Name:   Remus Little [Vizla]

Height: ~4 feet (when wearing boots)

Weight:  90 lbs

Age:       26 (44 if counting period in carbonite

Work:    Smuggler, entertainer, mimic, actor, mercenary, bartender, medic, pilot,

Musician, con-artist, and all around good guy!

Physical Description:

He is short, with normal humanoid proportions, tanned skin and slight freckles

Auburn hair, made into dreadlocks and held up in a bun, (to make him feel taller)

Piercing green eyes. pierced right ear. Usual impish grin or smile, with trimmed sideburns and light stubble. He often wears his “lucky jacket” which he claims because he has never died in it! It also hides various hidden weapons, a flask of whiskey, a star wars harmonica, and and various tech to help in his work...

before the Imperium

Remus, when very young (6ish) was found by Elterix,(an alt of mine) and was raised by him for a couple of years, teaching basic survival and treating him like an apprentice. Elterix frequently travelled with him in tow and engaged in dangerous trips all over the galaxy until Elterix dropped him off with very little explanation on Nar Shaddaa. Remus then was taken in by an Ugnaught mechanic and trader, who taught him valuable life skills such as petty thievery, piloting, trafficking, smuggling, stealth, and acting. Remus, being young and very small for his age, often found it easy to hide and sneak past officials to help in his new parental guardian’s “Business”...

Elterix eventually found Remus again,(age 11) and found him an implement of slave and drug trafficking, the ugnaught that had taken in Remus had grown to a lucrative slave-trader and affiliate with the underworld. Elterix removed Remus from the ugnaughts company, taking him to yet another location and left him in the hands of the Echani people. The culture was much different and focused on expression of combat and agility, many would pick on Remus for diminutive size and diverse coloring as the echani were of pale skin, hair, irises and pretty much everything. But he learned, he always did. Around his mid-teens Remus began to become restless however, he wasnt content with the life of the echani.

That was then the empire showed up, (yay!) they besieged Eshan, the echani home planet. That was also when Elterix showed up, possibly to lend aid to the echani people which he had relations with, but also to take Remus away once more. Remus, being rebellious and wanting more information on Elterix, he confronted him and grew angry, he demanded information and Elterix wasn't able to satisfy him. So Remus joined the empire!

(more will be added later, and how it led yo him joining the Imperium!)

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