Syrcann was a human male apprentice im service of Reveren around the time of the cold war

Quotes Edit

“Well good game” – Syr after being beaten by jedistheempire

"Yes Master" - Syr to his superior

Biography Edit

Early life and escape to Korriban Edit

Syrcann grew up on Corellia, living as a force sensitive farm worker but soon discovered his force sensitivity, Jedi took him to tython to be trained but he soon found that the jedi were soft in his opinion, so he escaped and stole a ship and soon he found himself in the care of the empire and the sith academy.

Recruitment Edit

Syr was doing tasks for his masters on korriban when he was contacted by the imperium and recruited.

Pledge of Servitude Edit

Syrcann later came in apprenticeship with master Reveren , if the master had any other apprentices at the time is unknown to syrcann.

Personality and Traits Edit

Syrcann, While a sith, Was more inclined towards the light, but he was known to kill without remosrse thus making him sort of nuetral. Syrcann was a little headstrong and tended to ush into fights he could not win. Unlike his brother, Avoles, who worked in the republic millitary, Syrcann was a fairly easy opponent but a calculating one who always tried stratergy before said strategy was forgotten five seconds after.