Well, this was requested for others as a semi-explanation. First off, I realize this is a strongly canon guild and not to bring this into any RP. I realize that it is highly non-canon, which is why I haven't used it everywhere I go. So please, don't nit-pick it just because someone requested that I put up the link and that I actually wrote it. Please, just read and enjoy, as I realize all these things. I honestly understand it's non-canon- hence it isn't being used in this guild.


This is the story of my main character, Skathara, throughout her life as I have written thus far. It is still being written, and this link will constantly be updated as far as I go with the story. However, the character Necronomica ties in ias actually Cor'vus, though that actual name was unavailable at the time I made the toon, though a different name does help to hide her.

Actual Link

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