• Born Rhalae Gratianus
  • Her mother was a human Jedi raised by Miralukas
    • She gave her children Miraluka-style names
    • She secretly trained her daughters in the Jedi arts
  • Her father is Sith pureblood
    • He is of petty nobility due to his position
    • He discovered his family's secret training lessons and flew into a wild rage, and in a quick flurry of movements, his wife and one daughter lay dead and the other scarred. He froze, whether from regret or satisfaction, is unknown- but the then 14 year old Rhalae used it as her chance to escape.
  • Rhalae escaped with the help of a childhood friend to neutral space. Her friend stayed behind and was later executed by the Empire for harboring and aiding a fugitive.
  • She was framed for the murder of her mother and sister, prompting a bounty of 500,000 credits being placed on her head. The bounty was with the Empire, issued by Darth Hasskut, and retracted after his death.
  • After a year of dealing with bounty hunters and Imperials alike, she stumbled upon Voss, where she took shelter with the Mystics until the age of 19 before officially becoming a citizen of the Imperium.

Skills & Training

Force Abilities

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