Senn'nodow, generally referred to as Senna, is the middle child of the triplets born from the union of Fo'nodow and Iclyn Wynters. Born prematurely, the young girl was born with pink hair which is a 'gene' from her mother's side. Force-sensitive, Senna is oblivious about the Chiss Ascendancy that her father comes from. She is a very soft-spoken, kind and shy little empath.

Due to her parent's training, notably her father's, the young girl is proficient in three languages Sith, Cheunh, and Basic. She mostly takes on Caesa who she views as her role model along with her godmother, Rhalae, who happens to be Caesa's biological twin. Senna has show natural talent in elemental-based force abilities. She is also extremely wary of strangers due to her parents' warnings about the world.

Her mother gave birth to her siblings and her soon after the Battle of Solaria on the Bledhaevn. They were 28 weeks old. Their grandmother made sure that her siblings and her would not be a citizen of space, which is why their homeworld is Solaria on their birth certificate. Since their father (the Minister of State) owns personally a planet, she has dual citizenship as a citizen of the Sith Imperium and one of Cantonica.

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