This is the History of Darth Saex Imperior, heir and hound to House Imperior, Lord Commander of the Red Dawn, Aid to His Honor Darth Rubar Imperior, and Dark Lord of the Sith.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” -Saex Imperior


The Great Beginning:

Lord Saex Imperior was born the son of a peasant family servant to House Imperior of Alderaan. Shortly after birth Saex began working as aid to members of House Imperior. At one point, even the Lord Imperitor himself, Rubar Imperior. During his time serving under the Imperitior, Saex was contacted by him and told about his strong connectivity to The Force. Rubar then approached Saex with an offer of Apprenticeship under himself, Saex immediately accepted and became Rubar's Apprentice.

The Rise of Saex:

After many long years of apprenticeship, which Saex loved, he finally was deemed a Lord of the Sith. Additionally Rubar approached him with an invitation to join House Imperior, a prominent house compared to his own. In fact, Saex had no house. Saex accepted and was initiated into House Imperior.

After Saex was initiated, he gained more chances to work with Rubar and gain his trust and friendship, before long Saex was promoted to the Hound of House Imperior, otherwise known as the Royal Assistant and Bodyguard to the Imperitor.

After Saex joined the Imperitorial Circle of House Imperior, he was once again awarded with the title of Heir to the Imperitorship of House Imperior. This acention to Imperior Royalty ends his journey from no house to great house, for now.

The Induction into an Imperium:

When Rubar fled Dromund Kass for the accused murder of the Prime Minister, Saex happened to be there with him. Saex joined Rubar on his ship as it fled the system and arrived with him on Varkion-5. There they established the Varkion Imperium, a rebellious group of rouge Sith, along with other loyal members of House Imperior.

After the siege and surrender of Rubar and the Varkion Imperium to the Sith Imperium, Saex followed his master into the folds of the new Imperium. After Rubar was named Minister of Intelligence for the Sith Imperium, Saex was accepted into the Ministry of Mysteries and Ancient Knloledge by recommended of Rubar to Primarch Bahr've'ahz B'Makzhor


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