This is the History, of Lady Telia Vukua-Midicoil, Shadow hand of the Lord Emperor Veldarius, Dark lord of the Sith and pretender to the throne of the Midicoil Covenant.

My lady has asked this to be written down in case anything should happen to her and people spread blasphemous lies and deceit about her.


Early years:

Telia Vukua Midicoil was born a bastard to both a Lesser Sith's dauther and the noble family of the Midicoil Covenant. Born in a small village situated on the edge of the Dreshdae, her grandfather banished her and her mother and they settled down in a swampy area with other exiles and failed Sith Academy students.

When Telia was 4 years old, her mother heard a rumor from a traveling merchant about Qurrim and they left their community searching for him, eventually arriving, quite by mistake and by luck, on Zelos II where Cathar pirate maintained control and enslaved them both until Qurrim's return 3 years later when he re-established his Kingdom.

A year later Qurrim heard about Telia and her mother and brought them to the Capital and let them stay with him, helping to raise Telia and training her in the ways of the Force. She was also declared Heir Apparent as she was the youngest child of Qurrim's, much to the chagrin of many noble Zelosians.

At age 14, Telia left Kryndyn (the capital) for Etersbur and became a Junker at the Artillery School (today called Vukuaovskaya Military Artillery Academy). 5 years later, she received a rank of Seedling (a Junior Officer) and was seconded to serve in an artillery brigade in the Kinsm and Orodng Governorates. She did not enjoy the army, and having free time, she spent it on self-education. at 21, she was seconded to Tver and from there returned to the capital. Although her father wanted her to continue in either the military or civil service, Telia traveled to Woscom to study philosophy.

Interest in philosophy:

In Woscom, Telia soon became friends with a group of former university students. They studied idealist philosophy grounded in the poet Yikolan Hitan, a bold pioneer who opened the Kingdom to thought the vast and fertile continent of Republic metaphysics. They studied Many great philosophers and by autumn, Telia conceived of forming a philosophical circle in the Capital. By early next year she was back in Woscom, where she published translations of Eichtf's Some Lectures Concerning the Scholar's Vocation and The Way to a Blessed Life, which became her favorite book, from Basic to Zelosian.

Telia became increasingly influenced by one particular philospher, Legeh and made the first Basic translation of his work. During this period, she met Xenophile Kons Vaksa, Riotr Chadev and cooperativists Lexan Herz and Yikol Ogav where she developed her pansxeno views. After her father named Kaieera, her "Sister" apparently from an alternate reality, heir, Telia went to Nerli. Her stated plan was to become a university professor (a "priest of truth" as she and her friends imagined it), but she soon met and joined students of the Young Legehians and the cooperative movement. 2 years later her essay "The Reaction in Nerli", she argued for the revolutionary role of negation, summed up in the phrase "the passion for destruction is a creative passion".

After three semesters in Nerli, Telia went to Nresde where she became friends with Darnol Ruge. Here, she also read Zoren Ntein's "Cooperative and Community of Nerli" and developed a passion for cooperativism. She abandoned her interest in an academic career, and devoted more and more time to promoting revolution. The Zelosian government, becoming aware of this activity, ordered her to return to Kryndyn. On her refusal, her property was confiscated. Instead, she went to the Imperium.

In The Imperium:

In the Imperium, Emperor Veldarius accepted her as a citizen in recognition of her father's legacy and she became the Shadow Hand of the Emperor and eventually a Dark Lord of the Sith. Since this she has taken two apprentices, Eivuhr Mordha and Alyss Cyrus. However recently some of her old friends and prominent figures in Zelosian society have come to speak with her to discuss affairs in the Midicoil Covenant. She clashed with the Zelosian Naitonalists over their demand for a historic Zelos based on the old borders (before the Covenant was declared) as she defended the right of autonomy for the non-Zelosian peoples in these territories. She also did not support their clericalism and they did not support her calls for the emancipation of the peasantry. High Queen Kaieera issued a decree that stripped Telia of her privileges as a noble, confiscated her land in Zelos, and exiled her for life in Aiberis (An icy tundra). She responded with a long letter to Kaieera denouncing her as a decadent despot and calling for democracy in the Covenant. In another letter to Zelos, she defended Aliens after the repression of Cathar there. After the defeat of the uprising in Wrakór, Cathar refugees from there invited her to speak at a meeting commemorating the Uprising. In her speech, Telia called for an alliance of the Alien and Zelosian peoples against the Queen, and looked forward to "the definitive collapse of despotism in Zelos".

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