stated a single loss would not have any drastic consequences, but Zorget countered. The Dread Masters' failure had allowed a Follower Leader to escape, and the Followers had gained many relics that could be used to resurrect Kataret. Zorget was enraged at this result of the mission, stating the Followers would be so much closer to their goal. Zorget reminded the Dread Masters that if Kataret was allowed to be revived, he would seek revenge on all of them for killing him years a go on Korriban. Asavian ordered Zorget to calm down, and he obeyed, grudgingly. Zorget left the throne room and resumed working with Maxect on tracking down the other Follower Leaders. Erasis and Asavian declared they should rest so they are prepared for the next confrontation with the Followers.

After a few days, Zorget summoned the Dread Masters for a meeting. The Dread Masters came as asked, however they brought with them a new figure: Darth Nolus. Erasis had met Nolus on Belsavis recently, and sensing his strength, had made Nolus a Dread Executioner. Zorget was glad to meet Nolus, saying the Masters needed as much help as possible. Zorget then began talking, saying he had discovered something on Alderaan, and that the Followers may be planning something there. However, as he was about to continue, he was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a ship's engine. He and the Dread Masters looked out the window in the room, seeing two Imperial style shuttle fly past it. The Sith were confused. The Dread Palace was far away from any civilized section on Dromund Kaas. They wondered how anyone would have found their secluded sanctuary. However, Zorget came to a realization, remembering that when he was captured, he had revealed the secret location of the Dread Masters' Palace to the Followers. Erasis called his Dread Guards to prepare themselves for a fight, and they obeyed. Erasis, Asavian, Nolus, and Zorget all ran out on the balcony, along with numerous Dread Guards. They saw five Imperial shuttles not to far out from the Palace. One of them left the group and descended downward towards the ground. Zorget, believing it was trouble, rushed to the Palace's lower floor to protect the lower entrance. Then the fight began.

The four remaining shuttles began stirring. Two of them flew overhead the Dread Masters, flying above the Palace and began to drop bombs on its roof. One of those two was intercepted as the Dread Guards fired anti-aircraft rockets and destroyed it, but the other continued its bomb dropping. The other two shuttles began shooting at the balcony with its turrets. Erasis projected a Force barrier around himself, Asavian, and Nolus. But the rest of the Dread Guards on the balcony were unprotected, and killed. The Dread Masters enraged, and Erasis and Asavian blasted lightning at one of the shuttles, hitting it directly and destroying it. The last shuttle closed in on the balcony, firing a missile that hit the Palace, shaking the whole building. Erasis, Asavian, and Nolus were all knocked down, allowing the shuttle to close in. It landed on the landing pad, and out of it came dozens of Follower soldiers. However, they did not fire, instead merely making a way for their commander. As the three Sith recovered, they saw a familiar man step out of the shuttle: Sharet, the Follower Leader they had encountered on Hoth. Sharet laughed at the three, telling them how vulnerable they had left their Palace against a potential attack. Nolus stood up and lunged at the Sith, but the Follower soldiers stood in his way, pushing him back down to the ground. Sharet laughed again, and as the Dread Masters turned back to their Palace, they saw the shuttle that had been dropping bombs. It had stopped its bombardment, as more Follower soldiers were now dropping from the shuttle, and entering the Palace.

Under Erasis' order, Nolus and Asavian rushed back inside the Palace to help the Dread Guards fight off the invaders. Asavian questioned how Kataret had recruited so many soldiers to fight for him, but did not dwell on it long. Erasis then engaged Sharet. Using the force, he sent a wave at the Sharet and his group of defenders. The soldiers were knocked off the edge of the balcony, but Sharet remained, and countered Erasis by sending a blast of his own. Erasis was no match and was brutally blasted backwards. Sharet then charged at Erasis, the two locking their blades. Erasis was surprised how much confidence and skill Sharet now had, since at the last duel on Hoth, Sharet had been weak and cowardly. Sharet gained an advantage and threw another blast at Erasis, throwing him through a window into the Palace. Sharet followed him inside, his dark energies clouding Erasis' mind. Then Erasis realized what was happening. Sharet was possessed by Kataret, just like Tyreal had been. The possessed Sharet approached Erasis, gaining more of an advantage. As Erasis looked around, he noticed other Follower soldiers destroying the relics inside the Palace. he enraged at this, conjuring a massive amount of dark energy and hitting Sharet, badly damaging him. However, the fight was not over. Sharet rose once more, sending massive amounts of lightning at Erasis, who, from the pain, fell in defeat.

Sharet proceeded to the throne room, where Asavian and Nolus had been. It appeared they had secured most of the Palace, but much of the building was scorched and burnt and damaged. Dread Master Asavian ordered Nolus to kill Sharet, leading Nolus to attack him. Their duel was quick, Nolus bringing heavy strikes down, but Sharet easily dodged them. Nolus kept attacking, but Sharet was done playing around, sending a blast of force energy at Nolus, whom was thown and crashed into a throne. He laid there unconscious. The possessed Sharet then attacked Asavian, who skillfully defended himself with the force. He kept blasting the Follower with lightning, which slowed him down but did not stop him. Asavian continued to back up to give himself as much distance as possible, but was soon cornered. As Asavian ran out of room, Sharet charged at him, bringing his lightsaber down heavily on Asavian. The Dread Master attempted to protect himself with a force barrier, but Sharet's strike was too strong, breaking the barrier and knocking Asavian down, harshly. Kataret spoke through Sharet, saying the era of the Dread Masters was over, and their legacy would be crushed. Sharet raised his own weapon, prepared to strike Asavian and land the killing blow. But as he was about to destroy Asavian, a lightsaber pierced through Sharet chest. The possessed Follower fell to the ground, astounded. He looked up and found Nolus, who had recovered from the battle. Kataret spoke through Sharet once more, saying he'd done enough damage, and then left the body.

Nolus approached Dread Master Asavian, who still laid on the ground. He helped his Master stand, who then proceeded to Sharet. The cowardly, weak Sharet was now back in control of his body, and looked up with fear at Asavian. Asavian choked him with the force, demanding to know the status of Kataret's resurrection. Sharet yelped, saying Kataret would not be a ghost much longer. He was about to say more, but the piercing in his chest was too much, and he died, the fourth Leader that had been killed. Asavian let the body drop to the floor of the Palace, telling Nolus to clean up the mess, and then begin repairs on the Palace. Nolus understood, taking the body of Sharet and disposing of it. After a few minutes, Zorget and a hurt Erasis entered the throne room, asking Asavian for the status of the Palace and the invaders. Asavian recalled what had happened, saying Sharet and all the Follower invaders were dead, but had done considerable damage to the Palace. Many artifacts and relics were either stolen or broken. More than half of the Dread Guard defenders had been killed in the fight. And, with their sanctuary so badly damaged, some of their power had been depleted. Nolus returned to the room, saying he had ordered the Dread Guard survivors to begin fixing the damage then had been done to the Palace. Asavian made note of how Nolus had valiantly destroyed Sharet, and Erasis promised Nolus would be rewarded later. The four of them split up, individually beginning to work on rebuilding.

The Hive-Mind's Master

The Dread Masters were busy with reconstruction. The Followers' attack had truly devastated the Palace and many of the Masters possessions and relics and artifacts. In the midst of the cleanup, Erasis received a message from Loret, who told him she had located the Masters' next target. Erasis was obviously angry and wanted revenge on the Followers for desecrating his home. He quickly told Asavian and Nolus of these developments, but they decided they would remain at the Dread Palace and continue putting everything back in order. However, before Erasis left, Asavian offered a new suggestion. He reminded Erasis of his daughter, Vemara, who had been training under him and had grown substantially in the force. Asavian told Erasis to take Vemara with him to this new mission for her to demonstrate her skills in combat. After pondering the decision, Erasis agreed. He met with Vemara, who had also been in the Palace, told her of the upcoming mission, and they both left for Loret's Kaas City Apartment. When they arrived, they found Zorget sitting in Loret's office, prepared to brief the Masters' on their next mission. According to Zorget, Loret had finally revealed the source of Kataret's seemingly endless army of Followers. On Alderaan, an undercover Follower Leader had mastered the technique of the Killik Hive-mind. This Follower Leader, Jaesa, used this technique to forcefully recruit soldiers from the several different noble Houses of Alderaan. Zorget theorized that since Jaesa was the source of the Hive-mind, killing her would sever the connection of all the Follower soldiers and significantly reduce the Followers' army. Zorget also made note the Jaesa was one of the two remaining Follower Leaders. Erasis and Vemara both agreed, and set off to Alderaan to kill Jaesa.

Upon landing on the planet, Maxect contacted Erasis and Vemara, giving them more specific information on their target. Currently, the Follower Jaesa was posing as a diplomatic Jedi establishing connections between the houses of Alderaan. However, Zorget and Maxect had both concluded that Jaesa was secretly turning each of the Houses' army into mindless servants for the Followers. Erasis understood the numbers Kataret could produce if he enslaved all of the Alderaan armies into his cult. Lastly, Maxect informed Erasis that Jaesa's current location was at Castle Ulgo, where they believed she was gaining more recruits. Erasis and Vemara sped off immediately, soon arriving at the castle. When they arrived, they were greeted by dozens of Ulgo soldiers. The commander in-charge came out of the group and confronted the two Sith. The commander ordered them to leave, saying their kind was not welcome on Ulgo territory. Erasis was about to respond, but Vemara quickly drew her lightsaber and stabbed the commander, saying there was no need to negotiate with these men. The dozens of Ulgo soldiers immediately began firing. Vemara approached their lines and cut through them with her lightsaber skills. Erasis channeled massive amounts of lightning, electrocuting many of the soldiers. Within a minute, all of the guards had fallen, allowing the two Sith to continue their way towards the castle.

They soon made it to the entrance of Castle Ulgo. As they prepared to enter, a young woman stepped out, dressed in Jedi robes. She saw the two Sith and ordered them to stop in the name of diplomacy. Naturally though, neither Erasis nor Vemara stopped. Erasis blasted a bolt of lightning which the Jedi dodged. She told them to stop again, but as they came closer, she recognized who they were. Vemara called out the name Jaesa, instantly revealing that they knew she was an undercover Follower. As the two Sith closed in, Jaesa held them both back with the force. She then confirmed their claims, saying she was indeed the undercover Follower Leader. Erasis told her she needed to die, but she stated they would never kill her. She retreated inside the castle, Erasis and Vemara chasing after her. However, as they appeared to be catching up, Jaesa let out a scream. Ulgo soldiers immediately came running out, blocking the Sith's path to Jaesa, who disappeared in the crowd. Erasis and Vemara realized these Ulgo soldiers were already under Jaesa's hive-mind control. They began cutting through the soldiers, and, despite the heavy opposition, remained safe. The Ulgo soldiers were obviously new recruits, and they had no training nor experience fighting masters of the Force. They were no match for Erasis and Vemara's combined skill. They made it through the first line of defense, following Jaesa's path deeper into the castle. They arrived on a lower floor, where they found Jaesa talking to more Ulgo soldiers. When she saw the Sith arrive, Jaesa pointed at them. Once again, Ulgo soldiers, and now droids, began surrounding the two.

These soldiers were more formidable. Erasis and Vemara began channeling lightning abilities together, briefly stunning the enemies. This allowed both of them to draw their lightsabers and ravage through the lines of defense. Jaesa was clearly not going down without a fight. As each Ulgo soldier fell, another replaced him. Erasis and Vemara were clearly getting worn down. The soldiers before them may be inexperienced, but they had numbers. As they began to crowd the two Sith again, Erasis wailed in agony, yelling the word Fear. As he did, the enemies completely stopped their assault. Each one individually dropped their own weapon and fell to their knees. Within seconds, all of the enemy was laying breathless on the floor. As Erasis finished his attack, he himself fell to his knees. Vemara rushed to him to make sure he would be okay. Erasis stated he could continue, but producing a powerful attack like that alone had severely weakened him. The two went further. Erasis had killed most of the guards, but a few continued to come at the pair. Vemara defended Erasis and was easily able to kill the enemy soldiers coming at her one by one. At last, they made it to the deepest chamber. As the two Sith walked in the room, they looked around, noticing it was a library. Erasis believed the databanks within this room could be filled with valuable information on the Followers' operations. Vemara then directed Erasis' attention to the middle of the room, where he saw Jaesa along with two high ranking Ulgos.

Jaesa pointed at the pair of Sith, and the two Ulgos charged them immediately. Erasis grabbed them both with the force, telling Vemara to stop Jaesa. Vemara understood, and attacked the Jedi, a duel beginning. Vemara precisely attacked Jaesa with her ligthsaber, making her off-balanced. She was able to easily beat Jaesa in her lightsaber combat, but as she did, Jaesa launched a large rock at Vemara with the force. Vemara was surprised to see this, and it crashed into her, bringing her to the floor. Meanwhile, Erasis and engaged in lightsaber combat with the two Ulgos. With his force powers still weakened, it was his only option. The Ulgos were skilled with their vibroblades, and together they made substantial progress against Erasis. However, Erasis was clever. He was eventually able to throw one of the two to the other side of the room. Alone, the other Ulgo was no match, and Erasis was able to quickly impale him. By then, the Ulgo that had been thrown had recovered, and charged Erasis. But the Dread Master made a quick strike, beheading the enemy. Despite Erasis' victory, Vemara was having trouble of her own. Jaesa continued to lift large pieces of debris with the force and throw them at Vemara. The Sith was able to dodge most attacks, but was eventually hit, and suffered substantial damage. Jaesa then lifted a massive piece of debris and held it over Vemara's head, preparing to crush her. Jaesa stated the power of dread was no match for the Followers, but right before she could crush Vemara, Erasis sliced her legs, forcing her to drop. Erasis then used the force to bring Vemara to safety.

Jaesa, groveled on the ground. Erasis had cut her legs, and she was now unable to walk or even stand. As Erasis approached the Follower, she begged the Sith to finish the job and end her. But Erasis took an interest in the woman, asking her if she now understood the power of the dread union. Jaesa told her she knew how powerful Erasis was, and how ruthless. She stated that the Follower Leaders, like the Dread Masters, also held a mental link between each other. Jaesa recalled seeing her comrades slain in combat: Tyreal, Torget, and Sharet. She knew that Erasis would do the same to her. Erasis had pity on Jaesa, as he too had known the feeling of losing someone close to him. He told her he regretted that he had to kill her, but Jaesa told him just to make it fast. With a heavy heart, Erasis drew his lightsaber and brought down a heavy strike across Jaesa's torso. After he had finished, Vemara approached him. She stated that while he had been busy with Jaesa, she had checked the databanks of the room, but stated they were empty and held nothing of importance. Erasis understood, but reminded her that the objection had been complete. Jaesa was dead, and with her, most of the Follower soldiers and been released from Kataret's control. Only one Follower Leader remained. As they prepared to leave Alderaan, Erasis received a holocall from Loret, he picked it up, but Loret acted crazy. She demanded for him and Vemara to return to her apartment immediately. Before Erasis could question her, the call was disconnected. Erasis and Vemara quickly hurried to their ship and traveled to Dromund Kaas.

Upon entering the building, Erasis and Vemara were horrified. The place looked as if it had been raided. Banners were torn, furniture was burnt, and bodies littered the floor. Erasis and Vemara quickly hurried to the office. Upon entering the room, they found Zorget, blood and scars all over his body, and he was surrounded by two brutal Massassi. One of the beasts grabbed Zorget and harshly threw him against the wall. Erasis and Vemara charged at the two beasts, Erasis electrocuting one to death and Vemara impaling the other. As the two Massassi fell, Erasis and Vemara hurried over to Zorget. They found their ally and friend bleeding everywhere. He coughed up blood as he told the Dread Masters when had happened, that the Followers had invaded Loret's apartment and attacked. Erasis claimed he could heal Zorget with the force but all three knew it would be impossible. His wounds were far too fatal. As Erasis could feel Zorget slipping away, he promised to avenge his friend soon. Zorget smiled warmly, telling Erasis hit Kataret nice and good for him. He coughed up more blood, then rolled to his back side. He muttered his final word, Father, and died. A tear rolled down Erasis' cheek in the moment. But he quickly recovered, telling Vemara to give him some privacy. Vemara understood, and Erasis was left alone with his thoughts regarding Zorget.

The Final Target

Following the death of Zorget, Dread Master Erasis returned to his Dread Palace. There, he met with Asavian, Nolus, and Maxect to report the result of the mission on Alderaan. Erasis stated that the mission had been successful, the Follower Leader Jaesa had been eliminated, and with her death most of the Follower soldiers were freed from Kataret's mind control. Erasis then went on, explaining that Zorget had been ambushed and killed while Erasis had been on Alderaan. The four of them grieved at this, as Zorget had proven a worthy ally and made many sacrifices against the Follower. Nolus, Asavian, and Maxect were concerned because Zorget's death could delay their progress in fighting the Followers, but Erasis had come to know Zorget as a friend, and mourned the most. After a few minutes in respectful silence, Maxect exclaimed he would need to begin salvaging Zorget's research so that he could locate the sixth and final Follower Leader. He left the Palace, and the three Sith left continued their work on rebuilding the Dread Palace. Sometime later, Erasis met with Asavian alone. He told Asavian of his thoughts regarding Vemara's skill on the battlefield. According to Erasis, Vemara was heavily gifted in both lightsaber combat and the force. She had fallen to Jaesa in battle, but she fought mercilessly and valiantly, qualities of a true Sith. Asavian was pleased with Erasis' thoughts regarding his apprentice, and suggested that Erasis take her on the next mission. Erasis agreed.

Two weeks passed before Maxect returned to the Dread Palace. He excited to report that he, with Loret's help, had finally discovered the location of the last Follower Leader. The target, a Zabrak man named Carget, was currently on Tatooine. Erasis and Asavian both inquired, and questioned why a Follower would be on a sandy wasteland such as Tatooine. Maxect had done research saying that a year a go, Czerka Corporation had uncovered a hidden vault on the planet filled with Rakata technology. Maxect had also learned that the Follower Carget was currently working with Czerka. From these facts, Maxect believed Carget had found another hidden vault on the planet, and was using Czerka to loot the Rakata technology, which would be used the resurrect Kataret. Maxect reminded the Dread Masters that it was their priority to vanquish Carget. He was the last Follower Leader, so with his death, there would be no one left to complete the revival machine and bring Kataret back to life. Maxect also stated that the the Dread Masters had been delayed two weeks due to Zorget's death, so they most likely had very little time before Carget had finished his work on the planet. The group understood, and began preparing for their journey. It was decided that Erasis, Nolus, Vemara, and Maxect would go to Tatooine, while Asavian remained at the Palace to continue rebuilding it.

They group took the Dread Masters' Fury-class interceptor to Tatooine. They landed at the Imperial Outpost Zaroshe. Maxect stated he would stay with the ship so he could attack Carget if he tried to escape in his own ship. The Sith understood, and headed off. Maxect talked to them through their communicator, giving them directions to the hidden Rakata vault. After an hour of traveling, they found the massive entrance to the vault. It still appeared mostly buried in the sand. The entrance was crowded by many scientists and soldiers, clearly affiliated with Czerka Corporation. More and more soldiers came out from the vault, hauling crates filled with ancient artifacts and technology. The three Sith wasted no time, drawling their lightsabers and attacking the workers. Most of the Czerka personnel appeared to be scientists, to they were hardly a threat. The group easily deflected any shots that were fired at them. Through a mixture of lightning, dark energy, and lightsaber swinging, the three crushed all of the Czerka guards and went inside of the vault. As they went in, Vemara warned her comrades that they may lose connection with Maxect and the ship, as the vault would be bringing them deep underground. Erasis acknowledged the fact, and made one final communication to Maxect, saying that they were entering the mysterious vault. The three Sith then began their descent.

As they traveled through the vault, the group observed their findings. They could easily sense the dark side of the force flowing through the tunnel, and lingering around them. It appeared Czerka had completed their work in the vault, as there was hardly any opposition inside. Nolus pointed out how there were indents in the walls, ceiling, and ground, where artifacts may have been taken from. They continued deeper into the tunnel, seeing an increasing number of excavation machines, including drills and other gadgets. From the looks of the vault, Erasis guessed that they may already be too late. Any Rakata technology that had been buried within the vault seemed to have already been taken, and was probably in use by the Followers. But they soon sensed one strong person in the deepest section of the vault. Believing it was Carget, the three Sith hurried off to find the man. They soon arrived at the position, where they found a well-built Zabrak in mercenary gear. The man was currently talking with someone through a holoterminal, saying that the last of the Rakata artifacts had been recovered from the vault and were already on their way to Nar Shaddaa. Erasis yelled at the Zabrak, who shut off his communicator and turned to face the three Sith. However, he only smiled plainly, saying he had been expecting them for a while. He admitted to being Carget, the last Follower Leader. He explained how the Dread Masters had confronted and killed all of his Follower Leader comrades, and knew he would be their next target.

Erasis seemed intimidated by the man. He talked so casually and plainly, and showed no sign of advanced intelligence like the other Follower Leaders he had encountered. He questioned how Carget had managed to earn a position as a Follower Leader, but Carget simply told him that looks can be deceiving. Carget then went on to say that the Dread Masters had already lost, as the Rakata technology from the vault had already been taken to Nar Shaddaa, where it would be combined with the relics from Hoth and Gree technology to create a machine to revive Kataret. Erasis countered him, saying that Carget could babble all he wants, but he would not make it off of Tatooine alive. Carget laughed dully, then fired a rocket from his jetpack. However, the rocket was not aimed at the Sith, and instead hit the ceiling, destabilizing the tunnel. Rocks fell from overhead, causing Erasis, Nolus, and Vemara to use the force to keep the rocks from crushing them. Carget then activated his jetpack, simply flying past the three Sith while they were distracted with holding up the Sith. Erasis shouted that the man was a coward, but Carget only replied by saying Kataret wanted to deal with the Dread Masters himself. Erasis decided to stop holding the rocks with the force and leave that to Nolus and Vemara, while he chased after the Follower. Nolus and Vemara were barely able to save themselves.

Erasis soon caught up to Carget, who was making his way toward the exit of the vault. Erasis used the force to pull him back. Carget growled, drawing two pistols and began firing a barrage at Erasis. The Dread Master activated his lightsaber and blocked the shots, then blasting Carget with lightning. The Follower did not even attempt to dodge, as he was hit directly but did not fall. His endurance was remarkable, and he even appeared to be force-resistant. He then blasted his flamethrower toward Erasis, who attempted to shield himself but his robes were still badly burnt. Carget followed up, charging Erasis and grabbing the Sith by the throat. He brutally punched Erasis several times before throwing him into the wall. Erasis was barely able to get back on his feat, physically wounded from the attack. Carget aimed his weapons at the Sith and was prepared to finish him off. But Erasis summoned his darkest powers, blasting Carget with an overwhelming amount of force. Carget fell to his knees in defeat, just as Vemara and Nolus rejoined Erasis. The three of them stated that it was over for Carget, the Followers, and Kataret, but the Follower had one final trick up his sleeve. Be brought a detonator from his belt, and without warning, activated it. Nolus glanced upward, seeing modern weaponry wired to the ceiling. He yelled at his comrades that there was a bomb, and an explosion happened above them. A massive amount of rocks and stones fell from above, creating a barrier between the Sith and Carget.

Over the next few hours, Erasis, Nolus, and Vemara had been using their lightsaber and the force to try and clear a path to escape. After time had passed, they soon made it through the many rocks that had trapped them inside. As they exited the vault, they saw the Fury-class interceptor they had arrived in, and saw Maxect walking towards them. They explained that Carget had escaped and tried to bury them in the vault. Maxect pondered a moment, but then stated the mission was not a total loss. Before Carget had escaped, Maxect had found his ship and placed a tracking beacon on it. Now, according to Maxect's datapad, Carget had gone to Nar Shaddaa. The Sith recalled that Carget had stated that the Rakata technology from the vault had also been taken to Nar Shaddaa. The four of them hypothesized that Carget had gone to the Follower Headquarters on Nar Shaddaa, and that was where the Followers were going to resurrect Kataret. Maxect told Erasis to inform Asavian of these developments, and that everyone should begin preparing to assault the Followers' facility on Nar Shaddaa. Now that the Followers had recovered the rakata technology, it would not be long before they had used it to revive their master. Erasis understood, agreeing that they had very limited time to strike before the Followers' achieved their ultimate goal. Erasis, Nolus and Vemara returned to the Dread Palace to prepare, while Maxect returned to Republic space to rally any of his allies against Kataret.

The Followers' Last Stand

Time was ticking. Erasis, Asavian, Nolus, and Maxect continued to make preparations for their assault on the Followers' headquarters, declared the "Lair of Shadows". This was the confrontation everything had led up to. If the Followers are not stopped, Kataret will return and enact is devastating vengeance among the group. Dread Masters Erasis and Asavian met in the throne room of their Dread Palace, summoning their loyal servant Nolus, their prodigy Vemara, and their unlikely ally, Maxect. The Masters' three allies entered the throne room. Maxect informed the Dread Masters that he had obtained support from the Republic, but they would arrive too late to provide any true assistance. They Republic soldiers would only be able to secure the facility after the Dread Masters had broken through its defenses. Erasis nodded, saying he would not need the aid of soldiers to defeat Carget and the remaining Follower survivors. Maxect then left the throne room to prepare the ship for departure. Nolus then approached the two Dread Masters, saying he had created a plan with Maxect to infiltrate the enemy base. Using clearance codes, the group's ship would come close to the facility and deploy Erasis, Asavian, Vemara, and Nolus. Before the Followers realized whose ship it was, Maxect would depart in the ship and standby. The infiltrators would then fight their way through the base to the aerial defense, where they would disable the defense, allowing Maxect to make a bombing run. They would then go deeper into the facility, kill the last of the Followers, and destroy the technology that is being used to revive Kataret.

After going over the plan, Erasis and Asavian agreed to it. As they left for their ship, Asavian invited his daughter, Vemara, to join them on this mission, saying she was ready to fight alongside him. However, Vemara refused, saying she would finish construction on the Dread Palace for the Dread Masters' return. Asavian understood, and he departed with Erasis, Nolus, and Maxect. Aboard the ship, the group went over the plan a few more times to ensure they would be ready. Erasis pointed out that the Followers have probably recalled the last of their loyalists to Nar Shaddaa to protect the revival and ensure the Dread Masters cannot stop it. They all understood, agreeing that this would be their most difficult challenge against the Followers. Maxect then reported they were coming close to their target, so the three Sith prepared for deployment. Maxect entered the clearance codes, allowing the ship to come close to the structure without resistance. The ship landed, allowing Erasis, Asavian, and Nolus to step out. Only a few seconds after landing, many turrets activated and began firing at the ship. Maxect took off quickly and fled the scene, leaving the three Sith to face the horrors within the building alone. Erasis led the group, and they made their way to the entrance. They found three lazy guards in mandalorian gear, who snapped to attention at seeing the Sith. They immediately told the Sith to depart, saying they were entering the Mandalorian Enclave. Asavian pointed out that it was just a disguise, so Nolus activated his lightsaber and slaughtered the three guards viciously. As he did, alarms began to wail.

The Sith knew their time was running short, so all three of them activated their lightsabers and headed inside. They were quickly stopped by a group of three Follower soldiers. They blasted the Sith with blazing weapons. As Nolus and Asavian defended Erasis, the Dread Master channeled a powerful force storm of lightning, electrocuting and killing two of the guards. They approached the last soldier, who was on his knees, claiming they were already too late. Erasis angrily severed his head immediately. A few seconds later, two more groups from the left and right rooms emerged, weapons ready. While Erasis used his lightsaber to cut open the door to the next room, Nolus and Asavian each attacked one group individually. Nolus engaged a group of Sith and Jedi Followers, who all charged him with lightsabers. Nolus struggled against the three enemies with his lightsaber, but was able to summon his powers of dread, grabbing all three of the Followers with the force, and choking them all to death. Meanwhile, Asavian had engaged his group. They fired shots but Asavian easily deflected them with a force barrier, calling out how pathetic they were. He then summoned his Dread Master abilities, instilling fear in the three of them and mentally attacking their minds. The three soldiers were brought to their knees in submission, and two of them then died. The third begged for mercy, promising to reveal secrets about the Followers. Nolus rejoined Asavian, and was about to question the Follower, but Asavian impaled her, saying Kataret's Followers deserved no mercy.

The two Sith then met up with Erasis, who had successfully unlocked the door to the next room with his lightsaber. As the three headed in, they found one heavy Follower Soldier holding a whip. Behind him stood a rancor, a nexu, and a sleen. The Follower, apparently a beastmaster, called out commands, and three creatures obeyed, lunging at the Sith. The rancor swatted Erasis aside, the sleen cornered Asavian, and the nexu clawed at Nolus. The nexu was persistent, scraping Nolus and hurting him severely. Though, at his first opportunity, Nolus stabbed the beast with his lightsaber, killing it. Elsewhere, Asavian projected a force barrier around himself to protect against the sleen. Nolus came charging at the sleen to help Asavian, but the beast surprised Nolus, turning and lunging at him. Nolus' lightsaber was knocked from his hand, and the sleen laid on top of him, attempting to bite him. Asavian then electrocuted the sleen with lightning, causing the animal to turn back to Asavian and tackle him into a wall. Asavian was momentarily incapacitated, but Nolus, now back on his feet, lifted the sleen into the air, and then thrashed his lightsaber through it. The sleen was dead, allowing Nolus and Asavian to return their attention to Erasis and the rancor. The two were amused, seeing Erasis get pummeled by the rancor and thrown around the room like a bug. Erasis, critically hurt, called with a breath to Nolus, requesting aid. Asavian simply called Erasis pathetic, and was oddly very weak. But Nolus stepped in, slashing the beast with his lightsaber. The rancor stopped and attacked Nolus, who was quickly defeated. But Erasis was able to recover, and along with Asavian, electrocuted the beast to death. Erasis then beheaded the beast master.

The three Sith took a few minutes to rest, as they had already been through a great deal of fighting. But Maxect contacted them, urging them to continue. He reminded them that their time was running short, and Kataret's revival was close. The three Sith understood, got on their feet, and pressed into the next room. They came to a staircase, and went downwards, finding an enhanced Massassi Warrior. The Massassi screeched loudly, then charged. Nolus stood in its way, blasting the Massassi with dark energy. But the beast was not slowed down, and it slammed into Nolus, sending him into the staircase. He warned the Dread Masters to be careful as Massassi were force-resistant. Asavian and Erasis activated their lightsaber. Erasis attacked first, slashing the Massassi's leg. It was brought to its knees, but the beast grabbed Erasis and threw him into the wall. Asavian then attacked, but was no match in lightsaber combat. His weapon was knocked from his hand, allowing the Massassi to grab him by the throat. But Erasis reappeared, cutting off the Massassi's arm, and dropping Asavian. The beast then turned to Erasis, and was about to attack, but Asavian kept him still with the Force. With the beast immobilized, Erasis lunged his lightsaber through the Massassi, killing it. The three Sith recovered from the encounter, and made their way through the next door. It brought them outside to the balcony of the facility. Maxect contacted the Sith, telling them that the aerial defenses were on the balcony. Once the defenses had been dealt with, Maxect could begin bombing the facility, and the Sith could proceed to stop the revival.

As the group made their way, they found two turrets. They walked further but were stopped, as a defending tank emerged, standing between them and the turrets. The tank immediately began blasting the Sith with a barrage of shots and missiles, but Asavian was able to defend everyone with an enhanced force barrier. As he did, Erasis looked to Nolus, as they formed a plan in silence. Then, in unison, Erasis and Nolus let out a massive blast of force, lifting the tank into the air and throwing it off the balcony. The three Sith wasted no time celebrating their success, and made their way to the control panel of the turrets. As the three made it there, Erasis began to disengage them. But Nolus stopped him, saying that an opportunity had presented itself. The Sith could reprogram the turrets and give them the location of Maxect and the ship. The defenses would destroy Maxect, as he is a Jedi and the Masters no longer needed him. Erasis and Asavian considered this, but decided Maxect had been a valuable ally so far, and if they failed and Kataret was revived, they could use his help in opposing him. Erasis finished entering into the control panel, deactivating the turret. He informed Maxect of this, who advised that the Dread Masters return inside the facility. They hurried back through the way they came, and soon the whole facility began to shake. It rumbled from Maxect bombing it. Nolus pointed out the door that led deeper into the facility. Asavian opened the door with the force and the three Sith went inside.

The three Sith were shocked at what they saw. Upon entering the chamber, they saw a meeting table with six chairs surrounding it. Three hooded figures sat calmly around the table, one of them acknowledged the Dread Masters' arrival. Erasis immediately demanded the identity of the figures. The largest man stood up, bringing down his hood, revealing himself to be Carget, supposedly the last Follower Leader alive. Then the other two hooded figures stood, one a man and one a woman. They brought down their own hoods, and were revealed to be Sharet and Jaesa, two Follower Leaders that the Dread Masters had already killed. While Asavian stood calmly, Erasis and Nolus backed up in awe, eager to know how this was possible. Jaesa stated that their mental link to Carget allowed them to not completely die. Sharet then simply explained that he and Jaesa were the first tests for the revival machine, as they had to make sure it would work for Kataret. Seeing as Sharet and Jaesa had been resurrected, the Dread Masters realized that the Followers' revival machines was functional. Carget noted that Kataret was currently being resurrected, but his revival is taking a longer time since he had been dead for much longer then Sharet and Jaesa. All three Sith activated their lightsabers in denial, saying they would not let Kataret be revived. Sharet activated his own blade, then dashed to the side of the group. Summoning all his strength, he blasted the Sith with the force, and all three were pushed through the window and back out onto the balcony.

Sharet then leaped through the broken window, saying he would bar the Dread Masters' progress. Erasis reminded Sharet that he had been defeated before, and Sharet replied saying he would gladly sacrifice his life to delay them. Asavian then drew his lightsaber, saying he would handle Sharet. The two engaged in a brief duel. Sharet approached Asavian with his lightsaber, but Asavian continuously blasted Sharet with lightning, beating him to the edge of the balcony. Asavian approached Sharet, saying the Followers were no match for his mastery of the force. But Sharet was not finished. He ran at Asavian, who blasted him with lightning. However, Sharet jumped over Asavian and his lightning, landing behind the Sith. Sharet then sent his own blast of the force, catching Asavian by surprised and launching him over the edge of the balcony. Erasis yelped in horror to see his brother defeated, and commanded Nolus to kill Sharet. Nolus obeyed, and entered a lightsaber duel. Sharet fought valiantly, but was already weakened from Asavian's force attacks. Nolus knocked Sharet's lightsaber out of his hand and slashed him across the chest. Sharet fell in pain, telling Nolus to finish him now. But Erasis told Nolus to make Sharet suffer, leading Nolus to ask Sharet what he feared most. Sharet refused to answer, but Erasis blasted him with lightning. Sharet screamed for mercy, saying he most feared death again. Nolus used that thought to attack Sharet, filling the Follower's mind with images and visions of endless death. Sharet fell to the ground demanding for Nolus to kill him and end the visions, but Nolus refused. He and Erasis left him alone as they returned inside the facility.

As they returned inside, Nolus explained Sharet would continue to be terrorized until he died from the anxiety. Erasis applauded Nolus for such a brutal tactic, but then Maxect contacted the Sith. He stated the bombing had been successful, and the facility was largely destabilized. He also stated he had caught Asavian with the ship before when he had been thrown off the balcony. Erasis thanked Maxect, saying they would be finished soon. He and Nolus returned to the meeting room, where they found Jaesa waiting for them. She pointed out Asavian was not with them exclaiming that the Masters' were weakening just as Kataret was rising. Erasis remembered his mixed feelings about Jaesa back on Alderaan, and tried to convince her to join the Masters and oppose Kataret. She easily rejected, saying she would not abandon Kataret and his ultimate power. Erasis sighed, blasting Jaesa with lightning. Though she skillfully dodged, then began picking up chairs with the force and launching them at Erasis. Erasis avoided the chairs, attacking with his lightsaber. Jaesa defended herself, but Erasis was angered, and his power began to overwhelm her. With one strike, he slashed Jaesa's double lightsaber in half, and then barraged her with lightning. She screamed in pain, but was eventually brought to submission. As Erasis stood over her, she continued to preach about Kataret, saying the Dread Masters' could not stand against him. Erasis declared that Jaesa could still be useful, and did not kill her. With Nolus' help, he began to have nightmares spread over her, as she was corrupted in the name of dread. She screamed, demanding that they stop. But Erasis did not, and darkness soon overcame Jaesa, as she was turned to Dread. Jaesa passed out, but Erasis ordered Maxect to pick her up while he and Nolus continued forward.

Nolus and Erasis prepared to go forward, but Carget rushed out of the next chamber and tackled Erasis. He yelled, saying their time was nearly up, and Kataret would finally return to destroy the Dread Masters. Erasis was frustrated by Carget's words, and engaged him. He blasted Carget with lightning, but the Follower dodged. He then drew his guns, firing several well-placed shots at Erasis. The Dread Masters attempted to deflect, but while he defended himself he didn't notice Carget charge at him. Carget tackled Erasis, causing the Sith to drop his lightsaber. The Follower, not on top of Erasis, began mercilessly punishing and beating. Erasis used the force to blast Carget away. But Carget recovered, and before Erasis could regain his footing, Carget shot an electro-net at him. Erasis was unprepared and trapped in the net, which electrocuted him. Nolus then engaged Carget with his fists, brutally beating the man. Carget tried to defend but was still exhausted from fighting Erasis, allowing Nolus to continue his attack without resistance. Nolus then grabbed Carget by the throat and threw him against the wall. Nolus then rushed to Erasis, using his lightsaber to cut the electro-net and free the Dread Master. Erasis began to recover, but was shocked to see Carget on his feet again. He had Nolus turned to see Carget, who surprisingly complained that he would not give up his life for the revival. He activated his rocket boots and fled through the broken window. Nolus, no longer seeing Carget as a threat, did nothing to stop his retreat.

As Erasis and Nolus recovered from their attack, Maxect contacted them. He stated that he was scanning large energy spikes near their position, guessing they were close to the Followers' revival machines. Nolus replied to Maxect, saying they had just dealt with the last of the Followers, so there was no longer any obstacles keeping them away from stopping the resurrection. Nolus prepared to enter the next chamber but Erasis briefly stopped him. He questioned how the revival could still be happening if all the Followers were already dead. Nolus hypothesized that there may be a few Follower lackeys tending to the machine, and they should rush to stop them. Erasis agreed, and they went into the next room. They entered, sensing a large amount of dark energy in the chamber. They noticed Sith artifacts, relics, and artifacts around the room, and in the center stood a tall throne. The two Sith saw no sign of ancient technology, so they began to walk to the next room. But suddenly, in front of them, the throne radiated a dark presence, and from the shadows a powerful figure appeared sitting on the throne. Erasis drew his lightsaber, immediately assuming it was Kataret. But the figure looked up from the throne, a malevolent smile forming across her face. On the throne sat Vemara, the daughter of Asavian and supposed servant of the Dread Masters. Erasis and Nolus nearly fell back in shock, gazing in great wonderment at the scene. Erasis attempted to speak, but no words came out as he was still drenched in awe. Vemara smiled and welcomed them to their doom.

Nolus spoke first, questioning why she was there with them. Vemara revealed that she had been the true mastermind of the Followers the entire time, and had been leading the revival of Kataret ever since the Loret's defeat on Belsavis. Erasis furiously yelled, demanding to know why she had betrayed the Dread Masters and her own father. Vemara replied, proudly saying that the Dread Masters no longer held a place in the galaxy, and that Kataret was the future of everything. Vemara made note that the two Sith were weakened from all their previous duels before finding her, and stood no chance at stopping the revival. But Erasis raised his lightsaber in defiance, saying that Vemara would pay for her despicable betrayal. Vemara drew her own double lightsaber, saying that Kataret had prepared her for this confrontation long a go. Vemara lunged at Erasis, quickly pushing him back in lightsaber combat. Erasis attempted to blast her with lightning but she jumped upwards, evading the attack and sent her own blast at Erasis, pushing him into a window. She then charged again with her lightsaber, Erasis only barely able to defend himself. At one point, he did knock her backwards with the force, allowing him to channel electricity at her. But Vemara was too powerful for the weakened Erasis, absorbing his lightning into her hands, and then blasting it back towards him. Erasis projected a barrier around himself but it was took weak, as the counterattack broke through his defenses and brought him to the ground in defeat. Before Vemara could finish the Dread Master, Nolus stood in front of Erasis and guarded him. Vemara laughed saying their time was up, as she fled into the next room--the deepest chamber of the stronghold.

Nolus rushed into the next room with Erasis limping behind him. There, he saw Vemara standing in front of a machine that filled the entire room with darkness. Nolus scanned the room, noticing Rakata artifacts, ancient Gree technology, and Sith relics. He drew his own lightsaber and engaged Vemara, who turned and charged at him as well. They locked blades, their attacks nearly mirroring each other as they fought one another mercilessly. The two were almost evenly matched. The entire facility rumbled every time their lightsabers met. Nolus attempted to blast Vemara with dark energy but she dodged it, and sent a bolt of lightning at Nolus. The bolt his Nolus directly, but he was barely even hurt. He then took the offensive, rushing at Vemara and pounding his lightsaber on her own. He continued to bring down the heavy strikes, but was interrupted as Vemara pushed him backwards to the ground with the force. At this, Erasis attempted to blast Vemara with lightning, but she easily blocked it with her lightsaber. She then electrocuted Erasis, who was unable to defend himself, and was brought to his knees in submission. But while Vemara was dealing with Erasis, Nolus had recovered, and sent a wave of force energy at Vemara. She was taken by surprise and thrown backwards, landing on her back. Nolus rushed forward, stomping on Vemara's chest and pinning her to the ground. He pointed his lightsaber at Vemara with a strong, confident look in his eye. But Vemara could see through him tricks. All the duels before her had weakened Nolus, and his strength was fading rapidly. Vemara took advantage of this, electrocuting Nolus. She then picked him up with the force and threw him into Erasis.

Erasis and Nolus fell back onto the ground together. Both tried to rise, but their power was depleted. Vemara seethed over them, reminding them that Kataret and his servants were too strong for the pathetic power of dread. Erasis attempted to reply but could not, too weak to even talk. Vemara then returned in front of the machine, chanting in the ancient Sith tongue. The revival machine sparked with dark energy and began turning as the resurrection began. Vemara turned to the defeated Dread Masters, illustrating the genius of her and Kataret's ultimate resurrection ritual. The Rakatan artifacts from Tatooine had been formed into energy pylons, which had been using the dark side of the force to fuel the revival machine's power. The machine itself was made of Gree technology, which, when powered by the Rakata pylons, would create a rift through space and time to the moment before Kataret's death on Korriban years a go. Kataret's physical body from the past would be pulled through the rift into the present. Kataret's spirit from the present would then appear, and with the help of the Sith artifacts from Hoth, would possess the body from the past, and combine with it to be reborn into physical life once more. Erasis and Nolus listened to Vemara as the machine went through the steps. Within seconds, they saw the rift through time, and in a flash, Kataret's physical body from the past appeared. Then, across the room, the spirit of the deceased Kataret approached from the shadows. The Sith relics from Hoth began to glow, as they blasted energy beams at the spirit Kataret and the physical body. The two floated towards each other, and as they touched, a large explosion occurred, blinding everyone in the room.

Erasis regained his sight first, and stared in awe as a powerful figure now stood in the center of the room. He saw Vemara approach the the resurrected Sith, and loyally kneel before him. His whole body sparked with electricity and dark energy. The reborn Kataret laughed maniacally as he raised his hands and lightning poured down from the ceiling, filling the room. Nolus and Erasis, who had just returned to their feet, were immediately brought back down by the lightning. Kataret turned to look at the two Sith, his glaring red eyes looked them over. He spoke, his voice powerful and scarring, filling the Erasis and Nolus with agony. He told them how pathetic they looked now, coming so close to stopping the ritual, but finally failing in misery. Erasis stood with his last bit of energy, saying Kataret would not win, and then activating his lightsaber. Kataret claimed he had already won, then raised his hand toward Erasis, sending a shock wave of lightning and darkness. Erasis was hit directly by the attack, being blasted into the with great force. Kataret walked slowly and dramatically toward the defeated Sith, saying he would enjoy killing them. But as he did, Vemara beckoned toward the window, respectfully informing Kataret that the Maxect's puny Republic reinforcements had arrived and were preparing to land at the facility. Kataret stated that killing the Dread Masters in their weak and pathetic state would not be satisfactory, and said he wanted them to witness his rise to power. Vemara nodded, and offered to ready their ship. Kataret nodded, saying it was time for them to leave Nar Shaddaa. They both left through another door to a hanger, and within seconds Erasis saw Vemara and Kataret leave in their ship.

A few minutes later, Nolus heard many footsteps coming towards them. Erasis looked up at the door just in time to see it open, and watched as soldiers in Republic armor filled the room. Then came Maxect and Asavian, who rushed to Erasis and Nolus. They stated that Kataret's ship had a stealth feature, so they couldn't be tracked. Erasis quickly recalled what had happened, that Vemara had been the true mastermind that had been leading the Followers, that Kataret had been revived and was now immensely strong, and that he and Nolus had been brought to the verge of death, but were spared. Asavian stood in silence at hearing his own daughter's true allegiance. Maxect informed Erasis that the Republic forces had secured the facility, and that he would become searching its computers and databanks for any information on where Kataret had gone and what his plans were. Currently, Maxect had no idea of Kataret's new plans were, now that he had returned. So he instructed Asavian to take Erasis and Nolus back to the Dread Palace, where they could rest and recover, and be ready for when Kataret reappeared. Nolus stated that there was still much work to do in ending Kataret's threat, but the best option now was to rest and wait for him to make the first move. Maxect left the room, and Asavian helped Erasis and Nolus on their feet. They returned to their ship, and headed back towards their Dread Palace in friendly territory. All three Sith thought to themselves about the future, unsure of what it would hold for them.

Temporary Tranquility

The Tri-Split of Erasis Citadel

Following the resurrection of Kataret under the direction of Vemara, the Sith Lords Erasis, Asavian, and Nolus returned to Sith Imperium territory. With their mission failed, it would take time to relocate their ominous rival, so they devoted their attention to another threat that was rising. Alesis Citadel -- father of Dread Master Erasis -- had taken note of the distraction caused by the Followers, and was preparing to launch a formidable campaign against the Imperium. Alesis sought to take back control of House Citadel, an influential family of opportunists who were previously under the rule of Erasis. Though, with Erasis weakened from the battle against Kataret, Alesis realized that now was the perfect chance to make his attempt and take back the House. Erasis resigned in his Dread Palace, calling heroes from the Imperium and his dreadful loyalists to aid him in conducting a healing ritual that would aid him in his recovery. This would be where Alesis made his first move.

At the Dread Palace, numerous companions and comrades of Erasis had answered his call and were ready to help him. He set the motions forwards, calling upon the power of the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers were powerful Force entities who had assisted in maintaining the stability of the members of House Citadel. Erasis allowed the Gatekeepers Corruption and Morality to possess two of the loyalists and launch an attack on the group, to which they were eventually defeated. The brief duels allowed Erasis to gather the energy to summon Neutrality, the strongest of the Gatekeepers. But Erasis was shocked to see Neutrality appear in possession of Alesis' body. Alesis used Neutrality's power to fight the group, appearing superior as he defeated almost every hero that stood in his way, before moving on to Erasis. However, Erasis had taken advantage of the situation and had regained his strength from the immense amount of energy radiating from Alesis. Rallying his comrades, Erasis and the group defeated Alesis and imprisoned him.

After dealing with Alesis, Erasis revealed to the group that the intervention of his father had left him even more deranged. He stated that the ritual needed to be completed as soon as possible or his body would destroy itself. The heroes understood, offering their energy and whatever help they could as Erasis exploded in a flash of light, finishing the ritual. When blinding wore off, the group was amazed to see two distinct bodies in where Erasis had stood. Both men stood, briefly conversed with one another, before returning to the group. They explained that the ritual had been a success. Erasis' conflicted consciousness had been split between two bodies and two minds, each with their own priorities. One of the men, the dignified Dread Master Erasis, would continue his quest of rebuilding the Dread Masters' union and stopping Kataret at all costs. The other man identified himself as Fidelisis, and would resume Erasis' position and role as a Councilor of the Sith Imperium, as well as managing the affairs of House Citadel. With this, the group departed, while Erasis, Nolus, and Asavian prepared to continue the hunting of Kataret.

The Rising of Vindictiva

Erasis was at last free of his responsibilities to both the Sith Imperium and to House Citadel. While he still held each in high esteem, he could finally prioritize the Dread Masters, and focus on leading them to glory. Erasis spoke with Asavian and agreed that their most essential goal would be rebuilding a complete union of six Dread Masters. Once they achieved this goal, their power would ascend dramatically and their strength would be unquestioned. Though, as Erasis had been considering potential candidates, he was approached by Emperor Salvatus of the Imperium. Salvatus offered Erasis and the Dread Masters a seat of power as Ministers of the Sith Imperium, and in exchange the Masters would use their unique skills to expand the Imperium's dominance. Erasis agreed, but reminded Salvatus that the Masters would be inefficient until the union is complete. Salvatus considered this, telling the Dread Masters that their ascension would not occur until they had established their ranks. To give their recruiting efforts a start, Salvatus pointed the Masters toward an prominent candidate for the mantle of Dread Master: Darth Vindictiva.

Vindictiva was a crowned Princess of the Imperium that had been killed in a recent assassination. Emperor Salvatus suggested that inducting her into the union would not only add a powerful Sith to their ranks, but also increase relationships betweem the Dread Masters and Imperium. The Dread Masters agreed, and thus Erasis began planning a resurrection ritual to revive Vindictiva. He eventually perfected the technique, and meeting again with Emperor Salvatus, the two channeled their combined powers into the dark ritual. Despite their haste and carelessness, the ritual was a success. Vindictiva returned, empowered and stronger than ever before. Her personality had darkened and she now had corruption in her blood. To finalize Vindictiva's position as Dread Master, Erasis and Asavian took her to Korriban. There, they performed their traditional ceremony, thrusting Vindictiva into darkness as she was reborn into a true and empowered Dread Master.

After becoming a Dread Master, Vindictiva soon became eager to test out her new strength and let the Imperium know what she had become. Along with Erasis and Asavian, she traveled to a colony of the Sith Imperium. The citizens were not prepared as the Masters unleashed waves of fear and agony, terrifying everyone, from mere residents to loyal soldiers. The Masters were quickly combated by a team of Imperium heroes, who believed the Masters were launching a legitimate attack. The Masters' combined powers were too much for the strike team, as the heroes were quickly undone by the fear and madness. The Imperium heroes, subdued, demanded an explanation for this unprovoked aggression. These demands were soon answered when Emperor Salvatus himself revealed that he had summoned the Masters and their powers to aid the Imperium. Despite the growing hate for the Dread Masters, the Imperium's heroes and citizens did not question their emperor's motives, and left the Masters alone. Erasis, Asavian, and Vindictiva, amazed by their new power, were eager to add more to their union and grow even stronger.

The Ascension of Nolus


The Renewed Battle

The Master Plan


Beast of Horrors


Fate of the Galaxy


Return to the Union


The Final Reformation

The Ascension of Vemara




The Asavianic War

First Strike




A Direct Fight

Protecting the Relics


Defending the Palace


Recovering the Losses


Exile on Oricon


The Ascension of Belleva


One Divided Imperium



An Expected Storm


The Battle of Oricon


Sefran's Betrayal


The Dark King

Rise of Corruption


Settling the Score


More Than Meets the Eye


A Step Towards Glory


Countdown to Doomsday


Titan of Shadows


Questions and Answers


A Union in Peril

The Eternal Empire Attacks


The Skull Monster


Wild Space Chase


The Escalation of Senna


A Vision of Reform


The Generations

The Dread Masters

The first Dread Masters to ever walk the galaxy, these six individuals started their quest by harnessing the ancient phobis devices. On the Sith Emperor's command, the Empire's best sith were to enter the Dark Temple and attempt to harness the phobis devices, for they held unlimited power. While most Sith went insane trying to harness the artifacts, these six men and women were able to enter the phobis device core. Together they absorbed the artifacts, becoming united in an everlasting bond and being empowered by the dark side of the force. With their new abilities, the Sith Emperor had the Masters work as generals and weapons for the Empire, becoming incredibly effective against the Republic.


The Original Six.

Eventually the Dread Masters became too much of a threat to the Republic, leading the Jedi to capture and imprison the Masters on Belsavis. Later, the Masters were freed by the Warlord, but turned against the Republic and Empire, becoming an independent faction. The Masters began to spread fear across the galaxy causing both the Republic and Empire to send strike teams to deal with the Masters' followers wherever they appeared. Eventually, the Masters desired the end of the galaxy, much like the Sith Emperor, and attempted to corrupt the most populated worlds with slaughter machines. The Republic and Empire confronted the Masters in their palace on Oricon. After a series of battles and events across the moon, the Masters' plan was ended and they were killed. Only the Dread Master known as Calphayus survived the encounter, but he no longer followed the Dread arts, and was no longer a threat.

Members of the Union: Styrak †, Brontes †, Bestia †, Tyrans †, Calphayus, Raptus

The Warlord's Warriors

The Warlord, after presumably being introduced to Dread by the original Masters, desired that the legacy of fear should not end, and that it should be preserved. After establishing a sanctuary on Ilum, the Warlord began to send manipulative whispers throughout the galaxy, urging people to join the new reborn dread legion. Eventually, the Warlord created a new union consisting of six Dread Masters, and, under her order, began to spread fear to the galaxy once more. The Masters shared many battles and events together, becoming bonded for life. However, despite this bond, the Warlord and Masters grew into a grave conflict, with the Masters fighting not only against themselves and their Warlord. Ultimately, the Masters' forces was decimated and some of them even died in the conflict. The Warlord escaped and disappeared into the shadows once more. One of the remaining Dread Masters, Rampage, brought together the remnants of the legion and began to rebuild.

Members of the Union: (Led by the Warlord); Arctis, Rampage, Parasitus †, Erasis, Shavalia †, Terrorem †

The Furious Masters

After the Dread Division, the forces and legions of the Masters were undermanned and weak. However, Dread Master Rampage inducted several of the survivors and made them Dread Masters, creating a new union to build up the legion. Rampage also named himself their new leader and became the ruler of the dread arts. Despite the weakness and obstacles the Masters faced, they tried valiantly to save their union and legion, sticking together through their bond. These Dread Masters even joined the Coalition, an alliance of rising independent powers, to empower themselves. Under Rampage, the Masters once again began to build up their armies. However, while the Masters desperately reconstructed their legion, the Warlord reappeared, enlisting Darth Arctis' help in ending Rampage and his Dread Masters. Together, Arctis and the Warlord created a devious plot which ultimately neutralized Dread Master Rampage. As he was their leader, the rest of the legion crumbled in his absence, tearing itself apart. As a result, the last of the Masters separated and pursued separate goals.

Members of the Union: Rampage, Erasis, Parasitus †, Kataret †, Asavian †, Hicalibre

The Lost Lords of the Sith

After the final destruction of their union, and the with death of Parasitus, Dread Masters Erasis, Asavian, Kataret, and Hicalibre went their separate ways. With their bond fractured and their armies lost, they decided to forget one another pursuing individual goals. Hicalibre went off the explore the greater galaxy and the mysteries of the Force. Dread Master Kataret became mad with power attempted to use rituals, artifacts, and cults to obtain conquest and new powers. Though, Lords Erasis and Asavian wanted to hold onto as much of his dreadful powers as he possibly could, and so he invited Arctis back into the union to slightly empower themselves. Arctis agreed to this, however, he, Asavian, and Erasis went their own paths and worked very little with each other. Erasis presumably dealt with his House Citadel's internal conflicts, while Asavian continued to travel across the galaxy collecting artifacts and relics. Arctis remained on the a high ranking Sith Lord of the Sith Empire, working to embolden the Empire. As the Masters' lives continued, their dreadful pasts drifted further and further from their lives.

Members of the Union: Arctis, Erasis, Asavian

The Reformed Masters

Eventually, Erasis and Asavian left most of the Dread lives behind, joining the Sith Imperium. However, they soon met Nolus, a former Dread Executioner, and servant of the original Dread Masters, who desired to be part of their Dread union. To them, this was incentive for Erasis and Asavian to once more attempt to create a lasting union of Dread Masters. Additionally, after much cooperation with the Imperium, both Erasis and Asavian joined its High Council, and becoming deeply involved in its military efforts and politics. Though, despite their ranks, Erasis, Asavian, and Nolus preferred to keep their Imperium lives and Dread lived separate. This was until Emperor Salvatus enlisted the Dread Masters help, asking them to lend their unique abilities to strengthen the Imperium. The Dread Masters knew that the best way to merge their powers with the Imperium's strengths was to have a devoted member of the Imperium within their union. This led them to resurrect the crowned princess Vindictiva Roderick from the dead, and induct her into the union. Despite this step of cooperation, the Dread Masters still did not fully work with the Imperium, as the Union required two more. But it would not take long for the Dread Masters to recover their power and become titans of influence within the Imperium.

Members of the Union: Erasis, Asavian †, Nolus, Vindictiva

The Masters of the Imperium

After narrowly defying all odds and surviving their struggles, the Dread Masters eventually joined the Imperium. They had suffered loss, betrayal, deception, and much conflict. But ultimately, the Dread Masters defeated their enemies. Not long after the fall of Alesis the Xenocide, Erasis and his brothers and sister found those worthy of becoming Dread Masters and leading the new age of fear in the galaxy. Despite the loss of Asavian, the wisest Dread Master, the union was able to remain sane and continue their search for powerful individuals. After purifying the corrupt Kataret, bonding with the skilled Vemara, and training the powerful Belleva, the Dread Masters finally completed their union. At the time of completion, Emperor Salvatus put his original plan into effect, allowing each Dread Master to rule over one sector of the Imperium. The Dread Masters worked cooperatively with the Imperium, effectively aiding in battle and governing the six sectors. While the Dread Masters had their own separate goals, they were powerful and respected members of the Sith Imperium.

However, despite their rise to power in the Sith Imperium, the Dread Masters were quickly devastated. Darth Asavian, a former Dread Master thought to be dead, returned to Sith Imperium territory with a powerful military. Using his knowledge of the Force, Asavian created a massive army of slaves, and used it to invade and conquer several of the Sith Imperium's worlds. The Dread Masters worked with the Imperium to oppose Asavian, eventually defeating him, but at a heavy cost. Erasis and Nolus were brutally damaged, and their Dread Palace was destroyed. After the defeat of Asavian, all six of the Masters and the remnants of their Dread forces retreated into seclusion on Oricon. After five years they returned, claiming a temple on Yavin IV as their new Palace. But they were changed now. Seeing the Imperium as a divided empire of independent factions, the Dread Masters held an eye for taking control from the incompetent authority that allowed it to fall apart, and reshape the Imperium into a unified body of their own image.

Members of the Union: Erasis (Official Leader), Nolus, Vindictiva, Kataret †, Belleva, Vemara

The Ultimate Union

*This is the current union of Dread Masters*


Members of the Union: ((WIP))

Notable Members

The Warlord

The Supreme Master of the Dark Side

As the founder of the Reborn Dread Masters, the Warlord has an extensive mastery over the dark side of the force and is profound in the art of manipulation. Much of the Warlord's origin is unknown, but it can be determined that she was a Sith of the Empire who eventually went rogue. After transporting the first Dread Masters off Belsavis, the Warlord was corrupted in the ways of dread and despair. She went into hiding and alone began to build up an army for the Masters. However, after the original Dread Masters' defeat on Oricon, the Warlord remained a student of dread, and decided to build a new legacy of fear in the galaxy. The Warlord traveled to many different worlds, creating an army of initiates to strike agony into the galaxy. She created her own union of Dread Masters to serve her and carry on the work of the original Masters. Though, before they could do any major damage, the Warlord's followers turned against her, forcing her into hiding. Yet, despite being suppressed by her former disciples, she would eventually strike back. At one point, the Warlord struck a deal with Darth Arctis, defeating Dread Master Rampage in a duel and sentencing him to an eternity of torture. With the loss of Rampage, the Reborn Dread Masters crumbled on themselves. Without the guidance of their leader, they could not stand united, and destroyed each other before finally separating. After dealing with Rampage, the Warlord retreated into the shadows, remaining hidden to most of the galaxy. However, she periodically made appearances, driving fear into common civilians.

Status: Presumed alive, but her location is unknown.


The Ultimate Enforcer

Darth Rampage was one of the most influential members of the Reborn Dread Masters. He had originally served under the Warlord as part of the second generation of Dread Masters. In his life time, he led the Masters against their corrupt Warlord and gained them independence. After separating from her, Rampage was granted leadership of the Masters and was named the ruler of the dreadful arts. Despite all odds, Rampage was able to keep the Masters' legacy alive and defended it against any who opposed it. His mastery over lightsaber combat is unmatched, as he was able to strike down anything that dared to get in his way. Few could combat Rampage's expertise on the battlefield, and his own name struck terror into the hearts of hundreds. However, the Warlord longed for revenge on Rampage and the others for becoming rebellious. After luring Rampage out alone, the Warlord challenged and defeated him. But instead of death, the Warlord tortured Rampage by imprisoning him in stasis aboard a starship, drfting into the unknown depths of space. With Rampage's loss, the other Masters' powers were decimated. After his defeat, Rampage's lightsaber was recovered in remembrance of him.

Status: Alive, imprisoned aboard a starship in the depths of space.


The Cunning Manipulator

One of the few to ever willingly give up the mantle of Dread Master, Darth Arctis became notorious throughout the galaxy. He sought to learn the ancient secrets of the phobis devices and harness the power of fear. After forming a strong relationship with the Warlord, Arctis was able to outlive almost all of his brothers and sisters when they divided against each other. He is arguably the most conniving and manipulative of all the Masters, getting what he desires and not backing down from a fight. After the fall of the Warlord's faction, Arctis decided to leave the Dread Masters behind, returning to the Sith Empire. Arctis came to serve under Darth Ravage, one of the Dark Council's most prominent lords. Within several months of his joining Ravage's sphere, his superior appointed him the ambassador to the Sith Imperium. Though he served dutifully in this post, Arctis disappeared during a voyage into the Unknown Regions. Although the Imperium presumed he perished following the loss of contact with him, the Empire claimed Arctis lived. Erasis and Nolus eventually located Arctis on Ilum, where he had been imprisoned by the traitor Asavian. Despite Arctis' rescue and return to Imperium space, he expressed his regret as he left them once more to serve the Empire. When the Empire fell to the Eternal throne, Arctis returned his loyalties to the Imperium. His beneficial impacts to the Dread Masters are remembered through his Dreadful Orb, which remains in possession of the Masters.

Status: Alive, impacting the Sith Imperium as a Lord Councilor.


The Dread Master Emeritus

Dread Master Emeritus, Praetor Emeritus, Master of Secrets, Successor of Raptus, Bane of the Monach, Hand of the Emperor. All these titles contribute to Erasis Citadel, the most famous of all the Dread Masters. In his time, he joined the Masters to study the ancient arts and powers that they all held. He quickly rose to the mantle of Dread Master, harnessing the powers of fear. Afterwards, Erasis expanded his grasp on the galaxy, working to gain political power in various orders, empires, and cults everywhere. He was one of the most contributing members of the Coalition, forming bonds and relationships with the leaders of the various guilds within the alliance.

Despite his work, the Coalition fell apart. Erasis then returned to be more devoted to his life of fear, though it did not last long. The Reborn Dread Masters had also fallen fallen apart. Along with Asavian, Erasis left the Dread Masters behind and joined the Imperium, where he served Lord Emperor Arestenax, ascending to the High Council and later serving Emperor Salvatus. Eventually, Erasis desired to reform the Dread union, but knew his duties as a High Councilor would not let him. As a solution, Erasis split his entity, dividing into two halves: One of the Dread Master, and one of the Imperium's High Councilor. Both halves separated and went their separate ways, occasionally conversing with one another.

As a Dread Master, Erasis began to seek out different members of the Imperium to learn the ways of dread in an attempt to rebuilt their union. As an Imperium Councilor, Erasis continuously served the Emperor to the highest of his abilities, eventually earning him the title of Hand of the Emperor. However, Erasis' House Citadel eventually became corrupted by his father, Alesis, who had turned the house against Erasis. At this point, both halves of Erasis joined together in an attempt to end Alesis' heresy. The combined powers of the Imperium and Dread Masters eventually pushed Alesis back, killing him and ending the Citadel Crisis. Afterwards, the Imperium Councilor Erasis took on the name "Fidelisis", to ease distinction between the two. Sometime later, the Eternal Empire attacked the galaxy. The initial assault resulted in the death of Fidelisis, as well as severe damage to Erasis' mental state.

Status: Alive as leader of the Dread Masters and Successor of Raptus.


The Champion of Life and Death

The most corrupt Dread Master, Kataret, was both beneficial and disruptive to the union. Even from a young age, Kataret had constantly been looking for methods to increase his personal power. This lead him to join the Reborn Dread Masters, as he believed they would admit him to their union and he could share their extensive wrath. Though, when the Reborn Dread Masters fell, Kataret went rogue. With the union broken, it could no longer serve a power gain, so he decided to look for new ways of dominance over others. Eventually, he found a ritual that could resurrect an undead army, which Kataret planned to use this army to conquer the galaxy. However, two other former Dread Masters, Erasis and Asavian, learned of Kataret's plans. They confronted him on Korriban, stopping the ritual and killing Kataret.

Though, Katared defied death, manifesting himself as a force spirit. After death, Kataret reached out to his secretive cult, the Followers, and demanded that they unlock a new method for Kataret to be resurrected. The Followers created several plans, but Erasis and Asavian discovered and combated them. Despite this, the Followers succeeded in resurrecting Kataret, who hungered for revenge on Erasis and Asavian for killing him years prior. He confronted the two but was once again defeated. Though, instead of being killed, Erasis and Asavian cleansed the corruption that had been feeding at Kataret, and returned him to the union. As a Dread Master, Kataret dealt with many struggles, including the resurfacing of his inner corruptions, Zarmir. Yet, with the help of his Dread Master comrades, Kataret overcame his external and internal conflicts.

Some time later, during the invasion of the Eternal Empire, Kataret was captured by Knights of Zakuul. Despite eventually escaping captivity, Kataret decided not to return to the Dread Masters, seeking to take on a more personal and nomadic path in life. But Kataret was hunted down by Darth Senna, his former disciple of fear who was disgusted by his choice to become a nomad. She proved her dominance by defeating him in a duel, draining him of his powers, and the killing him. Senna later replaced him in the Dread Masters' union, becoming the new Successor of Brontes. Kataret is remembered by one of his golden wings, which he had forged in his time as a Dread Master.

Status: Deceased, killed by Senna in Wild Space.


The Traitorous Loremaster

Asavian, was the most knowledgeable of all the Dread Masters. His mastery over all shades of the Force allowed him to surpass many of the other Masters' mental and force powers. Asavian traveled throughout the galaxy, constantly obtaining more knowledge while collecting unique and ancient technology, and interacting with long forgotten species. At one point, the Dread Masters peaked Asavian's interest, leading him to seek them out and join their union. When the Masters fell, Asavian obtained many of their artifacts and left them, returning to the greater galaxy to study its mysteries. Asavian eventually came in contact with the Imperium, in which he joined it and rose to the High Council. As Supreme Commander of the military, he led the Sith Imperium through their toughest challenges, defeating the Hutts in the Imperium-Hutt War. However, during the Citadel Crisis, Asavian was killed by Alesis, his body disappearing completely as he became one with the force.

Two years after Asavian's apparent death, a fleet of warships entered Sith Imperium territory. This enemy fleet proved formidable to the Imperium's own navy. It quickly conquered Sector six of the Imperium, driving its way further into Imperium territory. Eventually, Asavian revealed himself to be the leader of this enemy fleet, and that the Imperium would not interfere with his goals. Asavian's fleet damaged the Imperium on several occasions, destroying the Dread Palace, attacking Voss, and killing many brave Imperium heroes. Eventually, Asavian was driven back to a sanctuary on Nar Shaddaa. There, he made his final stand against heroes of the Sith Imperium. After being weakened by several warriors, he engaged in a duel against Empress Candicia. He was ultimately defeated. As Candicia prepared to land the final strike, Asavian faded away. His fleet was rendered powerless as all his soldiers became mindless. He is remembered by the Dread Masters through a piece a black fabric from his robe.

Status: Deceased, being defeated and killed by the Imperium.


The Shameful Disgrace

Dread Master Parasitus lived as part of the second generation of Dread Masters. He had originally served under the original Dread Masters as part of their corrupted army of Dread Guard. When the Dread Masters were defeated on Oricon, the Warlord gathered and recruited the remnants of the Dread Guard into her new Dread Legion. Parasitus joined, and after showing his powerful mastery over sorcery, was given a spot in the new Dread Union. However, when the Dreadful Division occurred, Parasitus aided the Masters, assisting them in defeating the Warlord. He then helped Rampage build up the new legion of dread. However, when Rampage was captured by the Warlord, Parasitus attempted to take leadership of the legion and reform them in his own image. However, the other Dread Masters realized Parasitus had become crazed, and rebelled against his desires, ultimately destroying him. After Parasitus died, the Masters recovered the crown he used. The crown is a relic of Parasitus in remembrance of his time as a Dread Master.

Status: Deceased, killed by the Dread Masters after attempting to control of them.


The Skilled Duelist

Terrorem was one of the most skilled Dread Masters in combat. He was a loyal Dread Master that had been attracted to the Reborn Masters through the Warlord's manipulative whispers. After demonstrating his skill, the Warlord deemed him worthy enough to be a Dread Master, and allowed him to take the mantle of Dread Master. When war broke out between the Masters and the Warlord, Terrorem's expertise in war helped the Masters survive against the Warlord's onslaught. After the Masters' succeeded in defense, they proceeded to attack the Warlord in her sanctuary on Ilum. When the Dread Masters confronted the Warlord, an intense duel broke out. Despite Terrorem's mastery in battle, the Warlord was able to immediately kill him when the duel began, as she was for more powerful than him. Afterwards, Terrorem's combat sword was recovered to remember his contributions to the union.

Status: Deceased, killed by the Warlord during the confrontation on Ilum.


The Insurgent Renegade

Shavalia's origins are very unclear, but it is very obvious that she had a unique bond with the Warlord that was stronger than the other Dread Masters' bond. Shavalia served as part of the second generation of Dread Masters, and served as a voice for the Warlord. Being mentally connected with the Warlord, Shavalia conveyed orders and demands to the other Dread Masters while the Warlord remained in the shadows, out of sight. However, the absence of the Warlord lead the Masters to grow independent and lose their respect for her. The Masters eventually declared war on the corrupt Warlord, but Shavalia was one of the few Dread Masters to stay loyal. Shavalia then lead the Warlord's army to destroy the rebellious Dread Masters. However, the assault failed, and Shavalia was killed. Shavalia's legacy is remembered in a sample of her ashen remains recovered after her death.

Status: Deceased, killed by the Dread Masters after attacking them.


The Ambitious Zealot

Avendin is one of the most known and hated of the Dread Masters. After the Dread Masters forces were decimated from their civil war, Dread Master Erasis left the union temporarily in search of allies. However, the Dread Masters feared they would go insane from Erasis' absence. At the same time, Avendin had sought out the Masters and demanded that he be given the title of Dread Master. The Masters accepted his demand, seeking to preserve their sanity. However, Erasis returned soon after, demanding that Avendin be removed so that he could retake his position as Dread Master. Working with a powerful force known as the Coalition, Erasis created a plan to destroy Avendin once and for all. The plan was successful, stripping Avendin of all honor and respect, humiliating him. He was then killed and Erasis took his place as Dread Master once more. Despite the hate that many had for Avendin, a sample of his blood was taken to remember the time he had spent with the Dread Masters.

Status: Deceased, killed by Erasis after attempting to steal his position as Dread Master.


The Ageless Warrior

Darth Nolus, former lieutenant and Dread Executioner of the first Dread Masters, is a man of many mysteries. Claiming to be almost 3000 years old, the man has seen a large quantity of battles and wars, which pours out in his wisdom and battlefield expertise. Nolus was found first by the Dread Masters when he joined Vitiate's Sith Empire after the Great Hyperspace War, his knowledge of the old ways of Ludo Kreesh, Marka Ragnos and Naga Sadow made him a valuable source for the Sith Empire in their quest of survival. He later joined the original Dread Masters in their Dread Guard, learning their teachings, which could be useful for Nolus' mysterious goals. When the first Dread Masters were defeated, Nolus died with them. Sometime later, Dread Master Erasis found the undying spirit of Nolus, trapped where he had died. Erasis, recognizing the man's power, sought to revive Nolus. He tricked a young Sith Pureblood to be sacrificed as a vessel for Nolus to inhabit. When the Pureblood was lured to Nolus' spirit, he was possessed, and Nolus returned to life. As a Dread Master, Nolus stood proudly, his mastery in battle making him the successor of Darth Tyrans. Though, when the Eternal Empire attacked the galaxy, Nolus went missing. He was later discovered on Zakuul, working to undermine the Eternal Empire. He soon rejoined the union as a Dread Master.

Status: Alive a powerful Dread Master and Successor of Tyrans.


The Mender of Deception

Vemara was a strange Sith to join the Dread Masters' union. Daughter of the traitor Asavian and a Jedi Master, Vemara was raised by to be the eyes and ears of Asavian throughout the galaxy. This involved infiltrating dangerous organizations and retrieving artifacts, so he taught her many of his secret techniques to defend herself during her travels. One of Vemara's most dangerous assignments from Asavian was infiltrating the ambitious cult of the rogue Sith Kataret. Vemara succeeded in infiltrating the group, but was taken in by Kataret's charisma, working loyally against the Dread Masters throughout their attempts to stop the cult. Vemara eventually became the cult's commander, achieving incredible goals and milestones for the group, including the resurrection of Kataret. She was eventually cleansed of Kataret's influence after being defeated by Asavian and the other Dread Masters in the depths of Belsavis. Following the betrayal of Asavian, Vemara was chosen to be her father's successor as the Master of Visions in the Dread Masters' union. During the invasion of the Empire of Zakuul, Vemara went missing, and was separated from the union. She was later rediscovered and returned to the union.

Status: Alive a powerful Dread Master and Successor of Calphayus.


The Exiled Prophet

Darth Hicalibre was one of the more mysterious Dread Masters. Originally, the Warlord had once met Hicalibre before the creation of the Reborn Dread Masters. Remembering Hicalibre to be one of the most skilled fighters in lightsaber contact, she directly sought him out, wishing for him to join her in the Dread union. He agreed, though despite being one of the Warlord's close allies, he was not promoted to the mantle of Dread Master. Eventually, when the Dread Division occurred and war broke out between the Warlord and the Dread Masters, Hicalibre decided to betray his former friend, and he sided with the rebellious Dread Masters. He saw how the dread had corrupted the Warlord, and agreed that she needed to be destroyed. He personally led the Masters' outnumbered army against the Warlord's overwhelming forces, and eventually succeeded in destroying them. Later, when Dread Master Rampage took leadership, he elevated Hicalibre to the mantle of Dread Master for remaining loyal. However, the Dread legion soon fell apart, and the Dread Masters separated. Hicalibre decided he would search the greater galaxy to learn of other organizations of power. Before he left, he entrusted Erasis with his ancient Sorcerer Staff, which was later declared his relic of remembrance.

Status: Alive, exploring the Galaxy and the Force.


The Keeper of Royal Blood

Princess Vindictiva Roderick became a prominent member of the Dread Masters during the Citadel Crisis. As the Imperium strengthened their hold on the galaxy, it faced the internal threat of Alesis Citadel, a powerful rogue Sith determined to see its government undone. In the midst of the war, Erasis was frowned upon by the hierarchy of the Imperium, as his own family and become a threat to them. Seeking to restrengthen bonds between the Masters and Imperium, as well as gain a valuable ally, Erasis planned to resurrect the crowned princess, Vindictiva. Darth Vindictiva had been one of the first casualties of the Citadel Crisis, and was a member of the Royal Roderick family. Erasis knew that reviving her, and making her a Dread Master, would be beneficial to him and his allies. The ritual turned out to be a success, Vindictiva returning as a Dread Master. In her first moments of being a member of the union, Vindictiva inspired Erasis to join her in forcefully imposing the Emperor's will on the citizens of the Imperium, to which they gladly agreed. Since then, Vindictiva has been a prized member of the union, strengthening it and continuing to stand with her siblings in wars. Vindictiva's royal blood of the Rodericks serves as a reminder to all Imperium citizens that the Dread Masters are to be respected as royalty, and that their power is unchallenged.

Status: Alive a powerful Dread Master and Successor of Bestia.


The Masterful Prodigy

Known for completing the Dread Union for the first time in several generations, Darth Belleva was raised by Darth Ray'ak and her witches, the Septus Mirtis. Successor of Styrak, Belleva had an undying love for her alchemical creatures, specifically her whitefang, Kunta. Through Ray'ak, Belleva became acquainted with Dread Master Erasis, who's unique powers immediately intrigued her. Erasis soon adopted Belleva into the dreadful arts, making her one of his loyal Dread legionnaires to which she continued to study the ancient mysteries of fear in the Force. Eventually, Erasis and the other Masters would seek to reestablish and completed union of six powerful force-users to ascend in their abilities together. Belleva's demonstration of her loyalty and curiosity, as well as her considerable knowledge and strengths in the Force, made her a worthy candidate for the mantle of the Masters. When the Dread Masters retreated into their exile on Oricon, Belleva came with them, and they tested her physically and mentally until she was prepared to share their extreme powers. Belleva's training ended when the Masters performed their traditional ceremony on Korriban, inducting Belleva into their mental bond. As the union was completed, the six ascended together, and would later test their combined strength in the wars to come.

Status: Alive a powerful Dread Master and Successor of Styrak.


The Calculating Usurper

Dread Master Senna is an entirely unique and original addition to the Dread Masters. In her lifetime, Senna constantly sought to become stronger in herself, seeking out forgotten powers, including the power of Dread Master Brontes. Despite her growing strength, Senna was eventually defeated and imprisoned on Belsavis. But due to her connection to Brontes, Dread Master Erasis located and freed her, before convincing her to join him as a faithful Dread Guard. Senna displayed incredible skill as she grew more powerful with the Masters' training. She soon became a devoted extremist to them, standing with them faithfully, no matter what obstacles stood in their way. However, as time passed, Senna became increasingly displeased with Dread Master Kataret. Kataret had been constantly decreasing in his Sith nature and was rising in his new Jedi nature, to which Senna believed was restraining the union's true potential. Yet, by the time Senna was finally ready to stand in defiance of Kataret, it was too late. When the Eternal Empire attacked the galaxy, Kataret went missing. He remained hidden for five years, before Senna tracked him down and confronted him. She was able to kill him, but not before humiliating him and breaking his mentality. With Kataret's death, Senna absorbed his powers and replaced him as successor of Brontes in the Dread Masters' union. Afterwards, Kataret appeared to Senna as an apparition, passing on his knowledge and experiences before finally becoming one with the Force.

Status: Alive a powerful Dread Master and Successor of Brontes.

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