Azu'lae: Move: No not the hair! (in honor of Kamron Vale)

Witness: Tyrol, and more

Description: After having openly admitted to the Wrath of treason against the Imperium, Kamron Vale drew his blaster in a last chance to defend himself. However the Wrath put him down like a toy, taking her sabers and slicing through the poor mans head from top to bottom slicing him like a Christmas ham.

Active Descriptions: A downward slash with one, or both blades to slice a head open like lunchmeat.

Cassius: Move: How Dare you sir?!

Witness: Veldarius, and multiple Imperium Members.

Description: After having survived a ship crashing into Solaria from orbit the badly wounded Cassius walked directly up to a Hovertank that was surrounded by multiple Imperium members and slapped it with his glove. It was Surprisingly effective -2 emotional health.

Active Description: A removed glove slapped across the enemy.

Khorend: Move: Chunga Chunga Choo Choo

Witness: Veldarius, and multiple Imperium Members.

Description: While fighting against a hover tank with a large group of Imperium Members Khorend took a blast that temporarily knocked him down. After returning to his feet he attempted to use his impressive size advantage to bowl over the hover tank, and even if he missed. The legends of the Chunga Chunga Choo Choo will reside in history for all time.

Active Description: The chungus rolls himself into an unstoppable ball and tries to bowl over the enemy.

Jhaffon'el: Move: The bobblehead

Witness: Fo'nodow, and others

Description: In a scuffle against some mandalorians after a bounty on Solaria, Jhaff took a wrist rocket blocking the explosion from wrecking the cantina and then proceeded to leap forward smashing the mandalorians helmet in.

Active Description: A force imbued smash with both hands intertwined starting from behind the head and slamming forward. Onto a skull preferably.

Khroned: Move: Innate Fear

Witness: Veldarius, and multiple Imperium Members.

Description: The mere sight of the chungus is enough to cause a Hovertank to quake in its armor plates.

Iclyn Wynters: Move: The Jewel Thief

Witness: Ellvalan and one other

Description: In a battle with Luthandalur Icy landed a devastating kick wearing her favorite spiked shoes and landed a crippling blow to his...personal area.

Active Description: Against battles with males Icy tends to kick their personal region wearing shoes with large spikes on them.

Combo Moves

Tyrol and Khorend: Move: The Khorend Cannonball

Witness: Veldarius and multiple Imperium Members.

Description: Without the aid of heavy artillery from the now crashed ship above, Tyrol had to make due with using the chungus as a makeshift missile.

Active Description: Tyrol using the force picks up Khroend and lobs the Heavy artillery at his opponents for devastating damage.

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