Rhiess Valkan was born to Darth Haskkut and Darth Acazia with her twin sister Valezcia on her home planet of Ziost. Due to the Insanity of her father her mother sent her to Alderaan and was adopted by the Draken Family. She was sent away before her father knew of her existence to save her from the torment that would have befallen her.


Rhiess became apart of the Family of Aldasen Draken and Darth Reseen both Nobility of House Draken. She was raised before the birth of Leah and her three brothers. She had been raised to eventually become Sith. She joined the Sith around the age of 15 with training from her noble family beforehand. Rhiess trained under Overseer Domikri Barcav as she was waiting for a master. She would eventually become the apprentice to Lord Nathdea who trained her for her first 10 years in the Sith Empire

Death of her first master

Rhiess had from a young age started to plan the eventual demise of her master as she grew more powerful in the force. Rhiess was taught quite a few ways to use mind tricks and how to fight with a lightsaber against others. Eventually, Rhiess would take the first opportunity that she had to kill her master. She was unfortunately too late. Her master was killed by another Sith and they took their place as Rhiess' master. This Sith was soon to be known as Shall Valkarn. He was a ruthless master who constantly beat Rhiess down during duels just to test her strength without caring if she actually succeeded.

A New Sister Comes Around

During the time that Rhiess was in the Sith, she finally got a couple of brothers and sisters in her life. Her Sister Leah came into the world around the time Rhiess was 34. She raised her almost as her own child. As Leah grew up she was eventually conscripted into the Sith as well. Rhiess became protective of her and this became a weakness during her time in the Sith. She eventually moved past this after her master used this to his advantage and manipulated Rhiess to gain his own power.

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