Roderick City

Roderick City is a colony of the Sith Imperium commissioned by the Emperor after his return in the aftermath of the Asavianic War.  Initially a secret base where the Order of the Emperor protected the Emperor during his long bouts of recuperative sleep; the need for secrecy was eroded by the need for security as the Emperor awakened more frequently. 

The city will be incorporated at a grand opening ceremony where Princess Kharia Roderick will be installed as Princess of Roderick City and it's ruling governor. The city is the site of the Basilica of the Dark Divines, the Sith Imperium Secondary Academy, the Tower of Governance, the Tower of History and the Cavern of Justice as well as the Dread Master Palace. 

Since the growing of the population of Roderick City there has been an noticeable increase in religious fanaticism. A cult known as the Coven has formed around the Wrath of the Emperor. This cult has launched an inquisition throughout the Imperium which burns heretics and traitors. Citizens visiting or on pilgrimage to Roderick City are advised to obey all laws, observe all religious rituals, obey all Sith customs and courtesies and refrain from actions disrespecting the Dark Divines, the Force or the Emperor while present as the penalties are severe.

Roderick City served as a gathering place of Imperium citizens and heroes for many years. However, during the invasion of the Eternal Empire, the Imperium abandoned its territories, including Yavin IV. They fled to the Indrexu Spiral, remaining there for over five years. While the Sith Imperium has made a return to the galaxy with the reclamation of Voss, they have decided not to risk their current galactic position, and have therefore not reclaimed the colony of Roderick City.


Roderick City -- Overview

Roderick City -- Basilica of the Dark Divine First Floor
Roderick City -- Basilica of the Dark Divines Second Floor


Roderick City -- Citadel of the Dark Divine Basement Floor
Roderick City -- Cavern of Justice
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