The Knights of the Imperium

Five former members of the order, in its original incarnation. (From L to R)Lord Tae'lo'ren, Lord Vladrick, Darth Takhisis, Lord Kreigurr and Lord Shen-aluyan

The Knights of the Praetorium, also known as the Praetorian Guard, are a religious chivalric order established by Lord Emperor Arestenax I. Knights of the Praetorium are a group of the Imperium's most decorated Force-users and military. Entrance into the Knighthood is among one of the highest honors that can be bestowed. Knights are hand-picked by the Sovereign and are responsible for the protection of the Sovereign and Imperial Family, as well as the Praetorian Council. 

Knights also have duties determined by the Order they belong to.

Darth Andrekios is the current Grand Master of the Knights. The Knighthood is divided into five Orders commanded by Imperators or Praetors, and are led in their duties by Knight Commanders. The Grand Master is responsible for the overall leadership of the knights and the issuing of special operations orders. Operations carried out by an Imperial Knight are considered to have the authority of the Sovereign. Knights may only follow commands from the Sovereign or Knight Commanders within their order (cross-order commands are rare, but must be obeyed). While Knights are required to show deference to all members of the Praetorian Council and senior Imperial officials, they cannot be issued orders from individuals outside of the order's chain of command.

Orders of the Knights of the Praetorium Edit

The following are the current Orders knights may be assigned to:

The Order of Justice Edit

This order, devoted to the Dark Divine Arestenax, is considered the strongest of the orders. This is in part because Lord Emperor Arestenax founded the Knights, but also because he is the only living Divine and therefore has a stronger connection to his living followers. They dedicate themselves to ensuring that justice is met and crimes punished. They may call on Arestenax to allow them to strike harder and faster, allowing for swifter executions. Knights within this order are given a Fire-red color crystal that burns with the intensity of the Lord Emperor.

The Order of Justice is led by Knight Captain Karnoth.

The Order of Truth Edit

The Order of Truth devotes itself to the Dark Divine Keine, founder of the Sith Imperium and a visionary who understood the folly of the Sith Empire. They are dedicated to investigation and the pursuit of truth, and may call upon Keine to assist them in uncovering hidden facts. Knights within this Order are given a Grayish-red color crystal that pulses with a curious glow.

The Order of Truth is led by Knight Captain Azezial.

The Order of the Bold Edit

The Bold are the warriors of the Knights. Devoted to Bhula the Bold, they are some of the greatest warriors in the Imperium. Acting as elite commandos, they are sent in when a mission seems impossible. They may call on Bhula to keep themselves from harm. Knights within this Order are given a Red color crystal that emanates with the intensity of a warrior's spirit.

The Order of the Bold is led by Knight Captain Verrgerre.

The Order of Duty Edit

This order is devoted to Kharia the Dutiful, and act as the peacekeepers of the Imperium. They are charged with enforcing the Imperium's laws and maintaining order. They may call upon Kharia to force those around them into obedience - in a fight, an opponent will be stunned or surrender; during an argument, their opponent may change their stance agree with them. Knights within this Order are given an Amethyst color crystal that beams with a peaceful glow.

The Order of Duty is led by Knight Commander Ezrían Minoru.

The Order of Honor Edit

The Order of Honor is devoted to Salvatus the Honorable. They are the emissaries, messengers, and diplomatic aides of the Imperium. They may call upon Salvatus to heal with their voices. Knights within this Order are given a Copper color crystal that inspires those around them with it's golden glow.

The Order of Honor is led by the Voice.

Acting as the Ministry of Law and Justice Edit

The Ministry of Law and Justice pertains to policing the grounds of Ry'llara, as well as upholding the laws of the Sith Imperium and the Sovereign to their fullest extent. Tasks within the Ministry often include detainment, interrogation, security, and the holding of trials, among other duties.

The current head of the Ministry of Law and Justice is His Grace, Darth Andrekios of the Houses Roderick and Shay, Prince of the Sith Imperium, Wrath of the Lord Emperor, Imperator, Dark Lord of the Sith, Grandmaster of the Preatorian Knights, Chief General of the Imperium Army, Chief Supreme Judicator, Minister of Law and Justice and Count of Shay.

Departments within the Ministry Edit

The Department of Law Edit

This department primarily acts as the legal system for the Ministry. Trials fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Law, thus implying that court martial, punishments, and other purposes are carried out. Warrants may also be filed to Law, and if approved, they would be sent to the Department of Security to be carried out. After the warrant is carried out and the guilty party(s) detained, the Minister, or any other pre-selected authority, would carry out the punishment, if applicable, to the guilty party(s).

The Department of Security Edit

Tasked with policing and thwarting anarchy on Ry'llara is the Department of Security. Security works heavily as the fighting force of the Ministry of Law and Justice, carrying out arrests, warrants, and other security duties. This department is also responsible for the imprisonment, restraint, and interrogation of prisoners.

Ranks within the Ministry Edit

Those who are not Praetorian Knights can still serve the Ministry of Law and Justice in other ways. As the Ministry of Law and Justice deals with the arrest, interrogation, prosecution, and punishment of criminals, these positions are available to those interested in the Ministry.

  1. Chief Supreme Judicator - The Minister of Justice holding full authority over its Departments.
  2. Grand Inquisitor - Head of the Departments of Justice.
  3. Arbitrator - Manages lesser ranks and may preside over insignificant trials.
  4. Advocate - People who deal with the legal system, working as prosecutors, lawyers, or other roles.
  5. Inquisitor - Those who take an active role in the Ministry as interrogators, Watchmen commanders, or other roles.
  6. Watchman - The grunt force of the Ministry acting mostly as security and police.

The Oath of the Knights of the ImperiumEdit

The following is the oath that is administered to every knight:

"Darkness gathers and so my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall serve the Sovereign without reservation. I shall show no weakness. I shall be loyal in word and deed. I shall protect the Family and the Praetorium. I shall enforce the Sovereign's Law and I shall be faithful to the Dark Divines. At the Sovereign's command I shall follow Him into the flames, but none shall touch him because I shall lay down my life for His. I am His blade, His shield, His Will. Never shall I give reason for Him to doubt my fidelity. Never shall I dishonor his name. Never shall I falter in my duty. I am a Knight of the Sith Imperium from this day to the end of days."

Knights are then told "that is your oath" and struck viciously so that they remember it. 

Once the oath of the Knights of the Imperium is taken they are bound to that oath for life. Only death can release them from their obligation to the order.

Positions in the KnighthoodEdit

  1. Knight Grand Master - The Grand Master of the Knights of the Imperium is responsible for the overall command of the Knight's as well as their operation.
  2. Knight Commander is second in command of the Knights of the Imperium and is responsible to the Knight Grand Master to assist in the overall command of the knights as well as their operation.
  3. Knight Captain- The Knight Commander of the Knights of the Imperium is in charge of one of the Orders.
  4. Knight of the Praetorium - Knights of the Imperium who are assigned to the detail are the full or most time members of the order. They are required to wear the uniform of the Knights when on duty and answer only to their Order Commander, the Knight Grand Master, and the Lord Empress.

Uniform and Equipment Edit

Upon completing a brutal choosing process, Knight Aspirants are brought to sacred ground within the Praetorian Temple. Within this sacred ground, Aspirants will construct their Praetorian Lightsabers, symbolizing their full commitment to defending the interests of the Lord Emperor and unwavering readiness to defend the Sovereign. After this ceremony, Aspirants will be issued their Praetorian Knight Armor, a chestplate imbued with the Dark Side of the Force. The Knight Commander is issued his/her own personal set of armor, made from the most elegant materials and blessed by the Lord Emperor himself.

Number Allotment (Administrative note) Edit

The numbers of knights are restricted to the following until the guild's number exceeds 400 members:

1 Knight Grand Master 1 Knight Commander 5 Knight Captains 10 Knights (detailed) Unspecified amount of undetailed knight (NPCs and dignitaries who are no longer knights)