The Director Of Operations and Leader of Project Dead Cell formally called "Six" or "Dead-Six" was a very experienced Freelancer/mercenary who was put at the number of "Six" apart of the former Dead Cell Group that was mixed with many rejects or veterans of the republic. The Director never really likes to speak about his past but will have to speak the truth behind what happened to his team on Dromund Kaas.

The Director likes to be called "Mr.Director" Or "General" now since making the decision to join the Imperium if the council agrees with the merging, that being so Project Dead Cell would go into fruition

The Director was raised by a former Republic General in his lifetime, There are no traces of his family instead of a daughter, and his deceased lover and comrade in arms.. "Fives" The woman he loved so dearly but she took her own life wanting him to live on, Even if she was a former Mandalorian it was a honor to have her life taken by the one she loved.

The Director has green eyes and gray spiked hair, his age is estimated to be around 40 or 39

He is experienced in stealth and the use of assassinating key targets

The Director Uses his A.I. Alpha to help boost his abilities on the battlefield or in training simulations


///// KEY WORD //////

///// ALPHA /////

ALPHA is a direct replication of the Directors memory of who he was in D.C. (Dead Cell) during when he was younger, the memories of his loved ones implanted as Alpha keeps questioning about "HER" wondering if "SHE" ever survived or if she is around but The Director has to remind Alpha not to ask to many questions or he will be reprogrammed or set aside.

How Was Alpha Formed?

Alpha was Formed by the director himself with very limited resources to his advantage but with the knowledge of the Empire's intelligence and key fragments from Droids. Alpha was created into a small A.I. Chip that would be implanted in the back of the Director's neck that would attach to the nervous system.

Further More Questions are to be Asked by the Director himself.

Bad Memories

In a dream like state, Mr.Director saw his past self stabbing his lover as a result he yelled out to his past self whose eyes teared hearing the echoes of "Ni..Kar'tayil gar darasuum" echo inside his right ear as he quickly turns around to find out there is a black flower that fell to the ground as it touched the very cold surface the surroundings faded to black.. It was an illusion as the flower turned to ash.

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