He was born and raised on Dromund Kass

  • His Father (Human) was a Jedi Knight.
    • He was barely around, considering he was Jedi and it was hard for him to see his son. So he virtually had 0 influence on Rhagrille in his youth.
  • His Mother (Pureblood/Human) was a Sith Lord.
    • She was Sith, so she had duties. Yet she tried to stay at home with Rhagrille to be a proper 'Mother' figure to him.

Upon discovery he was Force sensitive his Mother began training him in small ways until he could be sent off to the Sith Academy on Korriban. His Father, of course was against this decision. He wasn't given any choice and had to let Rhagrille train under the Sith ways on Korriban.

After he was sent off to Korriban he trained for years, pushing himself so he could become a successful and powerful Sith Lord. While he excelled in lightsaber combat, he was less skillful in the force. He primarily used 1 lightsaber but soon took a liking to using 2 and started to focus on 2 rather than 1.

Once he had completed his training at the academy, he was picked up by a Darth by the name of [Redacted] and returned to Dromund Kass. He was mostly tasked to do his Masters dirty work with the occasional lesson here and there. During his apprenticeship he met a man named Geo and went on to work with him for countless tasks.

His master hadn't promoted him, and didn't seem to have any intentions on doing so. He'd gotten sick of all the meaningless slaughter, torture, and pain he'd been through and caused. With some assistance from his new friend, he murdered his master in cold blood, and Rhag escaped Dromund Kass on his ship.

The two were now unemployed, so they figured they'd do what they both did best, fighting. They worked as Hired Guns / Mercenaries. They'd do any job, as long as the price was right. They made their living like this for the next couple of years. Eventually managing to find the Sith Imperium, and enlisting themselves to their cause.

Sith Imperium

Rhagrille had joined the Imperium in the midst of a Civil War. After finding out the reasons behind the Civil War, he decided to join the 'resistance' side of the War. During this period he was still and academy student, yet that didn't deter him from participating in multiple operations against the enemy. Participating in the Train Raid and the Final Push on the Throne.

After the war, he was released from the academy and immediately picked up by a Lord. He was apprenticed by Arixias, a rather 'sassy' person that he enjoyed being around. He would train under her, learning some new things such as : Force Sight, and Force Healing.

( Still W.I.P )

Cybernetic Hand

Due to the loss of his left hand, Rhagrille has improvised some upgrades for his cybernetic hand over the years hes had it.


A long blade he installed into his hand, easily concealable considering it retracts into his hand. It was built using excess pieces of vibroknives and spare parts he had with him during an ops he was out on.

Grappling Hook.

Pretty self explanatory.The first modification he ever made to his cybernetic hand. Built with an old grapple gun he had from his Hired Gun days.

Dart Launcher.

One of his more recent modifications, he built this using some higher quality parts from destroyed / wrecked combat droids. Using this he can fire explosive, tranquilizer, electric darts and more. It has a max capacity of 3 darts, allowing 1 of each type, or 3 of the same.

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