Darth Taboran was Hand of the Lord Emperor, serving under Lord Emperor Veldarius Imperior.

Not much more is known about the mysterious, white-clad figure, but he is known to enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee from the Wine & Chiss cafe.

Taboran was born on Amgarrak.

Styles of Address

Current His Excellency, Darth Taboran of House Imperior, Hand of the Lord Emperor, Lord Councillor of the Dark Council, and Dark Lord of the One Sith.



Darth Taboran was engineered in secret by Sith Imperium scientists who sought to produce excellent qualities that would befit an individual who would serve in the Office of the Hand. Holding genes from many successful and noteworthy people, Taboran holds qualities which include superior intellect, responsibility, management, strength, and many other skills and skill-sets. However, he is prone to angry outbursts as he is still rather new to the whole 'being alive thing'. Given growth accelerators while being developed, Taboran is actually quite young. The experiment was started approximately four years ago.

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