Boarding the Dark Star

Darth Arestenax Boarding the Dark Star

By Tal Varnok, SIT Associate Editor

VOSS KA ORBIT -- Seen wearing a black cloak and accompanied only by his trusted droid advisor D4-R9, the Lord Emperor boarded the Harrower Class Dreadnaught Dark Star, destination unknown. 

The Palace was tight-lipped about the secretive trip, refusing to comment citing Imperium Security. 

The ship in which the Lord Emperor is travelling, the Dark Star, is a vessel which is staffed only by Imperial Knights who are undyingly loyal to the Lord Emperor. No one would comment about his mysterious trip nor how long the Lord Emperor would be gone. 

Multiple sources who refused to speak on the record confirmed that the ship's hyperspace trail led outside of Imperium Territory towards the galactic rim. They further confirm that the Harrower went alone without the typical escort of other capitol vessels. 

Per Imperium Public Law, in absence of the Lord Emperor the Lord Empress shall rule alongside the Voice of the Lord Emperor, Princess Vindictiva. Praetor Citadel remains as leader of the Council and Prime Minister.


Vindictiva the Voice

Princess Vindictiva, sitting on her father's throne

Saria Secondus, SIT Government and Politics Correspondent

VOSS KA -- For the second time since the ascension of His Majesty, Darth Arestenax to Lord Emperor, the Imperium finds itself led by Her Imperial Highness, Darth Vindictiva, Voice of the Lord Emperor, Princess of the Sith Imperium and Governor of the Capitol Sector. 

A proven military leader, Darth Vindictiva, led the Imperium during the disappearance of the Lord Emperor during his battle with Darth Umbra. Her command of the Imperium Navy while Republic and Imperial forces attempted to wrestle Voss from Imperium control helped solidify the Imperium's hold on Voss. 

This time Darth Vindictiva finds herself in a better position than last. Older now, 27 as opposed to 17, the Princess has more experience in her own right and is supported by the competent leadership of the Lord Empress and the Praetor.

"Citizens of the Imperium are well served by the interim leadership of the Voice" Said Palace Spokesman Rion Traevco. "His Imperial Majesty has complete confidence in the Voice, his Wife and Praetor Citadel to lead the Imperium in his absence."

When pressed on the reason and length for the Lord Emperor's absence Spokesman Traevco refused to comment. 


By: Rodeia Viathru'nakawra Roderick, SIT Editor-in-Chief

The Imperial Palace has issued the following decree, published here in it's entirety:

"Their Royal Majesties, The Lord Emperor and Lord Empress, do hereby command all citizens to contribute to the war effort by paying taxes and participating in conquest as directed by the Ministry of War. Disobedience of this decree shall be considered an act of treason. So say we all"

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