Sarah Kerran Olesya Was Born A few years before the Centares Incident, her mother being Ada Olesya while her father - Secret Information -

Growing up she had it hard, Children would look at her and label her the "Spawn Of A Traitor" and her life was extremely harsh. But she was raised by Zaffand and Anna Orion of House Orion.

Growing up she let the rage control her emotions as she began to train harder every day inside (SR Simulators) and also go up against others of her own house to better her training to become the best soldier she could be.

There is little information on her abilities but it is said that she is indeed force sensitive


Sarah Kerran Olesya has Red Hair like her mothers when she was young, but she prefers to dye it black sometimes

She stands about 5'4 and wears all black armor some saying it was a replica of what her mother wore during her final moments at the hand of Ray'ak

Her eyes are Brown/dark resembling her father's eyes but she does not know of him all that she knows is that he was responsible for the death of her mother and also the betrayal to the Imperium.


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Growing up was tough on Sarah until one day she stumbled upon a man named "Jim" The guy was obviously a bit older than her but it didn't matter

"Someone givin' you trouble darlin?"

His obvious catch phrases he had that slick bounty hunter or smuggler accent which really couldn't help but make Sarah Smile,

These two were inseparable but of course when the call comes she has to return to the Imperium, Jim had his worries about it but Sarah would always re-assure him she would return and she kept her promise once in a while she would return to meet with him.

Years Passing By The Two Became Very Closer, Not in a friendship way but something more, dragging each other out of the fires to save one another, Jim was of course the most powerful one out of the bunch so he would be able to withstand more than Sarah.

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