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Menders of the Rift Part V (Finale): The Emperor Reclaimed

Involved: Vindictiva/Arextenax, Bahr've'ahz/Voritas, Vaguest, Filan, Ji-dan Kileth, Jia'ying, Ezrian

A rescue mission was launched by Princess Vindictiva and led by Darth Vaguest. Given that Voritas's plan to create a potentially-catastrophic portal to another universe had been thwarted, the Emperor's quarantine with Voritas in Bahr've'ahz's stronghold was no longer nevessary.

The gathered Sith and bounty hunter broke into the ruined stronghold to find the Lord Emperor's strength failing and Voritas winning their weeks-long battle. They intervened, and Voritas turned his attention to the attackers. Vaguest and Ji-dan's initial attacks were swept aside easily, and when Ezrian lunged at Voritas he took control of her mind. She turned to assault Jia'ying, who acted quickly and knocked Ezrian out.

Filan's blasters proved ineffective when Voritas healed his wounds instantly, so Darth Vaguest summoned the armor of Tulak Horde, which he had claimed years ago. With the added power of the former Dark Lord, Vaguest landed the first strike against Voritas. Now weakened, Voritas also succumbed to Ji-dan's lightning storm attack.

In retaliation, Voritas took over Jia'ying's mind and turned her on her fellows. Before she could bring her strength to bear on her comrades, Arestenax used Voritas's weakened state and his split attention to deliver a powerful Force-slam. Voritas's body flew behind a ruined databank, and his Force presence left the area, seeming to cackle as it did.

Vaguest went to investigate the body and found it to be the missing Hand, Darth Bahr've'ahz. Before the Lord Emperor could fully react to this discovery, he collapsed from his wounds and the toll that his battle and maintaining the Wall had taken on him. Vaguest ordered them both evacuated to the Sovereign's medical bay.

Shortly after they arrived and stabilized both Bahr've'ahz and the Lord Emperor, Vaguest had four knights take the Emperor away to a private and undisclosed location for recuperation. Soon after, the Princess Vindictiva arrived for Vaguest's report. After a short meditation, Vaguest disocvered that Bahr've'ahz had attained a form of mental block against further possession, removing the danger of further control by Voritas.

Vindictiva woke Bahr've'ahz and demanded his side of the story. Bahr've'ahz explained that his experiments on blocking Old Soul possession were interrupted by the arrival of a package to his stronghold. It contained robes similar to those worn by Voritas, and after that he blacked out - he assumed this was when full control was taken by Voritas. After that, he experienced only brief and disjointed images, including the slaughter - and disposal - of the guards meant to watch over his house arrest. Once the Emperor arrived and used a piece of his own soul to bind Voritas to his current host body, that of Bahr've'ahz, Bahr've'ahz remembered experiencing the ensuing battle from both Voritas's and Arestenax's perspectives. After the Lord Emperor's surprise attack during the rescue mission, Voritas's essence was forcibly removed. Yet Bahr've'ahz still felt the Lord Emperor's presence in his mind, as though now connected to him directly.

Vindictiva announced that the Emperor's strength was waning and that the Wall was on the verge of collapse, lifting Bahr've'ahz's house arrest in order to attain his assistance in lifting the Wall's burden from the Emperor's shoulders...


A Puzzling Discovery

Involved: Ezrian, Jia'ying, Karnoth

Jia'ying entered the stronghold of her master, Lady Ezrian Minoru only to overhear Ezrian screaming in frustration, throwing the holocron from Quesh against the wall, and saying "I'm trying my best, Ez." Jia'ying offered her assistance to the frustrated Knight Captain, but was rebuffed. The discussion turned to holocrons and Jia'Ying expressed interest in owning a holocron of her own. Fortunately, Ezrian knew of one that she had dismissed as not containing new or important knowledge, but figured it would be an excellent test for her apprentice. 

The downside, of course, was that the holocron was in five pieces on Dromund Kaas, which was well past the Wall. After briefing Jia'ying on protocol beyond the Wall, Ezrian registered a flight path with the Stalkers and the pair arrived at the space port near Kaas City. 

A ripple in the Force led the pair to a secure docking bay in the spaceport. Using a slicing trick she learned from Remus, Ezrian opened the lock. Once inside, the master and apprentice were confronted by a high-ranking military officer for the Empire. Jia'Ying sureptitiously probed his mind and learned he was transporting Sith artifacts for as Sith Lord named Darth Galvanus and he was waiting for the Darth's representatives to show up. Jia'Ying bluffed her way past the officer, claiming Ezrian and herself were those representatives. The Officer fell for the ruse and the pair entered the docking bay proper. 

Many crates were still being unloaded, but the search was much shorter than anticipated as the Force drew them to the box they needed. This particular box was high up on a stack of other boxes and could not be reached immediately. Not wanting to use strong displays of the Force nor willing to order someone to bring the box down to them for fear of being noticed, the pair found a convenient piece of scaffolding that allowed them to drop down onto the top of the stack. The first holocron piece was secured!

Ezrian and Jia'ying ventured into the jungles of Dromund Kaas retrieving each of the four remaining pieces. At one point, Ezrian became tinged with sadness as she viewed a waterfall and waxed poetic about the beauty of Dromund Kaas, her homeworld.

The pair returned to Imperium space without incident. They were met by Karnoth upon returning to Ezrian's home Ezrian set Jia'Ying on the task of reassembling the holocron.

Karnoth, who had been developing a relationship with Ezrian, told her that he was going away for a while to refocus himself and become the man she deserves. Ezrian refused to accept that as a reason, but chose to not protest his departure. Before leaving, the two shared a tender moment in her quarters, while Jia'Ying became frustrated with the reassembly of the holocron.

Once Karnoth departed, Ezrian helped refocus Jia'Ying and before too long, the apprentice was holding a completed holocron. Ezrian encouraged Jia'Ying to ask it a question.

"Who are you?"

The keeper of the holocron, a human male answered. "I am Jalvor."


Menders of the Rift Part IV: The Assault on the Vergence

A device was found which turned out to be an ancient Celestial contraption that could build hyperspace barriers. Knowing that this would be extremely useful, it was sent to be studied and understood.

Vindictiva is in a race with time. The Lord Emperor can only hold the Old Soul named Voritas imprisoned in Bahr've'ahz's stronghold for so long, as Arestenax is already weakened while maintaining the Wall. If the Emperor falls, so will the Wall, which would lead to catastrophe for the Imperium. It's decided that the device would be best utilized by attaching it to "The Vergence".

The Vergence is a uniquely powerful Force nexus which seems to be a focal point in space, time, and the Force, connecting it to everywhere and everywhen in the universe. Connecting the device to it would allow the machine to access to every moment in time and every location, allowing it to build a barrier around the entire universe.

Vindictiva's luck shines through when Empress Vaylin decides to attack Voss' Capitol City and the Healing Shrine. She bets that an Imperium team can enter the system covertly using the attack as a cover.That team consists of Prince Zendrasa, Darth Vaguest, a few knight captains, a few mercenaries and a few apprentices. 

Prince Zendrasa, having been taught how to handle the device, is central to the plan, and must be kept alive.

The team deploys and finds that The Eternal Empire has set up a headquarters to serve as a relay for their forces. In order to provide cover, Vaguest and Zen decide to destroy the relay. The team clears the relay of defenses while Hyperius overloads the reactor and Vaguest plants charges.

Surprisingly, the Mystics had expected them. Saying nothing to the Mystics, Zendrasa places the device, instructs Hyperius to initiate the device and then meditates on the Force along with the team, allowing them to enter The Vergence.

There they see Voritas conducting a ritual that would create a rift and could cause the destruction of their universe, opening portals to another universes.Vaguest attempts to attack the spirit in order to stop the ritual, but the his thrown saber passes through him.

Prince Zendrasa realises that in his hands lies a spiritual representation of the device, and that it is the only way to stop the insane Old Soul. He connects the device to the stone that Voritas is using as his focus.

Voritas screams in frustration, proof that the device worked, and then disappears.This causes the Vergence to close and reject the spirit of those who are present. It all turns white and returns the Imperium members to the real world.

The strike team returns to Sovereign to debrief. Vindictiva receives Zendrasa's report, noting that Voritas' appearance and the fact that he was unleashed means that Lord Emperor Arestenax's strength is waning.


The Starbird Protocol: Sith Stalkers track Lord Ezrian

Involved: Zendrasa / Vindictiva, Ezrian, Vergerre

Prince Zendrasa, Lord of the Sith, Knight of the Praetorium and Commander of the Sith Stalkers was given instruction by his mother to find Lord Ezrian and bring her to him. As the Prince attempted to contact her he found that she was beyond the wall and worse, for the first time in the years since entering the Indrexu Spiral a Stalker had not reported back after tracking a Sith Imperium citizen travelling abroad. Due to the importance of secrecy regarding the survival and location of the Sith Imperium, the Starbird Protocol includes a law that prevents citizens from leaving the Indrexu Spiral except with the permission of the government and if given they are tracked by Sith Stalkers who ensure that the secret of the Sith Imperium remain secret. Should a citizen let loose that secret, the stalkers "contain" the situation.

With the reality of a stalker missing, Zendrasa summoned one of his personal knights, Vergerre, to assist him in tracking down Lord Ezrian and the stalker.

In short order they found that Lord Ezrian was on Quesh, a former Sith Imperium territory. The two travelled to the planet and tracked Ezrian in the wilderness where they found her investigating a holocron. Prince Zendrasa questioned Ezrian and suspected foul play was involved with the death of the stalker. After a short exchange and some scans it was determined that the Stalker went missing within Sith Imperium space and that Ezrian was not involved with his disappearance as far as they could tell. Prince Zendrasa then offered to take Ezrian back where he executed his initial orders to bring Lord Ezrian to the Imperial Regent. There, the Regent promoted Ezrian to Knight Captain and commander of her detail, the Order of Duty.


Menders of the Rift Part III: A Sacrifice in the Void

Involved: Vindictiva / Zendrasa, Karnoth, Solavere, Vergerre, Azezial, Kaieera, Kiela (mentioned) and Demial (mentioned)

Lord Kiela who had followed the missing knight, Demial, into the void had returned. In serious but stable condition she reported to the Imperial Regent, Darth Vindictiva, that while in the void a strange entity had communicated with her and Demial. While she was mysterious returned to alert the Imperium of a development, Demial continued on in the void. Kiela reported that an object that could help the Imperium stop Voritas from creating the rift that could destroy the universe was on Belsalvis.

Darth Vindictiva drafted Lord Karnoth and three senior apprentices: Azezial, Solavere and Vergerre to assist her son, Prince Zendrasa, Lord of the Sith and newly appointed commander of the Sith Stalkers to track down the artifact. Drafting the apprentices into the knighthood and appointing Karnoth a Knight Captain she sent them off.

Prince Zendrasa briefed the group on their mission and the HMS Sovereign delivered them to Belsalvis. On the surface they trekked deep into the wilderness along a dangerous path to the coordinates sent to them by Lord Kiela. On two occasions prisoners on the surface sniped at Prince Zendrasa the knights rose to the occasion and protected him along the way.

When they arrived they found a camp of prisoners, Esh-Kha who were interested in an artifact at the center. The team cleared the camp and secured the artifact. Near the artifact they found the body of the Knight, Demial. His message was a farewell to the group and demonstrated his sacrifice for the call. The knight's gathered Demial's body as Knights never leave their own behind.

Upon returning to the Sovereign the team reported to the Voice of the Lord Emperor, Darth Kaieera where they presented the artifact. The artifact activated with an ominous series of beeps prompting the knights to assume defensive positions near the Voice and Prince. An ancient artificial intelligence activated, identifying itself as Tarinus the Voice questioned the AI and found the device to be an ancient Celestial correction that could build hyperspace barriers. Knowing they could use this they sent it to be studied and dismissed the team.

Prince Zendrasa and Azezial took their leave together where the Prince elevated him to Knight Captain and commander of his personal detail.


A Missing Voice

Involved: Kaieera, Vaguest, Khordelia, Victoria Lynn, Ezrian, Karnoth, Veleesto, Wu-fei, Natashka-Ann, Zendrasa, Azezial

The Lady Voice, Kaieera Midicoil, had been gone for some months, only appearing once at the summon of the Emperor then disappearing again afterwards.

Lady Ezrian, Lord Karnoth, Lady Veleesto and Shadow Hand Azezial gather together to investigate. Ezrian gets in touch with one of her contacts in the Underworld and find Kaieera's home, the four sith travel to the home to find Kaieera in her medbay being scanned by her medical droid. After asking again and again why she has not returned and what the matter is, and Kaieera refusing to answer each time, Ezrian contacts the Prince of the Imperium, Zendrasa.

Prince Zendrasa arrives alongside Lord Vaguest to see what the problem is, soon after he arrives, Karnoth insults Kaieera and she lashes out and almost kills him with the force, thankfully for Karnoth, Kaieera experienced a jolt of pain in she stomach causing her to release her hold on Karnoth. Ezrian then discovers that Kaieera is Pregnant and asks everyone to leave. As they do, Kaieera's adopted mother Victoria Lynn Midicoil arrives and attempts to shove past the Prince, but the Prince stops her and Victoria insults the Prince causing a fight to ensue (started by Victoria). After she is defeated by the Prince, Zendrasa spares her life and leaves the house leaving her in the care of Lord Vaguest who in turn kills her in front of everyone.

Seeing her mother die causes Kaieera to fly into a rage and she duels with Lord Vaguest, only just barely losing to him, she falls to the ground. but just before Vaguest can kill her Ezrian and Karnoth step in between the Voice and Vaguest demanding she be given a trial before execution; after a few minutes of debate, Vaguest agrees and Kaieera is taken to the brig on the Sovereign where Acting Regent and Princess of the Imperium, Khordelia Roderick and Lady Natashka Ann arrived to decide her fate. After much debate Princess Khordelia decided to let the Voice free. At least for now.


Menders of the Rift Part II: The Foe Revealed

Involved: Arestenax, Bahr've'ahz, Kaieera, Voritas, Karnoth, Remus Vizla, Vergerre, Victoria Lynn, Khra

Lord Emperor Arestenax gathered a select group of fighters and strategists from the Imperium and brought them to the stronghold of Darth Bahr've'ahz, Hand of the Emperor, then restricted by house arrest. Bahr've'ahz had been researching how to prevent himself from being possessed by Voritas, an Old Soul. While Bahr've'ahz had made some progress, he remained vulnerable. After inspecting his research, especially a beast brought back from the dead by a ritual similar to an Old Soul ability, the Lord Emperor took his security force and left, disappointed.

Some days later, Arestenax gathered the same group together again. Darth Bahr've'ahz had not been in contact for some time, and the soldiers and Sith assigned to watch him were not responding to calls. Storming the stronghold, the Lord Emperor and his forces found it devoid of the company of soldiers left to watch over Bahr've'ahz. The only evidence that anyone had been present at all was a single body speared to the wall, assumed to the be Sith, and a chuckle emanating from the Arcane Library, where Bahr've'ahz had been doing his research.

Following the laughter, the Lord Emperor found a man in a cowled robe scoffing at the animal that Bahr've'ahz had reanimated. When Arestenax demanded to know what was happening, the figure turned, removing his outer robe. Thought they had never met face-to-face, Arestenax recognized him as an Old Soul, and therefore as Voritas. Voritas challenged the Lord Emperor's power, and proved his own might. Briefly fighting every member of the strike team, Voritas quickly dominated them, shrugging off crippling and mortal wounds like they were nothing and binding the Imperium forces to his will. Flaunting now, Voritas spoke through the mouths of all the defeated combatants at once, taunting the Emperor and revealing that he had won both the battle and the war.

Arestenax managed to break the bonds between Voritas and the various members of the strike team, and once they were freed he ordered them all to leave the stronghold entirely. Voritas, impressed that Arestenax could interfere with his control of mortal beings, bragged that it didn't matter where they went. Voritas explained that he had found the last piece of the puzzle in Makhzor's Holocron, which he had plundered. Now knowing the ritual that brought Makhzor to this universe in the first place, Voritas claimed that he would finally succeed in creating a portal to another universe. The only reason he hadn't yet was that he enjoyed toying with the Lord Emperor too much.

The Lord Emperor then enacted a ritual that Makhzor had helped him develop in secret. Arestenax forced a split within his own essence, his very soul, and bound that fragment to Voritas's own essence. Voritas, bound by Arestenax's soul to this location, found he could not escape the stronghold to build his final portal, and couldn't even contact his cult to tell them how.

The strike team retreated from the stronghold, sealing it tight on Arestenax's orders. The Lord Emperor and the Bridge Builder remain, trapping each other through magics and battle, ensuring that neither can rally his forces to end the other.


The Rebels Varkion V: Darth Rubar's Last Stand

Involved: Azezial, Ezrian, Karnoth, Chi'e, Veleesto, Karnoth, Rubar, Vaguest, Kinsaris, Zendrasa

Darth Vaguest, with the approval of Darth Rubar, and at the direction of the Lord Emperor had established aerospace superiority over the Imperium world and a forward operating base on Varkion V.

An advance team of Imperium Special Forces Marines was dispatched to several Varkion V locations in order to provide landing points for ground troops and an elite team of Imperium warriors. Initially the military had suggested to "glass" the planet for it's rebellion but as the world had special significance to Darth Rubar, the Lord Emperor authorized a surgical strike to eliminate the causes for insurrection planetside. At the direction of the Lord Emperor, Darth Rubar sent Prince Zendrasa with the advance team in order to provide intelligence for a subsequent strike team.

This elite strike team landed on Varkion V outside of Varkion Prime, headed by Rubar and Vaguest, were tasked to take down ten key enemy targets that were requested dead by the Ministry of Intelligence via their operative the Sith Apprentice and Prince Zendrasa. Humorously, one of these targets was a giant frog infesting the capitals sewers. The final target was Jedi Master Sun-anz. Sun-anz and Darth Rubar had a history together and he was quite surprised when he saw her. When Rubar used to rule the Varkion Imperium, Sun-anz was one of the ministers in his government. The strike team engaged Sun-anz she said something about the 'Bridge Builder' and then they successfully defeated her. Only after they defeated her did they realize that Rubar had fallen down to the ground. He was dead. Suddenly, Rubar glowed a purple hue and the cave they were in started to rumble. Rubar's body suddenly dissipated in a cloud of lightning and boulders started falling from the cave. They rest of the strike team left the cave, now led by Prince Zendrasa, and eventually the planet as their mission was complete.

Imperium forces had recaptured Varkion V and the strike team had returned to The Sovereign. Their mission was successful but it did not come without a cost. Rubar Imperior, Praetor, Minister of Intelligence and hero of the Sith Imperium had fallen in the line of duty.


Varkion V: Redeployment

Involved: Vaguest, Moon, Karnoth, Victoria Lynn, Solavere, Azezial

Darth Vaguest, The Supreme Commander of the Imperium military, having thought enough is enough on the planet Varkion V, decided that the earlier a successful and well maintained landing zone is established, the faster the planet could be retaken. Taking a small strike team consisting of himself, some apprentices he knew and a new addition to the military, the Imperium's Supreme Commander began the long ground battle needed to retake the planet from the Varkion rebels.

Upon arriving on the planet and locating a good place for a forward operation base, Vaguest saw a bridge, only really half build, sustaining a sizable rebel camp and beyond it some ruins. Moving in to assault this base and claim it for the Sith Imperium, the party quickly dispatched with what ground forces came to meet them. It was quite obvious that rebels stood no chance against trained soldiers, let alone Sith. However, the party soon found other Force users aiding the rebels in holding the ruins. Perplexed by this, Darth Vaguest ordered the camp cleared. No survivors.

After the camp had been secure, a few squads were dispatched to hold the area as the party pressed forward into the ruins beyond. After pushing in and wracking up quite the death toll, they found a man suspended in the air, apparently performing a ritual. Vaguest challenged the man, taking Azezial and Solavere as backup as the rest then proceeded to cover them. After a long battle, the man finally fell and the bridge finally seemed secure. However, just as the group had believe the battle won, a distress call came from the camp, telling Vaguest that rebel reinforcements had hit the camp hard after the Sith had pushed forward. There was an explosion and the communication was cut. The group turned and trudged back to the camp to finish this.

After pushing their way back into the heart of the camp, now thick with rebels and mysterious force user forces, they fought their way to the command tent, from which the rebel commander walked out and challenged the group. Darth Vaguest prepared himself and charged the man by himself, beating him and striking him down after a long and bloody duel. Afterwards, Vaguest sought to gain some information from the mysterious Sith. All that was said from him however was "For the Bridge Builder". Knowing this battle cry, Darth Vaguest rose and lead his strike team back to the edge where a shuttle was waiting to take them back to the Sovereign. As they left, they saw multiple other shuttles descend upon the camp and ruins, dropping tech and soldiers and effectively turning it into their new planet wide base of operations.

The rebels were clearly being aided by Voritas the Bridge builder and his cultists, the Menders of the Rift. This battle had been grueling, despite their victory - but the battle for Varkion V had just begun.


Menders of the Rift Part I: A Hand's Failure, a Knight's Sacrifice

Involved: Bahr've'ahz, Demial Enax, Zendrasa, Arestenax, Solavere, Kiela, Carnim, Moon'light, Vergerre, Finteenia, Jubei'yagyu, Azezial

Arestenax had called all available Sith and military forces to the Basilica on New Amgarrak to brief them on the latest attack by the cultists known as “Menders of the Rift”.

These cultists, devoted to and empowered by a maddened Old Soul named Voritas, had been creating portals across the galaxy in an attempt to link this universe with a parallel one. Voritas, child of Makhzor, believed this would allow him to gather more Old Souls in order to help him conquer and “save” the universe. In reality, if a portal managed to successfully connect it was more likely to destroy both universes than to link them.

While the cultists had typically scattered their forces into small and hard-to-locate forces, this time they had organized a surprise assault on Thoraxin III, a world the Imperium had been scouting as a potential source of valuable minerals. Overwhelming the miners and small security detail tasked to protect them, the Menders of the Rift established a base of operations and had apparently begun setting up complicated tech.

Contact with the remaining Imperium forces on the planet was lost before more could be learned, but it seemed to be an unprecedented incursion and the Lord Emperor decided to respond in kind. Arestenax sent the mustered forces to break the cultists’ line and stop the creation of portals, led by the Lord Hand Darth Bahr’ve’ahz B’Makhzor, the leading expert on Old Souls and those who were bound to them, and the Knight of the Praetorium Demial Enax, who had once fought the Menders of the Rift alongside his then-master Bahr’ve’ahz. Prince Zendrasa, son of Vindictiva and Andrekios, was sent along in order to grant him experience in real combat.

The gathered forces cut swiftly through the enemy lines, and found their first portal device. On inspection, Bahr’ve’ahz learned that the machine (a hybridization of Rakatan, Gree, and Kwa gate technologies) was focusing its power through a stone at its base to keep the portal open. Destroying the stone closed the portal, and the task force moved on from portal to portal, closing any they found active.

At one of the last active portals, a misdirected Force-push from Bahr’ve’ahz sent a cultist tumbling into the focusing stone, which threw it into the portal it was powering. The feedback loop that this created began to overpower the portal, and it began expanding rapidly. Seeing the danger posed by a portal into what seemed to be pure void that was increasing in size by the second, Demial Enax threw himself into it. The portal closed shortly after, signaling that Demial’s apparent sacrifice had not been in vain and that he had successfully destroyed the focusing stone.

Bahr’ve’ahz, wracked by grief and guilt but unable to succumb to them while on the mission, commanded his forces to press on, successfully deactivating all active portals. The cultists began to disintegrate or flee back into the dropships, and Lord Emperor Arestenax recalled his triumphant forces to the Sovereign.

Gathering on the bridge to witness the fleet mopping up the fleeing cultists, the group noticed that Zendrasa had been injured at some point. When Bahr’ve’ahz realized this, he began to ramble about how often and inexplicably he had failed on this mission, having both allowed Demial to sacrifice himself and allowed Zendrasa to get injured. The grief and regret he had been ignoring overcame him, and opened the door.

Voritas, who had been toying with Bahr’ve’ahz’s mind and impairing his judgement, took advantage of the Hand’s doubt and self-recrimination, taking over his body entirely. Voritas had discovered, when Bahr've'ahz had confronted his cultists the first time, that he could gain brief and limited access to the Hand's mind through the link he had previously shared with Makhzor.

Bahr’ve’ahz, under the Old Soul’s control, briefly fought the gathered Imperium Forces on the bridge before seeming to reclaim ownership of his body. Bahr've'ahz briefly dispelled Voritas, but the effort knocked him unconscious. He was transported down to the med bay, where Solavere and Kiela confirmed that there was heightened activity in his mind and that it was caused by two Force presences fighting for dominance.

Carnim, another former apprentice of Bahr’ve’ahz and the Overseer of Chronicles, had been researching Old Souls at his masters behest and took control of the situation. Leading the group in a guided meditation, he assisted his master in fighting out the invading presence. Voritas was, at least for the moment, cast out.

Bahr’ve’ahz, weakened by the experience, was summoned to the throne room on the flagship by Lord Emperor Arestenax. Bahr’ve’ahz didn’t bother trying to explain himself, simply apologizing to his sovereign for his utter failure. In rage, the Lord Emperor left without a word after telling his Shadow Hand Azezial his will. Azezial delivered Arestenax’s message: Bahr’ve’ahz was to be confined to house arrest until further notice.

The Lord Hand accepted his punishment stoicly, returning to his stronghold on Kaon to study how best to prevent further intrusion by Voritas. Victoria Lynn, a close friend of Demial Enax’s, joined Kiela, an Echo of the Voice, in a search for the missing and possibly dead Demial.


A Prince Returns

Involved: Vaguest, Praelus, Ezrian, Moon, Solavere, Kiela, Faydra, Kaieera, Vergerre

En route back to Imperium space, the Sovereign detects an escape pod transmitting an older Imperium signal. Lord Emperor Arestenax orders the ship to intercept over the concerns of his officers. The Force guided him to take this action. Obediently the crew of the Sovereign bring the pod aboard. Darth Arestenax and Darth Vaguest escorted by several promising apprentices went to investigate the pod and it's single passenger.

Upon arriving on scene, Darth Arestenax and Darth Vaguest knew immediately who it was none other than Prince Praelus who had been gone for a few years, since the fall. It was assumed that Prince Praelus went with his mother Darth Candicia who was considered a traitor for refusing the call of her sovereign, Darth Kharia.

Darth Arestenax questioned the boy and it became apparent that he suffered some sort of memory loss. Uncertain about his intent and cautious about his activities in the last few years Darth Arestenax orders the apprentices to escort Prince Praelus to the medical bay where the medical staff and Sith with medical knowledge could examine him.

When Darth Arestenax arrives he finds Darth Kaieera in the medical bay, still blinded as a result of the Ritual of the Wills. The Lord Voice insists that she help as an expert on medicine and biotic science and so the Lord Emperor shows uncharacteristic affection, offering his arm to assist her in her diminished state.

The team conduct several tests which concluded that while the Prince suffered injury consistent with the state of his life pod there was no medical reason for his memory loss. Darth Kaieera and Darth Arestenax had already come to this conclusion, sensing a disconnection in the Force similar to a condition Darth Arestenax found himself in in his first life.

Satisfied for the time being and with the Force as his guide Darth Arestenax declared that he would complete Prince Praelus's training and together would uncover the mystery of the last few years and his memory loss. Darth Kaieera voiced an objection but did not resist the Lord Emperor's command. They assigned him quarters in the Imperial Apartment and Darth Arestenax left to attend to other matters.


es and embarks on an excursion beyond The Wall with the intent the Ritual of the Lord Emperor’s Will. A sacred ritual designed by Darth Arestenax which binds the Voice, Hands and Wrath to the Lord Emperor. After a short briefing the Sovereign makes the jump to hyperspace and eventually arrives in the Shadow of Voss. 

Darth Rubar and Darth Vaguest are assigned to provide overwatch from aboard the Sovereign while Knight Demial Enax and newly promoted Praetor Yesrok are given command of the ground team, comprised mostly of apprentices, tasked with ensuring the security of the Lord Emperor and the Will designees. 

In the Shadows of Voss

Involved: Azezial, Vaguest, Rubar, Ares, Kai, Tak, Demial, Slarius, Rayeva-psy, Solavere, Chi’e, Yesrok

With the return of Darth Takhisis and the selection of Darth Kaieera, Darth Arestenax summons a handful of Imperium Leadership and a cadre of apprentic 

The party makes their way to the Force convergence, a place sacred to the Lord Emperor. Knight Demial forms a defensive perimeter while Darth Arestenax speaks to the tablet in Sith: “Voss, nu atiduo. Leisti nun je'as tave dury ipros anas mes buti wo is tave qy’sik darval. Voss, nu atiduo. Leisti nun ir nuyak tauta kia pasuo.” He says. As he, Darth Takhisis and Darth Kaieera meditate their consciousness enter the nethers of the Force. 

Meanwhile, the security detail maintain a vigil over the three, now vulnerable to attack. The party is suddenly caught off guard by an approaching force. A tank, a walker and a half dozen troops strike from the South. Demial, Azezial, Slarius Rayeva-psy, Solavere, Chie and Yesrok mount a valiant defense against the unknown enemy who charged with a chant of “For the Bridge Builder!” a moniker which pondered the defenders. After a significant battle the group reduced the number of the attackers to one, a Sith who had be brought to her knees by Darth Yesrok. 

“They are coming.” She said laughing. “You cannot stop the bridge builder.” She said as she faded into the Force.

Awoken by the commotion Darth Arestenax, His Voice Darth Kaieera and His Hand Darth Takhisis rush to their party to assess the situation. Before them they see the bodies of the enemy. Their own forces suffered injuries but they managed to repel the assualt. The gravest of injury was suffered by Darth Kaieera who was rendered blind by the Ritual of the Will. 

Darth Arestenax inspects one of the attackers as Darth Vaguest comms the party signalling that their evac was on the way. 

Using the Force Darth Arestenax finds a small device in the garb of the enemy, recognizing what it is he pockets the device just as Darth Vaguest’s shuttle and fighter escort arrive. Darth Arestenax walks towards the landing transport as Darth Vaguest and two squads of Imperium Marines circle the party to provide a perimeter. They all file into the transports and depart. 

Aboard the Sovereign Darth Arestenax, flanked by his two Shadow Hands, Lord Hand Darth Takhisis and Supreme Commander Vaguest, removes the small spherical device from his pocket and hovers it over to Vaguest. Darth Vaguest recognizes the device as one designed by Darth Arestenax. The device was a IFF designed with Force technology, it was the means by which ships could get through The Wall. Only 20 in existence the device was linked to Darth Arestenax and contained markers determining who was issued the device. 

Darth Vaguest began to take the IFF apart and quickly discovered where the device was from, it was one of the IFFs issued to Varkion V at the Imperium’s edge. Darth Arestenax ordered Vaguest to check on the system which led to an alarming discovery. The battle group defending Varkion V had been moved to Orion. Darth Vaguest summoned an officer to explain this, Captain Yosef, a naval officer had the unfortunate duty of answering the call. Captain Yosef reported that orders, apparently forged, came to move the ships under Darth Vaguest’s authority. Darth Vaguest, furious, kills the officer while Darth Arestenax promotes his replacement. Darth Arestenax warns the new officer that should he fail he would find that Darth Vaguest’s approach is more merciful than his. 

Darth Arestenax storms off, as Darth Vaguest issues the order to redeploy the fleet.


Defending Citizens

Involved: Kaieera, Kalvaris, Rhett, Yesrok

In the absence of Lord Andrekios, Lady Kaieera Midicoil decides to act. Pirates are raiding civilian transports near Varkion III and Kaieera, being impatient, has had enough of waiting for Andrekios to put his plan into action. So she gathers Lord Yesrok, his apprentice Rhett and a mercenary loyal to him named Kalvaris.The group followed a Civilian transport headed to Varkion III until the pirates appeared in a Heraklon-class transport ship modified for combat and attacked the civilian vessel. Kaieera surprised the pirates and disabled their weapons systems, docked the ship and boarded the transport.

The group met surprisingly well armed pirates but they were no match for the sith, as they battled their way through the halls of the ship they killed everyone on the ship, clearing a path to the bridge where the captain had set up a trap for them. They fought hard and earned a few scars along the way but eventually they stuck down the captain of the ship. Kaieera then took control of the ship, gathers the remaining pirates and prisoners held by them and executed them all. she then towed the ship back to the Imperium fleet where it is now being repaired and upgraded so that it can become apart of the fleet.


The Beginning with an End

Involved: Victoria Midicoil, Vaguest Orion, Q'urrim Midicoil (Also plays Kaieera Midicoil), Vindictiva Roderick

The Imperium is growing, slowly, but surely. many old heroes have returned thanks to the Lord Voice and his ability to return a force spirit to it's original body, but this was not enough for him. He wanted to do more, to accomplish a feat greater than any in the galaxy, so he retrieved the Augmentations he hid from the galaxy and used the last of it in the creation of a being, he combined his DNA, and the augments and put them together into the perfect body. This being became Qurrim's every thought, it consumed him. He spent years on perfecting the being and studied every dark art, every spell, every source of knowledge to find a way to bring her to life.

it was only a few months ago today that he found a way. he practiced on every lifeless creature he could. and every time it drained him completely to bring them back to life. to be able to bring a person to life without a force spirit would be impossible for even him without help. He called upon as many powerful sith as he could muster, two important persons being Lord Vaguest Orion and Princess Vindictiva Roderick.

Gathering the force to bring the being back to life, Qurrim asked the sith around him to send their strength in the force to support him. He then sent the combined power of the sith around him into the lifeless being floating in a tank of bacta, Qurrim began to glow and slowly deteriorate and his person and spirit flowing into the person in the tank. eventually resulting in a explosion of force power Qurrim was gone and the tank was shattered and the girl inside fell from the tank and onto the ground beneath.

As the shocked sith gathered around the girl she began to awaken, not knowing who or where she was, the sith began to ask her questions and as they did a voice in her head told her all the answers to their questions and began to subconsciously teach her the basics of life. Kaieera, the girl, was then pronounced Servant One and Heir to the Voice of the Emperor by Princess Vindictiva and given to Lord Vaguest for Training in the sith ways.


The Imperium: From the Assault on Voss to the Conquest of the Indrexu Spiral

The Imperium had just ended a civil war, and its forces had dwindled considerably. Lacking the strength to maintain their hold on all six galactic sectors, Lord Emperor Salvatus released two of them from his grasp. It was not long after this that Salvatus passed away from an illness concocted by Darth Asavian, and the teenage princess Kharia took the throne.

Her rule did not begin smoothly, and the Eternal Empire invaded the galaxy within a year of her crowning. With the Imperium’s military still reeling from the civil war, the Eternal Fleet had little trouble assaulting the capital on Voss. Many were lost in the assault, and Empress Kharia saw her own time coming to an end. Using the surrounding death as a power source, and eventually sacrificing herself as well, Darth Q’urrim Midicoil conducted a ritual in order to revive her ancestor Lord Emperor Arestenax, binding her soul to his in the process.

Possessing her memories and understanding of the situation, Lord Emperor Arestenax ordered a retreat, gathering what little remained of the Imperium Fleet and fleeing into the Indrexu Spiral to recover and executed the Star Bird protocol which erected "The Wall."

It was here that Bahr’ve’ahz B’Makhzor reunited with the Imperium after many years of absence. Quickly pledging himself to Lord Emperor Arestenax as he his master had before him, he was knighted and tasked with leading the search for worlds with resources sufficient to repair and rebuild the Imperium Fleet. Bahr’ve’ahz took his task to heart, and quickly succeeded.

He discovered the Varkion Imperium, an isolated empire of Sith who had fled Imperial space decades before. After hearing of this, Arestenax led his fleet to the Varkion Imperium’s capital world, Varkion 5, and attacked, careful to target areas of low population in order to avoid heavy casualties. His goal was not to destroy, but to demonstrate.

Leading a ground assault after the bombardment, followed by Knights (including Bahr’ve’ahz), Akaan’alor Wu-fei Kryze, and his Hand Darth Q’urrim, he fought his way to the palace where the Varkion Imperium’s leader, Emperor Rubar, was waiting along with three of his followers, Darth Kayyash, Despra, and Reyes. Instead of fighting, however, Emperor Rubar conceded to peace talks aboard the Imperium flagship, the Sovereign.

There, Lord Emperor Arestenax convinced them that to join the Sith Imperium would mean to grow. Emperor Rubar became Darth Rubar, High Councilor, and Darth Kayyash attained a council seat as well. Despra attempted and failed to hide her Force-sensitivity, and was made Lord Emperor Arestenax’s apprentice. Reyes Reaper initially resisted, and nearly died for it, but conceded and joined as a mercenary.

Following the immense success of the operation, Bahr’ve’ahz was named Hand to the Emperor, and Darth Q’urrim was promoted to Voice.  


The Exarch's Game: The Mercy of Zakuul

Involved: Cordaxia/The Exarch (Dashari), Neronae, Si’alla, S’renx, Kairus/Commander, Vi’kirr’naam, Potestia

Following the costly victory on Balmorra, Cordaxia summoned the leaders from the campaigns against Zakuul to an embassy in Voss-Ka where she opened a discussion on Zakuul's response to their failed strategy. She said that even without access to the Indrexu Spiral, Zakuul would not simply give up and leave them be. Not long into the discussion, a bang erupted from overhead as the alarms sounded off around the city. Confused and alarmed, the group ran outside and gazed up into the sky in horror as another Star Fortress had appeared overhead. From its bulk, ships were shuttling troops onto the planet's surface in what appeared to be an invasion.

Supreme Commander Va'lenn reacted quickly to the new threat and ordered an immediate defense of the planet by all available forces. Soon after, the Exarch broadcasted a message to the entire planet and all vessels within its range declaring her intentions. She taunted the Imperium and the people of Voss with claims that they only lived on because of the mercy of Zakuul and of Emperor Arcann. She continued on, saying that the people of Voss had been deceived by the Imperium by claims that its people would be protected. "The Imperium has not protected you from us," she stated.

The Exarch then directly addressed Commander Va'lenn and the other figures present by initiating her game. She explained that the Star Fortress overhead was primed and ready to fire upon the planet and that the only way to ensure the safety of Voss was to kill her and collect the device on her person that could trigger the fortress' self destruct function. If they failed, took too long or chose to ignore her threat, Voss would suffer for their actions. The transmission cut and silence flooded the city as the reality of the situation set in.

The team quickly jumped to action as Cordaxia informed them that the main Zakuul force was concentrated in the Old Paths. General Kairus stated that he would take the Voss Commandos to act as a distraction to allow the main strike team to work their way through to the Exarch and departed immediately. The rest of the group made their way down to the battle and as they drew closer they witnessed the bloody battle happening below. The Old Paths were filled with Imperium soldiers and Voss commandos clashing with Skytroopers and Knights of Zakuul in a mess of blaster fire, explosions and corpses. War had come to the once peaceful planet and had already left its mark. Overhead, fighters engaged in dogfights as many crashed into the fighting forces below. The strike team was horrified at the image, but knew the cost of allowing such a sight to hinder them. They wasted no time in joining the battle and carving a path through the enemy forces to the nearby ruins where a Zakuul Knight Commander was waiting for them. In the middle of the mass of fighting, a group of knights noticed the team's progress and moved to impede them. The Knights engaged Neronae, S'renx and Vi'kirr while Si'alla and Cordaxia covered them from behind. The knights proved no match for the superiority and determination of the Imperium heroes who climbed to the ruins to confront the Commander.

The commander told them that they would never reach his master, The Exarch, and that Voss would pay for their failure. He offered them the chance to surrender to the Eternal Empire, an offer that was refused. Almost pleased that his offered had been refused, the commander summoned a rancor from the Endless Swamps and mounted it as he engaged the Imperium heroes. His charge took them by surprise, knocking them all aside as he turned around for a second strike. The creature moved to swipe at Si'alla who narrowly dodged the strike causing the rancor to crash into one of the ancient pillars. Dazed, the creature became vulnerable and the Imperium seized the opporunity. Vi'kirr stunned the Commander while Si'alla dispatched the creature which subsequently toppled over crushing the Commander.

As the heroes moved to leave, Princess Potestia and General Kairus joined with the main group to dispatch the Exarch. They continued through the fighting to the north and eventually stumbled upon a cave from which the Exarch's transmission had originated. Though no life could be sensed from within, the group proceeded inside and marched through the darkness until finally, they discovered the Exarch alone, waiting for them. The Exarch shared her amusement at the irony of the situation; the lives lost in the battle outside were utterly meaningless as the true outcome of the conflict would be determined in the battle against her. She then laughed a harsh laugh as she declared that the battle outside took place only as a display of her apathy for the lives of those who opposed the Eternal Throne.

Without another word, the Exarch leaped at Neronae, who was prepared for the attack. The Knight of Indrexu avoided the attack and landed a kick on the Exarch's chest that was merely shrugged off. She then moved between Neronae engaging both her and S'renx in a skilled saber display until S'renx swept her leg and dropped her to the ground. Taking advantage of the situation, Neronae raised her saber high over her head and began to plunge it downward toward the Exarch to land a fatal blow. The Exarch's reflexes were unparalleled however, as she sprung upward and over the heads of the Imperium heroes landing before Vi'kirr'naam. She extended her hand back at the rest of the group trapping them in a stasis field while she engaged the massive pureblood warrior. The two fighters exchanged powerful blows with their sabers with the Exarch initially taking the offensive, but eventually being pushed back by Vi'kirr. Angered by Vi'kirr's strength, the Exarch screamed and threw Vi'kirr back into the cave wall with impressive force. She threw herself at him and sliced her saber across his chest causing him to fall to the ground to the pain of his injury. He climbed to his feet again and continued swinging his saber in masterful strokes eventually managing to stab her twice through the chest plate, again merely shrugged off. She taunted him saying that Exarchs were trained to resist immense pain and that she would fight on until her last breath.

Growing weary, Vi'kirr blasted the Exarch back with a powerful force blast that she turned to her advantage. In midair, she twirled in a corkscrew-like motion with her saber extended and grazed S'renx before landing heavily behind him. S'renx, still locked in stasis, felt the pain but was unable to react to it. The brutal woman then turned to Kairus whom she tackled from stasis simultaneously attempting to drive her saber through him. Vi'kirr, determined not to see anymore Imperium deaths, smashed into the Exarch from behind knocking her aside. However, she sensed the coming attack and used the momentum to swing around Vi'kirr plunging her saber through his back instead. The Imperium hero dropped to his knees as his daughter broke free from the stasis to defend her faltering father. She fiercely fought the Exarch and succeeded in disarming the woman. Neronae moved to land the final blow upon her foe, but was surprised when the Exarch grabbed hold of her wrist in a vice-like grip, mid-stroke. Towering over Neronae, the Exarch climbed to her feet and dragged Neronae by her saber hand wrist across the cave growling that she will not be the only one to lose something. Still on his knees, the weakened Vi'kirr'naam looked up just in time to see the Exarch force his daughter's saber through his neck with her own hand. As she toppled to the ground, Neronae ripped her saber from him and freed herself from the Exarch's grip. The enraged daughter of the fallen hero sliced into the unarmed Exarch who cackled madly until she finally fell to the numerous wounds on her body.

As he descended into death, Vi'kirr reached up to grab his daughter's hand as he mouthed the words "So.. proud." As he passed on, his absence filled the remaining members of the group with empty sadness. The device they had come for was taken from the body of Exarch and used to detonate the Star Fortress overhead. They left the cave with the body of Vi'kirr and emerged to the sight of the Star Fortress wreckage falling from the sky. Princess Potestia and Commander Va'lenn opened a transmission to the Imperium declaring their victory, thanking those involved and restoring honour to Neronae and her line.

From the Eternal Throne, Emperor Arcann received news that his Exarch has fallen and that her plan had failed. He retorted by saying that her demise was inevitable when she chose to play games instead of using the brute strength of the Eternal Fleet. He continued on, declaring that the Imperium would be dealt with once the Alliance had been destroyed. The conflict that had cost the Imperium so many lives had finally come to an end... for now.


The Exarch's Game: Battle of the Markaran Plains

Involved: Si’alla, Vi’kirr,naam, S’renx, Neronae, Capella, Kairus, Xaketh, Hadzuska’Nekiri, Xaketh, Coventus, Aluna, Nexia, Belleva, Zaffand

A group of Imperium warriors gathered on the bridge of the Truth's Light after receiving an urgent call from Supreme Commander, Si'alla Va'lenn. She wasted no time in getting started and informed the group that they would be pursuing Zaffand whose shuttle crash landed on Balmorra after being damaged during his escape from Voss. The group, anxious to capture the traitor and protect the secret of New Amgarrak, made for the shuttles and moved down to the planet's surface below.

On Balmorra, they quickly discovered the downed vessel of Zaffand, but were dismayed to find neither bodies nor footprints indicating where the survivors could have gone. Si'alla turned to Neronae and asked if she could sense the traitor anywhere to which Neronae replied that she could only sense the man's desperation, but not his location. Overhead, the Truth's Light reported that an outgoing transmission had been attempted from the nearby Okara Droid factory and that they had intercepted it. Si'alla ordered them to continue jamming outgoing transmissions while they began to move for the factory.

The factory was prepared and several turrets emerged from the rooftops that began to open fire on the strike team. Most members of the group successfully dodged the blasts, but Capella was not so lucky. Her age had finally caught up with her and she lacked the agility of her companions. A turret aimed directly for the aged soldier and blasted her hard in the chest, knocking her back and leaving her with substantial blood loss. Aluna turned to aid the fallen soldier as another blast struck a nearby fuel tank from the shuttle and exploded creating major burns on half of the young sith's body.

As the warriors fell, Vi'kirr'naam used the force to throw a boulder into the closed turret which turned upon impact firing into a second turret, disabling them both. S'renx then stepped forward and crushed the third turret while neronae jumped up onto the roof carving the final turret from its base and tossing it to the ground below.

Si'alla attempted to heal both Capella and Aluna having only success with Aluna's burns. Weakly, Capella called Si'alla over and whispered that she always hoped her time would come on the field. She faded into death, her injuries too much to live through. Vi'kirr'naam leaned down to close Capella's eyes in a final display of respect while the rest of the group promised that the death of Capella and of the many other fallen Imperium soldiers would not be in vain. They moved on, carving through the droids that poured from the factory doors.

Once inside, they immediately identified the threat of a group of Orion soldiers and activated droids standing guard - waiting for them. The group made quick work of them and made their way to the lifts that carried them down to the Assembly Line. Before entering the main chamber, they encountered a malfunctioning, shielded droid that was firing powerful blasts in all directions due to a disabled targeting system. One such blast hit Si'alla who responded by slicing the droid apart.

In the halls of the Assembly Line, the group was able to see just how much Zaffand was willing to do to survive. The Entire factory had been brought back to life to churn out an army to protect him, droids were making droids. Nearby, they heard a noise and moved to investigate it. They were led to a nearby chamber where a figure stood waiting for them: Zaffand. The group entered the chamber and the doors slammed closed followed by the blast doors. Inside, Zaffand made a speech about why he believed they had to die before disappearing, revealing himself nothing more than a hologram. The room itself drained of oxygen and the members of the Imperium began struggling to breathe. Neronae reacted quickly and sliced through the blast door with all of her remaining strength, first opening a hole large enough for them to breathe and then creating an exit for them to escape through.

Angered by the deception, the group descended deeper into the factory until they finally came across a large chamber with bridges hanging over a massive pit of industry. Zaffand waited for them across the bridges, but before they could move for him, seven Orion Knights streamed out of the room that sealed itself. The Knights engaged the Imperium warriors who dispatched them with skill and a bit of effort. S'renx stepped forward and unlocked the doors and shielding with ease given his days in Imperium Intelligence.

They approached Zaffand who made no attempt to combat them. He stood on the otherside of the bridge, quiet and peaceful. He claimed that it was a victory to have made it as far as he had and that only he would choose the means in which he lived and died. He then pulled his pistol from his side and shot himself in the head, his body fell over the railing and into the seemingly bottomless pit.

The move shocked the group, but they had little time to respond as an alarm sounded and informed them that the self destruct sequence had been initiated. They fled the factory which blew up almost literally behind them. The group barely made it outside before the entire factory went up in roaring flames and collapsed into charred ruins. A plume of smoke towered high in the sky, uninterrupted until six Zakuul shuttles loaded with Skytroopers and Knights pierced it and began dropping soldiers on the fleeing Imperium team. The team fought valiantly through the numbers as they kept coming and eventually made it to their shuttle.

Out of breath, they took off and attempted to open communications with the bridge to instruct them to prepare for an emergency jump to hyperspace. Not soon after, the shuttle was shot out of the sky and crash landed into the Markaran Plains once more. The surviving Imperium members climbed out of the downed shuttle and looked to the skies from which thunderous explosions could be heard. High above, the Eternal Fleet had spared ten ships to attack the Imperium's effort on Balmorra. Five engaged the Truth's Light while five descended to the planet to bomb the Plains themselves, to ensure no survivors. With blasts raining down upon them, the Imperium team fled and made it to an abandoned and ruined town nearby from which they watched the destruction.

As they watched and believed their situation could not worsen, the Truth's Light fell from the sky and crashed nose-first into the center of the Markaran Plains exploding in a cloud of fire and debris. Content with the destruction, the Eternal Fleet cruisers moved back into formation overhead and jumped to hyperspace.

Disheartened by what had just taken place and not feeling victorious at all despite their success, the team sat in silence contemplating their survival. General Kairus finally broke the silence and opened a weak communication with Keeper Cordaxia Vel'naz, who dispatched a rescue ship for the group as soon as Kairus filled her in on the events of their mission. The silence resumed as all they could think about was returning home.


The Exarch's Game: Uncovering the Past

Involved: Rassilonn (Senna), Zaffand, Vi’kirr’naam, S’renx, Xaketh,Neronae, Kairus, Manase, Daenerys, Aluna, Andrekios

The spy from Zakuul did not remain hidden long. Within days of his attack on the Sovereign, he reached out anonymously to Zaffand and requested a meeting on the outskirts of Voss-Ka. Zaffand accepted and arrived flanked by two of his personal guard. Distrustful of the others, the Spy stated that he would only say his piece if the guards departed. Zaffand assured the man that the guards had his full and complete trust and with that, the spy moved on hesitantly revealing that he was the spy and that he had uncovered information about Zaffand's wife in his search through various Imperium sources. Zaffand demanded proof which was quickly provided causing him to enter a rage. The spy took advantage of Zaffand's state of mind and offered him a chance at retribution against the Imperium for the death of his wife and for hiding the truth from him - Zaffand accepted.

Upon hearing the terms of the deal, a private on patrol broadcasted an alert on an emergency channel putting everyone on Voss on notice that Zaffand was attempting to help the spy escape. Zaffand shot the Imperium soldier before assigning his guards to the spy and fleeing for his ship while the Spy moved to engage the Imperium force to give Zaffand the chance to escape. Accepting his fate, the Spy meets with the Imperium force on the bridge to Eastern Voss-Ka and taunted them. He said they had beaten him and mocked surrender. Potestia believed it to be a trap while Neronae demanded surrender or loss of limbs. The Spy didn't wait long before unleashing a barrage of bolts on the group with the aid of the two highly skilled guards. The fight was interrupted as it began by the voice of Zaffand, broadcasting live from his ship. He cursed the Imperium and told them their time was coming before disconnecting the communication.

The spy, Rassilonn held his arms wide with a smug grin and a chuckle. He complimented the kid on his nerve and told the Imperium that this was their future. As he rambled on, Potestia ripped out his vocal chords and broke his neck, killing him instantly. His guards reacted poorly and attacked the group once more, landing a few hits before being killed by Potestia and Neronae.

Vi'kirr joined the group after ordering Zaffand's ships shot out of the sky. The group then noticed a pinging noise coming from the body of the spy... similar to that of a holocommunicator. Cautiously, Kairus moved to examine the object only to discover that others in the group had been correct, it was a bomb! Kairus reacted quickly by throwing the bomb off the bridge, but not quickly enough as it detonated taking much of the bridge with it.

Neronae pushed most of the group into the main part of the city, but Manase was unable to escape the crumbling structure and went down with it. The group had little time to respond to their loss however, as it became apparent that the remnants of House Orion - those that had not attempted to accompany Zaffand offworld - had become a serious threat and had begun to kill innocent civilians in the streets. S'renx reminded them that the people needed protection and that had to move at once.

A large group of Orion soldiers noticed the Imperium command team and moved to engage them. They proved a challenge and forced the Imperium team to work as one to survive. The Imperium prevailed leaving their enemies dead near the wreckage of the smoldering bridge. Neronae stopped here and said that she would summon a shuttle to the east city to help out where she could and departed. The rest of the group moved on through the city, one by one dispatching enemies as they appeared - some suffering quite artistic deaths.

With the last of Zaffand’s men dispatched, a haunting silence fell upon the city. The streets ran red with the blood of both friend and foe and smoke filled the sky from the fallen bridge and other explosions. Vi’kirr’naam ordered the city cleaned and any remaining Orion warriors either captured or killed. He then received a call alerting him that Zaffand’s ships were damaged entering hyperspace and would thus be unable to reach Zakuul safely. He declared that the traitor had to be found at all costs. A battle for time had begun. The Imperium began to wonder where their search for Zaffand would lead them and whether or not it would be too late.


The Exarch's Game: Raining Fire from the Skies

Involved: Cordaxia/Bridge Officer Markus, Kharia, Si’alla/Ensign Garen, Neronae, S’renx, Kairus, Vi’kirr,naam, Aluna

Voss-Ka seemed brighter as excited chatter and joyous laughter filled the streets. Celebration was in the hearts and souls of the citizens of the Imperium as they streamed to the Palace to hear Empress Kharia address her people following the successful reclamation of Jaminere. The victory on Jaminere proved that a victory in direct combat with Zakuul was a possibility and gave much hope to the Imperium. On the steps of the Palace, the people knelt before the Empress as she descended the steps and began to speak. She opened by highlighting the extent of the Imperium’s journey since returning to the galaxy from the Indrexu Spiral and brought special attention to the efforts of Supreme Commander, Darth Si’alla Va’lenn who was called before her.

In recognition for her efforts, Si’alla was given the Medal of Honor. Empress Kharia invited her people to celebrate, for they had earned it. The Empress turned and returned to the Palace leaving Si’alla to speak her piece in thanks to the soldiers responsible for the Imperium’s victories.

After Si’alla’s speech had concluded, she rejoined her companions at the bottom of the stairs as the festivities officially began. Not moments after however, several bangs echoed in the sky overhead. Everyone looked up expecting to see fireworks and instead, a blank sky. Suddenly, an alarm rang across the city.

Panic stricken, the people in the city froze looking around frantically for some indication of what was happening. Si’alla opened her holo and the image of a gaunt, middle-aged man appeared. He identified himself as Bridge Officer Markus and informed the Supreme Commander that the Sovereign had been compromised internally by several explosions from multiple decks. Additionally, he reported that the computer systems aboard the ship had been breached. Si’alla ordered him to lock down the ship immediately and not to allow anyone to leave until the ship had been fully searched. The bridge officer reported that in the chaos, a single pod had been launched, but that it had been struck by debris and forced to land on the planet below.

Coordinates were sent to the group who made their way to the Nightmare Lands where the pod had crashed. As they traveled, Empress Kharia demanded to know who was in command of her vessel during the attack and moments later, Bridge Officer Markus opened up a channel to report his role in the event. Before he had even finished speaking, Empress Kharia lifted him from the ground in a choke declaring that he had failed her for the last time. She snapped his neck and he dropped to the floor. The Empress then demanded that another officer present themselves to her. Ensign Garen stepped forward and was declared Markus’ successor as Lieutenant and ordered to restore order to the ship.

In the Nightmare Lands, the group quickly discovered the pod’s crash site and found that it had been forced open from the inside – the attacker had survived and fled. Neronae, Vi’kirr’naam, and S’renx brought attention to the strategy employed by the attacker, how perfect the timing was, where the pod landed and how frightening it was that the person’s plan had been executed with such precision. Aluna meanwhile, checked the pod for outgoing transmissions only to discover a dead console with nothing to offer. Neronae in turn reached out with the force, searching for some indication of the attacker only to feel pride. The group split up to search the nearby area, but ultimately found nothing of value to guide them.  

They reported back to the Outpost nearby where Cordaxia lamented their situation saying that it was too much to hope for that their victories could have come without retribution from Zakuul. Aluna retorted, saying that was the price to be paid by doing battle with Zakuul. Cordaxia and Si’alla then agreed that the next line of business was to check on the Sovereign and what had been taken from it.

When they arrived aboard the flagship of the Imperium fleet, Commander Va’lenn met with Lieutenant Garen who informed her that all members of the crew had been accounted for save for one, but that the crew member in question had died on Jaminere. Realization hit Si’alla as she realized that someone from zakuul had been impersonating one of their soldiers for all this time.

The group contemplated how such an impersonation had taken place, how none of the man’s fellow soldiers had recognized a new face in their midst and how he had not left a single trace of evidence behind for them to process. S’renx and Aluna declared that the infiltrator must be quite skilled while Cordaxia suggested that he could very well be a changeling. Every find the group made led them to a more troubling conclusion.

The debate continued until Lieutenant Garen interrupted with solemn news: Zakuul’s Star Fortress had attacked Lianna. The group fell silent with the news of the second loss. Neronae immediately departed for Lianna to recover survivors while the rest of the group quietly evaluated the situation. S’renx pulled up what the attacker had been looking for and revealed the travel logs of the Sovereign – the enemy wanted to know where they had been. The magnitude of the realization hit the group almost immediately, Zakuul wanted to eliminate the Imperium’s safe haven.


The Exarch's Game: What Once Was Lost

Involved: Cordaxia, Nomathecia, Ruu’san, Neronae, Potestia, Xaketh. S’renx, Kairus, Manase

Following a discussion with Princess Nomathecia on her findings on Jaminere, Cordaxia and the Princess agreed that more information on the Exarch and her "plan" had to be recovered. They summoned a group of Imperium figures to Intelligence HQ on New Amgarrak to bring them up-to-date on the situation. Cordaxia began immediately by explaining that they needed to work to uncover any plots against the Imperium's safety and that the answers could be found aboard the Star Fortress in orbit around Lianna.

Neronae and Princess Potestia both suggested destroying the Star Fortress after obtaining the information they needed while Cordaxia countered that there wasn't time to accomplish both goals and that they didn't want the negative attention from Zakuul. She continued on, saying that much had been risked in reclaiming Voss and Jaminere and that caution was required as they continued to rebuild their strength. Nomathecia sided with the Keeper while Ruu'san declared that her support would go to the action that left the Imperium in the strongest position. It was ultimately decided that this was merely a mission for information, not a military operation. Neronae and S'renx were selected to lead the mission alongside Xaketh and Neronae's apprentice, Manase.

Meanwhile, Cordaxia and Kairus oversaw the operation from Intelligence HQ under the supervision of Princesses Potestia and Nomathecia as well as Lord Chancellor Kaldar.

The Strike Team departed. Upon arrival at the Star Fortress, the team boarded it and began their hunt for information. They swept through the fortress, eliminating any threats before an alarm could be sounded. At some point on the lower levels, they came across a Paladin of Zakuul that put up quite a fight. Neronae reported his presence stating that she believed it was evidence that something valuable was hidden aboard.

The team maintained radio silence for some time until they came across a startling revelation: many of the soldiers aboard the Star Fortress were conscripted Imperium citizens. Cordaxia coldly reminded the team that enemies were enemies regardless of origin. Princess Potestia speaks up suggesting that the families of these traitorous soldiers could pose a potential threat to which Nomathecia responded that, should they fall under Imperium authority again, they would be put to trial. Cordaxia interjected, reminding the Command group that there were no trials on the battlefield.

Kairus questioned Cordaxia, asking her what she hoped to find aboard the Star Fortress. Cordaxia responded, stating that ideally, they would find information on the plan mentioned by the Commander back on Jaminere, but that ultimately she had no idea what would be found on the Fortress. Kairus warned her of the consequences of wasting Imperium time and resources, to which she reassured him that this was worth the risk.

Suddenly, dots on the planetary map of Lianna lit up indicating starship activity. Kairus noticed the lights and made contact with the strike team. He ordered them to hurry up as Zakuul had seemingly become aware of their presence. As this transmission took place, the Strike team was engaged in combat with two Knights of Zakuul. The first was quickly dispatched by Xaketh while the second managed to injure Neronae. In defense of her master, Manase stepped up and gutted the Knight, leaving him to bleed to death in their wake.

Back at HQ, the Command Team attempted to come up with a plan to give their strike team more time. Kairus informed the group that the military could spare no fighters to act as a distraction. Cordaxia, as a result of Ruu'san's suggestion, hacked their systems and triggered a number of alarms planet-side. These alarms proved to be an adequate distraction as many of the fires were re-designated to new locations.

The strike team managed to breach the command center aboard the Star Fortress and obtained the files they had come to collect. With files in hand, they made their way back to their shuttle, supporting the injured Neronae as they moved. Fortunately, they met little resistance and were able to escape the Star Fortress and make it back to New Amgarrak.

S'renx strode into the room, flanked by Xaketh, with files in hand to brief the group of their success. Cordaxia collected the files and inserted them into the computer revealing a large amount of encrypted information.

At Cordaxia’s request, S’renx stepped forward to use skills that hadn’t been demanded since his time in Intelligence. He hacked the file which eventually revealed projections of the Imperiums strength, possible moves the Imperium could make in retaliation against the Eternal Throne and details on all of the Commanders in the Tion Cluster, including that of the one on Jaminere. All of these files were linked to two more files, one labeled "the Exarch" was intentionally removed while the other, marked “Stratagem 0243” remained heavily encrypted.

A debate broke out over the success of the mission with many worrying over the fate of Lianna now that the Imperium had once again made their presence known. Xaketh reminds the group of Bothawui's fate at the hands of an Exarch with a Star Fortress.

Cordaxia dismissed the group and sided with Neronae who proposed treading lightly until Zakuul made their next move. Everyone left, fully aware of the fact that they were playing a galactic war-game, against the Exarch in the Shadows.


The Exarch's Game: Smoke Signals

Involved: Cordaxia, Si’alla, Neronae, Manase-Sveni, Lieskiro, Aluna, Kairus. Vi, kirr,naam

After months of silence and anticipation following the battle to reclaim Voss, word reaches a handful of the Imperium's best of a mission to take back Jaminere from the clutches of Zakuul. A message is sent, requesting these warriors to meet aboard the Truth's Light, the command ship of Supreme Commander Si'alla Va'lenn. Upon arrival on the bridge, the group is briefed on the mission by the Supreme Commander and Vice Admiral Cordaxia, Keeper of Imperium Intelligence. Jaminere is a small, industrial world close to Voss. It was deemed unworthy of a Star Fortress and is only occupied by a small force of soldiers. Supreme Commander Va'lenn continues, saying that although the mission sounds easy, she doesn't want arrogance to cost her good soldiers.

The ship makes the jump to lightspeed and soon after, pulls out over Jaminere. Upon arrival, the Truth's Light jams offworld transmissions to and from Jaminere and begins deploying shuttles to the planet's surface. Upon arrival, the strike team leading the mission exits the shuttle to see the factories and villages of the world burning, sending plumes of smoke high into the air, blackening the sky. Screams of citizens being tortured and slaughtered fill the air much to the horror of the Imperium force. They discuss, with anger, Zakuul's blatent disregard for Jaminere and its resources with the Supreme Commander explaining that Zakuul is not short of anything and can afford to watch it burn.

Neronae is dispatched with some soldiers to act as a rescue team while the rest of the force moves on the Command Center. They plan their attack from a hill overlooking the valley and the fortress itself before moving in. Their first obstacle, three walkers and accompanying squads took almost immediate notice of the small Imperium force moving into the valley and opened fire. The first two walkers fell with ease to the hands of Supreme Commander Va'lenn and Apprentice Manase. The third remained standing, unleashing a barrage of missiles on the group that caused intensive damage to Darth Vi'kirr and Apprentice Manase with the former sustaining damage to his saber arm, chest and face and the latter losing a cybernetic limb. The walker, on a rampage, took out a small chunk of their force before eventually being brought down on top of its guardian squad. The injured members both agree to trek on, disregarding their injuries as they charge the Eternal Empire's force that comes flooding from the fortress. Barely outnumbered, but far superior in skill, the Imperium force cuts through Zakuul's occupying army with Vi'kirr and Si'alla both taking out a turret in the midst of the fighting. Eventually, the strike team breaches the fortress gates while fighting finishes up outside.

Facing heavy, metallic doors, the Strike Team begins working out a plan to breach the fortress when the doors creak and begin to slide open. Waiting on the other side of the gates are five, fully armed Knights of Zakuul that immediately charge the group. The Knights bring down Cordaxia and Aluna, leaving both heavily injured. Si'alla and Manase carve through their respective knights before moving on to the others while Vi'kirr sustains minor damage before dispatching his own. After much struggle, the knights are finally put down allowing Si'alla enough time to heal her downed companions. Both Cordaxia and Aluna are healed to the point of being able to use their weapons, but neither is left without lingering damage.

Before entering the fortress to confront the Commander of the opposing army, General Kairus reports over comms that the Imperium army, small though it was, had driven back the Skytroopers leaving only the Commander and the internal guard to deal with. The strike team moved into the fortress, encountering only a few patrols of Skytroopers that fell easily to their blades. On the top level, they encountered two Knights that had lost their resolve and fell just as easily as the skytroopers. In the chamber they were guarding, they found the Commander - a Paladin of Zakuul - finishing a tranmission to a fighter still within Jaminere airspace. He ordered the fighter to report the loss of Jaminere to the Exarch and to inform her that all files had been deleted and that the plan had been initiated. After disconnecting the transmission, he turned to greet the intruders informing them that they were in the presence of the Governor of Jaminere. They scoffed as he boasted of Zakuul's superiority saying that his death was meaningless, that they could retake a dozen more worlds and it wouldn't make a difference in the end. Without another word, he engaged them, unleashing a force wave and locking blades with Vi'kirr. The Paladin unleashes lightning on the group and when Vi'kirr attempts to hurl a turret at his opponent, it is thrown back knocking Vi'kirr out of the battle.

At this point, the Supreme Commander steps up and squares off with the Paladin as the two exchange insults. Tired of words, Cordaxia opens fire on the knight only to have her bolts deflected back at her.

Si’alla reassures the group that she can handle the man. Si’allacharges forward disarming the man, holding a blade to him as his own flies through the air and across the room.  Appearing defeated, the Knight surprises Si'alla, blasts her to her knees with dark energy and deactivates her thrown blades in mid-throw, tossing them aside. He summons his own weapon and  moves to finish her off, but she kicks him back to allow her apprentice, Aluna, to step in and finish the fight. Aluna moves swiftly, claiming the life of the opposing commander by driving her saber through his neck. He falls to the ground with a thud and moves no more.

The strike team returns to the Truth's Light, satisfied with their victory, but worried about what the enemy Commander was hiding and what it could mean for them in the future. Such questions could not yield good answers for the Imperium's future.


(( Re-named ))


Before the assault on Centares for the capture of Ada Olesya begun, She began a series of recordings on a datapad for her daughter Sarah Kerran Olesya explaining to her the truth of her action and why she chose to separate herself from the Sith.

"To my dearest daughter... Sarah Kerran Olesya you probably wondering what I looked like after so many years of not being able to see me.. well this is the best I can do for now.. there is a list of datalogs inside her some being of pictures and memories of the past, but surely they cannot be of any interest... I mean after all you are my daughter.. I'm so sorry that I had to leave like I did.. I'm sure you have... many questions and I do not blame you for being angry or mad at me.. I failed as a mother but with the wars that engulfed the Imperium in a war a civil war for that matter.. I chose to side with Sefran Roderick... the man who I fell in love with for reasons.. that may not make any sense.. but my path was made and I couldn't turn back the 109th was my children.. as you are but those people who fought with me on the front lines, their going to chose to be with the Imperium or face a punishment even I do not wish to find out"

Data Log 1/4:

"Data Log... entry One.. I formed the 109th Special Operations Winged Division for the Imperium Military to ensure that a building of a force that would prove useful and protect our fellow citizens from any coming threats, to furfil our missions to the finest and quickly leaving no traces of our location

But that came at a cost when I recruited members into our ranks, a man by the name of Filan Kelborn betrayed us and used information on me to reveal to "Sefran" and the Imperium that I was indeed force sensetive

The Information was never leaked and I never dared unleashed such a "Power" ever again in my life.. because before I could do anything I realized that this would cost me and it did.. Three people died because of me... and for that the Sith punished me by shooting lightning at me forcing me to scream and demoting me.. The crude and brutal behavior of the sith is just as I remembered.. sickening and pathetic... But that wouldn't stop me from working on progressing my mission with the 109th Special Operations Wing"

Data Log 2/4:

"Data Log Entry Two... that sick bastard Filan augmented the poor child Hadzuska.. and I failed to protect him.. I couldn't bare this embarrassment so I swore to hunt the man down responsible despite being told not to.. this was an out rage...

Months Would Pass and then year or so.. my memory isn't as as good as it once was.. but the time would come when I would face a situation once again where my leadership was questioned and then they suspended me.. placing my former commander of the Army in command for "Temporary" Position until I was to return to active duty.

Later on... a young girl by the name of Zakeil Varad would suffer the same fate.. of being augmented on, It was my chance so I began to order the operation done to me with the augmentation. so when the time came I would be able to face Filan for the last time... since he was able to defeat me more than once.. no more than once do to luck"

Data Log 3/4:

"I swore an oath to Sefran Roderick that I would help him with his plan, all would be revealed in time... this plan has been put together after the very last war with the "ERROR NO AUDIO OR FOOTAGE AVAILABLE"

I am going to be putting my life on the line.. but in the end it would be worth it"

"... I'm pregnant... I'm to be expecting soon but.. how would he think? would he hate me? or would he resent us? I.. I don't know anymore... but all that I know is it's going to be a little girl.. my little Sarah... soon.. soon we will live in a galaxy free from the sith and their corrupted ways"

Data Log 4/4:

"It's done... the kingdom of Centares has made our move... our King has prepared for a long time... but my child remains in the Imperium under the care of my trusted comrades.. I only hope it was my best decisions to make under these circumstances..."

"I was a fool... I trusted my comrades... for the last time... they have Sefran now they are trying to figure out my location.. it's time..." (A soldier's voice is heard in the background) "Send out the frequency and begin the preparations for the final assault we finish what our King wanted" (The Soldiers all can be heard marching and running to positions)

"This is my last... log... for you Sarah... so how about I sing a song for you?..."

Ada begins humming softly

"Senaar o'r ca'tra

Jorir mies miit

par ni Jibr isirir katagine

Bic rala ni oyacyir

Rala ni haalur

Kar'taylir darasuum kadala

bid dush

A su bruk

ner runi Sarad be

a dral ruyot

Val sarad

bid mav

Teg te'r Tome'tayl,

Ni copaanir

at dinuir etid

at gar

Bid gar

liser haa'taylir

Meg mhi ba'slanar ogir

Tion'tuur an vercopaanir tal'galar dayn

Meg nalya cuyir dema Hwa ganar ba'slanar

bic an par gar

Par nakar'tuur Asas gar

ca'nara ruya gebi

Malyasa'yr gar oyacyir

o'r chaab?

Liser ganar ba'slanar bic

an par gar A mhi rala slanar"

The Audio Stops as the data recordings stop all together with the 4 logs still remaining where they are.


The Emperor's justice

Involved: S'renx, Sefran/Salvatus,, Ray'ak, Hadzuska, Q'urrim, Corelisis, Zaffand, Eliasara, Belleva, Jubei-Yagyu

Location: Roderick City, Centares (Nar Shaddaa)

An arrest warrant was placed on Ada Eliasara directly by Emperor Salvatus himself, for all members of the Imperium to know. Darth S'renx listening in to the communication channel, heard the warrant being placed and called a team together to search for Ada Eliasara on her last known location, Centares.

The group arrived at Roderick square, S'renx, Ray'ak, Corelisis, Q'urrim, Hadzuska and Jubei-Yagyu, prepared to head on a retrieval mission for Ada. They prepared themselves as the satellites over Centares pinpointed Ada's location, allowing the group time to prepare completely for anything that was to come.

Once the satellites located Ada, the group headed to Centares immediately. They traveled to the listening post they had originally seen her at. The group, Q'urrim, Jubei, Zaffand and S'renx, sent Zaffand in to surprise Eli to attempt to quick manipulate her into the trap they had set, but the group had not completely bypassed Eli's traps and triggered them, alerting the guards to their presence. Although the guards were not of difficulty, it had slowed them down to Eli's real position and had threatened them with an even tighter deadline before she escaped.

S'renx quickly checked for the new coordinates and commanded the team to go to it and capture Eli. No resistance had been met to the new location and they came across Ada, by herself. She quickly talked on her holocomm, calling in an artillery barrage upon the location, attempting to get rid of the crew that was after her, at the cost of her own life. Zaffand quickly thinking, with his physical prowess, punched her in the faces, than in the mid-section and picked her up over his shoulder as she was incapacitated from the blows he had delivered, and immediately headed to Roderick City prison, where Ray'ak, Belleva and prisoner Sefran waited.

Upon arrival to the prison, they placed Ada in a prison cell, where she continued to taunt the members of the Imperium. Ray'ak announced she was now in control of the operation and ordered for the quiet of Ada, by knocking her out. S'renx obliged, smiling as he did so, as he sent electricity throughout the cell, knocking Ada out immediately. Although expected to put on a show, she held herself and did not give a peep to Ray'ak to feed off of.

They spoke amongst each other, finally S'renx telling everyone to quiet down and let Ray'ak do her job, as she ordered for her to brought out and put next to Sefran's cell. After a short, meaningless talk from Ada, Ray'ak gouged out one of her eyes, placing it in her mouth in front of Sefran, chewing it as she did so as to prove a point. Moments later, she gouged out Ada's other eyeball and fed it to her, making her eat her own eyeball. Ray'ak ordered Ada to be fed to the sarlacc as she was bleeding out of her eyes, to which she was promptly carried over and eaten by the sarlacc, officially ending her life

Sefran exclaimed "NO!" as this all happened, feeling for Ada's life as they had shared an emotional bond. She again called for him to be released from the prison, but Sefran revealed a rock not far from them to be loose, revealing multiple blasters, using the force used them to combat Ray'ak, along the caves of Roderick City to the Burning Cliffs. They combated the whole way, Imperium members not far behind them. Not far before the waterfall, Ray'ak defated Sefran in a duel and sent him to his knees, himself in a weakened but aware state. Ray'ak slit his throat, him slowly dying from internal bleeding from the throat being cut and sealed instantly by the lightsaber. Ray'ak ordered for him to be thrown into the sarlacc, to which Corelisis bounced him off the walls with her force strength and he bounced into the Sarlacc, officially ending him.

The Emperor appeared in front of Ray, every one of the Imperium members kneeling before him. Emperor Salvatus slapped Ray'ak, saying she spilt Roderick blood. He quickly after grabbed Ray'ak's hand and brought it to his mask, emulating a kiss. He told her that she had done what is necessary, but their would be a price. Salvatus and Ray'ak both agreed that they could move forward with their plan.


Blood Stained Legacy (Return Of Character)

Involved: Vi'kirr'nam, Aluna, Hadzuska, Khordelia, Kimmiko Kallig

It was said that the very last location of Vi'kirr'nam's daughter was spotted on the planet known as "Section K" short for Korriban, for reasons unknown it is to be said that she was summoned there by the spirit known as "Zavik" Who was Kimmiko's ancestor supposed to be dead and absorbed by Kimmiko this was the perfect chance for Zavik to take advantage with the Legion being destroyed it was all apart of the plan as Kimmiko was lead into the tomb a body of a woman was seen lying on the ground as the ghostly apparition of Zavik appears in front of Kimmiko taking her eyes leaving her blind filling her mind with illusions to force her to believe she was a Jedi as she places the eyes into the body of the woman Zavik takes the dagger speaking in ancient sith language.

"Aukoti sis ziurti kia tave

ikuny anas sekleti

gaben nuyak ilsia ir

satyi vi zo




eile va

Elgtis nuyak midwan

ir darytis


jen'ari kaxai

darval tave


kvapas kaxai vel





The Flash Of Purple/Black Lightning Fills The Tomb Kimmiko unable to see tries to flee but is later caught by the possessed Acolytes. (WIP)


Called Home

Screenshot 2015-10-11 21 44 01 396608

Involved: Arctis, Si'alla, Senna, Hadz, Aluna

Rumors had spread through the Order of State that Darth Arctis, head of the Sith Empire's delegation to the Imperium, was to resign his position of ambassador. Some suspect that Arctis reported the details of the growing threat His Majesty spoke of to his own masters on the Dark Council, and that many of the Dark Lords were alarmed by the revelation.

Citizens were summoned to the council chambers aboard the Sovereign by Lord Chancellor Si'alla Val'enn, informing them that the ambassador was to give an announcement regarding diplomatic relations. Once the attendees had settled to their seats, Arctis delivered a statement declaring his resignation. Councilor Senna rose to commend him for his actions as ambassador before the Chancellor finalized the resignation. Arctis expressed his honor to have served the Sith Imperium and its people before departing.


The Ultimate Cure (Ongoing)

Involved: Q'urrim, Hadz, Zakiel, Wu-Fei, Mason

After a lovely time at the spaceport bar, 4 friends find Zakiels long lost father, Mason, and begin to chat with him. After a while Q'urrim pulls Hadz to the side and explains to him that he has succeeded in his attempts to find a cure for the "augmentation plague" that has "infected" a few of the Imperium's finest soldiers. Hadz refuses to get treatment from Q'urrim as Zakiel suddenly collapses. Q'urrim and Hadz rush over and take her to the Mandlorian medical facility where Q'urrim and hadz figure out that the chip inside her head has shutdown her system. Q'urrim begins his procedure to remove the chip and restore her back to full functionality. After succeeding, Zakeil wakes and her augmentations activate and she tries to exterminate Q'urrim. Thankfully, after help from Hadz, Zakeil's Extermination sequence was shutdown. Zakiel, broken from the fact that she tried to kill Q'urrim decides, after a long discussion between her, Hadz, and Mason, that she wants to remove her augmentations for good.

Q'urrim calls for his medical supplies to be brought to him at the Med-bay begins to set up for the procedure. suddenly an explosion shook the building, Hadz, Wu and Mason go to investigate as the other Mandlorians prepare for a fight. [ERROR: END OF RECORDING]


Lost Legacy

((An RP explanation for my characters that I hope will prevent in-character confusion))

Andrekios: Andrekios departed Imperium space, tired of war and in the hopes of finding a way to fill the void that Vindictiva left. He sought a temporary peace for himself and left behind House Shay in the control of his brother, Caigond. No one knows where Andrekios has gone or when he will return, but he has acknowledged that he has a family to return to. He left his lightsaber behind.

Salkoro: Salkoro left his wife and child behind to travel with the friend he has known the longest and trusts the most, Andrekios. Salkoro made several secret arrangements to ensure that his family was cared for including a special security force and a large sum of credits for his family to do with what they wish.

Filan: Filan traveled to other worlds and sought to control other Mandalorian clans. With Clans Kelborn and Varad under his control, and with several other augmented subjects in existence, Filan seeks to move towards what he describes as his destiny: the title of Mandalore.


Legacy of the Fallen: Cloak and Dagger

Involved: Ryshias as Sierrah/GM, S'renx, Cordaxia, Chriskrayt, Nezzor, Daenerys,Isthar'rie

I'll use bullet points to recount this RP, as I seem to have issues with the Wikia where is so laggy and I can't type properly.

-Sierrah called up a group of the Imperium to recover a relic storage room inside a mine in the planet Apatos

-Several of the group made some concerns, but they were swayed with the promises of most of the relic inside the storage, also, it was revealed that it had Imperium protective banners inside.

-The group arrives at Apatos, where they see the desolated wasteland the planet is. They travel to the main wasteland, where the mine is supposed to be.

-The group, after a few minutes of search, find a wrecakge of a prison ship, with several of it's inmates lose and fighting a small group of Jedi jailors. The group slays the ones in their way to the mine.

-The group stumble upon the entrance to the mine, where they find more prisoners, and several reprogrammed security droids. They also notice the growing influence of the datacrons

-As the group dig deeper into the mine, they discover the datacrons security device was activated, and started to affect the minds of the group. S'renx was the one most affected, going into a panic attack that was only resolved after Chriskrayt punched him unconscious.

-The group found a report of the mine, where it was mentioned a Sith, and that the mine had begun the shipment of an ore called Cortosis, which had the unique capability to cut through lightsabers.

-The group fight through the remaining security forces and prisoners, and find a large computer. After Sierrah went into it, she took a very protective and deceptive detention against the group remaining mebers, Cordaxia and S'renx, as the rest had went into their own ways. After S'renx detected her lying, she confessed the content of the computer: Several files regarding the operations of the ERTC on the planet, their relations with the WoS and their CEO, Mace Kilrox as supplier and economic supply. The several plans of militarization of the Cortosis mined in the planet, sent to planets like Dromund Fels, Fondor, Corulag and Raxxus. The identity of the Sith behind the mine, being Ryshias, and his work to infiltrate the Imperium, Empire, and Republic, bribes, corruption files, and thousands of folders with all the activities of the WoS in the Imperium and beyond. ((All of this is unable to be known unless told by any of the participants in the RP))

-Sierrah arranged that S'renx would keep the information and parts of the relics inside the storage, as she took two of the datacrons inside, seemingly one made as Autobiography by Rysh, and the other of unknown origins. The remaining members of the group parted way.


<Holorecording of two young apprentices>

Involved: Q'urrim's apprentices, Q'urrim, Unknown.

[A young Robed male Human and a female Zabrak stand across from each other]

Male: Have you seen Lord Q'urrim lately? i have been meaning to give him the reports on that holocron we found.

Female: No, i have not. He has been gone for some time..

Male: Is he alright? should we go looking for him?

Female: No no. he is a sith lord. he can handle himself.

Male: I know. but we still can learn from him. i do not wish to loose the knowledge he possess.

[Female seems to look at something behind the male]

Female: Hey! who are y..

[Blaster fire is heard and the young man and woman drop to the ground dead]

Unknown: Targets neutralized my lord

[A figure in a mask and strange robes appears and kneels next to the dead bodies]

Masked figure: i'm sorry it came to this.

[Figure stand and turns to someone not seen]

Masked figure: make sure none survived then set the explosives! Prepare my ship. were going home.

[Figure turns to the camera and shoots lightning at it]

-Recording ends-


<Message From Ada>

Involved: Ada Elisara, All Of The 109th

"If you are receiving this then well.. either I have succeeded in protecting the person that I love and cherish deeply with my life, if not well.. then I have failed.. inside this message is all of the information you all need to know about what has happened to us these past few months and years dating back to the Asavanic War, I am telling this to you all because you all are the most damned respected soldiers I have ever stood side by side with.. I would ask that you watch over my daughter "Sarah" tell her that I died serving the Imperium and became one with the force.. she does not need to know that I went Rogue..."

-Error Static-

"I entrust my daughter to House Kora until my brother Carrus Olesya comes to power of His House Olesya she will be trained and taught the ways of the Resol'nore and the balance between other codes of honor as well.."

"This is my last mess---"


"Live on.... Fight Proud--"

(Message Deleted)


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: The Battle of Oricon

Involved: Erasis, Kataret, Nolus, Vindictiva/Sefran, Belleva, Si'alla, Rampage (As Dread Commander), Senna, S'renx/Togruta, Praelus, Vuldranaii, Candicia, Eliasara

Location: Oricon - Orbit, The Black Arrow (Ziost Shadow), Palace Courtyard, Dread Palace

The time had come. After months of planning on both sides, the Sith Imperium and Dread Masters were about to enter the first, and last major battle of their war. With the Dread Masters claiming to be carrying out the Emperor Salvatus' will without proof, and refusing to kneel before Empress Candicia in Salvatus' absence, conflict has arisen, and the day of destiny had finally arrived. Led by the Empress and Praetor, a massive Sith Imperium invasion force arrived out of hyperspace near Oricon's orbit. Their naval force included 25 Harrower Dreadnoughts and 50 Terminus Destroyers, along with several support ships. The Imperium's victory seemed inevitable as their force was nearly five times the Dread Masters' defense fleet, which included only Five Harrower Dreadnoughts and Twelve Terminus Destroyers. The Imperium Fleet approached the Masters' own fleet, which was entrenched behind a field of ship debris from the Republic and Empire's first invasion of the planet. The Imperium's plan for defeating the Masters involved a strike team landing on the surface to take out the Masters' shield generator. The generator was housed inside the Dread Palace, and once it was brought down, the Imperium fleet could bombard them from orbit. After reviewing the mission, the battle began.

The battle started with the Empress, who was on the Sovereign, attempting to hail the Dread Masters with their communicators. The Masters, however, responded by appearing as apparitions on the Capitol Ship's Bridge. Lord Erasis, as leader of the Masters, stood in front of the others, telling the Empress to speak bluntly. Candicia replied by giving the Masters one last chance to surrender and kneel, or be wiped out. Naturally, the Dread Masters declined, and Erasis promised the Imperium would soon feel a taste of their power. The Dread Masters disappeared from the bridge and the invasion fleet began to head towards the moon through the ship debris. But then the trap was sprung. As soon as a large portion of the Imperium fleet had made it within the ship debris, they noticed power generators emitting from the different pieces of ship wreckage. They realized it too late, however. The generators soon revealed themselves to be powerful laser defense weapons, which began blasting through the Imperium navy that had foolishly fallen into the trap. In only a few seconds, nearly half of the invasion force had been obliterated, but the surviving ships, still more than double the Masters' fleet, joined together and pressed forward. They were soon confronted by the Black Arrow, the defense fleet's flagship helmed by Dread Master Nolus, a brilliant tactician.

As the Imperium navy began to fire at the defense fleet, the Masters revealed their next weapon. Attached to the Black Arrow appeared to be a large super weapon. The weapon turned out to be an inferno gun, as it fired a massive blast of energy destroying another of the Imperium ships in one move. The space battle raged on, with the Masters able to gain a heavy advantage with their inferno gun. More Imperium ships fell to its power, but the invasion fleet was able to destroy two of the Masters' Harrower Dreadnaughts and several Terminus Destroyers. By this time, the Imperium ships had come close enough to Oricon's surface, and deployed fighter squadrons to the planet to weaken the Masters' ground defenses. However, the squadrons proved to be very ineffective, as the Masters released winged Hydra beasts to combat them. The fighters put up a valiant effort, but the beasts were able to quickly destroy most of them. Meanwhile, in space, the Imperium ships had finally disabled the Black Arrow's inferno gun, but it had done enough damage to make the space battle an even fight. On the Sovereign, the Praetor, Darth Si'alla Va'lenn, gathered a small strike team to board the Black Arrow and take out Dread Master Nolus, whose death would lead to the downfall of the Masters' fleet.

Si'alla and her team were able to board the Black Arrow, and after fighting through some guards, arrived on the bridge. There, Si'alla met her rival, Nolus, who had been preparing for the duel. Ever since Si'alla and Nolus clashed verbally on Yavin IV, they had both been expecting this inevitable confrontation. Additionally, Nolus had kidnapped Si'alla's daughter in an attempt to bring out her fury and unbalance her. Si'alla and her team fought valiantly against the Dread Master's waves of droids, while Nolus himself refrained from engaging in battle. After the fight against the droids, Nolus saw the Black Arrow was doomed to fall upon the moon's surface, and hence, decided to retreat from his capital ship. Before leaving, Nolus dispatched a Togruta who was with the Praetor, and then managed to escape on a pod with Si'alla's daughter. Not long after the Master's departure, Si'alla and her group made their own escape from falling dreadnought. Si'alla's pod crashed on Oricon where there was minimal of the enemy. Nolus' pod brought him to the Dread Palace.

With the Black Arrow's destruction, the Imperium was able to gain an advantage in the space battle. Furthermore, their fighter squadrons had finally fought off enough winged beasts and secured a landing position. Empress Candicia, along with several powerful Imperium heroes, took a shuttle to the landing post on Oricon surface. When they arrived, Dread Master Kataret echoed over the sky, taunting the Imperium and claiming they had suffered too many losses. The group then met up with Darth Si'alla, who reported that the Masters' Palace would be vulnerable through a ground assault, where they would fight through the Dread Guards in the Palace courtyard and ultimately make their way into the Palace to reach their objective: the shield generator. Candicia agreed to this plan, and took her team, consisting of Si'alla, S'renx, Praelus, and Vuldranaii, to the Palace courtyard. The bulk of the Imperium's ground force took a direct assault on the courtyard, distracting most of the Dread Guards and allowing Candicia's team to sneak in. As they fought their way through some Dread Guards, Dread Master Kataret appeared in front of the Imperium team, taunting them further. The team persisted past his insults and made their way to the entrance to the Palace, which was defended by two Dread Commanders, Dread Master Belleva, and Belleva's pet, Kunta.

The Imperium engaged the team. The Dread defenders put up a powerful defense, but the Imperium's numbers began to overwhelm them, forcing them to retreat inside the Dread Palace. Candicia led her invaders further inside, to which she was confronted by the two Dread Commanders once again, one of them being recognized as Darth Senna. The Imperium attacked without mercy. The Dread Commanders were  strong, the chosen  last line of defense. However, the fury of the Empress was strong, And with her own around her, she outnumbered the two.The Imperium killed one of them, but Senna was able to flee into the throne room of the Palace. Si'alla recalled that the shield generator would most likely be in the throne room. She also guessed that the Dread Masters were also there, ready to make their last stand. Candicia acknowledged this, and then led the team to the throne room door. They blasted it down and made their way to the room's center, where they found the leading Dread Master, Erasis Citadel, seemingly meditating at a large holocron. S'renx pointed out that the holocron emitting a large amount of energy, inferring that it was the shield generator. Candicia then called Erasis out, and he turned to them. Candicia laughed at Erasis, calling him weak and abandoned. However, Erasis deviously smiled as the other five Dread Masters--Kataret, Nolus, Belleva, Vindictiva, and Vemara--appeared beside him. Nolus also revealed Si'alla's captive daughter at his side.

Candicia launched the first attack, throwing one of her lightsabers at Erasis, who easily dodged it. But the Masters flinched as the lightsaber drove itself into the shield generator and it was deactivated. The Masters enraged and then engaged the Imperium, their combined powers unbelievably strong. They used their lightsabers to defend against the Imperium Sith's physical attacks, but soon brought the Imperium to their knees with their immense force lightning and dark force attacks. But the Imperium team was quick, and adapted to the Masters ability, briefly pushing the Masters back. But, as the Imperium gained the slightest of advantages, the Dread Masters unleashed their true power. They joined together and unleashed their powerful mental attack on the strike team, bringing them to the ground. Yet, the Imperium would not accept defeat, and in a last effort, all the Sith in the group summoned their powers to strengthen Candicia alone. The Empress soon stood triumphant as the donated powers from her Sith companions allowed her alone to resist the Masters' mental attack. At this, Erasis claimed this would be the destined duel; leader against leader, him against Candicia. Erasis' five Dread Master companions stopped their fear attack and began channeling their energy into Erasis, which made him immensely power.

Erasis drew his lightsaber and attacked Candicia, the two empowered leaders immensely strong. Every time their lightsabers clashed, shockwaves emitted and shook the entire moon. The battle was even, both Erasis and Candicia's powers matched. They unleashed their most powerful force attacks at each other. However, abruptly, Si'alla screamed loudly and forced the two to momentarily cease their duel. Not taking her eyes off her opponent, Candicia demanded to know what Si'alla was talking about. Suddenly, she deployed a probe, which displayed the holographic image of Grand Moff Sefran, the Supreme Commander of the Sith Imperium Military. Sefran appeared to be broadcasting a speech, and both the Dread Masters and Imperium team listened intently, though still had their weapons drawn and ready to attack. As they listened, Sefran stated that oppression of the Sith in the Imperium was at an end. Sefran surprised everyone when he revealed that he was the leader of the seemingly small Anti-Sith movement in the Imperium, which had in actuality grown to be formidable. Sefran confidently reported that Salvatus was dead, and that the Imperium's chaotic civil war had left their core worlds vulnerable, showing the image of a Republic fleet invading Imperium territory. Sefran furthered his point that the Imperium's third Sector had seceded. He then finished by boldly declaring he would reform the Imperium into his Kingdom of Centares, and ended the broadcast.

The Dread Masters and Imperium team were taken back by this report. Si'alla confirmed what Sefran had stated, saying that the Imperium's territory was indeed vulnerable to the Republic's invading fleet. Nolus inquired that the Sefran's Anti-Sith movement had been the secret third party he and Si'alla had discussed. Dread Master Kataret was then able to piece the events together, saying that Sefran had played them all from the very beginning. He recalled that Sefran had been the first to call them out as traitors at the council meeting, drawing them into the war and conflict. Erasis soon told Candicia that they needed to reunite their surviving forces if they wanted any chance of opposing Sefran and the Republic. Si'alla agreed and reasoned with Candicia to agree to an alliance, but the Empress pondered at the thought. Lord Nolus released Si'alla's daughter back Si'alla, and Erasis claimed her freedom would be a token of a new peace. But Candicia finally burst from her silence, grabbing Erasis' throat. She demanded for the Masters to kneel to her authority of she would eradicate the Dread Palace. Belleva stated they would only work as equals together, and would not submit to anyone's leadership other than Salvatus. Si'alla begged Candicia to agree to an alliance where they shared the power of leadership, but Candicia did not call off the threat of bombing the Palace. She released Erasis and waited for his response. The five Masters looked to him for guidance. After several minutes of silent contemplation, Erasis finally kneeled to the Empress, and his companions followed in his example. Candicia smirked, telling them to remember this moment they had submitted to her supreme rule. The Dread Masters and Imperium then returned to their ships, returning to Yavin IV to plan their next move.

Scions of a Fractured Imperium: All Men Must Die.

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After the confrontation with the Dread Masters ended, the Imperium was soon to know more bad news about their situation. An eerie message arrived on the Imperium Holonetwork, encouraging people to go to the former ruins of Mos Ares again. The sending signal originated from Lord Hand Valeus personal transmitter.

Upon arrival, members of the Imperium of the likes of Si'alla, Ruu'san, S'renx, Hadz or even Dread Masters Kataret and Erasis, were present to witness an terrific glance: Darth Ryshias lays in the ground, mortally wounded by several blaster bolts that penetrated his armor. The sight of the man down was crowned with several blood pools and bodies of Imperium guards massacred around. As Ruu'san approached the body of Ryshias, she noticed he had still some breath in him left.

Ryshias slowly, and struggling, spoke that his assailant was in fact Sefran, and that he had lied about the demise of the Emperor. The Hand of the Emperor also mentioned some prophetic message: "Asavian was not wrong, something else is creeping in the shadows, something beyond the starts.....strengthen your bonds, pull any power you can, you must be able to endure the new storm that looms in the horizon."

As Ryshias gave his final warning, Ruu'san asked the group to leave them.The Imperium members scattered around the ruins, as Ruu'san and Ryshias holded a faint, but emotional conversation for some minutes. As Ruu'san teared on the hand of his husband, Ryshias passed away with an smile. The prodigy, the Wolf, the Hand, as many titles they came, only one could have described the moment. Friend. Ryshias left the Imperium, but his legacy was far for over, and the vengeance that would be rained upon Sefran.

Not long after, Cordaxia, Zaffrand and Si'alla, who sitll remained in the area, found a ysterious girl who carried an sniper over her back, had a defiant, yet saddened look in her green eyes, and had a silver hair just like the Hand.A brief discussion on the precedence and intentions of the girl was made, but the answers followed a mere relief. The woman was called Sierrah on the streets, but Aluna was her real name. She was the sister of the Hand, and had the fatalist chance to see his brother pass away.

After some discussion, the Imperium finally departed the ruins of Mos Ares, with the last member of the Coalition, the last of the past generation of Sith's, had finally passed away the torch to the new talents and leaders. Ryshias died that day, but the legacy of thousands would live up in the Imperium forever.


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: Fondor Crisis

Involved: Rysh (As Hyperius/GM) Kataret, Senna, Hadz, Zakeil, Oreshem, Q'urrim, Emiko, Praelus, S'renx.

FONDOR, PLANET CAPITOL-- After a long pursuit over the orbit of Oricon, Darth Hyperius ship had blindly jumped into Fondor's orbit. Hyperius had infiltrated the Dread Masters base for quite some time, but eventually, he was discovered and pursued around the moon, managing to escape the Master's grasp and stealing a ship. Darth Senna, under the command of Dread Master Kataret and Nolus, was sent to trap Hyperius, and prevent him from sharing any information he had.

Once the news reached the Imperium, a task group was assembled to recover Hyperius to use his information in the upcoming invasion of Oricon. Prince Praelus was tasked to lead the group. He recruited Hadz, Zakeil, Emiko, S'renx and Q'urrim for the task.

Once they arrived at Fondor, and meet up in the last known location of Hyperius, they came upon something incredible, Oreshem, famed member of the Imperium, was alive, and was eager to come back to service. After he joined the group, Praelus set foot to march in search of the lost Knight.

The Imperium’s search party trekked on entering a large courtyard full of gangsters and criminals; the success in industry across the planet had spawned neighborhoods of crime, proving that where some thrive, others stoop. The showing of the Imperium was enough to frighten away the rabble, but the group was not free of trouble, not by any means.

As they turned a corner, they encountered the Dread Masters’ agent, Dread Guard Commander Senna who stood between them and the one they sought. Before she spoke, the voice of Dread Master Kataret echoed through the sky in warning to the group. He ordered Senna to dispatch the group and locate the one who had escaped Oricon. Senna then spoke her own words, of the pitiful display the Imperium was putting on, of their weakness and their inevitable defeat at the hands of the Dread Masters. Having said her peace, she extended her will over the group creating hysteria amongst it members, leaving none without panic.

Intent on finding Hyperius and bringing him before her masters, Senna deemed the group unworthy of her personal attention and set the Dread Host against them, though they were easily swept aside. Realizing she had no other choice, she set a second wave of fear against the group’s stragglers as they ran off in pursuit of the same prize. Her guard chased the group through the alleys and streets of Fondor until both factions stumbled across Hyperius who, though injured, was ready for the coming threat; he fired upon the ceiling of the tunnel enabling the Imperium to reach safety while decimating the Dread Guards giving chase.

The Imperium team regained its composure before moving to escape the planet and return to Yavin IV. They took their time moving however and gave their enemy the opportunity to once again stand in their way. Senna and her remaining guard, intent on completing their mission, blocked the Imperium giving them no choice, but to engage.

Senna threw the group back into the tunnels before attempting to engage Hyperius. The Dread Host opened fire upon the remainder of the group losing the upper hand to the superior strength of Hadz, Zakeil, Oroshem, Q’urrim, Emiko and the Prince. Though some were suffering under the effects of fear, the Imperiums’ resilience persevered until all, but Senna, had been defeated. She had been engaged by S’renx who, attempting to protect Hyperius, had sparked a duel. Hyperius eventually joined in himself making a good amount of difference in the battle: Senna began to falter. Seeing that the tides had turned against her, Senna attempted to seize control of S’renx and Hyperius. Her attempt failed on S’renx, but Hyperius offered her an opportunity and she seized it. She entered his mind and wiped his memory of his experiences on Oricon rendering him useless to the Imperium as a source of intelligence on their enemy. With her task complete, she vanished from sight leaving the group weary and uncertain, but victorious. Hyperius felt great remorse for losing his valuable memories and for having wasted the Imperiums’ efforts on a rescue that benefitted them little. The Prince lead his team and their rescued comrade back to the shuttle, which took them back to Roderick City where they would continue plans on their future assault against the Dread Masters.


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: Chaos of the Storm

Involved: Ruu’san (and Wrath via holocom), Sefran, Candicia, Si’alla, Erasis (and Fidelisis(holo)), Nolus (and Ryshias(holo)), Tykas, Zatraxia, Trixis (as Dread Guard, protecting Dreadseed), Eliasara, Zaffand, et al.

RODERICK CITY, COUNCIL CHAMBERS--It is the one hundred and eightieth council meeting since the end of the Asavianic Wars. The Council convenes to discuss current war efforts both to reclaim our territory and of the threats within our borders.

Grand Moff Sefran Roderick reveals that Princess Kharia, Voice of the Emperor, has taken half of His Majesty’s Navy to reclaim Sector Six. Communications are slim in the area until Quesh is in Imperium control, which at the moment should be sometime in the near future.

The Grand Moff proceeded to introduce the Imperium’s newest and largest fleet in our naval history--The Thirteenth Fleet, commanded by the Grand Moff himself.

Since the end of the Asavianic Wars and the self-exilation of the Dread Union the Council introduced the Council of Moffs to be the acting governor of the Realm. For nearly six years the Council of Moffs fulfilled their duties as representatives of the five Sectors.

The following item on the agenda was the Repeal of the Military Governance Act, motioned by Grand Moff Roderick. The vote fell five nay--including the Grand Moff’s vote--and four aye, causing the MGA to remain intact.

During an interesting debate between the Minister of War and the leader of the Union, Darth Erasis, there was mention of a rapidly growing anti-Sith movement in Sector Three, mainly based at Centares, the capitol. The Grand Moff reacted radically on the Dread Masters, accusing them of treason for interfering with an ongoing military investigation by capturing Roderick’s second. This led to the following item: an Imperium Security Report.

The Supreme Commander addressed the recent assassination attempts on the Office of Praetor and the Minister of War and had revealed an article of evidence that pointed the Union’s implications on the attacks. Appalled by such a bold accusation, Erasis and Nolus unleashed the Dread Seed in Roderick City, fleeing the planet on the Spinneret of Terror, causing the start of a war between the Dread Masters and the Sith Imperium.


Subject #098

Involved: Zakeil, Salkoro, Misa'soma, Q'urrim

As the day went on, Zakeil sought to make herself useful so she decided to patrol the forests near the 109th Headquarters. As she was patrolling she was assaulted by the same man who kidnapped Hadzuska. Zakeil was brough aboard a dropship with a bloody interior. The man had informed her that the technology they acquired would make the experiment even faster, but it would not dull the pain. The experiment was carried out and Zakeil was let in the forest half dead. 109th sensors picked up a life sign near their exterior and a team was sent to investigate. They brought back Zakeil, who had appeared to have suffered brain damage. Dr. Lorin Varad removed the chip used to control her from her brain. This only added to the brain damage she sustained. As she was put in her bed to rehabilitate, Colonel Salkoro was on site to oversee the young mandalorian's health. Salkoro called both Knight Q'urrim, for his force healing techniques, and Misa'soma, Dutchess of House Kora, to assist him. Zakeil woke up after healing from Q'urrim but thought Misa'soma and Salkoro were her parents, who in reality died years ago. As things calmed down, Q'urrim departed. Misa'soma, visibly distressed, walked outside. Salkoro followed and apologized to her for what happened. They kissed but Q'urrim witnessed this, which sent him into a rage. Misa'soma attempted to calm him down, which eventually worked. He looked at Salkoro with hatred in his eyes and warned him not to look or even think of Misa'soma in a romantic why. Salkoro was about to retort but Misa'soma kissed him again, only adding to Q'urrim's rage. Q'urrim claimed that he did nothing but love Misa'soma but Misa'soma claimed he was a dark man. Being pushed to a decision, Misa'soma nearly jumped off the balcony, claiming that she doesn't deserve either man and that she was a horrible woman. Both men persuaded her to change her mind. She calmed down and thought of a decision. Misa'soma informed Q'urrim that she believed she would be happier with Salkoro. Q'urrim stated he understood since she was happier with him. Q'urrim departed and Salkoro and Misa'soma were reunited. In the midst of this, Zakeil's augments placed in her from the experiment began to take form and her brain started to return to it's normal self, meaning that she no longer thought of Salkoro or Misa'soma as her parents. Confused she elected to speak to Hadzuska, since he had first hand experience in dealing with the stress of living with the augments and the scars for the rest of her life.


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: The Rising Conflict

Involved: Ryshias (As Ryshias and Nolus), Arctis (As Nezzor and Arctis), Si'alla, Kairus, Erasis, Belleva, Vemara, S'renx.

As the events of the past days had build up a incredible amount of tension between the Imperium government and the Dread Masters, Nolus came finally to Roderick to confront the Praetor once and for all. The head of the Pyramid of Strategies came on a rampage, demanding to see the Praetor to whoever came into his wrathful march. Once in a secluded coliseum of the colony, both the leader of the Imperium Council and the Master of Fear stared at each other.

Nolus had discovered that Senna was indeed wounded during the recovery of the Lord Hand, and that Si'alla decided to use her medical abilities on her. Overlooking the fact that Si'alla helped his Dread Guard Bulwark Commander, Nolus threw a tantrum about the situation, that sparked into the interest of Ambassador Arctis and General Kairus. The confrontation was masterfully directed by Si'alla, who could make the Dread Master realize they were being placed against each other for unknown purposes, but an unfortunate event happened in that same moment.

S'renx, who had been hiding behind some pillars, launched himself to attack Nolus. The Master's reaction were quick enough to grab him by the throat and stop him momentum before he could land any strike. Si'alla, infuriated by the reckless action of S'renx, which could ruin the cooperation with the Masters, demanded that he will be brought upon her for trial and incarceration. The Dread Master, in the other hand, enraged by the lack of control of the Praetor of his own forces, decided to take S'renx himself, transporting him to an undisclosed location, and finally declaring the war between the Masters and the Imperium. Nolus left not soon after, preparing for war.

Si'alla summoned a meeting, and even called upon the Lord Hand Ryshias for it. Nezzor, General Kairus and Si'alla discussed the outcome of the confrontation when the Hand arrived. He was brought to speed, but they still seemed to be considering the fact that this Third Faction did move the strings on the shadows. Ryshias brought more light into this when he said that the HK droids that attacked him were relayed to the Imperium networks, and they made the association to this Third faction. Ryshias, realizing this war was manipulated, decided to do something meaninful. He knelt to Si'alla, in order to plea her to do the same to the Masters, to cool down their rage and stop this war.

Si'alla, visibly impacted and emotionally conflicted, agreed, and finally marched to the Master's palace to do what must be done. As the Masters discussed their war plans on their palace, Si'alla arrived. She called for them to hear her out, inside a sea of accusations and doubts from the Masters of Fear. In a moment notice, Si'alla kneels, and the Masters went silent. What happened after, matters little, as the Masters decide to give Si'alla the peace she wanted, and the Imperium finally stalled the storm.


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: Assault on the Ruins

Involved: Ryshias, Iax (As Erebon) , Si'alla, Chriskrayt, Natalya, Senna, Hawk'e, Nezzor, S'renx (As unknown assailant)

The Imperium was enjoying a sunset in Roderick city, a small moment of peace upon the darkness that had taken over the atmosphere of the colony. But, in a moment notice, that calm was disturbed when Senna, Dread Guard Commander, arrived with a sinister motive: Bring the Praetor, by any means necessary, upon the Fortress of the Dread Master up in Roderick City hills.

As the woman played a cat and mouse game, something else moved upon the shadows. As Senna and Si'alla finnally reached an accord, an unknown, white armored assailant attacked the Praetor. It was the third time on a row that an attack was done upon the city. The attacker retreated after he revealed a message, with the Praetor left through a portal.

Once upon the Dread Fortress, Nolus had summoned Si'alla because of one reason only, which was discovering who were the third party in their game. Nolus had just noticed that several of the attacks done were framed upon the Masters, even if they didn't took a direct participation in them, or so claimed the Strategist of the Masters. Si'alla reluctantly agreed to help the masters, and even if it would not mean that the Master would stop their actions, it would make manifest that not everything was as written on the wall as it seemed. To discover who were this third party, Si'alla was tasked to find the Hands of the Emperor, who had been long silent in their seats of power. Senna was also placed in charge of the Praetor, as "token of cooperation" between them.

Hours later, cryptic messages arriving from unknown sources revealed that the Hand was being attacked in an former cantina among the ruins of Mos Ares. There, a large group of Imperium members, among who were the Praetor, Senna, Hawk'e, Deputy Minister Chriskrayt, MW member Nezzor, and known ally of Ryshias, Paentaen. The group encountered a Sith named Erebon inside what seemed to be an old coliseum, who worked for the Web of Shadows, the secret organization that had connections with Ryshias.

There, the group bickered among themselves if the Sith named Erebon had any valuable information for them, an solitaire HK droid fired upon the Imperium members. The assault was short-lived, as the droid was easily dismantled by Chriskrayt and Hawk'e. The group moved swiftly around the ruins, trying to find the Hand, and find answers for what could have happened.

The group encountered a group of operatives of the Web of Shadows entrenched in a mess hall inside the ruins. They seemed to be working with Erebon, as they recognized the man. The Imperium and WoS couldn't chat more, though, as a new volley of blaster fire came upon them. More HK droids begun their assault on the Imperium, bringing an storm tactics, as they flowed the hall with smoke grenades and tried to pierce into the heart of the group. Tried, as the HK's were easily dispatched by the Imperium again, with only two casualties from the Web of Shadows group. As the smoke settled, Si'alla decided to reveal something to the group: When the group destroyed the HK droid on the coliseum, an communication module rolled into Si'alla's feet. It seemed still operable, as Si'alla introduced it to the group.

The image of a Sith lord, recognized as Darth Sirvas, appeared. The Dread Guard Commander was the supposed leader behind the HK droids. Sirvas said that the Hand was in trouble and that the excavation purposes had been successful. The communication module failed then, as Sirvas seemed to have worked under directions of the Dread Masters. The group moved forward, just to notice the Hand trapped inside an office in an force field. A large group of soldiers were with him. One of the soldiers, wounded, revealed that the force field trapped the Hand while he protected the group, and that the only way to release him was to use the Light side of the Force, or to shed blood into the filters of the field. Si'alla and Paentaen worked with their light side aura to remove the field from the former Wrath.

As Ryshias was released, and thanked the group, Grand Admiral Natalya arrived to retrieve the group, and take them home. The Hand was silent the whole travel, not revealing what he what doing in the ruins, or why the Masters had a commander following him.

As soon as they returned to Roderick City, and Senna returned to the fortress, the true intentions of the Masters were revealed. Three of the Harrower dreadnoughts of the Dread Fleet, including the Black Arrow, Nolus flagship, had appeared on Saleucami's orbit and had secured the world. Massive war machines poured of the factories and secret vaults of the world, as giant armies of Dread Guards and droids corrupted by the Masters technology and rituals secured the world for the ruinous purposes of them. Saleucami was secured for the Dread Masters power, and Nolus finally played his hand, leaving now the turn on the Imperium...


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: Ambush in the Wilderness

Involved: Filan, Salkoro, Capella, Leski, Eliasara

After hearing news that his forces were to be stationed at Roderick City, Salkoro immediately stationed his snipers on strategic cliff points. He then received a call from an unknown source, presumably one of the Dread Masters, and proceeded to cut ties with them as their investigator after hearing of their actions at Roderick City. This was not enough for Moff Leski and Commodore Eliasara as they beat him close to death and had him imprisoned. He told Eliasara that an unknown signal was coming from the planet as well and Eliasara decided to investigate. Before leaving, the Commodore but Lieutenant Capella in charge of the Army forces. Eliasara traveled to the signal point and was ambushed by Filan. Filan disarmed the Commodore and broke her rifle over his knee. They then engaged in hand to hand combat with Filan emerging victorious. Filan then dislocated Eliasara's arm and broke several of her ribs. Eliasara detonated an EMP which disabled Filan's cybernetics. Filan declared that he would not kill her because he wanted her to be alive to witness her failures. Filan then walked away and Eliasara activated her distress beacon. Within minutes, 109th soldiers swarmed to her location and brought her back to the medical bay at Roderick City.


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: To Kill a Praetor

Involved: Ruu'san(& Unknown Assailant, Raxxum), Si'alla, Sefran, Kharia, Ray'ak(& Unknown Assailant (same one as Ruu'san)), 109th Escort(Eliasara, Leski, Hadzutska, Joker)

After recent confrontation with the Dread Masters time and time again, Praetor Si’alla Val’enn has grown tired of their actions. Shortly after one such confrontation, she was summoned by the Grand Moff Sefran Roderick for an impromptu meeting concerning her safety, considering the attack a few days prior on her Vice Praetor. Arriving with a full escort of the 109th Special Operations Wing, Val’enn greeted Grand Moff Roderick before Salvatus Square in Roderick City.

The Grand Moff warned her of his concern that she would be a target of an attack, the attack on the Vice Praetor fresh on his mind but it was too late. Explosions were heard, lights flashed all those around. Another attack.

Stunned and confused, the 109th failed at capturing the assailant, allowing them to flee. They returned to assist the fallen Praetor and Supreme Commander while keeping a close eye on a possible second round of attacks, something they didn’t fully consider.

After several minutes of squabbling about who was to be saved, Si’alla’s apprentice, Lord Raxxum Gelvan arrived, insisting that her master must retreat to safety and that the Moff would be in other hands. Si’alla, a well-known healer in the Imperium, refused to leave the man and decided to use precious moments to save the Supreme Commander.

They charged over Sovereign’s Bridge, but they were a minute too late. At the Arestenax Obelisk was a second volley of explosives, knocking Commodore Ada Eliasara and Grand Moff Roderick down again. With Si’alla dead-set on healing everyone, Raxxum began barking orders on behalf of her master in an attempt to make it within the Basilica. Successfully, one final stride allowed them the sanctuary given by the Dark Divines.

Grand Moff Roderick and Praetor Val’enn discuss the compromisation of the city in hopes to up security. Roderick commanded that the 109th serve as guards to both the Office of Praetor and SIMCOM. A few moments afterwards Vice Praetor Ruu’san Kaldar arrives with an important message from Princess Kharia, the Voice of the Emperor, stating that she wished to see both of them in the SIMCOM War Room. Roderick tells the two women that he must depart, and granted Kaldar to speak on behalf of SIMCOM.

Within the War Room stood the proud young Princess. with a small escort of Imperial Knights and to her left, the Wrath of the Emperor, Darth Ray’ak Athan. Seemingly unconcerned about the incident which involved her great-uncle and the Praetor, the Voice discussed future military plans with the Office of Praetor. After she explained her crusade, the Voice granted Kaldar and Val’enn control of the Twelfth and Second fleets to guard the Capitol and Yavin IV. Honouring her with a bow, Princess Kharia leaves with the two Knights, telling the Wrath to stay behind and to continue serving the Emperor’s Will which as of this point is not public knowledge.


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: Shadow of Dread

Involved: Ruu’san, Sefran, Ophisis (as unknown sith), Eliasara, Hadzuska-zudyti, Capella, Quelara.

At the 109th headquarters on Dromund Kaas, Moff Kaldar scolded Commodore Eliasara in her office. As they quarreled, they were oblivious to the entrance of the highly respected Grand Moff Sefran. The Grand Moff then decided to end the dispute, disciplining both of the high ranking women for seperate reasons.. As the tensions died down, Sefran noticed something in the corner of his eye. Surprised, he alerted the others of what he saw. Commodore Eliasara then brought up security footage, yet there were no signs of an intruder.  Feeling somewhat relieved, they continued their conversation.

Moments later, the door to the Commodore’s office began operating by itself, closing and opening for no apparent reason, and Eliasara decided to investigate. As she reached to door, Moff Kaldar was pushed to the ground by an unseen force. Commodore Eliasara rushed to her side, and enacted security protocols. Three of her most capable soldiers gathered to her side.

Grand Moff Sefran instinctively took command of the situation, and began to evacuate Moff Kaldar. Issuing orders, he ordered the team to clear rooms one by one as they move cautiously towards the exit.

Eliasara, who was over eager in her approach got ahead of the team. The Grand Moff, angered by this, called her an idiot and commanded her to come back. He ordered the soldiers to investigate the next room, and nothing was found. They quickly moved Ruu’san to the room to continue the evacuation. Ruu’san was then pulled to the next room by the intruder, a Rattataki Sith who’s name is unknown. She was beaten by the sith for 6 seconds, before the assailant retreated back into the shadows.

Once the intruder was identified as a sith, the team became anxious. They continued the mission, and dispatched stealth probes. The group moved to the next room, and Ruu’san stayed behind slightly to recuperate from the attack. It was then that Moff Kaldar began screaming uncontrollably, grasping her head and claiming to hear voices in her head. Kaldar repeated what she heard, reciting over and over “Death is near.”

After this display, the group, under Sefrans command, hurriedly rushed to the exit of the headquarters. They formed a linear defense in front of Moff Kaldar, becoming a human shield. As they reached they the exit, they noticed that the door to the simulation room was operating by itself, for again, no apparent reason. Sefran ordered the soldiers to point their weapons towards the door, and to be ready to fire. Ruu’san, in a panic, spoke to the Sith attacker. Halfway through her sentence, she was force pulled to the assailant, and was struck many times. Sefran then ordered the team to fire, and the sith was injured, and incapable of returning to the shadows. One of the 109th’s soldiers entered and evacuated Kaldar from the room, while Sefran and the others began to take down the Sith attacker. As the Sith died, she spoke her last words… “The Masters’ will be done”  before disappearing into the force.

As the team further evacuated Kaldar, Grand Moff Sefran noticed that in the spot where she Sith vanished, a dread artifact stood. He picked it up and brought it to the Moff Kaldar and Eliasara. Kaldar, infuriated, suspected at this was the Dread Masters doing, as they have been at her neck for years. Then, the group moved to the nearest shuttle, and Kaldar was brought to the top medical facility in Roderick City.


Royal Blood: A Report on Lord Q'urrim's findings

Involved: Hadz, Q'urrim, Misa'soma

Greetings: I am QZ-826, Lord Q'urrim's automated reporter.

Findings: Hadz's bones have been have been ripped out of him and replaced with a augmented skeletal system. Possiable ability to regenrate the body at a very fast rate.

Hadz is feeling empty. His brain must not be used to the new bones, his anger and sadness are great. Whatever these monsters did to the poor boy may acutaly make him one of the most powerful humans ever...

I sealed the wounds and sent him with a large escort back to Lord Tykas along with my report to him. With approval I will need to run some tests to see how his body reacts.

End Report: Will update report as Lord Q'urrim requests.


Scions of a Fractured Imperium: Sowing Fear

Involved: Nolus, Si'alla, Hadz, Kataret, Senna, Kharia, Raxxum, Arctis.

Location: Yavin IV - Roderick City

Roderick City enjoyed a sunny evening on Yavin's moon, just before a corruption and darkness they haven't felt in a long while returned. The Dread Masters appeared in Roderick city, creating an aura of terror on it's inhabitants and creating panic and fear among the citizens, the son of Tykas, Hadz, the most affected, as Nolus took somewhat of a initiative to torment the child.

Praetor Si'alla, who was on her office, felt the arriving presence of the Masters, and as she noticed the increasing terror, tried to find the Dread Masters and stop them, as also trying to know their intentions behind this unexpected action. As Ambassador Arctis and Darth Senna joined her on the search of the masters, Hadz became more and more torn by the mental comments of the masters against him.

Si'alla found Dread Masters Nolus and Kataret on the far end of the city, in a waterfall, as they seemingly awaited the group. Once there, Si'alla questioned both men on their actions, just receiving cryptic answers and messages that they carried the will of the Emperor, and that the Imperium government has failed the Emperor. Meanwhile, someone lurked in the darkness....

As Hadz jumped down with a ball of lightning on Nolus, the man has realized long ago the intentions of the child of Tykas. Nolus grabbed him in mid air with the Force, seeing the capture of the child as a medium to archive his objective. Nolus used Hadz as hostage to force the Praetor to kneel to them, the Dread Master. To make sure the message was received that they were the true will of the Emperor.

After a brief speech from the Praetor, were she claimed she kneel because of her oath to protect the citizens of the Imperium, she kneel on the Dread Masters. As they tasted their victory, the Voice appeared, only to reassure the Dread Masters and see how the Praetor left speechless.

But in the shadows, Kataret and Nolus achieved a greater objective, which was plant a dread seed on Roderick City. It was but a matter of time before it's effects would be felt by everyone...


Corporal Punishment: Rectifying the 109th

Involved: Ruu'san, Eliasara: Kharia, Ze'doss, Capellé, Praelus, Fidelisis(Joker as Imperial Soldier),Hadzustk...(You get the point), Kairus, Nimma'cetha'ura

A recent INN emergency report announced that any citizen who came into contact with Rear Admiral Ada Eliasara of the 109th Batallion was to report her to the authorities at once, where Princess Kharia, the Voice of the Emperor, would deal with her failure for the catastrophe at the offices of the 109th on Dromund Kaas.

Vice Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar had contacted the Rear Admiral and requested an immediate audience with her in her personal chambers on Nar Shaddaa, near Hospital Citadel. They spoke briefly of what the punishment would be, and Eliasara's distaste for the Sith was revealed.

Before Ada had even arrived, Ruu'san had contacted members of the 109th to assist in the capture of their commander. She had waited for just the right moment before calling in the escorts to apprehend her. Kaldar instructed the team to take them to Roderick City where she would receive her public corporal punishment.

Greeted by Officer Nimma'cetha'ura, the prisoner was directed to Salvatus Square where other soldiers of the 109th were waiting, along with Princess Kharia, Prince Praelus and Lord Hand Fidelisis waiting at the Throne for her.

Prince Praelus read the charges Rear Admiral Eliasara was accused of, they were:

-For gross negligence of duty leading to the destruction of Imperium property and loss of military lives.

-For conduct unbecoming of an officer.

-For failure to bring a fugitive to justice following criminal acts against the Imperium, and for failing to execute the office to which you have been appointed, Rear Admiral Eliasara has been reduced in rank to commodore and shall suffer public corporal punishment.

After charges were read, Princess Kharia instructed the Lord Hand to handle the lashes. After several sessions of lightning, Ada finally submitted. She was officially demoted to Commodore and was to return to her office. Hardly a moment after, Ruu'san requested that she control the whereabouts of the 109th. Declining the offer, Princess Kharia promoted Kaldar to Deputy Commander of the Sith Imperium Military, meaning Commodore Eliasara would report to Moff.

Eliasara boldly threatened the Moff, causing the Princess to make her submit before the throne, where Private Ze'doss bashed her head with the butt of his rifle.

Walking off, the Princess dismissed the party before her.



Involved: Eliasara, Hadzuska, Salkoro, Sefran, Tykas, Filan, Misa'soma, Q'urrim, Capella

Admiral Eliasara decided to take the young Hadzuska, son of Tykas, out on a recon training exercise on Yavin IV. In the middle of the exercise, Hadzuska noticed an apparition that Eliasara could not see. This distraction was enough for a masked person to assault the young Hadzutsi. The masked assailant shot Hadzuska with an electro not and proceeded to call in for extraction while Eliasara was busy searching for him. Eliasara found him and fired a warning shot, ordering the assailant to drop the body of the unconscious Hadzuska. The assailant complied but proceeded to fire a dart at Eliasara, which paralyzed her from the waist down temporarily. The assailant then delivered a cryptic message: "Never trust a Kelborn" and then proceeded to light the Admiral on fire with his flamethrower, which severely burned the right side of her body. The assailant escaped with Hadzuska and 109th recovery teams arrived moments later to save the Admiral.

Back at the 109th HQ, Filan Kelborn was waiting for the Admiral to get back. While the doctors tended to her wounds, Tykas, father of Hadzutsi, arrived asking what was going on. Eliasara then awoke, dazed and startled and proceeded to <DATA EXPUNGED> Filan. She passed out a few moments later. Final, still shocked after what Eliasara did to him moments before, decided to wait and ask her questions. After learning that Hadzuska was kidnapped, which enraged Tykas, Filan asked her details on the kidnapper. After telling Filan of the kidnapper's mask, Filan realized what the kidnapper's plan was. Final revealed that he knew the kidnapper due to the fact that he was the person who created The Quantum Projects. Final stated that he and his father, Andrekios, were experiments in the Project and Filan deduced that the assailant planned to continue the project starting with Hadzuska. Final explained that the kidnapper would cut Hadzuska open on the legs, arms, feet, hands, torso, and skull and implant augments into him that would boost his strength, speed, and intelligence. Final also explained that a chip would be inserted into all the experiment's head so that they could be controlled. After hearing that the process was extremely painful and jus the mere thought of his son being cut open, Tykas called for a strike force to save his son. The strike force was made up of Admiral Ada Eliasara, Lieutenant Colonel Salkoro Thul, Sergeant Capella, Dutchess Misa'soma Kora, and Knight Q'urrim Midicoil. Salkoro triangulated the route the kidnapper took to Ilum. They strike force then traveled to Ilum, knowing that time was of the essence.

On Ilum, the strike force found the location of Hadzuska. He was being held in a crystal cave defended by Talz Mercenaries. The strike force headed there and made quick work of the mercenaries. They traveled deeper into the cave and found Hadzuska covered in scars and surrounded by blood. The experiment had been conducted. Salkoro proceeded to unlock the door to his cell but found a bomb preventing entry. He also found that the cell was pressure plated, meaning that someone had to stay in to keep the bomb from going off. Salkoro volunteered even though the Admiral ordered him not to. Salkoro climbed into the cell and tried to help Hadzuska out of it, but found the boy to be in shock. He helped Eliasara lift the boy out of his cell. The Admiral looked back to Salkoro and Salkoro yelled at her to go. Salkoro walked towards the door to face Misa'soma. He gave her the crystal that she gave him while he was her guard. She looked down at the crystal, held back tears, and told Salkoro to come back alive for her. Salkoro nodded and the Dutchess left. When the strike force was outside Salkoro quickly let out of the cell. The bomb went off as expected but caused a cave collapse. Salkoro was impaled by a crystal shard but was able to make it out of the cave and back to the 109th HQ.

Back at the 109th, news spread quickly that Grand Moff Sefran was coming to speak to Admiral Eliasara's present troops. After Salkoro received treatment, he was ordered to go upstairs to speak with the Grand Moff. The Grand Moff asked Salkoro what he <DATA EXPUNGED>. Salkoro knew that he hated their kind greatly due to the fact that they walked all over him but he only stated that he would die for his sister, Candicia. The Grand Moff dismissed him and called in Sergeant Capella. The Grand Moff also asked Capella what she <DATA EXPUNGED>. After hearing Capella's answer, the Grand Moff promoted her to Lieutenant. After Hadzutsi was given to the care of Dutchess Misa'soma and Knight Q'urrim, things became quiet. Eliasara and Capella were discussing something when Filan came in. he proceeded to blackmail the Admiral stating that he would release the security footage of the medical room. This footage included when the Admiral <DATA EXPUNGED> him. He demanded to know what the Grand Moff asked the 2 officers. When the Admiral resisted, Filan turned to leave and said "Never trust a Kelborn." When she heard him say those words, Eliasara put the building in lockdown and called in her heavy security droids. Filan detonated devices that he masqueraded as motion sensors, which destroyed the droids, cut power to the building, and heavily damaged the headquarters. In the ensuing chaos, Filan ran downstairs and murdered the front desk greeter, Cartia, as well as the 3 doctors who healed Eliasara. A few minutes later and Eliasara but an Arrest On Sight order on Filan. With part of their building destroyed and Filan in possesion of a very incriminating recording, Eliasara turned her attention to rebuilding the HQ and hoping that someone would turn Filan Kelborn in.


Coven Execution of Ny'reen Kaldar - Heretical Purge

Involved: Ray'ak, Bahr've'ahz, Ny'reen, Vi'kirr'naam, Praelus, Kairus,

While guarding the Temple in Roderick City, Bahr've'ahz noticed smoke to the left of him. Curious, he went to investigate, and found a crazed Ny'reen burning some holy texts in the nearby classroom. Infuriated, he force choked her and began questioning her reasoning. Ny'reen attempted to confused him, claiming to be her twin sister Ruu'san, and responded with words of heresy. She described how she was doing it for the "Good" of the Imperium, but it was to no avail. It was then that Darth Ray'ak walked in, and in rage, grasped Ny'reens neck with her bare hands, before sending her to the prisons.

Darth Ray'ak, Bahr've'ahz, and Sir Vi'kirr'naam then began questioning the heretic, asking who was it that planned the sacrilegious plot. For what seemed to be thirty minutes, the woman was tortured through lightning, and some beating. It was then that Ny'reen confessed that she had ultimately sent herself, and that she had a deep hatred for all Sith, including the Emperor. She was then given a trial in which she pleaded guilty.

The Next Day:

As all the Imperium gathered around the pyres of purification, Darth Ray'ak and Bahr've'ahz prepared them for the execution. Average Citizens, to even the Imperial Prince Praelus came to watch the heretic be punished for her deadly sins. Moments after the crowd had gathered, Vi'kirr'naam dragged in the wounded Ny'reen. Some citizens quivered in fear with what was to happen, whilst others booed and spit at the her. Ray'ak then began giving a small speech about the dangers of heresy, and the punishments that will be inflicted because of them.

As Ray'ak spoke, the heretic was hung by her hands atop to pyre, and began preaching heresy to the people below. She claimed that the Coven was evil, and would be the ruin of the Imperium. Annoyed, Darth Ray'ak set her feet ablaze. The fire simmered her skin and bursted her eyes into goo, and all in the crowed cried, spat, and cheered.

When the execution was complete, Darth Ray'ak blessed all in the crowd and dismissed them, before ultimately throwing the remains of Ny'reen kaldar of the nearby ledge.


A Calculated Rescue

Involved: Senna, Santificus, Nolus, Xaketh, Paentaen, Keelis, Vicros (as dread guard), Kairus.

Location: Soveriegn, Belsavis.

With Erasis otherwise recovering, Santificus was sent on his behalf, and called the finery of the Imperium to the Sovereign to explain the next task. When the summoned arrived, Santificus informed them of a discovery that Erasis had recently made. On Oricon, Dark Nexuses of energy mark where each Dread Master fell. However, when Erasis explored the resting place of Dread Master Brontes, he found it cleared. In its place, he sensed emptiness. He determined that a powerful ritual had been performed to siphon the lingering dread essence. Erasis focused upon power of the siphon and tracked it to Belsavis.

Santificus had researched the area where the essence was found, and located an imprisoned Sith, named Senna. Nolus and Santificus agreed this one would be worth the time and effort to free. Santificus reported that Erasis wished her to be brought to him. Thus they headed to the planet, and Nolus stayed behind.

Planetside, Kairus rendezvoused with them and the group ventured into the Tomb with good hope. The place was darkly beautiful as Paentaen noted, but as they grew closer a darkness could be sensed. As the approached the lava, Santificus noticed blood, unnerving the others. He started to cast an old ritual, allowing everyone to see the past: The Sith they were tracking had been forced into the tomb nearby in the midst of a brutal battle between her and an elite squad of Sith and troopers. By sheer luck, they were able to detain her long enough to collapse the tomb on her. To their dismay, she survived the tactic by locking herself in a self-preserving stasis field.

Cautiously the group was ordered forward. They came across the ruins and were eventually able to clear the fallen wreckage. The Sith emerged from the smoke and debris, released from her prison after many long years. She was ominous, yet thanked the group for her freedom. Kairus however was enraged, saying she should be put to Imperium use, not to become a dreadful trifle. Kairus however was cut short.

As the events occurred in front of her, Paentean held a secret. Ryshias had not successfully broken her possession. He turned and decapitated the dread guard escorting Santificus, then knocked Kairus into a wall. After a short duel however, Santificus broke through Paentean, after she tricked him, but he managed to create a prision out of hardened lava, capturing her. He ordered Keelis and the Grand Inquisitor to detain her, and take her to Mos Ares.

After observing the battle, Senna once again thanked Santificus and the group, and leaving with the datacodes, made her way to a shuttle to see Erasis.


The Apocalypse: Return

Involved: Arctis, Asavian (mentioned), Eliasara, Erasis, Nolus, Revera

Location: Ice Planet, Unknown Regions

Years had past since the disappearance of Darth Arctis, the Sith Empire's chief ambassador to the Imperium. Although it was presumed he died during a voyage into the Unknown Regions, Erasis and Nolus of the Dread Masters felt his presence and tracked him to an icy world in the desolate region of space. The Sith was imprisoned in stasis lock, but Erasis was able to release the ambassador, who revealed the identity of his captor: Asavian. He began elaborating on his reasons for the journey, a particularly bothersome, yet familiar, disturbance in the Force pressed at his mind. He found the tremor strongest on the uncharted world, and was confronted by armed forces under Asavian's leadership. The soldiers themselves fell to Arctis' power, but his adversaries found a way to subdue and imprison him, though his memory of capture was far too vague to elaborate upon. The Dread Masters soon realized they had played into the traitor's hands; Asavian orchestrated the rescue in order to lure the Masters from their sanctuary. Erasis dismissed the matter at hand and demanded they return to their Dread Palace at once, a notion that visibly agitated Arctis. As the group ventured to the command post established upon their arrival, Arctis reluctantly expressed his gratitude to the Imperium and promised a reward in return for freeing him before arranging himself transport to Dromund Kaas.


The Apocalypse: Secrets of Taris

Involved: Xaketh/Echelon, Kairus, Hawk'e, Nezzor, Vicros, Fidelisis, Tykas, Vi'kirr'naam, Amavii (Mentioned), S'renx

Location: Taris

Time had passed since the Imperium had entered war. This new and formidable force, called the Alliance, had invaded Imperium territory, causing massive losses and now posing a powerful threat. In the midst of the battle, Grand Inquisitor Xaketh sent out a priority alert, calling available Imperium specialists to the toxic world of Taris. Upon arriving on the planet, the specialists, including Darth Hawk'e, Darth Vicros, and General Kairus, met with Xaketh, along with Admiral Nezzor who also was located planetside. After meeting, Nezzor informed the specialists that they had discovered that a shipment of chemicals from Quesh had arrived on Taris. These chemicals were believed to be from the Alliance, and could provide useful information on combating the enemy. Xaketh declared it was vital to recover the shipment, hoping Imperium scientists would inspect and discover any weaknesses the Aliance may possess.

Nezzor agreed the mission was vital. After setting up a command post to communicate to the Imperium, Nezzor sent off the team, allowing Xaketh to lead the others to the shipment. Xaketh reported that a recon team had already been sent to find the chemicals, but had lost contact deep within a cave. The Imperium set off, determined to recover the shipment and any secrets it may hold. Xaketh brought the team to a cave infested with rakghouls. The specialists, using their combat skills, fought through the rakghouls, making their way deeper towards the last point on communication from the recon team. The rakghouls posed a minimal threat to the Imperium, as they showed no mercy and worked very cautiously.

Eventually, the team made it to the point of the recon's team final location. As they arrived, Xaketh noted that the location was littered with the bodies of the Imperium recon team. After searching around the area, the Imperium specialists located a chest, presumably the shipment of chemicals that the Imperium had been searching for. However, the chest was enclosed in a forcefield, making it impossible for the specialists to access it. Xaketh looked around, noticing the several different consoles and computers in the area. Xaketh believed one must control the shield around the shipment. The specialists quickly spread out, accessing the consoles. As they did, a large group of rakghouls dropped from the ceiling above. An ambush! The Imperium, after an intense fight, dispatched the group of rakghouls. Vicros then returned to one of the consoles, and after working with it for another minute, brought down the shield around the chest. As Xaketh approached the shipment, he reported that is had come from a Republic base on the planet, and believed that this base was a secret base operated by the Alliance.

After noting this location, Xaketh told the group that they should leave. He ordered them to go to an Imperial outpost near the fake Republic base for them to regroup and regain their strength. The group did as told, and they met at the Imperial outpost. After arriving, Xaketh went over the plan, that there would most likely be a Commander of the Alliance working and overseeing operations inside the base. Xaketh believed it would be necessary to capture this commander and return him to Imperium territory, where he could be interrogated for answers that could be useful against the Alliance. As they prepared to head out for the assault, Xaketh received a priority message from SIMCOM, reporting that he would need to depart from Taris and return to Voss for dire business. As he left, he placed General Kairus in charge of the mission to capture the commander.

After Xaketh's departure, Kairus, along with Vicros and Hawk'e (and others) set out. They approached the base from the side, hoping to draw the least amount of attention as possible. They stealthily infiltrated the base, then began searching through the buildings and bunkers within the base. They continued to search and empty these bunkers until they came across the one housing the commander. They soon found it, meeting a masked man working on a console. He turned to greet them, announcing that they could never stop the Alliance and his "Master". Kairus, determined for answers, demanded that this commander reveal the goals, intentions, and leadership of the Alliance. The commander refused, remaining undying and loyal. It was clear he would not reveal any information for the Imperium.

At this, Kairus and the others drew their weapons, engaging in a duel with the commander. However, the man was skilled and geared, disappearing into stealth and striking from the shadows. Kairus was soon defeated and injured by the commander's techniques. However, the other Imperium specialists outnumbered the man, soon defeating and forcing him to his knees. By then, Kairus had recovered enough to move. He demanded that the commander reveal all the secrets of the Alliance and provide answers. The commander negotiated, saying if the Imperium would allow him to escape, he would reveal crucial information. Kairus attempted to squeeze the information out of the man, but he would not crack. The Alliance commander was then knocked out, and brought back to Imperium territory where he was imprisoned.

With the mission complete, the Imperium specialists returned to safe territory. They made their way to the Sovereign, where the Lord Hand, Darth Fidelisis had called a priority meeting on such short notice. The specialists from Taris, along with Darth Tykas and Darth Vi'kirr'naam came to the meeting. Fidelisis then revealed that the Imperium had recently received a recorded message from an unknown party. Upon playing the recording, it showed the same man who had recently been captured on Taris, the Alliance Commander. The message revealed that the Imperium had played right into his hands, taking the bait on Taris and dividing their attention and specialists. With the Imperium's attention on Taris, the Alliance had successfully boarded Princess Amavii's ship and kidnapped her. At this the Imperium raged, wondering what the Alliance wanted with Amavii and if they would make any demands. Darth Tykas, the lover of Amavii, took the kidnapping personally, yet remained calm in appearance. Additionally, the Imperium believed that the losses the Imperium had been enduring was due to an Alliance mole within Imperium ranks. After the meeting concluded, Darth S'renx went on to interrogate members of the Imperium to learn the identity of this mole.

Days after the mission on Taris and the priority meeting, Darth S'renx visited the imprisoned Alliance commander from Taris. S'renx appeared to be looking for answers. He believed he could convince the commander to give answers by being decent and comforting to the man. The imprisoned commander stated that he might share information if he was given a good meal, specifically, bantha steak. S'renx brought the meal and utensils to the commander, hoping he would share the answers. However, it was a trick! The commander grabbed the knife from the utensils laid out before him, instantly cutting his own throat. The commander had killed himself, silencing himself from revealing any information or answers to the Imperium. The one source that could help them combat the Alliance was destroyed, leaving the Imperium, once more, at a disadvantage.


The Apocalypse: Trap over Gand

Involved: Loret, Bhula, S'renx, Si'alla, Erasis, Nolus

Location: Sovereign

Supreme Commander Loret called for a Council Meeting to discuss a message she had received from the captured planet of Quesh from Imperium soldiers who were left behind in the invasion. These soldiers had been hiding in Quesh’s many mines to avoid detection and had been secretly observing the enemy for any insights into who they were or their goal. The message from the soldier revealed 3 things to the council about their new enemy. One, that this was no “alliance”, all of the enemies were actually seemingly under the mental control of one entity, much like the Hive Minds of the Killiks. Two, that the chemical factories on Quesh had not stopped production, but in fact had production increased, creating a new mysterious chemical compound. The last piece of information was that the enemy was building up forces on border worlds of Sector 6 in preparation for a major assault on the other Sectors.

The Council began talks on what to do with this new information, with plans ranging from attacking Quesh to completely ignoring the information entirely. But before the Council could settle on a defined plan of action, alerts came in that reported that the Imperium planet of Gand was under attack, but not from the South, but from the West. The Council immediately went to the situation room to command the defense fleet, with Supreme Commander Loret commanded to lead the defense of Gand from the Tyrant, the flagship of the Gand fleet. The battle soon began, one that would soon echo throughout the Imperium.

The battle began slowly, with the enemy fleet slowly filtering through the asteroids that strangely were spread about in the system, and with the Imperium settling into a defense line. The battle continued to progress slowly, with each side slowly moving towards each other, the Imperium whole fleet moved through the field, but only a fraction of the enemy fleet moving to fight. The battle icked up when the Imperium fleet dispatched their bombers, but were countered when the enemy launched their own interceptors which quickly dispatched most of the Imperium bombers, but then were destroyed by the approaching Imperium Terminuses. The enemy fleet suddenly seemed to break down, with their fleet beginning to move erratically, with Loret took advantage of, moving quickly to damage the enemy fleet, and quickly taking over the center of the battlefield.

But suddenly, the Voice Bhula shouted out for a Imperium retreat just as the enemy ships turned their fire on the center asteroid, causing it to erupt in a huge explosion that took out all of the nearby ships. The Imperium spectators could only watch as the explosion ignited a chain reaction throughout the asteroid field, causing many of the other asteroids to similarly explode. The effect was almost instantaneous, destroying much of the Imperium fleet, leaving only the Harrowers, heavily damaged to fend for themselves. The Imperium was shocked, and demanded that they restablish contact with oret aboard her ship, and they did, only to have Loret express her regret in failing the Imperium in defending Gand. The rest of the invading fleet soon destroyed the remaining Imperium fleet with ease, silencing Loret forever.

It became clear, the trap had been sprung…..


The Apocalypse: Battle for Quesh

Involved: Xaketh, Salvatus/Bhula, Tykas, S'renx, Si'alla, Vicros, Candicia, Jaesari, Daenerys, Erasis

Location: Sovereign, Quesh

Salvatus called a meeting to be briefed on the situation with Vitiate and the status of the Imperium capital Voss. During the meeting, he inquired who personally fought against Vitiate, and when Salvatus was told that S'renx fought valiantly, extended his hand to congratulate S'renx for his service. But when S'renx told the Emperor's hand, Salvatus began reacting strangely, and soon hit the floor and was unresponsive. Members of the Imperium quickly rushed to Salvatus side to assist him, but could do nothing to help the Emperor. Grandmaster Tykas quickly enacted Protocol Zero, in which several ships enter into Sovereign space and hailed the Sovereign, informing the Imperium members they were there to protect the Emperor and they needed Salvatus transported to their ship. Xaketh lifted Salvatus as Imperium members rushed their Emperor to the Hanger, where Salvatus was safely transported to Fleet Zero which left soon afterwards. Just as Fleet Zero left, the Lord Hand sent out an alert informing the Imperium that a unidentified fleet had just entered Quesh space.

The Imperium members quickly ran to the War Room on the Sovereign to combat this new threat. Upon entering the War Room, the Imperium was informed that the invading fleet was not just from one fraction, but was comprised of ships from the Hutts, Republic, and even Empire. The invaders began landing troops on Quesh's surface and invading Imperium defense emplacements. The Imperium decided that to win, a two-prong defense was need, so most of the Imperium headed to Quesh's surface, while Bhula and Candicia lead the space battle from the Sovereign. On the surface, Xaketh and Tykas worked togeather to destory the captured Quesh plantary cannons, and disrupted the enemy's communication network, while the others worked to stop the enemy at their landing zones. After defeating two of the enemy's commanders at their landing zones, the Impeium forces cut off a prototype Hutt War droid and managed to defeat it. The Imperium foces then recieved a communication from the enemy leader, who was prepared to surrender, but only to the Preator. Preator Si'alla agreed to meet to accept the surrender in the tunnels under Attis Station, as long as the enemy stoped their assult, to which the enemy agreed. 

The Space battle was progressing evenly, with the Imperium forces holding their own, but were slowly losing ground. The Imperium fleet was hoping for renforcements, but were shocked when they learned that their renforements were under attack on Kessel. The Imperium was even more surprised when Imperium foces at Centares sent out an alert that they were under attack. Bhula ordered piority renforcements to Centares instead of Quesh.

When Si'alla met in the Quesh tunnels, the enemy eader revealed the meeting to be a trap, and activiated the the panel ouside the room, letting the natural Quesh poision flow into the room where Si'alla was. Si'alla so felt the effects of the chemicals, falling into a coma. As this happened, the enemy fleet suddenly opened fire, destorying much of the remaining Imperium fleet. Bhula then called for a retreat from Quesh, calling everyone back to the Sovereign.

Sector 6 had fallen.


The Return of the Emperor: The Last Stand

Involved: Ryshias/Thermophilus, Loret/Kairus/Carget, Paentaen, S'renx, Xaketh, Iax/Vrahal/Noctus, Vladrick, Ish'thari

Location: Voss Council Chamber, Nightmare Lands on Voss, Corrupted Gorma-Koss.

Problem: The former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, seeks revenge on the Imperium for constantly ruining his plans. He wishes to end their interference by attacking and destroying their capital world of Voss. Vitiate's presence spreads over the planet as he had corrupted armies of Gormak and is using them in endless slaughter. The Imperium's finest heroes, led by Darth Ryshias, must travel over the planet to cripple Vitiate's armies and stop his ritual before he consumes all of the planet's life. But the Imperium is not prepared for what is to come....

Aftermath: Ryshias sacrifices himself, stopping the Emperor's ritual and destroying the Emperor's pawns. Vitiate, angered by the Imperium's endless interference, leaves Imperium space. Ryshias is saved by an ancient ritual from Thermophilus, and returns to life.

The day the Imperium had prepared for, for so long, had finally arrived. As the Imperium went about their business, a dark presence appeared on their capital planet of Voss, rapidly spreading throughout the world. It became apparent to the Imperium's powerful force-users, such at Ryshias, that a grand crisis was rising on Voss. Not to long after the darkness landed on Voss, Deputy Minister Xaketh sent a priority message for the High Council and any Imperium officials to convene at the Voss High Council Chamber as soon as possible. The members of the council arrived quickly, led by Ryshias, composed of Paentaen, Srenx, Vladrick, and Ish'thari. Darth Xaketh and Grand Moff Loret stood in the council chamber as they had been awaiting the group's arrival. They quickly filled them in on the situation.

From what the Imperium had discovered, the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, had attacked the Imperium's capital world of Voss. From the catastrophe on Ziost, the Imperium hypothesized that the Sith Emperor planned to conduct a ritual on Voss to consume all the life on the world, just as it had been done on Ziost. The Emperor had also taken control of many Gormak on the planet and was using them to assault the Imperium's cities on the planet. Evacuations had also begun for Imperium citizens. Then, Ryshias, using his connection to Vitiate, believed that the Emperor planned to conduct the ritual from the Dark Heart of the Nightmare Lands, where the dark side was most powerful on Ziost. As they discussed their strategies, the group became aware that Darth Iax, prisoner of the Imperium, had escaped his cell and taken control of an Imperium Dreadnaught. Though, rather than order his arrest, Grand Moff Loret authorized Darth Iax to take control of part of the fleet, knowing his battle expertise could be useful to the Imperium.

Knowing they had little time, the group quickly set out to find and stop the Emperor's ritual. Grand Moff Loret decided to stay on Voss and coordinate efforts of where the fleet could bombard the possessed soldiers to minimize damage. The group soon arrived in the Nightmare Lands, and after discussing their plans for attacking, set out for the Dark Heart. They mauled through possessed Gormak and Voss alike, until finally coming upon the Emperor's host, Kairus. Kairus had formerly been a Sith Commander in the Imperium, but he had been possessed by the Emperor a few weeks before. Vitiate, using Kairus as a host, taunted the Imperium, causing them too chase him in the Dark Heart. Eventually, they caught up to the madman, S'renx launching himself at the Sith. After a quick duel, S'renx's power in the force triumphed the possessed Kairus' powers, forcing Kairus to flee deeper into the Dark Heart.

Ryshias and Paentaen chased after the man, soon finding him. They both engaged the man in a lightsaber duel, Kairus being able to hold out against the two. After a while, Kairus gained the upper hand, dealing a devastating blow to Ryshias and knocking him out. Paentaen, engraged by Ryshias' defeat, let out all her rage, brutally hurting Kairus and defeating him. As he fell, the Emperor spoke through him, mocking the Imperium for their fear of him. Vitiate then went on to reveal that the Imperium had fallen into a trap, as he had lured them far from the true location of the ritual, and they could never stop him in time. The Emperor then left Kairus' body, allowing Kairus to take control of himself. Kairus, badly injured, told the Imperium that the Emperor's true location to conduct the ritual was in the heart of Gorma-Koss, where the Emperor had surrounded himself with an army of possessed Gormak. After Ryshias had recovered from his injury, the Imperium set out to Gorma-Koss, desperately hoping to stop Vitiate.

When they entered the area, Ryshias reminded them that they were very short on time, and had to do anything necessary to stop Vitiate and save the world. They quickly went into the area, cutting down possessed Gormak and making their way to the center. As they made their way, they found Carget, the Emperor's pawn and voice from Ziost. Carget laughed at the Imperium's arrival, saying they were far too late to stop him. The group then engaged him in an intense battle, where he was eventually defeated. But Vitiate had another trick up his sleeve. As Carget appeared to be defeated, he called for aid, and another man, Darth Noctus, appeared, who was revealed to be the Emperor's new Wrath and apprentice.

Both the possessed Carget and Noctus engaged in battle with the Imperium. The battle was long and fierce, as the two's combined powers were strong enough to combat the Imperium's powers. Meanwhile, Ryshias had apparently lost himself in his infinite rage, and had become increasingly hard to contain. His anger for the Emperor was overpowering his mind and all he wanted to do was destroy and kill. With Ryshias becoming an issue for the Imperium, Noctus and Carget were able to overpower the Imperium, pushing them back. However, Darth Vrahal had been watching from afar, and as the Emperor had gained an advantage, Vrahal secretly made his way behind Noctus, eventually getting close enough and stabbing the Sith. Noctus then fell, leaving Carget alone. As Ryshias seemed to be recovering from his rage, Carget knew he could not stand alone. He went to run, but S'renx sliced him at his side and he fell. As he attempted to rise, Ish'thari shot Carget in the back, once more crippling him. However, he would not accept defeat, and using his powers, stunned the Imperium, then used the force to levitate and lift himself away.

With Noctus dead, Vrahal join the Imperium team, and they set out to follow Carget and end him. When they finally found him, Carget appeared to be meditating on a rock. The Imperium approached, but found a tablet. Xaketh read the tablet, revealing that it was "forbidden knowledge" and should not be interacted with. But then the possessed Carget awoke, jumping down and laughing at the Imperium. His wounds from before had begun to rapidly heal, as he was recovering his strength. But the Imperium were quite angry, as they were done chasing him and this would be his final stand. But the possessed Carget maniacally smiled, stating there was something that they didn't know about their Emperor's Hand, Ryshias. Ryshias was angered and demanded that the man shut up, but he did not. He went on to reveal that Ryshias had always been his true voice and host, and Ryshias had been the one who had done the majority of the killing on Ziost. It all made sense: the reason Ryshias had always been upset, the reason he had taken the death of Ziost so personally... It was because HE caused it. He had served Vitiate and had slaughtered hundreds on Ziost.

Ryshias was once more consumed by rage. He, alone, jumped at Carget, attempting to slaughter the man. But Carget took advantage of Ryshias' recklessness, quickly subduing him. Carget then put his own fingers on Ryshias' forehead, and Ryshias immediately became possessed. The Imperium was horrified to see their Emperor's Hand, their respected leader, and their admired friend, turned against them into a puppet for the monstrosity that was Vitiate. They begged him to break Vitiate's control, but Vitiate talked through Ryshias, revealed that Ryshias truly was gone. Both the possessed Ryshias and Carget then channeled their powers together, forcing the Imperium to fight back. Carget and Ryshias together were most than formidable, creating massive amounts of lightning and dark energy that the Imperium could barely resist. Ryshias and Carget's defenses were strong, and the Imperium's attacks could barely hurt them. Even Paentaen's greatest abilities couldn't do anything major to the puppets.

All of the group began to be defeated, S'renx questioning if this was truly the end. In unison, Vitiate laughed through Carget and Ryshias, stating that the Imperiums time was up. As they looked behind themselves, both Ryshias and Carget stared at the tablet of forbidden knowledge. It began sparking with dark energy, and then began emitting rays of death. The ritual was about to begin, and the world would be consumed and turned into a lifeless planet. But as the two were distracted by the tablet, Paentaen let out the last of her energy, creating a blast of pure lightning, and throwing it all at Ryshias. Ryshias, taken by surprise was hit by the lightning and thrown into the tablet. But as he hit the lightning shocked him and relased him from the Emperor's control. As Ryshias was back in control of himself, he realized it was too late to stop the ritual. But he knew of one last way to stop the Emperor.

The possessed did not care for Ryshias' freedom, as the ritual was about to be complete. But Ryshias, with a sad heart, knew what had to be done. He threw a push of force energy at the Imperium group, blasting them backwards and far from himself and Carget. Ryshias then took out his lightsaber, and as Carget tried to stop him, Ryshias slashed the tablet of forbidden knowledge. Immediately, the tablet blasted open, filling Ryshias with lots of dark energy. It just kept coming and coming and he kept absorbing it. Ryshias looked at the Imperium one last time before doing what had to be done. The massive amounts of dark energy were too much for his physical body, and soon overwhelmed him. Ryshias' final act charged all of the dark energy inside his body into a massive explosion, as he erupted into an enormous blast consuming both him and Carget and shaking the entire world...

When the area finally cleared, the Imperium found the unmoving bodies of both Carget and Ryshias. As they ran to Ryshias, they found no sign of dark energy. They realized what had happened: Ryshias had absorbed the Emperor's dark ritual, and contained it so it would not destroy the entire world. However, it appeared that the contained ritual had destroyed both Ryshias and Carget. The Imperium was mournful over the death of Ryshias. They knew he had committed a noble sacrifice, and were saddened by his death. As they looked over the two corpses, the Emperor's voice came to them for a final time, admitting that Ryshias had stopped his ritual. But he reminded the Imperium that he could never be stopped, and never be defeated, and would continue to consume people like Ryshias. He then bid them farewell, promising that he was done with them... for now. As Vitiate's voice left the group's minds, they also realized the dark presence over Voss had completely disappeared.

Though, they remained at the spot, looking down at the sacrifice Ryshias. However, suddenly from no where, an apparition appeared. The group looked at the apparition, realizing it was Ryshias' former master, Thermophilus, who was extremely gifted in the force. Thermophilus smiled proudly, impressed, honored, and saddened by Ryshias' death. He waved his hand, as time seemed to freeze, and a strange, inexpiable anomaly occurred. When time resumed, the Imperium found both Ryshias and Carget appear to awaken. They were all filled with joy as Ryshias returned, Paentaen going to hug him. Vrahal, knowing Ryshias would punish him for his mistakes, attempted to subtly leave before Ryshias saw him. However, Ryshias stopped him reminding it would be pointless to run from justice. Vrahal understood, and acknowledged that he would make amends for his mistakes. As Ryshias stood up, Carget, who was now free of the Emperor's control, conveyed his apologies for all that had occurred. Ryshias forgave him, reminding him that it had never actually been his fault as he was just a puppet. Carget then walked off, promising he would make amends for his mistakes someday.

As Carget left, the group was contacted by the military, telling them that Vitiate truly had left the planet, and the possessed soldiers had regained consciousness. The group talked with one another, before returning to safer territory. As Ryshias and Paentaen talked, they realized they had been through so much together, and their relationship had bonded them much farther than Master and Apprentice, and even simple friends. Ryshias then went on to adopt Paentaen as hiw own. The Imperium once against returned to a state of peace and organization. Though, the Sith Emperor had done quite a number on the Imperium, yet he was hardly their greatest threat. The Imperium's greatest challenge was yet to come....

Relics of the Past


From the ashes of Balmorra's Sundari province, a mysterious prisoner of war, in critical condition, is rushed to Mos Ares's medical facility in a desperate attempt to recover information on the arise of a mysterious entity. With the entire area mysteriously quarantined, Darth Si'alla Va'lenn, a notoriously skilled healer, while healing to man discovers a terrible secret...

Chapter I: The Trial of Darth Iax

Date: May 8th, 2015

Locaton: Mos Ares Justice Chamber; Darth Noctus's Abandoned Nar Shaddaa Base Dragged before Prince Sefran in chains, the notorious traitor Darth Iax is brought before a military tribunal to face judgement for his crimes. No tears are shed for this filthy scoundrel; some didn't even hesitate to spit on him. Yet it didn't seem to sway him. Si'alla, and few others, could tell he was not in his right mind. There was one question, however, that eluded everyone's mind when casting shame upon Darth Iax; why was he found in the Balmorran Arms Factory. Interestly enough, he was found by an Imperium infantry unit with a grevious blaster wound to the spine. 

Through his ramblings, Darth Iax managed to choke out his connections to the hermit Darth Noctus, a mysterious messenger previously believed to have been a mere hermit roaming about Mos Ares, spewing mysterious legends and myths. 

Iax's denial of his treason did not deter the tribunal's vote. Still, the man called Noctus sparked some interest. Ordering the traitor back to his cell, Prince Sefran tasked a strike team (led by Captain Ze'doss and Si'alla Va'lenn) to journey to Nar Shaddaa, where Iax claimed this seemingly non-threatening Sith was hiding out.

Upon arriving, the strike team was met with an almost empty hideout, save for finding an prisoner; a young lady who had seemingly been tormented by her captor. After having been nearly killed by a Force choke, used by an invisible man, Captain Ze'doss escorted her back to the landing pad for transport to the Sovereign.

Meanwhile, Si'alla and her followers sweeped the area until they discovered a man in the antechamber, wearing a distinct bone mask and smelling of blood; Darth Noctus. In a brief monologue, Darth Noctus boasted of his betrayal toward Darth Iax, ordering his own troops to fire upon him. "The Emperor is my true master," he said. "Darth Iax was naive; his lack of vision was his undoing."

In a brief duel, Darth Noctus was defeated by Darth Si'alla's strike team, yet he disappeared just as quickly as he appeared. Many questions were left unanswered. What was Darth Noctus's vendetta? How did Darth Iax survive and why was he working for the Emperor? Most of all, how deep was the Emperor's influence?

Chapter II: Noctus's Chicanery

Date: May 17th, 2015

Location: Sovereign; Quesh Mining Facilities

Those Involved: Natalya, Iax, Vi'kirr'naam, Crimean

As Darth Iax slowly recovered from the Emperor's sway on him, he agreed to assist the Imperium in their effort, realizing the danger the Emperor represented. He began to remember his planning with the Emperor, and Noctus. The triumvirate, they called themselves. In this planning, the triumvirate decided that the way to weaken the Imperium for war was to pin them against their greatest rivals; the Hutts. 

Not long after this revelation, a series of skirmishes began near the southern border. Various ambushes and sneak attacks had wiped out entire fleets. In the confusion, the Supreme Mogul of the Hutt Cartel made a declaration of war against the Imperium. By the time the smoke cleared, it was clear that the Sith Imperium was in a two-front war and her southern border was exposed. Desperate action was needed. 

On the Imperium world of Quesh, an important industrial world in the Imperium's southern provinces, a prominent Hutt Lord, Vorga, remained one of the last Hutts who hadn't completely cut ties with the Imperium. Briefly, over comm, Vorga agreed to attempt to pacify the warhawks of the Hutt Council. He also provided provided information to suspicious troop movements on Quesh. Captain Ze'doss confirmed this, as well as gathering information from local administrators who noticed a correlation between mining 'accidents' on Hutt-owned mines, and strange baradium shipments. With all of this, it seemed clear Darth Noctus was agitating the Hutts into conflict by sabotaging their property and using the Imperium as a scapegoat. 

Led by Sith Admiral Darth Natalya and guided by Darth Iax, the strike team cornered Noctus's saboteurs. Led by a Sith Lord, these saboteurs attempted to finish their job as the Noctus's acolyte attempted to hold off the Imperials. Just as the Imperium Sith began to attack, they suddenly found themselves cornered by mercenaries, all bearing the insignia of the Hutt Cartel.

"Noctus's paying Vorga good money to see you dealt with," the commander boasted.

Despite the 10 to 1 advantage, their plan ended in a critical failure, with the saboteurs and betrayers being cut down in the ensuing firefight, and the Sith being critically injured.. Yet it didn't deter the young apprentice's will, as he blew the explosive, sacrificing himself in hopes of taking the strike team with him.

Fortunately, the strike team escaped the blast, with Darth Iax saving Darth Natalya's life at the near-expense of his own. There was still a loose end, however. Vorga had betrayed them, it seemed. 

Charging toward the palace, the Imperium strike team made quick work of Vorga's bodyguards and confronted the Hutt Lord in his chamber. Their suspicions were confirmed as they caught the Hutt red-handed, speaking to Darth Noctus via holocom, begging him to send more troops. 

"You wanted a Hutt Empire," mocked Noctus, "Utilize your own troops."

With that, Noctus left Vorga to confront the team of Sith, who were quite enraged. Vorga begged for forgiveness, trying to place the blame on Noctus and offering the Imperium his resources. Undeterred, Natalya ordered his arrest.

Through a quick slicing of the Hutt's computers, Crimean found interesting data, indicating Vorga's motives. He wanted a Hutt Empire, not unlike the Archon on Makeb. Yet it went much deeper than that. He had plans, even before the war; back during the days of the first Hutt War, which Darth Iax was originally thought responsible for. It was the war that brought him onto the Hutt Council in the first place.

The most disturbing thing about is was Noctus's connection to it all. He had apparently worked with Vorga in plotting the first Hutt War. Was Darth Noctus a double agent? And how far does his root in the Imperium go back? Something much more sinister was at work here. Could anybody be trusted? 

Chapter III: Secrets Revealed

Date: May 24th, 2015

Location: Transport Station Five

Those Involved: Iax, Jaesari, Si'alla, Nostrem (Nezzor)

Further search in Vorga's database indicated he had mercenaries set near Imperial space, not far from Ziost. The Imperium's Military Intelligence deduced that Darth Noctus's base had to be on Taris, yet with combination of wreckage, interference and fighting on Taris, it was impossible to locate it by traditional means. With no other choice, Prince Sefran forced Darth Iax to accompany the strike team as their guide. 

Quickly, bitter animosity grew between Iax and Jaesari, the former who often called into question the latter's prowess. Meanwhile, Iax grew to resent Si'alla, for her apathy to the Imperium's treatment toward him. 

It grew to a point especially where Iax attempted to run, though quickly being chased to a wall, by the group. When berated for his actions, Iax began screaming out in frustration, claiming that he could feel a disturbance in the Force. Convinced it was Noctus, he angrily punched the wall.

With no other lead, the team followed Iax's gut-feeling to Transport Station 5, an abandoned area used for mass transit 300 years ago. The area was now infested with rakghoul beasts. The team snuck their way through the station to the lower levels, where the simple disturbance rapidly escalated to wails and moans. They found themselves confronted by some sort of spirit; who seemed only...half there. 

"I was Darth Nyriss," she said in an almost dead tone, "I was the conquerer of Drezzi, destroyer of Melldia, and a member of the Dark Council. I am a slave to his whim."

The man she referred to as him, she also referred to as 'the one you called Noctus'. The man named Arrax, who used the name as his shadowy alias in the nocturnal. He was once a statesman, driven mad in a desire for power in a hunt for forbidden knowledge on Oricon. His frenzy for revenge sealed his fate. After his supposed 'death', he ventured to forbidden parts in hopes of gaining untold power; to become the Sith'ari. 

Darth Noctus had become a Forcewalker, forcing Darth Nyriss in a hellish existence between life and death. He ultimately wanted to use that power on the Sith Emperor. 

With Si'alla's help, Darth Nyriss was freed from the pitiful existence and allowed to move on. Meanwhile, on the HoloNet, Darth Noctus broadcasted himself slaying a top secret strike team of Imperial Knights: a testament to his growing power. What wasn't clear before was clear now. Darth Noctus was a rabid animal, and he had to be put down.

Chapter IV: The Last Stand

Date: May 30th, 2015 Location: Darth Vrahal's Nar Shaddaa Estate; Sovereign and Valiant; The Gormak Cannon

Those Involved: Ryshias/Thermophilus, Loret/Kairus/Carget, Paentaen, S'renx, Xaketh, Iax/Vrahal/Noctus, Vladrick, Ish'thari 

The Praetor election had been won. Si'alla Va'lenn was to become Praetor of the Sith Imperium. Darth Vrahal, in celebration, threw a victory party. In the aftermath, Darth Vrahal summoned to him Darth Vladrick and S'renx, his own Sith Stalker commander, hoping to sway them into a political alliance. Yet things turned sour real quick, even escalated to a near confrontation with blades. With his own ego in danger, Darth Vrahal summoned the Hand, Ryshias, hoping to gain the backing of his newfound ally. The Hand, however, merely laughed at Vrahal, which caused the Sith Lord to snap. A brief duel broke out, with Ryshias easily overpowering Vrahal.

Meanwhile, in Northern Hutt Space, an invasion of the Voss system was looking increasingly more likely. With much of the Imperium Armada, including Admiral Natalya tied up in fighting near the Hutt Border, Darth Iax broke his probation and took command of the Fourth Fleet, while Ryshias rallied a defense Voss. Iax began a blockade of the planet to prevent the Emperor from sending in reinforcements, with the Grand Moff's blessing. No matter what side you were on before that day, everyone had a common enemy: the Emperor. 

Vrahal, detained upon the Sovereign, managed to slay his Knight-guardsman and escape the Sovereign. With the help of his mysterious, yet notorious Sith Stalkers, he took command of the Harrower-class destroyer, Valiant, and went rogue (much to Darth Iax's ire), attempting to land ground units into Gorma-Koss. Despite this valiant effort, the warship was shot down by the Gormak Cannon, which had been occupied by the Emperor's forces. Very few troops made it to the pods, though Vrahal and his Sith Stalkers managed to escape the inferno.

The Sith Stalkers, however, were assassins, not warriors. Waves of possessed Gormak picked off Vrahal's forces until only him and two of his Stalkers remained. Vrahal ordered his remaining to retreated to the Imperial base; he had a score to settle. 

By the time Ryshias's forces had arrived, the Sith Stalkers were being treated by medical droids. However, their condition was critical, it seemed. The assassins admitted that Vrahal likely went to the Gormak Cannon in search of Noctus. Yet despite their master's treasonous actions, they did not renounce their loyalty to him, even in their dying breaths. 

Ryshias and his forces ventured to the Gormak cannon, where Carget and Noctus stood awaiting, with Vrahal in bindings. Noctus arrogantly mocked the Imperium and Vrahal of their failure, confirming Nyriss's claims and admitting to them his past.

"I once sought the power of the Dread Masters," Arrax confessed, "Yet I realized I was meant for greater things."

He announced his ascendence to the rank of Shadow Hand, leader of the Emperor's Hand, still playing the role of the loyal apprentice. Yet the Imperium knew the truth. Darth Noctus was just as power-hungry as the Emperor. He would betray the Emperor just as he had done to Iax. 

Noctus shedded his bone mask, revealing his hideously scarred face and leaped by his 'master'. Xaketh charged, though in an incredible display of power, Noctus fried Xaketh's armor, almost melting it. Now incredibly speedy, he managed to dislocate the pureblood's saber arm before he could recover. 

Ryshias finally intervened in a frenzy of rage, sending the madman flying with an Force-charged uppercut. Yet it didn't seem to hurt Noctus at all, as the man simply cackled maniacly. The two of them dueled, using their power of the Force rather than with blades. It was a duel of the ages--rage versus madness--ending only in a draw with Carget and Darth Noctus joining together their power to combat the combined forces in the Imperium. However, the Imperium's firepower managed to weaken the two of them. Carget had taken several blaster wounds, yet Noctus was still going strong.

Carget then suddenly abandoned Noctus, ordering him to hold off the Imperium. The smug pureblood attempted to finish the Imperium with a Force storm, when a horrid revelation came to him. His power was being drained--siphoned by the Emperor.

"The Emperor has declared you useless," taunted Ryshias. 

Panicked, Noctus leaped to the ledge of the Gormak Cannon, and attempted to siphon the power of the Dark Heart. However, it seemed Vrahal had escaped his bindings. With a dagger in his hand, he stabbed Noctus in the back twice and then sliced the Sith's throat, pushing him off the ledge to the ground below.

As Noctus sat there dying, he could only glance up at Ryshias, unable to say anything and attempting to grasp at how he could possibly have been defeated. 

With Vrahal rejoining the Imperium team, they ventured north to the cliffside, where a tablet sat. It was forbidden knowledge, something even Sith didn't dare meddle with. The team confronted Carget, who revealed a shocking revelation. He claimed that Ryshias helped Vitiate kill hundreds on Ziost. Ryshias had then become possessed by the Emperor. Paentaen, refusing to believe Carget, attempted to appeal to Ryshias, to no avail. 

With no other choice, the team attempted to attack the Emperor, yet with no luck. More than once, they were easily pushed back and defeated by the Emperor. Vitiate, through Carget, mocked the Imperium of their fear for him. Yet, Ryshias, through willpower, managed to escape the Emperor's influence. He attacked the Emperor, sacrificing himself to redeem himself for all the devastation he caused on Ziost. Because of him, the Emperor's reign of terror was over. 

The survivors congregated around Ryshias's body, mourning the man for his noble sacrifice. Even Vrahal, who had just a day prior been at odds with the man, felt guilty for not reconciling. Yet something miraculous happened. A spirit known as Thermophilus, Ryshias's former master, revived the young lad and Carget.

Vrahal, suddenly realizing how much trouble he'd be in for his actions against Ryshias, attempted to sneak away. Yet he did not escape Ryshias's watchful eye. Surprisingly enough, Ryshias didn't seem quite angry at Vrahal at all. 

Later on, after the majority of the parctipates of the battle had left to celebrate, Vrahal summoned Ryshias, opening up to him. He confessed to his relationship with Darth Noctus. Initially, he didn't think much of the man. Yet after the Quesh battle, he began gaining interest of the man. After the mission to Taris, rumors of Noctus's identity leaked to Vrahal. Arrax was Vrahal's father. 

Everything Vrahal had valued was a contradiction of Arrax's beliefs. He knew Arrax was always an evil man. 

"My only regret was not killing him when I had the chance," Vrahal said solemnly. 

It was clear by now that Vrahal was regretful of his actions. Reassuringly, Ryshias placed a hand on Vrahal's shoulder, telling to the man that what he did that day made him a hero. 

The Sith Imperium's bloody war with the Emperor had ended that day, but it would be a lie to say that everything went back to normal. The damage that Darth Arrax had done over his lifetime would effect the Imperium for many years, and the monstrous Vitiate would remain a figure feared and hated for the devastation he and his followers were capable of. 

It was up to the Imperium whether or not the changes made by Arrax would be for better or for worse.



Involved: Andrekios

Prince Andrekios has been missing for several months now. With all hope lost, all search parties have been called off and Andrekios was presumed dead. He is succeeded by his son Filan.


The Return of the Emperor: As Above, So Below.

Involved: Ryshias as Ryshias/Thermophilus/GM, Paentaen, Si'alla, S'renx, Belleva, Erasis as Terrorex.

Location: Makeb.

Ryshias, who was reunited with the Sith Empire at the time, felt the presence of the Sith Emperor in the planet Makeb. After some investigation, he collected that the Emperor was trying to use the ritual once again in the planet. He called upon the Imperium, with Belleva, Si'alla, Paentaen and S'renx responding the call.

The group meet in Makeb, organizing themselves as Ryshias briefed them on the situation. He told them Terrorex, Vitiate's minion, was using a couple of Corrupted Jedi's to make the ritual work, as they hid in a labyrinth of caves in one of the mesas. The group moved after the briefing, making ways into the caves before they stumbled upon Terrorex.

The man greeted them with the Emperor's Voice. A battle soon begun not after, with S'renx turning on his comrades as he was controlled by the Emperor's influence. The death of the Jedi, at the hands of a enraged Ryshias and a worried Paentaen, did stooped the ritual, but Terrorex was left, alive.

The Emperor's henchmen fighted back, and only the combined strike of Paentaen and Ryshias could destroy the man's power, as Belleva and Si'alla snapped S'renx back into conscience. The resulting battle destabilized the caves, making it crumble. In the final moments, Terrorex told them to run, free of the Emperor's influence, he died under the rocks, as the group escaped.

The Imperium saved Makeb...but the future held a darker turn of events for them...


The Return of the Emperor: The Hydra's Thousand Heads.

Involved: Ryshias as GM/Thermophilus/Ryshias., Paentaen, Kairus/Loret, Relonic, Candicia/Spectre, Xaketh/Vemara, Si'alla, Tharren/Harrdara, S'renx, Erasis/Santificus/Terrorex.

Location: Mos Ares, Sovereign Medical bridge, Abandoned department block in Dromund Kaas, Belsavis prison, Hoth landscape.

Mos Ares was silent for a long while. The planet, along the galaxy, was sensing a feeling of freezing cold, like the shadow of death posing itself above everyone. The first one to advert this was Ryshias, who was staring at the horizon, meditating what could have been the source of such odd feeling.

It was not for more than brief seconds then all Force-users in the galaxy felt the cold, chilling, feeling of the death going through their minds and spines. Like a hurricane, death swallowed all living beings in Ziost in the matter of seconds, the planet being rendered lifeless by a sudden wave of a death energy. The planet was death and hollow, as it became less than a shadow of it's former self.

The Imperium felt the hit, being the Wrath the most affected by the enduring pain of Ziost, feeling all his hopes destroyed in one swift movement. The Emperor did his move, he completed the ritual, and he promised to do the same on the galaxy, one planet at a time. The Imperium resolved to stop Vitiate at any cost, position that Ryshias, even in his weakened state, backed, as he pushed to hunt some of the Emperor's agent he could felt in the galaxy.

After sensing in the Force one of the Emperor's agent in Belsavis, Ryshias and the Imperium's special ops team with him traveled to Belsavis, in order to stop the man from spreading the ritual in the prison world. Ryshias and the team arrived planet side.

After a brief review of the objective, Ogun the Destroyer, and reorganizing their duties, the group finally set course to confront the Emperor's agent. After going through the initial jungles, the group stumbled upon a group of droids, who engaged the group just before Xaketh launched his saber at them.

After dispatching the group, they fight several prisoners, they already under the Emperor's control, after ravaging through a large group, they saw Ogun. The group engaged the man, who was controlled by the Emperor and had a great power in the Force. After the lightning storm was repelled by the group, S'renx confronted the man in duel, defeating him after an extensive fight that even forced Paentaen to use her Battle meditation.

Ryshias noted the Emperor's presence in Hoth, stating that that, even if it was in a different form, he could note it was the Emperor's energy there. After the group resupplied, and some left and others came, they landed on Hoth. Following Ryshias to the place where he noticed the presence of the Emperor, they found Terrorex, the Sith traitor.

After some dialogue, Terrorex conquered Kairus mind with the Emperor's influence, turning him against the group. With a weakened Ryshias, and one man down, the group decided to depart the planet, after leaving Terrorex to take Kairus. The Sovereign medical center where the last place they traveled, where Ryshias and Paentaen, who also succumbed to an unknown power that kept them down, were treated.

A mysterious voice responded to their questions. The voice said their condition could be treated in Dromund Kaas, where the origin of the voice was. Si'alla, S'renx, Erasis, Loret, accompanied by Ryshias and Paentaen in stretchers, arrived at the scene.

The man behind the voice was no other than Darth Thermophilus, the old Master of Ryshias. The group dialogue with Thermophilus possible options to cure both of their ill-fated comrades. Thermophilus explained that the bond was overloaded by their pain, and that the addition of a third member could help ease the overload for a brief period of time, before it overloaded again. Thermophilus said it was a way to stop this, but he needed that Ryshias was awake for it to be discovered.

After S'renx was binded to Paentaen and Ryshias, Thermophilus ordered the group to go, as their friends were already safe and awake again. The Imperium lives to fight another day...


In Defense of Quesh

Involved: Natalya, Candicia, Harrdara, S'renx, Typharial, Ruu'san

Location: Quesh, Space above Quesh

Natalya, upon being promoted to Vice Admiral of the Navy, had recieved word from non-commissioned Officer Commander Harrdara that pirate attacks backed by the Exchange were starting to become all too frequent near the Imperium and Hutt coalition mining efforts on Quesh. She began to gather a small force to combat this threat, which included the Apprentice S'renx, and upon which Ruu'san entered the room and expressed interest in the defense of their operations on Quesh. After a report on all the Arms, Armaments, and other such details of the Pirates Natalya could find from Intelligence and Harrdara himself she began to formulate a plan to deal with these Pirates once and for all...

Harrdarra suggested they lure the Pirates in with bait in the form of a Hutt shipment of Adrenals, which Natalya gladly accepted. After conversing with the Hutts they agreed to be the bait, and Nat gathered what forces she could muster, which were three Battlecruisers of the Imperial Navy. Harrdara was placed in command of the Operation in Space, and Harrdara, S'ren, and Ruu'san boarded the Battlecruiser Wrath and prepared to jump to Hyperspace directly on top of the Pirate Fleet, which consisted of a few Warships, mostly Freighters, and a Frigate. Natalya planned to destroy the Warships, but deactivate the Freighters with Ion Cannons and infiltrate them with an elite strike Force consisting of S'renx and Harrdara, hoping to perhaps salvage weaponry and armor they could use in place of their soldier's rather poor equipment...

Meanwhile, on Tatooine, Natalya was overseeing this all when Typharial snuck up behind her, mimicking her voice when she spoke over the holocall rather annoyingly. When finished, and irritated, Natalya turned around and asked with irritation in her voice what Typharial wanted. Typharial began to flirt rather much with Natalya, all of which Natalya had absolutely no time for as she explained how she must head out for Quesh immediately to prepare the defenses of their mining operation in case Pirates were to attack on the ground as well. Typharial then insisted upon coming along, and the two set out for Quesh together...

Harrdara and his team jump out of Hyperspace directly on top of the Pirate Fleet, and upon seeing themselves outgunned and led into a trap they began to disperse wildly. Harrdara's Battle Cruisers opened fire on the Warships. Their Ion Batteries disabled the Freighters and the Turbolasers locked onto the Warshiped and fired. One of the warships was destroyed, however the other ships were fast and evaded turbolaser fire. Bent on getting something out of this mess the rest fled to the Surface, preparing to assault the Imperium Mines there...

Ruu'san, seeing the Pirates scatter to the ground, communicated with Natalya whom had just arrived on the ground with Typharial to expect trouble, and that Ruu'san would be joining them shortly. Natalya nodded, and turned to Typharial, whom still trying to flirt with her, told him to expect trouble. Typharial responded that there was nothing to worry about now that he was here, and proceeded to ask if Natalya would be free for a drink later that night. Natalya let out a sigh and proceeded by saying that they should just focus on the task ahead, giving him a -maybe- to the drink request...

S'renx and Harrdarra infiltrated one of the Freighters. S'renx went ahead, rendered invisible by the force, and overheard the Exchange Pirates saying they had a bone to pick with the Cartel thanks to unpaid debts, and they were complaining about how this was not going to plan at all. S'renx further discovered they housed a major Armory where a majority of the guards were stationed, as well as a Medical Chamber and a room where their Leader was screaming furiously at the engineers to fix their engines. Harrdara catches up with S'renx and the two began their attack, throwing in Ion Grenades to render most of the Guards defenseless, save for a massive Houk named Jak, who was the bosses Lieutenant. They proceeded to engage the Houk in combat, whom proved a formidable opponent for the two, S'renx' lightning had little affect on his armor and Harrdara's knife broke upon impact. After throwing Harrdara across the room, S'renx mustered the force to crush Jak's legs with the Force. Jak, now crippled, attempted to deal one last blow to S'renx but he dissappeared, then reappeared behind Jak, stabbing him in the spine with a Dual bladed lightsaber. After seeing their Lieutenant fall the rest of the Guards quickly surrendered, and the Crime Boss was soon captured. After an escape pod was secured by Imperium forces Harrdara gathered the Pirate Guards and all the Barradium they had horded and stashed it into the Armory, locking them in it. After escaping Harrdara detonated the Barradium, destroying the Freightor.

On Quesh Natalya and Typharial were finalizing their defense preparations when Ruu'san, and much to everyone's surprise, the Empress herself: Candicia, arrived to help. Upon exchanging formalities and mounting their pets; Candicia her Veractyl, Ruu'san her mount given by her Husband, and Natalya her personal War Walker, the group was interrupted by a Soldier yelling out that Pirates were incoming. A group of about thirty-five Pirates, alongside Seven hacked Wardroids from the Imperium, most likely taken from other mines, began their assault on Natalya's defenses. A War Droid targeted Candicia's Veractyl, and unable to get out of the way in time her Varactyl was killed instantly. Natalya moved her walker in front of Her Empress and her Veractyl as she began to fire Lasers from a mounted Gun on her walker to cover them. As Candicia grieved the death of her faithful pet Typharial jumped into the fray with Lightsabers ablaze, slashing to bits the War Walker that dared to harm the Empress. After her grievance the Empress drew her saber, and in all of her righteous fury she descended upon the Pirates, cutting down the ones who killed her beloved fight. In the midst of the Chaos Typharial was shot point blank in the chest with a blaster bolt, and fell. Right as Natalya began to call for a Medic Typharial rose, switching between the body of his possessed brother Relonic and Typharial himself, he went into a fury alongside Candicia, and the two together carved such carnaged that only three Pirates managed to flee for their lives. On the way back Typharial fell, exhausted from such exhertion. Ruu'san was immediately on the scene, and with her Medical expertise carried and treated the exhausted man...

Natalya and Candicia proceeded ahead to reclaim one of the mines lost in the attack. After clearing the entrance of War Droids and unbounding some imprisoned Soldier's they began their offense to reclaim the mine. Near the end, there was a Ventilation room with a large group of Pirates and bound Soldier's. The Pirates were armed to the teeth and there were atleast Thirty of them. Seeing that they were outnumbered Candicia decides to go a different route and locks the Pirates in the room, as well as Natalya's Soldier's, and disabled the ventilation system. Natalya and the men they had freed watched in horror as both comrade and enemy alike suffocated to death. Candicia frowned at this, and apologized to Natalya about her actions, stating they would be remembered as heroes. Natalya said with some forlorn that she wished to create a Monument, not just for these soldier's, but for every brave hero who fell in battle this day. Candicia said that was the least she could do for them, and left, giving the remaining troops the order to go to a Cantina. Natalya entered the Chamber, retrieving the bodies of the Soldier's and promising herself to write to their families...

(( Logged by Natalya ))


The Return of the Emperor: Hell's Gates

Involved: Ryshias as Ryshias/Drakken, Vrahal, Salvatus as Salvatus/Bhula, Kataret as Carget/Loret, Erasis as Citadel/Terrorex, Paentaen, Ruu'san, Ray'ak, Si'alla, Typherial, K'aryssa.

Location: Sovereign, Ziost Military Outpost Aurek.

The time has come for the Imperium to recover the Wrath. After weeks of preparation, Rear Admiral Drakken set up his plan to the Empress, as well as the Lord Hand. Once giving full approbation, he lead the Imperium 3rd Fleet into battle to Ziost, sending first the Kandosii-class Dreadnought recovered from Balmorra, now dubbed The Ruthless, as the first strike team along with The Emperor's Voice, Darth Bhula.

Drakken set up a big meeting on the Sovereign, as the 3rd Fleet massed around the capital ship for their jump on Ziost orbit. Former and current Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar and Ray'ak Athan, Councilors Si'alla and Supreme Commander Loret, Sith Assassin Typharial, Darth K'aryssa, Lord Hand Citadel, Darth Vrahal attended the High Command meeting. Drakken reviewed the full plan: The Voice of the Emperor will launch a first strike with two shock troopers regiments in order to create a beachhead for the recovery team, composed of the first mentioned high ranking members. The objective was to recover the Wrath, alive, at any cost.

After some questions, the full explanation of the plans and final speeches, the Imperium launched themselves into Ziost orbit, where the Ruthless fighted, alongside Imperial ships, a massive Republic armada orbiting in the planet. The 3rd Fleet joined the space battle, as the strike team was dropped off by the Sovereign upon the all-clear signal sent by the first strike group.

The battle on Ziost was fierce, as the Republic land forces unsuccessfully tried to stop the Emperor's influence on the inhabitants from spreading. The Imperium landed upon Darth Bhula's remaining forces, whom where already under the Emperor's control or dead. As they all assembled on the ground, they moved further on the Military Outpost, finding the Emperor's Wrath, Ryshias, fighting against one of the Emperor's lieutenants, Carget.

Above their heads, Darth Vrahal and Lord Paentaen decided to stay behind, as Paentaen protected the ground forces with her Battle Meditation. The Sovereign remained unharmed as the 3rd Fleet fighted off the Republic vessels and fighters.

Meanwhile, Ryshias was defeated by Carget, then he ran away, being followed by Typharial and K'aryssa. The Voice and the Wrath acknowledged each other, before Ryshias going into Ruu'san's arms, holding in a long awaited hug. After Ryshias briefed them on the situation, Darth Terrorex, a supposed Sith Empire envoy, requested help from the Imperium in a task in Tatooine. Darth Vrahal and Paentaen, requested by the Wrath, answered the call, with the Wrath suspicious he would be an Emperor pawn.

Ziost surface was covered in battlefield, as the Imperium fights the Sith Emperor controlled, the military forces sent to the ground launched an assault in an attempt to kill Carget, and diminish the Emperor's influence. At one time, he was cornered, where Ryshias launched an electric dart at him that released him from the Emperor's mindcontrol. Once he was released, Ryshias proved his theory there was a way to release people from his control. He placed a pill on Carget's mouth, making him swallow it, before him being controlled by the Emperor, to the shock of the rest of the group.

In Tatooine, Terrorex, Vrahal and Paentaen unknowing to the laters, assaulted Ryshias's homestead, with Terrorex secret intention to steal the Imperium's defense plans. After adquiring the information, Terrorex betrayed Paentaen and Vrahal, leaving them to die under a debris, cutting Paen's arms on the process.

With now Carget cornered again, a last fight ensued, before Carget escaped. Then, Ryshias ordered the retrea of the battlefield, knowing that more deaths would serve the Emperor. Returning to the Sovereing, he and the rest of the forces were treated on the medical center, where Paentaen and Vrahal already were. There, Emperor Salvatus decided to welcome back Ryshias and some final talks ensued, before the Imperium left the Ziost space, with the Wrath back home.


Trial of the Shadow: Leiiah's Task

Involved: Leiiah, Salvatus, Rikkardo, Candicia(Republic Alt)

Location: Sovereign, House Roderick, House Algarian, House Rist

Leiiah, answering her Master's summons through the Force, arrived on the Sovereign seeking audience with him. Once at the Throne room she was sent to Alderaan and told to meet with the Emperor's trusted contact, codename Romeo 2. This is all Leiiah was given, and she left immediately, arriving on Alderaan and using the Force to guide her through the sprawling mountains and plains to His Majesty's House.

Once there, Romeo 2 revealed himself, and spoke to her about her task. Part was her Trial, yet more importantly he revealed information about a brewing conflict, an alliance of Houses against Roderick and Baliss. Providing her with the codename Shadow 1, he gave her a set of coordinates for a data terminal believed to have critical information about the alliance, and what could be in store, located at House Algarian.

Leiiah set out, fighting her way past the defenses of the House until she reached the terminal. Slicing in, she discovered two files, one a description of the agreement between Houses Algarian and Rist, and another on beast pheromones. Selecting the most relevant, Leiiah discovered that a diversion was planned for the assault while the retainers were captured and taken to Rist. Recieving a priority transmission from Romeo 2, Leiiah learned she was too late to stop the assault, but before she could get more information the comm cut out, leaving her alone.

Pressing forward, she made her way to Rist, resolved to rescue the retainers if nothing else. As she approached the entrance, the Emperor's personal droid contacted her, telling her that while the retainers and Romeo 2 were top priority, if she could not ensure the asset's life, then make certain no one else could extract information from him either. Moving into the compoud, Leiiah slaughtered everything in sight, tagging each cage holding a retainer with a locating beacon until she came to Romeo 2. Deactivating his cell, Leiiah was confronted by a Jedi Master barring her way. Engaging the woman, Leiiah found herself completely outclassed, and was defeated quickly. Following orders, she targeted not the Jedi, but Romeo 2 with the last of her strength, calling down a lightning storm and ending his life before the jedi could intervene. Before he died, the man initiated a protocol known as Romeo 3.

Leiiah escaped and made her way back to the Sovereign. There she was met by another man identical to the one she had just slain, calling himself Romeo 3. He revealed that the Romeo protocol was a secret initiative started by the late Emperor Arestenax to ensure House Roderick always had protection. Leiiah met with her Master, who informed her that, while she had failed on some accounts, the House stood, and the retainers had been rescued. After ensuring she learned from her mistake, he raised her to the rank of Lord, promising to contact her again when the time was right.

((Logged by Si'alla))


The Return of the Emperor: The Treason of Balmorra.

Involved: Ryshias as Krano/Drakken, Santificus, Si'alla, Daenerys, Kataret as Kairus/Carget, Vrahal, Vladrick, Gerahg, Ray'ak, Saffire (Send message if I forgot someone else. )

Location: The Sovereign and Balmorra's surface.

After a few months of planning, Captain Drakken finally developed a plan to recover Ryshias from Ziost. After a meeting with the Emperor regarding the recent doings in Ziost, and the distress signal sent by the Wrath, he placed his plan in motion. He called upon Imperium members to have a strike team up and ready. The plan was as followed. The strike team will infiltrate Balmorra atmosphere by a dropship. There, they will be meet by the handler, Lord Krano, Darth Si'alla's apprentice, and will move from the old Imperial outpost in Sobrik to meet an Sith Intelligence officers undercover in the area. Then, when he handles the information of where Ryshias' modified Dreadnaught is hidden, they will recover it, and escape Balmorra in it.

Drakken followed his plan to recover the lost Dreadnaught. Knowing he would need a team to perform the act and recover the ship, he called several Imperium heroes to the Sovereign bridge. Among the group were Darth Kairus, Darth Santificus Citadel, Darth Vrahal, Saffire, Vladrick, and Deputy Minister Daenerys. Once they had assembled, Drakken illustrated his plan on recovering the ship from Balmorra. Once the Imperium had landed in Sobrik, one of the few friendly places left on Balmorra, they would meet an Imperial contact, Carget, who would assist the team in the recovery. The group had minimal questions, so Drakken set course and the Sovereign and the ship jumped to Balmorra's orbit.

Arriving, the team quickly made their way to the dropship to bring them to the planet's surface. As the dropship landed, the team received a call from the Sovereign, stating they could not stay in orbit around Balmorra for fear that the Republic would attack the ship. The Sovereign left the planet's orbit, leaving the team to face their challenges alone. Darth Kairus volunteered to stay in Sobrik to make sure an escort was ready should the team need a quick exit from the planet. Meanwhile, the rest of the group met with Lord Krano, who had already been planet side preparing the operation. He led them to Agent Carget, a Sith Intelligence officer of the Sith Empire.

Carget talked on their mission, informing the group that the Dreadnaught they needed was held near the Balmorran Arms Factory. Carget explained that the Imperium would need to split into two groups: One to disable the defenses and shielding around the factory, and another to breach the factory. Lord Krano was to lead one team to a cave that held the ability to bring down the defenses. Carget would take the rest of the Imperium loyalists to infiltrate the factory and recover the Dreadnought. Krano's team consisted of Vladrick and Deputy Minister Daenerys. Carget's team included Vrahal, Santificus, and Saffire. Back on the Sovereign, Drakken had formed a reinforcement team led by Praetor Ray'ak to travel to Balmorra and assist the group.

Krano's team quickly assaulted the cave with the defenses network, dismantling most of the resistance fighters. They noted the guerrilla men were already possessed by the Emperor, and that one of the consoles had a active holocommunication with someone outside the cave. After some more battling, they found out of Carget's true allegiance.

While Krano's team worked on disabling the defenses, Carget and his team approached the factory. However, Carget explained that he had a shortcut to the Arms Factory, and led the team to a Republic outpost. Carget entered first, then gave the all-clear signal for the rest of the group to follow in. But when they entered the outpost, Republic soldiers ambushed the team, however, Santificus and Saffire quickly dealt with the attackers while Vrahal searched for Carget. As he searched, Vrahal sensed a powerful force present emitting from one of the nearby buildings. He entered the building along with Saffire and Santificus, finding Carget with his back turned.

As the group entered, Carget turned, seemingly amused by the groups survival. But the Imperial Agent was not the same as he had been before. Now, his eyes were red with fury, his face fractured by corruption, and he had a dark presence inside of him. Suddenly, Carget raised his hand, producing a blast of force energy, throwing the Imperium team against the wall and allowing Carget to escape. He left the building but was followed by the Imperium team. As they caught up to him, Carget finally spoke to them, his voice echoing a great dark entity like the team had never felt before.

Santificus quickly realized what all this craziness meant. As Vrahal and Saffire began to attack Carget, Santificus told them that Carget was merely a puppet possessed by the former Emperor of the Sith Empire, Vitiate. As he explained so, Saffire caught Carget off guard, briefly subduing him. But Carget acted fast, releasing force energy in the form of bright light, blinding the Imperium group. The possessed Carget took this opportunity, mounting his speeder and riding off away from the group. As they recovered, they received a communication from Krano, who informed them that the factory's defenses had been disabled. Santificus informed Krano of Carget's true identity, leading them both to agree and unite the two groups for a joint assault on the Arms Factory.

The two groups met at a location not to far from the factory. By now, Drakken's reinforcement team -- Ray'ak, Gerahg, and Si'alla -- had arrived on the planet's surface and joined the group. They quickly conversed, explaining that they had to assault the factory and recover the lost Dreadnought before the base's defenses were brought back online. They moved out, Santificus leading the group into the factory. They killed many Republic personnel that had also been possessed by Vitiate inside the factory. As they made their way through, the whole group confronted the possessed Carget, amused by the Imperium's determination. Saffire ran out and attacked Carget alone, who quickly drew his blaster and shot her, crippling her. The rest of the team yelled at the attack, then stated that Vitiate's era was over. Carget did not seem intimidated by the Imperium, instead telling them that they were wasting time on this mission. The group began to slowly move forward in an effort to attack, but Carget drew both blasters and began firing in all direction, forcing the Imperium to stay back. He then channeled a blast of energy pushing the group back, and allowing him some distance.

When the group recovered they made their way deeper into the compound, quickly catching up to the puppet. As they did, they said he was a coward to run from them and not face death. Carget reminded the Imperium that he had already cheated death, and that no power could contain his wrath. As the Imperium began to advance and attack again, Carget stopped them. He told them of their Wrath, Ryshias, and that he had failed on Ziost. Carget then used the force and filled the minds of the Imperium with a vision of the events currently happening on Ziost. The vision showed Ryshias with a few Imperium soldiers. Then, Ryshias's team came under the attack of a massive amount of the Emperor's puppets, and was quickly overcome and defeated. The vision ended there.

The Imperium was enraged at the vision, believing it was trickery and meant to destroy their morale. However, while the Imperium had been seeing the vision, Carget once more made for an escape, runnning off. But the Imperium quickly recovered their energy, chasing Carget to a tower. As they followed, they eventually made it to the heart of the tower, finding Carget in front of a hanger. Si'alla approached the puppet, telling him that there was no where left to run and it was time to face death. Just then, Lord Krano spoke up to the group, telling them that the hanger they had been brought to contained the lost Dreadnaught they were sent to recover. Immediately after, and alarm sounded, and Krano reported that the ship appeared to be sabotaged and would explode and kill everyone in only a few minutes. Regrettably, Si'alla and most of the group turned away from Carget and hurried to the console to stop the bomb.

With most of the group dealing with the bomb, Carget was only guarded by Santificus and Gerahg. Carget quickly channeled a force blast, casting Gerahg aside and pushing Santficus back. He then drew both of his blasters and began firing them precisely at Santifcus. A duel occurred, the two forces evenly matched in skill, neither of them gaining an advantage over the other. But Carget made a powerful shot, knocking Santificus' lightsaber out of his hand and onto the floor. Santficus then produced a powerful wave of force energy at Carget, who countered it with his own wave of force energy. The two continued to channel their force strength at each other, with Carget's powers eventually topping Santficus' powers, pushing Santficus back. Carget then made his way out of the hanger door and escaped the group.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group appeared to have disabled the sabotaged ship. When they learned of Carget's escape, they were angry, but knew they should not follow the puppet. They had come for the Dreadnaught, which they had finally found. The group quickly boarded the ship, activating it and leaving Balmorra's surface. They made their way out of the planet and plotted their course back to Imperium space. As they traveled, the Emperor's voice filled the ship, speaking with the Imperium group. Vitiate stated that they are more formidable than he thought, but that they were wasting their own time. He told the group that their "success" on Balmorra was pointless, and that the recovered Dreadnought was nothing special. He concluded his speech telling the Imperium that their interference could not stop him, and that he was invincible.


The Lost and The Dammed: Finding the Vigilant

Involved: Ryshias as Drakken/Zetzuo, Santificus, Daenerys, Kitzue.

Location: Mos Ares medbay and Dromund Kaas wilderness, spaceport and Nexus Room Cantina.

After Drakken woke up from his Kolto Tank regenerating sleep, Darth Santificus called for any able Imperium body to help him, as they needed to interrogate Drakken about the happenings on the Reckoning, and how they could find the Wrath. After the Drakken confirmed again the ship was struck by Republic Commando's, and that Ryshias decided to use an decoy ship to land in Ziost with his personal legion, Drakken decided to make an emergency landing on Taris. Then, Drakken revealed he memorized the Hyperspace route to Ziost, but they needed a special kind of ship to land in the planet, and that Darth Ryshias has been building since a long while now somewhere in the galaxy. Drakken didn't know where the ship was, but he said the Web of Shadows operatives could know. After pointing to Zetzuo, the closest member of Ryshias operatives, in Dromund Kaas, the group left, as Drakken returned to rest on the medbay.

They sought to meet Zetzuo on Imperial Intelligence, but after a while they figured out he wasn't there. After looking for him around Kaas City, they entered the Cantina. There, Zetzuo sought the group, where they discussed why they needed him. Zetzuo agreed to tell them the location of the ship, if they could escort him by the wilderness across the Mandalorian camps. Santificus and the group agreed, and they made their way outside the city.

The group encountered several Mandalorians groups, hunting and killing them as Zetzuo surveyed the locations. After destroying a Mandalorian camp, Zetzuo sliced in one of their communications networks, retrieving a chip. The group moved into the next Imperial outpost, and from there, to the Spaceport. Once there, Zetzuo handed them the location of the ship. A private Balmorra's shipyard, that could only be accessed through a secret hangar in the Balmorra's Arms Factory. Zetzuo dismissed the group, which went to tell Drakken the outcome of their mission, and prepare for their next move.


The Lost and The Dammed: Prelude of the Final March of the 15th Legion.

Involved: Ryshias as Game-Master/Rysh's cameo/Dread Commander Sirvas, Ruu'san, Adri'ah, Kairus, Tharren, Lord Hand Citadel (Desocratos)

Location: Wreckage of the Reckoning in Taris (Real one).

A distress signal was picked by the Imperium network. The signal belonged to The Reckoning, the Lord Wrath Ryshias flagship, which, in a surprising turn, was crashed in the world of Taris. Commander Kairus responded to the signal, carrying with him Ruu'san Kaldar and Adri'ah, both expert medics and biologists, and Lord Tharren as backup. The group formed upon the wreckage of the Harrower, which seemed to have crashed in the planet's surface not too long ago. The Rakghouls already infested the place, and even the Republic sent a group of Commando's inside to investigate the ship. The group formed and avanced into the ship, encountering group of fleeing Rakghouls, as well as hearing what seemed blaster fire inside. After fighting their way in, the stumbled upon a cargo room, which had a main entrance in the other side, that lead into where the blaster fire was, and a maintenance room on the side, with an elevator. The group divided, as Tharren and Kairus decided to go the main way, using a cargo train, while Ruu'san and Adri'ah went to the maintenance room. As Kairus used the lever to bring the Cargo train, it showed that the autors of the blaster fire were none less than three HK-47 Assassin droids, which fired upon the two Sith without hesitation. This forces Kairus and Tharren into cover, as Ruu'san and Adri'ah, below, found that there was a fuel leak and a survivor from the Republic strike team.

When they saw the Republic survivor, he mumbled some incoherence before pointing to the generator. Ruu'san was presented with two options. Re-route the remaining fuel to the three generators, or just power up one of them, which was not funtioning at that moment. She decided to power up only one of them, and turned out as a benefit. The droids were de-activated, while the ship received little power for some time. After a quick rendezvous, they were handed with two choices again. Follow the screams of a woman, or the sound of yet more blaster fire, though this seeming more of living sources than droids. The group decided to check out the screams, that lead them to a room where a woman hided behind another entrance, while a Genetically Modified Vorantikus tried to reach to her. The beast, realizing the group presence, decided to feed from them, charging against the group. After a brief fight, Ruu'san killed the monster, and the woman went to her arms, terrified and in terrible shock. The woman just reached to mention the beast name and that she was a survivor of the crash. Then, in a short moment, he grabbed Ruu'san service blaster, and shot herself, committing suicide. As Ruu'san walked back to the group, she noticed the woman left some numbers of communication in her pocket, with a Datapad.

After moving on from the terrific situation, they rendezvous in a nearby location. There, Ruu'san activates the datapad, just to see it explode in her hands, revealing a probe inside that floated slightly around before revealing the message. The holographic image of the Wrath appeared, as it was a pre-recorded message. The message was very cryptic, as it seemed damaged, though some conclusions could be seen from it. The Wrath was alive, and that he was not in the ship. Also, Captain Drakken must be found in order to shed light into the mystery.

After eliminating further Rakghouls, the group finally saw the Republic Commando group. It was holding it's own against a group of Rakghouls, but before they could hail the Imperium recues party, Kairus ordered the group to annihilate the Commando's. One by one, the Republic soldiers fell to the swords and fire of the Imperium, and the vicious claws of the Rakghouls, but then, an odd event happened. A door nearby opened, and Imperial soldiers-turned-Rakghoul-like charged against the normal Rakghouls and the Imperium. They were more enduring than the others, but fell no matter what.

After exploring the room, they feel a cold air comming from the room from where the Imperial corrupted troopers poured out. As they entered, a terrible visage was in front of them. A dual saberist, wearing a yellow armor like Ryshias, but with a Dread Guard mask. The man greeted the group with a dead silence. As the group wondered if it was Ryshias or not, Kairus stepped up, trying to find out who the man was, but the Dread Guard just unsheathed his dual blades, which were made of an unknown metal, and fought with the Commander. The battle was fierce, but one-sided, as the Dread Guard attacks followed an incredible patron and showed that him was not a mere fighter. After Kairus was defeated, Tharren launched his own personal assault to defend him, but the Dread Guard against proved victorious.

After a while, Lord Hand Citadel walked to him, remembering the man from old times, from the legends of the Dread Warlord and her first successor order. He was an Dread Guard Commander, known for his brutal power and incredible speed. The man offered the Hand to see in his memories, to see if the vision was true. Darth Sarvis, as he was known, was trapped in a tomb of ice after the Dread Masters splinted from the Warlord, until Ryshias found him and released Sarvis from it, just to take him to his personal ship, and rebuild his own face to Sarvis's likeness, for unknown purposes. After being kept in a stasis chamber for years, he was released by Ryshias when the Reckoning crashed on Taris, giving Sirvas a message for the Imperium group that would eventually come to rescue.

The Dread Commander arranged a deal, he would be left to leave the ship, and then he would hand the message, and Drakken, who was also under the care of the Dread corrupted man. After some deliberation by The Hand and Ruu'san, who were the only ones left by that time, as the others retreated to heal their wounds and leave for the shuttles, they agreed to do so. The Dread Commander handed the message, that was the same as the one after, but this one was complete and untouched. Ryshias revealed he was on Ziost, and that he was attempting to slow down a big threat massing in the planet. He told them that Drakken knew a Hyperspace route to the system, as Ziost's routes were either forgotten or cut down.

Meanwhile the message played, Ruu'san remembered the communications code that she found from the girl of communications. He used it on the probe, which opened a open channel with Ryshias. Both were surprised the other responded, and after an emotive reunion and words, Ryshias promised Ruu'san he would return to the Imperium once the threat was over. In the middle of the conversation, the Hand noticed that Sirvas left the ship silently, eager to find the new Dread Union, and serve them one more time.

Ruu'san and Citadel left the ship with a wounded, but alive, Drakken, and they parted to Imperium space. Shortly after their leave, the ship was overruned again with Rakghouls...meanwhile unknown ships begun to land around it, all wearing a very unique mark of a spider with two crossed swords.


Operation: Ziost Recapture

Involved: Operatives of the Web of Shadow.

Location: Ziost and the wreckage of the Reckoning (Decoy).

-the sound of static fills the report. A song plays in the background-

The following is a classified Imperial report, unrestricted and without the changes made by Sith Intelligence. The verification of this is confirmed, and, as such, this would require further investigation.

-Operator 34

Imperial Outpost Besk in Sector 34.

Lt. Drost reported the apparition of several energy readings in the orbit of Ziost. Further analyzing revealed that such energy readings were part of a big structure, possibly a ship. The matrix of energy, along with the the common knowledge, suggested that the ship could be of cruiser or Dreadnought class. Sgt. Merser and Pvt. Cryans received instructions to scout the reading source. Upon arrival, the scouts confirmed that it was indeed a ship, a modified Harrower-Class Dreadnought, and according to intelligence, seemed to be The Reckoning, personal flagship of the former Imperial General, Darth Ryshias. The hull damage of the ship was heavy, but seemed more of inside explosions than one caused by other ships. No living form has been found inside, neither corpses, but the damage seems to heavy for anyone to have survived that. We are sending Imperial scouts to the ground, if we could find the rest of the sur-

-The file seemed to be incomplete, but then, an image fills the screen, as text appears in form of a message, below the image-

"We have him. He has accepted. He seeks. He found. The shadows prey upon the ignorant. The light feast upon the miscarried. You all will understand. As he did. As your Wrath will."

-static cuts the message again-


Vaguest's parting gift.

Involved:Vaguest, Ray'ak, Desocratos, Salkoro

Locations: Vaguest's apartment and Mos Ares Temple.

Vaguest called Desocratos and Ray'ak to his home to give Ray'ak a present as congratulations for winning the Praetor election. The gift was the armor of Tulak Hord. After debating about the armor and it's safety. Vaguest almost forcibly left it in Ray'ak's hands before leaving, giving only Ray'ak and Desocratos notice of his journey. When transported to Mos Ares, Ensign Briks was transporting the armor to Ray'ak's office when a flash suddenly blinded he and his men. the armor was missing after the blast and after some searching, the squad found the armor fiddling with the Sarcophogus of the late emperor Darth Arestenax. after a distressful comm signal, Salkoro arrived with a security detachment and found Briks as the only survivor. Smoldering, Briks told Salkoro what he could before dying himself from his wounds. after Ray'ak and Desocratos arrived, a loud booming voice echoed in the temple, claiming to take what was his by right, also claiming that should he not find Vaguest in a years time, they will. the voice disappeared after a small chuckle and the group then moved to alert the emperor and the duke to the situation.


Return of the Xenocide: Alpha's End. 

Involved:Dread Emeritus Erasis, Desocratos (erasis) (Now known as Citadel.) Salvatus, Vrahal, Kataret, Nolus, Ruu'san, Ray'ak, Si'alla, Vecteus, Tykas, Asavian, Saffire, Heid, Candicia, Vicros, (who else?)

£ocations: Mos Ares Council Chamber and the Ilum Fray in the Western Ice Shelf.

The time had come. Erasis called all the people together, all of them watching and waiting. Desocratos walked in to the room, and Salvatus bluntly asked the plan and information needed to complete the final task of destroying Alesis. Desocratos explained all he knew: 1) Alesis was on Ilum, 2) only Heid and Saffire were left with him, and 3) he would be bringing Zenosis and Santificus along for the ride. Salvatus retorted they were unnecessary for the mission until Desocratos responded that Alesis seeing them in chains would provide incentive for Alesis to fall to emotion, a weakness that could be exploited. Salvatus agreed, but asked for more concrete details: Who should we bring, how many? Desocratos, stated he only knew the basics, and on que, Dread Master Erasis, flanked by Masters Nolus and Kataret, entered. Erasis immediately suggested more numbers would be better, cutting off routes of escape. He also confirmed that the Emperor held the Secrets of Citadel in his lightsaber given by Erasis, as that would utterly devastate Alesis in its nature. once all was confirmed, Kataret introduced the Area, stating the battleground to be the Ilum Fray, Sacred to the Dread Masters and their contemporaries. to destroy it would be costly. with this all settled, the Sovereign directed all to Ilum.

Upon landing and assembling in Walker formation, Desocratos Lead the team into the fray, stopping at a statue. All assembled behind him, Desocratos pointed out the rustic and ruined tower Alesis resided in, and said he would monitor them form his current spot, not wanting to be affected by Alesis.

((THE next event is recounted in "The fall of a Praetor" so I will move to the next bit.]]

As Ruu'san was found, the rest of the team, lead by Dread Masters, moved forth. They came to the tower and found two, Heid and Saffire inside, but no Xenocide. Coming to them with the sedated bound bodies of Santificus and Zenosis, Erasis proceeded to bind them and then order the offensive on the two, as per the Emperor's wish to cleanse out all associated with the Xenocide. As they enaged the two, Asavian held back feeling called to a darker presence. Out of darkness Alesis appeared dueling Asavian and knocking him to the canyon below. While the others disposed of the two guards of Alesis, Alesis battered Asavian away. Ultimately, The two were defeated, and All of the others stood and gazed as Asavian battled Alesis, but he began to wear himself apart. Alesis, sensing the possibility, transparalized behind him and stabbed, eventually causing him to die, but not before Salvultus himself prepared to deal the final blow, too cleanse the weak. However, Asavian melded into the force, and vanished. By the adverse reactions Nolus and Kataret loudly expressed, Asavian is declared dead. At this alone, Alesis came to see even Kataret against him... he began to break. Satisfied, Alesis transparallized to the top of the tower, and announced the final stand.

The Emperor, Kataret, and Nolus ascended, And it was then Salvatus revealed his cyan crystal of the Secrets, and then Alesis knew his fate had come. Rising, he remarked that what started this so long ago was not even his doing, that another wished the Lord Emperor dead. It fell on death ears, and all three, in tri-tandem, advanced. While Alesis managed to knock both Nolus and Kataret off the tower to the snow below, they both survived, while Salvatus quickly pressed the offensive, knocking Alesis off with his blade, seriously injuring Alesis, causing him to fall to the ground. He did not press further. He warned his death would have consequences, but Salvatus merely drew the blade and ended him. As Alesis fell rays of red and rays of blue extended from him, the rays of blue went into the air and dissipated, while the rays of red headed for Zenosis.

Waking form his sedation, Zenosis saw the rays and was screaming for freedom, causing confusion from the others. When they entered his body, Zenosis began to pulse red, the light growing stronger and stronger, deforming and stretching his face. Screaming Zenosis demanded Santificus be '"saved" and Kataret concluded that Alesis was killing off his legacy post-mortem. Within seconds, a large force internally caused slammed Zenosis into the ground, killing him instantly. At his death blue ray's also protruded, but this time the red ray's split, some heading towards Santificus, some towards Erasis, some towards Desocratos, and some into the air towards the Soveriegn. Nolus quickly transparallized Santificus to the Dread Palace, and the rays dispersed. Those aimed at Erasis were anticipated, and the Emeritus called on his brothers to barrier him, taking the power head on...and slowly rendering harmless before expelling it out of him in all directions. As Erasis said farewell to the Leaving Emperor, he promised to get the union restored, however the conversation was interrupted with Vynstryker being hit on the Sovereign by Ray's of Red..mutilating him to a ghastly creature, but bursting internally. With that Erasis Realized Desocratos needed to be saved...and the Dread Masters rushed after him.

He was found calm and peaceful, it seemed the Rays had not hit. while the masters shouted a cry for caution, Desocratos looked and took he rays inward...letting their power manifest in him.. grow him.. and then he absorbed it, using Secrets from the Citadel Crystal. Empowered, Desocratos remarked that himself, his other half, and Santificus marked the last of the bloodline, and so now he must take the mantle fully, Deeming himself to be named "Citadel." To this Nolus extended warm feelings to Citadel, giving him Alesis' blade and taking Heid's for himself. Kataret gave him a small holocron before going telling him his father wanted this day recorded and preserve, which left Citadel Sentimental. He thanked him and both departed.


Return of the Xenocide: The Fall of a Praetor

Involved: Ruu'san, Alesis, Desocratos(Citadel), Ray'ak, Si'alla, Vicros, Tykas, Candicia, Aden Arestenax (as infant), Vrahal, Jaesari, et al.

After the strike team had arrived at the last known location of the Xenocide, Ruu'san had received odd transmissions on her datapad. Feeling confident and curious, she made her way to a nearby isolated cave in which she saw nothing but a red burning light. The light continued to grow and grow and suddenly--nothing. She called out, hoping it would reveal someone within the cave. She turned. There stood Alesis, his blade piercing her stomach, damaging her fetus, and ultimately, Ruu'san herself. She fell to the ground, Alesis beginning to speak, his very words tortured her soul. Vanishing, he was never seen by Ruu'san again. Before fainting, she managing to make a quick call to the others, hoping someone would find her.

Ray'ak, along with Si'alla and Vicros had made haste to the cave to find Ruu'san laying in a pool of her own blood, the source being her stomach. Si'alla, a renowned healer, had begun her work, making the ultimate choice between saving Ruu'san, or her unborn son. Ruu'san had told her to choose her son, so that Ryshias may have a legacy, and Si'alla ultimately had to chose the boy, putting Kaldar in a state of comatose in hopes that she may survive. Ray'ak was infuriated by her choice, but realized it was not the time to argue with her.

The strike team had been called, Vicros awaited Darth Candicia and Darth Tykas as the came in on their swoop bikes, ready to retrieve the fallen Praetor. The Praetor now secured, had been moved back to Firebase Three, to be transfered back to Tatooine. This allowed Vicros to return to assist the others that were to take on the Xenocide.

Asleep in the medbay, Darth Candicia had informed Tykas that none must enter in fear that someone from the media may see the Praetor in her weakened state. Agreeing, this allowed Candicia to return her attention to the child of Ruu'san, blessing him a citizen of the Imperium, and bestowing him the name that Ray'ak had given him; Aden Arestenax Kaldar.


Several days later, Citadel and Ray'ak were able to find a method as to free Ruu'san of the induced coma, and free her of the pain of Alesis. During their attempts, they had brought Aden to see Ruu'san. Both of them would convulse and their veins would almost burst, that is when they knew--the combined strength of the taint given by Alesis would overwhelm their physical vessels, which may result in death. After Citadel had begun the ritual, Raithra--the shaman of healing of the Septis Mirtis--was able to shield Ruu'san's mind from the taint, allowing the Hand time to operate through the Force. Upon awakening and being informed of her son and the loss of the Xenocide, Ruu'san needed the first image her son had of Ruu'san would be her in her natural state. During her shower she had scrubbed away the dye, cut her hair and used the make-up she had used ten years prior. She had returned to the way she used to be. This was the start of a new Ruu'san Kaldar. Knowing she would never be able to come into full contact with her son, she asked that Citadel and Ray'ak raise him as their own, when asked why Ryshias did not raise the son, she had replied that she could not bear living with her son if she would not even be able to be near him. She said her goodbyes and left her stronghold, heading for her newly renovated Office upon the Sovereign.


The Bond

Involved: Vicros, Rey'a, Carliyah, Si'alla.

Vicros and Rey'a thought over the idea proposed to them by Si'alla. Si'alla proposed the idea that she would bond Carliyah to herself to ensure Carliyah's protection. If need be, Carliyah could call upon Si'alla's power to protect herself, or even use it. After a small debate, Vicros and Rey'a agreed to the idea. Vicros brought along little Carliyah to Si'alla's home, where Rey'a was still residing due to the attack that still had her out normality. Vicros took his seat, and Rey'a took her seat near Carliyah as Si'alla commenced the process of bonding herself to Si'alla, and vice versa. Si'alla completed the bonding ritual, but as soon as she did, she felt an evil presence enter Carliyah's mind. The bond was used and Si'alla pushed the presence out, but Rey'a, knowing something was wrong, cast herself in the middle, and the evil presence had latched onto her. Si'alla used her instincts to immediately cast protection around Rey'a. Carliyah ran over to her father, and the little one was completely safe of harm. Though, after further examination, Rey'a was unresponsive, and Si'alla coldy said she was in a coma. This left Vicros in shock, but he trusted in Si'alla's care, so he was relieved, a little at least. Having the bonding complete, Vicros told Si'alla that both Rey'a and Vicros planned on making her Carliyah's godmother, and so he did. Now, Rey'a is in a coma, and Carliyah is bonded to Si'alla.

The Fall Of Zavik 3/18/15

Involved: Kimmiko

Kimmiko swore vengeance as she approached a shrine of some sort she saw the woman who has caused her family such pain and suffering as she approached the woman turned revealing her face resembling her mothers as she removed her mask her robes torn she scolded Kimmiko for coming to the shrine for the final task was at hand this woman was going to try and revive more undead and even a greater threat she had to be stopped Kimmiko charged in attacking her head on

The two fought graciously but with Lord Zavik's knowlege of the force she sends Kimmiko flying against the pillar but she notices a white figure approach lifting Zavik up and slamming her to the ground Zavik grunts as she gets up looking to see it was Knoxus wearing the robes replicaitng Zavik's

"You have done to much damage... it is time to correct my mistake" - Knoxus Kallig

Zavik was caught off guard as Kimmiko rushes in from behind leaping up grabbing duel sabers and with a furious rage she slams the sabers onto Zavik's duel saber. Knoxus heals any wounds through the force to Kimmiko as Zavik begins to channel her powers and send a wave of dark energy to Kimmiko, Kimmiko being a pureblood hybreed absorbs it and reverses the power to Zavik as she lays motionless on the ground Kimmiko grabs her sabers leaping into the air stabbing them directly into Zavik as a loud crackle is heard the sky turns black and thunderous roar is heard something has been unleashed do to the conflict between the two.

"It is already to late... I have already won..." - Zavik to Kimmiko and Knoxus

Knoxus looks at her daughter and then walks up to Zavik as she lifts Zavik into the air Kimmiko grabs a binding amulet giving her the powers of force walking and absorbs the life source of Zavik draining her completely. Zavik's body turns into ash as the robes remain with the mask of Knoxus laying on the top of the robes Knoxus looks at Kimmiko for the last time before dissapearing

"You have done well... my daughter but there is even a greater threat lurking in the distance.. be on your guard" - Knoxus' last words before becoming one with the force

Kimmiko returns to Mos Ares as some greeted her with respect others didn't speak to her but she knew what she did was for the good of these people as she walked forward she weeps softly to herself entering her room she cries mourning her deceased mother but keeps her promise that no matter what that she will become Praetor.


Part 1: A Death In The Family

Involved: Knoxus/Kimiko/Ruu'san/Vrahal/Lykaas/Tykaas/Si'alla

With the Praetor managing to track down the shuttle of the Legion forces that captured Knoxus she ordered a small force to track down Knoxus who has eluded the Imperium for quite some time. On the planet of Tython the Republic begins evacuating as many of the padawans and twi'lek citizens as possible as the Legion's forces and the Empire's forces converged the place was a blood bath bodies laying all over the place the force consisted of a sith warrior whose name has yet to be released, Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar and Darth *please place name here*, Si'alla and Lykaas as the Five progessed they encountered a large resistance force of brain washed republic forces as they converged against one another the brain washed Republic trooper was strong but with the darth's help they were able to defeat them. But the Admiral in charge of the mission who was the Praetor's was killed by Vrahal for "failing him for the last time" Command Yuri was placed in command as they charged forward but later on they would be cornered and out flanked by Legion forces and slaughtered.

As the Four progressed the Darth was picked up and stabbed by a sharp boulder poking out the side of the mountain dying instantly as a woman with a hood stood watching Si'alla as she began to question who she was to show her face the woman lifted her hand blasting a wave of memories through Si'alla though it didn't harm her. The others attempted to assist but Si'alla told them to hold off the insane Jedi cutting through. The Praetor didn't let up as she knew she was pregnant expecting she still fought.

Si'alla realized who the woman was but wouldn't believe it for a second as she was in denial the two would fight a vicious fight the woman was actually Si'alla's dead sister Kimber who actually was ressurected by the legion.

Si'alla in the end proves victorious as Kimber falls to her knee and tries to get up she places her two fingers over si'alla's face as if to "Bop" her on the forehead as she said

"Sorry Si'alla... no second chances....." - Kimber's dying words as her bloodied hand falls down Si'allas face and she dies at her sisters feet enraged Si'alla wanted to track down Knoxus for answers.

Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar, Si'alla, Lykaas and the sith warrior accompanying them came upon a water fall where Knoxus was seen meditating she arose and explained how she realized that neither side was right that the Legion had to be killed no matter what that she has finally found her redemption. Si'alla still enraged Said

"Enough just die!" - Si'alla

Knoxus agreed putting on her mask and igniting her saber yelling THEN WE FIGHT as the four fought Knoxus a strange eerie presence was felt as it turned completely dark all that was visible was dozens of sabers as they slashed at all of the members of the unit.

The Sith Warrior fell victim first as he was impaled with a saber his legacy dying on Tython

Knoxus Enraged unleashed her powers given by the Dark Divine S'rahnia her master as the Legionary turned into nothing but ash as his armor washed down the rivine Lykaas tries to attack Knoxus but is sent flying not killing him but just sending him away Knoxus never once harmed the Imperium members but near the end of the fight Ruu'san kaldar took the opportunity and shot Knoxus in the chest. Knoxus then channled her energy surrounding herself with a purple and white glow as her final words are.

"And so... as the darkness takes me.. I am nothing now I know how you felt... my friend" - Knoxus' Dying Words as she explodes into a flash of purple light

All that remained was a mask and her saber as Kimiko is seen running down the bridge to find out what is going on she then finds out from Si'alla that Knoxus is dead.. saddened she cried a bit but looked as the Legion's vessel the Harbinger makes it way into Tython's orbit and charges it's primary weapon. Luckly everyone escape. But Kimiko swears vengeance as she finds out that the Legionary leader Zavik has been spotted on Yavin 4 the most sacred place in the galaxy. There.. Kimiko swears that the life source of Zavik will be hers for "VENGEANCE!"


Part 1: Torak Attacked! Fate Unknown...

Involved: Vi'kirr'naam, Candicia, Adr'iah, Agent-Iax, Knoxus (If I forgot a name, let me know, please)

Vi'kirr'naam received a premonition of fighting and death while at Mos Ares, after the Knighting of Ny'reen and Adr'iah, a premonition of his House burning and his people dying. Fearing for his House, as he saw was at the center of the fighting, he rushes towards his starship and travelled to the Three's Compound. Arriving, he sees that his House is indeed under attack, and that several fighters were coming at him. Taking an escape pod, the fighters attacked his ship while he descended to the planet, to aid his House.

Arriving, he is set upon at all sides. As he is attacked, he looks around the Compound, seeing his Mandalorian and Intelligence allies being attacked as well. This was a losing battle, and Vi knew he needed to call for help. Cutting down attackers left and right, before reaching his communication center. Once there, he contacted the Imperium on all Imperium channels, calling for help. Adr'iah and Candicia reads him and asks the situation. But before he could explain, explosions are heard from where he is as he sends out an S.O.S. The explosions get louder, and he knows that they will be upon him again. Looking behind him, Vi'kirr notices one of his Acolytes standing there, and tells him to prepare for the fight. The acolyte only laughs, and Vi once again receives a premonition; the attack was happening, and this Acolyte was the cause of it.

Angered, Vi drops his communicator, and lunges at the acolyte, fury fueling his power, bent on destroying him for betraying Vi'kirr'naam. After a brief fight with him, another explosion erupts, catching Vi off-guard, wounding his saber arm severely, but worse, taking his focus off his enemy. The acolyte quickly gets around Vi...and impales him through the back and out his chest.

As the same time, Candicia calls for Vi'kirr over the com. When he doesn't answer, she tries again. Still no answer. Just then, a pulse in the Force is felt and mostly Imperium Sith, several hunters as well, are given a Vision of several events within Vi's life; his involvement in the Sacking of Coruscant, joining the Imperium, fighting battles and wars for the Lord Emperor, killing his once lover, and their daughter to spare them from the Rakghoul plague, and other images, before a final image showed Vi'kirr getting wounded.

A few moments later, Vi's com unit came back on, showing on Imperium channels, a figure of a hooded man, who was the person who attacked and defeated Vi'kirr. He ordered his troops to find the Torak Holocron, claiming it was his now, before noticing Vi's com and crushing it under his foot.

Also receiving the vision, Darth Knoxus awoke from her meditation with a wound in her heart, as she boarded her ship and rushed to Vi's last location. There, she found Vi'kirr's ship, floating lifeless at the edge of Unknown Space. Boarding it with her droid, she saw that the personnel aboard the ship were all dead, but Vi was nowhere to be seen. Ordering her droid to search the ship, she communed with the Force to see if what she saw was accurate. Indeed, Vi'kirr'naam got off the ship before it was attacked, and went to a planet nearby, but the planet was hidden from her sight. Looking deeper, she saw that Vi fought with the Acolyte, and received a terrible wound.

But she could not see his fate. Was Darth Vi'kirr'naam alive...or did he meet his end?


Attack on Mos Ares

Involved: Vicros, Ruu'san, Loret(As Loret, agent, technician), Chriskrayat, Tykas, Knoxus(As Knoxus, Onra, Admiral Makerov), Leski(As Leski, Vaguest)

Something was off as Admiral Makerov had sighted an authorized shuttle heading for the colony of Mos Ares. He immediately contacted Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar. When Ruu'san, an imperium agent, Chris and Leski approached the mysterious woman, the sky had turned to a blood red and the ground shook. Chris attempted to attack the Sith but was instantly struck by a lightsaber after the attempts of disarming this woman. She spoke of the Legion and Ruu'san immediately gave the order to kill her if she had moved.

The battle between the Legionary Sith and the Tuscan ended with him being on the ground motionless but his cybernetics assisting him. The agent attempted to attack the sith head on but the Sith caught her by her head, crushing it as she called for help. Ruu'san insisted the sith let her go but as a result the agent was decapitated right in front of her.

Leski, not hesitating, instantly pinned the sith to the pilar near the shuttle. With this he took the siths saber tossing it to ruu'san and she ordered him to take her to the jail. After interrogating the insane sith woman she would soon revealed that her name was Onra and that this was only the start. Knoxus will be at either Korriban or the ruins of Tython.

Ruu'san gave the order to kill her and Leski stabbed his blade into the sith woman, Onra faded into nothing as on the comm system Makerov is heard being killed as he attempts to alert them of the legions attack.

As they proceed outside there are fighters scattered all over attacking the colony as ground forces charge in. They outnumbered the Imperium ground forces until Agent Lex and the Director with the numbers of the Dead Cell Organization charged onto the front lines fighting off the threat but there are still many of them.

As Ruu'san noticed their numbers she immediately ordered the evacuation of the colonies civilians trying to contact back up. Vaguest immediately responded attempting to attack the Legionaries Vessel priming it's main weapon heading straight toward the Praetor luckly enough to stop any severe damage done to Mos Ares but at the cost of Vaguest's Vessel.

Ground Forces continue to hold off the Legionary Forces but there was still to many they struck from the shadows as Ruu'san was preparing to leave for elevator a familiar woman stood before her igniting her saber everyone thought she was going to attack Ruu'san but as a result the woman killed the sith behind her that was stealthed "you....saved me?!" She said in shock all the woman did was look at Ruu'san saying "Get out of my way..." as a large man leaped onto the second floor his body shape shifting into a creature his skin turning black the woman was revealed to be Knoxus as she pushed past everyone igniting her saber once more pulling it from the sith's dead corpse and glared directly at the man morphing Leski attempted to stand beside Knoxus but she insisted he left this up to her as she slowly approached the Man she spoke "Empress.. Guide me let my blade be of use once more.. even in your death.. I shall fight for you!" as the entrance behind Knoxus crumbled closing off any chances of anyone saving her or helping.

During the attempt of Escape it is unknown of Vaguest's ship the coms went silent but later on it was revealed that Vaguest was holding off a large force down in the jailing area where they would fight and keep fighting for a very long time.

Meanwhile on the Sovereign Ruu'san and Chris were on the deck preparing to make a decision but five men and women dressed in Imperium class armor approached the Officer gave the order to eliminate Chris and Ruu'san for the order of the Legion as they fought a loud yelling is heard from the entrance as Armen Horada and his men charge in attacking the traitors head on the daughter of the Praetor with them.

The Legions Vessel begins to turn slowly and prepare to jump to lightspeed once exiting the atmosphere of Mos Ares the fighters scramble to return to the docking bay as Knoxus is seen being choked out and knocked unconcious by the Man and carried on his shoulder/back onto a shuttle that Ruu'san ordered it to be tracked it is unknown if it was.

Those Legionary forces on the ground were captured by Dead Cell Organization members and brought in for questioning and interrogation by the hands of the Imperium.

"Today we have put a stall to their plans, we stood together and prevented any of our own lives from being loss. I Commander Armen Horada salute those we have lost.. but may their deaths give us the strength to end such a threat! may the force serve us so say we all and for Mandalore!" - Armen Horada's speech

Begging Of Pain Prelude

(( Edit if Needed ))

What started off as the Fallen Legion just being resurrected from Korriban a tremble in the force is felt as the one who possessed Knoxus finally achieved her form and is now working from the shadows but with the hold still clasped onto Knoxus she shall achieve her goals Eliminate the Imperium at any cost and then destroy both the Republic and Empire purging them creating her new Universe

(( In Order ))

* Knoxus Awakens to find herself on the Tatooine Base of The Imperium

* Encounters Vi'kirr'naam somehow on the Imperium vessel the sovereign

* Knoxus escapes but is captured by a unknown vessel masked through a solar storm

* With This Occurring The Emperor ordered the capture of Knoxus to be brought to him

* Tython ( Tactical FP ) has fallen and is being overwhelmed by the Legion's corruption

* Knoxus somehow see's her fallen master and as her blade even in death she regains memory

* 3 people are chosen to go chase down Knoxus and cut through each and every one of the corrupted Jedi on Tython until coming up upon Knoxus meditating to the force as she looks upon them all A figure leaps in front of them one of them being a "Fallen Legion" Member as he attempts to stall their Advance

* After defeating the Legion member the three run into another group of three red haired figures as They remove their hoods the one being a female resembling something that sparked something in Si'alla after their first confrontation

*Meanwhile on Korriban Three Legionary Members await for their opponents for battle

*Knoxus is found meditating in the ruined forest under a waterfall of Tython as she prepares for another stand against her former allies


Shadows of Betrayal

Involved: Knoxus, Leski, Vi'kirr'naam

A woman is spotted on the sovereign appeared to be familiar but when she spoke toward the Pureblooded sith Vi'kirr'naam she asked him if she remembered him in response he replied "That is for you to know young one." she smiled and when she began to walk away she felt a sudden stinging sensation inside her mind as her eyes flashed to blood red and she felt something control her unwillingly she force pushes Vi'kirr'naam to the ground but with an attempt to stop whoever was possessing her Vi'kirr'naam yelled at the spirit or who he thought was still a spirit though the voice laughed at Vi'kirr'naam as it appeared behind him stabbing him directly into the back with brute force Leski runs in hearing a commotion as Knoxus comes to her senses she quickly dissapears and re-appears trying to run away toward the exit but Leski cuts her off Vi'kirr'naam enraged sends a large force push as Knoxus goes flying into the elevator she hits the button to lift her toward the bridged the Emperor orders for the immediate shutting off of all escape pods but before that happens Knoxus' escape pod launches off and is captured by a stealth vessel not resembling anything known to the Empire nor Republic as it dissapears in a solar storm like cloud and enters light speed.

The outcome shortly after was unknown only members of the Imperium know what is to come next


Shadow Of The Fallen

Involved: Knoxus

A tremor in the force is felt as the fabric of what was called the "Legion Of The Fallen" Seem to dissapear their goals finished a woman has been spotted resembling the figure of Knoxus though it is unknown if she is a threat to the Imperium or not. She has been spotted on the Imperial Fleet stalking members of the Empire who have been claimed to be "Missing" Shortly after the mysterious woman followed them.

Latest News of this woman's appearance still eluded the full attention of the Empire and Imperium she seems to be searching for information about who she is

"I have no idea who this woman is.. but when she looks into your eyes.. it's like she's piercing into your very own soul!" - Scared merchant

If anyone has any information on this woman you are to report to a nearby officer of the Imperial Army or give any intel of this woman's location to the Imperium for her crimes against them


Return of the Xenocide: Descent into Despair


[Team Evil] Saffire, Kataret, Alesis, Heid, Vemara, Crucius (ray'ak)

[Team Good] Vicros, Rey'a, Tykas, Si'alla, Desocratos, Chriskrayt

((THIS WILL BE EDITED IN SECTIONS and each main point shall be expanded))

  • Erasis calls Rey'a, Chris and Vicros to temple area.
  • Erasis is knocked out, illusion fleet arrives
  • Alesis and team evil land, illusion troops appear.
  • Team splits: Crucius, Heid, and Saffire take troops and head for palace, Kataret, Alesis, and Vemara head towards relic area.
  • Chris follows after Saffire and others, Reya engages Vemara.
  • Kataret disposes of the relic room while Alesis dispatches guards.
  • Reya and Vemara lock blades, and at Vemara's signal, Alesis throws Reya off the small Cliffside
  • Alesis lunges at Reya, but Vicros appears out of stealth, taking the strike across the chest and falling.
  • Saffire, and Heid with Crucius take out the guardians around Praetors' Hall.
  • Generators destroyed by Vemara.
  • Alesis leaves Reya and shame and she takes an unconscious Vicros to the medbay.
  • Tykas encounters Heid and they duel.
  • Alesis and Kataret and Vemara join the others, Vemara and Reya fight again.
  • Saffire and Crucius Secure throne room from guards, Alesis follows.
  • Kataret and Arctis encounter.
  • Alesis Sits on Imperium throne, and delivers following speech using sentinel cam:

Alesis' Political speech:

"Imperium Dogs. This is the Xenocide. The Blood Sith. The Master of Secrets. The true Citadel.

I sit upon the throne of the Emperor. The Emperor who abandoned you. I did not even need to take out the others. They are dead. Or gone. Your Hand Erasis. Weak.'

Your Praetors' legacies too. I shall steal their Holocrons as a token of my victory. Behold. Mos Ares is fallen.''

Beware did you the warnings of Kataret? That I was one to watch for? Your Emperor put me down. Cast me aside. Reduced me to an article in a Newspaper. I am no such trifle.'

Take note. For as it was forseen, It is now.

Beware, the darkest days have arrived."

  • Alesis dismisses Saffire to recover Zenosis, and crucius to capture Ray'ak.
  • Arctis and Alesis encounter.
  • Alesis rips furniture apart and steals praetors repository.
  • Final duels in collesium.
  • Kataret and Alesis fight in tandem, and Succeed. Hied and Vemara spectate.
  • Alesis leaves with the evil team remant, and all illusions vanish.
  • Si'alla and tykas survive unscathed.
  • Rey'a is captured, brutally tortured, and dropped off at Tat.
  • Vicros remains injured.
  • Chriskrayt is slightly hurt.
  • Erasis Awakens to a disaster.
  • Asavian finishes up recovery and orders the Palace on restricted acess below deputy minister, and Buffs the guards.


Andrekios' Trial

Involved: Andrekios, Vaguest, Arctis, Erasis, Xaketh, Loret

In a stunning turn of events, Darth Andrekios was proven not guilty of the crime of the murder of the former Edito-in-Chief of the Sith Imperium Times, Rodeia Roderick. Andrekios defended himself in his second ever trial while the prosecution was Grand Inquisitor Xaketh. Ambassador Arctis was chosen as chief presiding judge while the defense picked Darth Vaguest to serve as a judge. The prosecution chose Grand Moff Loret to serve as a judge alongside Vaguest and Arctis. In the prosecution's opening statement, Xaketh made points that as Minister of Science and Technology, Darth Andrekios would have access to the poisons needed to kill Rodeia. The prosecution also stated that Andrekios had the motive to commit this crime. In the defendant's opening statement, Andrekios stated that he did have access to the aforementioned poisons and he did have a motive to kill Rodeia. But Andrekios firmly stated that Praetor Kaldar also had access to these poisons and Praetor Kaldar also had a motive. Further into his opening statement, Andrekios informed the presiding judges that it was odd that the day after Rodeia was murdered, the first warrant for an arrest was for Andrekios. Andrekios added onto this statement by saying that the warrant was issued by the Praetor herself, meaning that it would have been the perfect cover up. After his opening statement, Andrekios called on his first witness, Dread Master Erasis. Andrekios opened his questioning of the witness by asking Erasis about his trip to Hoth. After some more questioning, it was revealed that Andrekios accompanied Erasis to Hoth, and the murder was committed while Andrekios was on Hoth. Xaketh's rebuttal consisted of him asking Erasis if Andrekios was asked to come or if Andrekios came on his own accord. Xaketh stated that Andrekios would have had enough time to tamper with Rodeia's computer and apply the poison. Xaketh also stated that the poison could have been a timed release, meaning that the poison could have been released while Andrekios was on Hoth and Rodeia was on Voss. In their closing statements, Xaketh reminded the judges that Andrekios had access to the poisons used to kill Rodeia and he had a motive to kill her. In addition to this, Xaketh also added that it is possible that the poison was on a timed release. Andrekios replied by stating that it would be impossible for him to have committed this crime as he left for Hoth several days before the murder took place. He urged the judges to make the correct decision. After meeting, the judges issued their verdict. Andrekios was found not guilty and was cleared of all charges.


An Old Friend

Involved: Arctis, Leski, Nostrem (mentioned only), Si'alla, Tykas, Vicros

With his suspicion of Nostrem's survival proven correct, Darth Arctis ventured to Mos Ares with intents of warning the Sith Imperium of the impending danger. The ambassador's call was answered by Councilors Leski, Tykas, and Vicros, as well as Darth Si'alla, Deputy Minister of Expansion and Diplomacy. Although the deputy minister was initially unfamiliar with Darth Nostrem, Vicros was quick to recall him as the mastermind of the attack that ended with the destruction of Amgarrak. Arctis elaborated on the inaccuracy of Imperial records' claims to his former apprentice's death on Yavin 4, revealing Nostrem's consciousness had survived bodily demise. As the Imperial ambassador spoke of Nostrem's unchecked emotions and various other personality traits, Si'alla and Vicros suggested exploiting them as a weakness, but Arctis reminded the Council of Nostrem's strategic brilliance, certain he would analyze their tactics and adapt accordingly. His time short, Arctis advised the Councilors to remain on guard, as he sensed Nostrem's time of return was near. With that, he departed the Tatooine colony, as Si'alla began making arrangements to ensure the Emperor was informed of the threat Darth Nostrem presents.


In the Valley of Blood

Involved: Parasitus, Ray'ak, and Belleva

After reading the report regarding Parasitus' attack at Mos Ares to try and claim Jaudulis' body as his own, Ray'ak and her Apprentice, Belleva, landed on the Kressh Temple Grounds, they felt immense Darkside Energies even before arriving. When they stepped out of the shuttles and made their way towards the Temple, lightning storms suddenly began to rain from the sky around them, as Sith Mystics began to work with Rakata Mystics from within the Temple, chanting in Ancient Sith to summon the wrath of the Dark Side against these intruders. It was a sign that Parasitus' presence was strongest here. Within a few minutes, Belleva found herself grabbed by an invisible hand and pulled towards one of the nearby shuttles with great force, though there seemed to be no one nearby to use such a technique. Shortly after, Parasitus himself transmutated atop the shuttle Belleva had been pulled into and Ray'ak and Belleva stood to confront him. He raised his palm, focusing on Belleva and threw her with great force into the Courtyard of the Kressh Temple Grounds, where she was later found unconscious by the Massassi warriors who serve the Kressh Family with the Rakata Mystics and captured. Meanwhile, Parasitus and Ray'ak continued their short confrontation until he used the force to trap her in a Static Prison and left her imprisoned until the Static Prison erupted in a blast of electricity that jolted her to her knees. Ray'ak realized she had no choice but to retreat and return later for reinforcements... she was not prepared for the power that Parasitus wielded.


Return of the Xenocide: Awakening

Involved: Desocratos/DM Erasis/Zenosis, Loret/Kataret, Vaguest, Andrekios, Nolus, Northius, Nezzor.

Everyone in the Imperium remembered Dread Master Erasis' promise of bringing Councilor Citadel out of his long induced coma wrought by Alesis. In finality, The Dread Master Emeritus called many Imperium Members to the bedside of of his other half, as well as his Dread Guard Commander Northius and Dread Executioner Nolus and once again explained the ritual he discovered, and its cost. The ritual was that to be likened of a transfer...the coma was to be slipped from one host to another... however the right host needed to be found to replace Councilor Citadel. Erasis suggested Zenosis, and additionally gave them coordinates on Zenosis' last known location, Near the tomb where Ryshias was found. The entire party found Zenosis on a cliffside, overlooking lava in a vast cave. The others caught up to him muttering, staring into the lava. He offered what seemed like a eulogy, praising and reprimanding his fallen son. He offered that one day he would be united again, and turned to shockingly face Five Prominent Imperium members. They reasoned with him at first to come and follow. He idd not, and it was not long before blades clashed, but Zenosis was defeated. Angered, he called on greater power..only to be beaten back again. Then as he made to run..he turns and held a small shard of metal.

Claiming the metal had been stolen from Dread Master Erasis, the Marauder interacted with the object..and pulsed in new wavelengths of light, attacked with new found fury, was beaten down and only rose again....but, the others continued ot press their attack, until the power faded, and Zenosis unconscious. The Dread Forces gathered the relic, which caused suspicion, but ultimately they returned to Mos Ares Asap. However, once they were inside, Vaguest mentioned to Andrekios that the Dreadful two had harbored an artifact, adthe prince asked for a lok, which was denied...before too much hostility rose, Erasis came in. He impsected the artifact, told the others its was a fragment of Dread master Crainterr's lightsaber, which was one of many artifacts kept by Erasis. Others had been stolen, and unaccounted for.

The time had come for the ritual and Dread Master Erasis called on the prince to aid simply by allowing one of the ritual's power to explode on to the others, as all three Dread practitioners were to transfers the coma, split it between them in thirds, losing a third of consciousness, and then give it all to Zenosis. As the process started the masters became dreary..but was all over. Zenosis lay lxseeping.. and Councilor Citadel sat up...with a scream of protest. Seconds later...a familiar darkness returned, Kataret.......the Monarch appeared... and scornfully added that he was displeasd with the Revival. Erasis commented his disfavor, and added the usual threat. But Kataret simply vainshed and warned them all: The Darkest Days were coming.

The Great Devourer Strikes

Involved: Jaudulis, Parasitus, Azu'lae, Vicros, Ishtar'rie, Nolus, Erasis in his Dread Master form, Erasis in his normal form, Nolus, and Takhisis....And Nolus...did I forgot mention Nolus?

After a long dispute with his wife, the Grand Inquisitor made an announcement on the Imperium Holonet, admitting a dark secret, that he was a clone, made in Dread Master Parasitus's own image through the Darkside, with his knowledge, power, and many of his memories. He revealed how Parasitus could be defeated and that he was dying due to a complication with the ritual which only Parasitus knew how to repair. Erasis in his Dread Master form, along with Nolus, the Dread Executioner who once served Tyrans, came to the hospital to confront the weary Grand Inquisitor, who announced he would be going into exile to find the Artifacts that contained pieces of Parasitus's very own severed spirit so as to destroy them and weaken him. The Dread Master form of Erasis, aswell as Nolus, expressed a desire to help Parasitus take Jaudulis' body, which was in fact intended for him. Azu'lae expressed her concerns at this and made it clear that helping Parasitus would be a mistake. After Erasis (DM) and Nolus left, Jaudulis and Azu'lae once again argued over his wanting to leave and he finally told her that if the Emperor approved that she could go with him in search of the artifacts, he would wait for the decision. They both knew the Emperor would not allow it and Azu'lae expressed her concern again but it fell on death ears, for his body was aging so rapidly and he went into a coma. A message was sent by Azu'lae through the Holonet and both Vicros, and Erasis (Normal) came to handle the situation and hooked Jaudulis up to life support... but after they had done so... a dark presence fell upon the entire city...lightning filled the entrence to the hospital and Dread Master Parasitus appeared before them all in a brilliant flash of blinding light. Azu'lae screamed in sheer fear, she knew well what he was capable of. Erasis and Vicros ignited their blades and Parasitus raised his hand to Vicros, casting fear around his mind and causing him to mistake Erasis as the one who attacked his beloved Rey'a, the fear of one who can take your loved one from you is a powerful thing and he knew it. Vicros went into a mad frenzy and started to attack Erasis, blinded by fear, as Parasitus made his way towards Jaudulis, but Azu'lae blocked his path warning him not to touch her husband. He lifted his hand to Jaudulis and began to use Ancient Sith Hemomancy to boil his blood, causing extreme pain to both Jaudulis and Azu'lae, though Jaudulis was in a coma at the time. Azu'lae's blood boiled through her wounds and she began to bleed, it seemed as if Parasitus might win. All he had to do was remove the crown from Jaudulis' head, for this crown had a special power in it that protected his mind from all but the absolute most powerful mental attacks, and Parasitus did not want his host too badly damaged. He could not touch the crown, however, and he knew it. Luckily for him, the Keeper, Ishtar'rie came in and did not seem to realize what was going on. He persuaded her to remove the crown from Jaudulis's head, which she eventually did reluctantly after a failed attack on her mind using the power of fear. It had failed because she too had an ancient relic upon her head that protected her. Once the crown was removed, Parasitus's power began to grow substantially with each passing moment, as if he was feeding off Jaudulis' connection to the force. it was around this time that Nolus came in to try and bring him back to the Dread Palace, he tried to dispel Vicros' fear, but it did not work, while feeding off of Jaudulis, Parasitus was too powerful, and so Nolus reached for the crown with the force and placed it back on Jaudulis' head, upon realizing what was happening. This stunned Parasitus long enough for Nolus to bind him within a Holocron, trapping him, but he underestimated the power of The Master all other Masters Feared, for the Holocron exploded into electricity, jolting all nearby and shattering to pieces as Parasitus escaped. It was around this time that Takhisis came in and stuck at the Dread Master with Lightning, which considering Parasitus was a spirit possessing his armor and robes, did not do much but cause his armor and robes to crackle with electricity. He turned to Takhisis and casted fear upon her as Vicros awakened from his fear induced state, only to be placed back into it. The Medical room was severly damaged by this time with so many being knocked into Kolto tanks and such. Parasitus had finally grown tired of their interference and used his most powerful attack, prying the nightmares from the minds of all the children on the planet of Tattooine and gathering them for the ultimate mental attack of fear which he unleashed upon them all and it passed through even Nolus' mask and Ishtar'rie's relic. After this, Parasitus' energy was greatly depleted and he used his remaining strength to return to his lair. Azu'lae and others who were injured received medical attention, and Nolus retreated to the Dread Palace.


An Order Dismantled

Involved: Andrekios, Ryshias, Erasis, Vicros, Ruu'san. Vaguest, Zaarin, Loret

After rescuing Ryshias, Andrekios revealed that he was rebuilding his own Dread Order. The group was outraged but more fuel was added to the fire when Andrekios revealed that he not only indoctrinated Umbarra but he also made both of the Praetor's guard Dread Masters. Furious, Ruu'san marched away as the others looked at Andrekios with doubt. A few minutes pass and Andrekios sends Tykas to bring the Praetor to him. When the Praetor, accompanied by Ryshias, arrives Vicros is standing next to Andrekios. Andrekios said that he would release Vicros, and suddeny stabbed him with his lightsaber. Vicros fell to the floor, dead. Ryshias and Andrekios fought before Vicros stood up, subsequently unharmed. Andrekios stated that the only way to strip the title of Dread Master from someone is through death and that he had taught Vicros how to survive death for a while longer. Ruu'san attempted to arrest Andrekios but could not after Vaguest stated that he technically did not commit a crime. The Praetor and Ryshias walked away and Andrekios departed to strip Rey'a of her Dread Master title as well. Andrekios had agreed to disassemble his Dread Order to keep stability.


Return of the Xenocide: Retribution

Involved: Alesis/Deso/Erasis/Serenesis(passive)/Vynstryker(passive), Na'aleth/Azu'ae, Vicros, Ray'ak, S'rahnia, Tykas, Ryshias/Nolus, Vaguest, Ruu'san.

Location: Hospital Citadel.

Part 1

Ray'ak was tending to The comatose Erasis (deso) when his holocron activated again. With brief dialoge Erasis commented on her flowers, saying they were excellent and lightened the room. he then told her to call all, he had a message for them.

Once Ruu'san, Vaguest, Ryshias, Tykas, Ruu'san and Vicros arrived, Erasis told them something strange. The Hospital was no longer safe and they needed to get out. The other were confused but were shut up when a building nearby exploded into flames. the Hologram turned to face it, and repeated the warning. He tried to say more, but was cut short. A blast seared through the window, exploding the holocron..causing The holo to scream and fade. This prompted the others to quickly evac Erasis out of the Hospital, But Ray'ak and Vicros stayed.

Part 2

Alesis Landed on the platform directly outside the Hospital, with an indentified female, who were under surveillance by SIMCOM and Hospital Security. The female proceeded to explode the generator on the platform with the grenade she held, and Alesis began to corrupt the area..causing statues..and a large missile aimed at the Hospital to appear, and taking out communications. Subsequently, power went out, and all the holotrees sputtered and died. He sent a message out on an unsecure channel, stating the time had come to take back what was his. He told the woman the missile would be a last resort, and casting transparallelism, took them both to the entrance, where Ray'ak and Vicros hid from their view. Alesis nodded, and the girl and him began to attack, both of them speeding past the three meager defense turrets, and attacking them from behind. As Alesis called the girl by her name, "Na'aleth," he motioned ofr her ot burn the plats in the next room. She giggled and did so, as Alesis turned and causes an explosion in the entrance area, causing massive ruptures in the ground and shifting/destroying the furniture in the area. Na'aleth had removed all the plants by fire or force explosions, and they turned to nothingness. Alesis destroyed the Emergency room, while telling Na'aleth, apparently known to him as "daughter" to destroy the Kolto tank and its room, which she did, killing a medic inside. However, he told her to stay away from both the technical room and supply rooms. Together, they proceeded to the next room, and Ray'ak and Vicros sneaked past them, falling back undetected. Alesis dispatched the medics as Na'aleth destroyed the medical beds, and together they caused the med-computer to overload by lightning explosions. The attackers ran outside to the balcony, And Alesis called on lighting and a beam of light to destroy many plants, while Na'aleth caused force explosions on her end. The statues became corrupted..and three more missiles formed out of their falling crumbling mass.

As this all occurred, SIMCOM had been reporting status as well as debating whether to send in a team to combat them. The group had been revoked by the Supreme Commander, Loret, in simple statement that Alesis had been quite powerful and interference could be full of repercussions. When Ryshias stated he could bring the Reckoning in, but then they recieved a communication by one identified as Watcher Vynstryker, Zenosis' other son, X'aan's brother. He stated that if any action was taken, The missiles created would activate, killing both the knight and ray'ak..although the attackers would survive. Ryshias ordered the channel cut, only to find another Citadel, Serenesis, also with, "Submit or die." They ultimately held, but the Reckoning did orbit Nar Shaddaa.

Alesis and Na'aleth walked inside, only to find that their opponents had rushed upstairs. The two of them massacred the two elderly men in the room, and unleashing incredible powers that wiped out the entirety of the nature and furniture in the room. Alesis commented that the opponent's best strategy would be to engage Na'aleth first to overpower her, so he suggested that she lure her defenders out by taunting them and running. She giggled, and rushed up, throwing grenades everywhere, until finally she caught the attention of both Vicros and Ray'ak. She rushed down and reported her success, with Vicros and Ray'ak running down behind her. They entered the room to see Alesis calmly meditating, behind him three objects, two Vossian sarcophagi and one golden chest between them. He welcomed the the two as Na'aleth took her place beside her master, and Ray'ak seemed unimpressed. Dialog was brief. Alesis turned to Na'aleth, pointed at Vicros, and they began to duel. Ray'ak and Alesis drew sabers and they too fought..but Ray'ak revealed a secret...the Septis Mirtis (Seven Deaths) ...her Six deceased members of her coven that aided in all things. One by one, Hellus, Raithra, Devorta, Serpent, Seer, and Crucius each lashed out at Alesis, each to their own specialization, to which he countered, but at a cost of his energy. Na'aleth too was beaten back, and forced to her knees. Alesis' robes began to tatter, and it was visible he was wearing out. Vicros extended his saber as a sign of victory, and Ray'ak and her six laughed.

Alesis saw he was at a disadvantage. Returning quickly to the three objects, Alesis channeled with them, and his robes ripped and bleached to white, his mask reformed, and he turned, empowered by the Gatekeepers. He sent waves of overpowering energy and enhancements into Na'aleth who nearly exploded with power, as she rose to fight again. Ray'ak and the witches fought even harder. Na'aleth succeeded over Vicros, as her rage beat Vicros into unconsciousness, however the Seven of the Coven forced Alesis to his knees once more, causing his "daughter" to cry out in concern. Visibly appearing weak in his state, Alesis drew the six spirit witches to appear out in the open, as they all watched.

Suddenly, Alesis caused a rupture in the ground. He had done so twice already in duels with the Witches and Ray'ak, but this one had a different effect. He took Ray'ak off guard, and beat her with a burst of attacks. The witches screamed as Alesis began casting a ritual..empowered by the Secrets of Citadel. One by one they were imprisoned, as crystals rose and enclosed around them, much as had been done to Alesis at the tri-split so long ago. As they lost their abilities the Witches either screamed revenge to Alesis or encouragement to their Supreme, but their voices were silenced. Weak, Ray'ak was called into the center of the room, and Vicros was dragged over to watch what would occur should he have awakened. Alesis called on the rubble in the room, creating a stasis chamber capable of trapping Ray'ak in place.

Victory was all but assured. Retribution had begun in fullest. Alesis summoned small bits of the prisons around the witches, and levitated them in front of Ray'ak. She, shocked, desperately said her witches could not hurt her, but he sent them plummeting into her body anyways, goring her. Na'aleth laughed, and Alesis allowed her to demonstrate her power, which she opened with a barrage of night-sister attacks. This shook Ray'ak violently, but she maintained her abilities to talk and reason, aggravating to Alesis.

The time had come to reveal another nature of the Blood Sith. Alesis turned, and with a gesture, sent the blood of medics defeated soaring and gliding through the sky like a concentrated stream of mist to land on top of the golden chest. He smiled and sent part of it at the sealed door behind them, and the other half he shot lightning at. The lightning infused with the blood, turning itself red and more sporadic in nature. Alesis caused it to explode, sending a wave of electrified energy into Ray'ak, savoring every scream. He commented on her upcoming marriage, stating that this would be her dowry. Lastly, he revealed his final trick for the day, and held up a vial, saying it contained the blood of Dread Master Avendin. He explained he had stolen it from his last host, Dread Master Erasis, before he was rudely removed by force. He took one small drop, and flung it into Ray'ak's body, allowing its dreadful powers to soak into her blood stream. He then shocked her, the dread acting as a conduit all around her body, electrifying her from the inside, and throwing her unconscious body to the ground. with both knocked out, Alesis casted transparallelism on both Vicros and Ray'ak, causing thme to wind up in the swamps of Dromund Kaas.

With the defense gone, Alesis proceeded to shock the blood covered door, opening it, and gesturing into what remained of the olden Palace Citadel. Na'aleth was cautious but happy, and then finally they walked into the room with the crystals of the Gatekeepers to which power had been restored. Lastly, upon entering the Throne Room, Alesis commanded that BOTH thrones of Erasis (one for each half) be destroyed, to which was carried out by Na'aleth's elimination of one by lightning, and the other by a saber slash by Alesis.

SIMCOM, realizing the Vitals of both the knight and Councilor were not to be found at the Palace, began orbital bombardment, prompting Na'aleth to voice retreat,But Alesis smirked as a shield went up, and the missiles launched to intercept the Reckoning, but did not because of of a cloaking device around the ship. the shield stopped the bombardment and Alesis electrified the shield, to further discourage another attack, as the lighting would travel up the beam and hit any capital ship that fired. The Reckoning retreated and Hospital Citadel had been claimed once more, and Reverted to its Palace state. Alesis donned the robes of his House, and thanked his "daughter" for her great service, telling her she had earned her place, and telling her to rest. She did, and Alesis did too, contemplating his fortune and awaiting another day.

Part 3

Ray'ak and Vicros now were MIA, and as such, It was up to the Praetor to find them. She knew who to contact first, and found Dread Master Erasis and his Dread Executioner Nolus at Mos Ares. She pleaded for his aid, but Erasis seemed rather distraught at their approach. It would have surely lead to argument, but the Dowager Empress Approached. Ruu'san told all she could and S'rahnia pleaded for help, to which eventually Erasis was worn down with. Azu'lae and tykas had heard all of this but Erasis, out of pity for Azu'lae's injuries He located them.... and told the others that the knight and councilor were approaching the Dark Temple on Kaas. It was a matter of time before all present rushed down to the surface of Kaas, and secured the area around the both unconscious Imperium Citizens.


Operation: Tomb Hunters

Involved: Loret/Kataret, Vaguest/Crevsilez, Ryshias/Zetzuo/Korvian, Erasis/Zenosis, Zaarin, Ruu'san, Andrekios.

Location: Sith Intelligence Headquarters on Dromund Kaas, Smuggler's Haven on Tatooine, the Prison Tomb on Belsavis.

A normal day in the Imperium was quickly abrupted as a unknown signal broke into Imperium secondary channels, the signal, at firsts static, then a worded message, carried a scent of deceive and tricks. The signal itself pointed to the Sith Intelligence Headquarters, on Dromund Kaas.

Loret, alongside the Citadel member Zenosis and Admiral Zaarin, went into the meeting point, only to be greeted by a untruthful individual who just presented himself as Cipher 27. The Imperium was invited to participated in a Intelligence operation to recover a certain amount of Imperial operatives captured by the Republic, and imprisoned on the planet Belsavis. It turned out, that the operation also collided with the rescue of Councilor Valeus, and forced the Imperium to accept the offer of the Cipher to work with them, and act as a bait for their rescue team, and in exchange they would gave them a lead on where to find the Councilor.

The lead was a name, Korvian DeMarco, mercenary and gun for hire. The man was in Tatooine, in a remote cantina called "Smuggler's Heaven". Once the group reached the cantina, they searched it for this man, finding him chatting with a bartender and a waitress. Zaarin approached the man, but it was only greete by a gun on his forehead. Korvian showed hostility at first, as he didn't trusted the individuals questioning him. Only the apparition of the Praetor Kaldar, and then, telling the mercenary their intention, he showed cooperative.

Korvian revealed he actually worked for Ryshias, as part, officialy of the East Rim Imperial Trading Company and unofficially of the "Web of Shadows", an intelligence operation. He also revealed that Cipher 27, was actually Zetzuo, another of Ryshias agent's, and that summoned the group in an intention to release their employer. Korvian confirmed Zetzuo's affirmation on that Ryshias was hidden in an ancient tomb in the planet, guarded by the Esh-Kah. Korvian offered himself to lead the operation to the tomb entrance, just in time when the Prince Andrekios also joined the Imperium force.

In Belsavis, the group met in a nearby forest to the tomb, from where Korvian followed the trial of Esh-Kah patrols until they reached the entrance. Upon reaching the entrance to the tomb, the group descended via elevator. Once the group took their first step in, Korvian stated that they had triggered an alarm and Republic SpecForces would close in on their location. Korvian calmly walked towards a pillar in the current room and removed a case. Inside the case were the lightsabers of Ryshias. Once Korvian showed the group the contents, he walked back onto the elevator and left the group to rescue Ryshias. Zenosis suggested to clear all flanks of Esh-kah separately; he would take the left flank while Andrekios would take the center and Zaarin would take the right.

Once clearing they cleared through the Esh-Kah, they came upon Ryshias staring blankely at a crystal and muttering words the group could not understand. Andrekios told Zaarin to get the Councilor away from the crystal. Zaarin attempted to pull Ryshias towards him, but Ryshias resisted. A few minutes passed by and the group felt a dark presence enter. The Monarch stood before them, stating that he had let Ryshias see. As soon as The Monarch entered, Zenosis' body was possessed by Alesis, The Xenocide. The Monarch called Ryshias to his side and he listened. Outnumbered, Andrekios ordered Zaarin to go find help.As Ryshias placed on his armor, his mental implants triggered in a safeguard, releasing him fro the Monarch controls, then Ryshias removed the crystal and threw it at The Monarch's feet, stating that it was drained of power and now he could physically harm The Monarch. With a flick of his wrist, Ryshias sent The Monarch flying back. As Ryshias was putting The Monarch through severe pain, Alesis began to walk towards the 2, but Andrekios stood in his way, stating that he would not interfere. Zaarin returned with help in the form of Praetor Ruu'san, Grand Moff Loret, and Crevsilez, only to find Andrekios dueling Zenosis, possessed by Alesis. Andrekios won the duel and Zenosis was freed from The Xenocide's grip temporarily. Andrekios turned to see that The Monarch has crumbled to ash.

The group suddenly hears the voice of The Monarch echo throughout the tomb stating that Ryshias may have escaped his grasp but that darker days will come. Ruu'san walked up to Ryshias, hoping that he was himself again. Ryshias nodded stating that his mind was his own again and the two embraced. Zaarin suggested the group leave before Republic SpecForces find them and the group agreed. Loret stated that she had signaled for escape shuttles, and Ryshias ran off to clear the way of Republic first responders. The remaining group members returned to the elevator that brought them to the tomb and found several dead Republic soldiers, killed by Ryshias. The escape shuttles arrived and the group returned to the Sovereign.


Return of the Xenocide: Taking Down X'aan

Involved: Erasis (As Desocratos) & X'aan, Loret & Kateret, Ryshias, S'rahnnia, Chriskrayt. Leski, Azu'lae, Ruu'san, Ray'ak, Vicros, Jaudulis. ((Sorry if I missed someone, there were a lot of people there :D))

Location: The fiery, savage trench on Belsavis

As the Imperium progressed normally, each Councilor and member carrying out their daily duties, Councilor Erasis (As Desocratos) made a discovery. Abruptly, he called an emergency session for the High Council and citizens of the Imperium. Grand Moff Loret, Darth Ryshias, Moff Chriskrayt, and Dowgar Empress S'rahnnia joined Erasis in the Officer Deck of the Sovereign, along with Imperial Knight Vicros. Erasis briefly recounted the murder of Lord Emperor Arestenax and his assassin, X'aan. X'aan and Erasis both belonged to House Citadel, and due to their bond, Erasis was able to create a plan to lure X'aan out and bring honor back to the royal family and avenge the Lord Emperor.

With the High Council present, Erasis revealed his reasons for convening them and told of his plan. He and his companion, Ryshias, would travel to Belsavis and they would appear to be in pursuit of an artifact. Appearing this way would make them seem vulnerable and draw X'aan out for an attack. However, several members of the Imperium, including the vengeful Empress, would trail behind the two far enough to not be detected. When X'aan strikes at Erasis and Ryshias, the others would show themselves and outnumber the Assassin.

After Erasis told his plan, he said it would also lead them to finding and stopping the Xenocide, Alesis. Empress S'rahnnia and Grand Moff Loret both reminded Erasis that they did not want to get involved with the internal crisis of House Citadel. However, Erasis was able to convince them to lend their support by saying that House Citadel could oppose the Imperium directly if not stopped soon. Agreeing on this point, Erasis told the other Councilors to prepare personal ships for launch to the planet Belsavis. The Council departed the chambers and boarded Darth Ryshias' flagship.

The dreadnaught jumped to the planet's orbit, remaining far enough away so they would not be detected. The Councilors each took separate shuttles down to the surface to avoid suspicion. At this point Leski, Ruu'san and Ray'ak also joined them in their hunt for X'aan. After arriving on the prison world, the members reunited at a remote Imperial Outpost in the Tomb section of the planet. S'rahnnia expressed her deep displeasure of returning to this planet, where she had previously been imprisoned. Once gathered, Erasis lead the group to the a small trench with a lava floor, where X'aan was expected to strike.

Once they reached the area Erasis and Ryshias moved to the artifact they were falsely pursuing, while the others stayed close behind, in stealth. Shortly after the two entered the fiery trench, Erasis became possessed. He started emitting darkness as Alesis' mental powers over him began to take control. In accordance with the plan, each member of the team injected himself or herself with a stim that prevented Alesis from controlling them. However, Erasis struggled to protect himself and was rendered unconscious. It now appeared that Ryshias stood alone, convincing X'aan to reveal himself. The operative popped out of stealth with his weapon aimed at Erasis' body. At this time, the group, unstealthed, Loret and Vicros appearing behind X'aan and S'rahnnia appearing infront of the Assassin, blocking his shot at Erasis. They cornered X'aan.

While Loret aimed at X'aan, preventing him from moving, Vicros disarmed the assassin and threw his weapon into the lava below them. Outnumbered, X'aan expressed his deep apology and persistently told them that Alesis had tricked him into killing Arestenax. He begged for Imperium judicial laws, but S'rahnnia alone approached him. Using the force she smashed his head into the sharp rock, crippling the assassin. He continued to plead for mercy but was ignored and instead, tortured, told that by the end he would beg for death. Slowly and brutally, the Empress put him through immense pain, starting by ripping out his tongue, preventing cries for aid. She continued by causing lacerations and external bleeding, ripping out his limbs one by, removing and as such, crippling his eyes. Finally, by crushing his bones, He was put through proper pain, and indeed he wish now was for death,

X'aan eventually could no longer speak, as he lay helpless on the ground, blood all over his body. S'rahnnia, seeming satisfied with the pain he went through lifted him through the force, then slowly lowered him into the lava, as he dissolved with a screeching hiss. With X'aan's death, Erasis stood up, appearing to have recovered his strength. The Empress, feeling that she had avenged Arestenax, left the trench while the others tended to Erasis. He simply expressed a discomfort at the death of his own nephew. However, as Erasis fully awoke he pointed out strange lights and beams emerging from the lava where X'aan had sizzled.

By this time Loret had called for evacuations, and been told Darth Jaudulis and Wrath Azu'lae were on their way to the planet surface. The group began to look at the lights inquiring what they must be. They all moved towards a more secure area, attempting to make their way out of the lava trench. However, a mysterious force prevented them from leaving, making some type of barrier preventing them from leaving. The lights and beams slowly inched towards the group. Erasis said that something else was here, and the others became more cautious of the beams.

Without warning Leski started firing a barrage of missiles at the beams. Chriskrayt quickly tackled him. However it appeared to late, as the group was instantly hit with a flash of pure energy. Erasis quickly tensed, and was questioned what was wrong. He said that someone was attacking them, pursuing them. The group understood: Alesis was retaliating, much sooner than expected. By now, Azu'lae and Jaudulis arrived and were briefed on the situation. Alesis himself began speaking to the group through the force. Azu'lae confronted him and threatened to destroy him if he didn't allow them to leave.

But Alesis was not impressed. Through some force magic, he transported the Wrath to the rest of the group, and separated Erasis. The group rushed to take Erasis back but were stopped by a force barrier. Several members, most notably Ryshias and Ray'ak, tried using their powers to save their loved friend and ally. However, their efforts proved fruitless as the barrier reflected their attacks back at them. Alesis had trapped Erasis in a barrier and he now stood helpless. The group could do nothing to free him.

Ryshias did not stop. His determination to save Erasis was above all else, and he slowly depleted himself, wasting his energy on the pointless attacks. Erasis had realized what Alesis planned to do to him, and began making a short speech that sounded... almost like a farewell speech. The group immediately picked this up, and questioned this. Erasis told them that there was no escape and implied that this could be his end. Startled, the group all tried harder to break the unbreakable barrier but it wouldn't budge. Ryshias constantly reminded Erasis that he would not let him die and continued his assault on the barrier. Azu'lae encouraged Erasis to fight back, and Ray'ak begged her lover not to leave her alone.

But Erasis did not change his mind. He seemed convinced that this was the only way. Alesis taunted the group, demanding that they'd beg him to release Erasis. But the group stood united and strong, at last ready to accept the sacrifice. By this time, Ryshias and depleted most of his strength, and lay on the ground, watching the event unfold. As a last request, Erasis told the Imperium to stay strong, and suggested that his other half, the darker half of the Dread Master, could save the Imperium. As a last order, he entrusted his House Citadel and possessions to Ray'ak, asking her to keep it safe.

As this happened, the beams closed in on Erasis. He suddenly burst into light, as the beams enveloped him. He suddenly began to feel immense pain, the feelings of torture. Ray'ak could hardly bare to see Erasis in so much agony. Alesis was putting Erasis through all the torture that X'aan had gone through. Every injury, every attack that the Empress had done to X'aan... Erasis was feeling all that pain. The pain of losing his limbs, the pain of his bones being broken, the pain of his eyes popping out. It was all excruciating.

At last, he screamed. Alesis was ending with putting Erasis through the pain of burning, of dying in hot, fiery lava. Now blood oozing all over him, he collapsed, unable to stand. He falls to the ground, and with that, the force barrier comes down...

The group all ran to Erasis' side. The renown Imperial, who was loved and known as a hero to the entire Imperium, now lay motionless in the lava chasm. The Imperium could hardly process the events, but one thing was clear: Erasis was gone. The group looked over the body unsure of what to do now. Azu'lae screemed into the caves, demanding Alesis show himself physically. But there was no answer. Alesis had retreated, sure that he had won. That Erasis, was no more.

The group silently mourned Erasis. Their respected and appreciated leader, remained motionless. But, suddenly, something strange happened. A new force presence was sensed by a group, and behind them, an entity started to form. At last, a figure appeared, clothed in dark robes and emitting immense power. This new character seemed unfamiliar and entirely new. The group at first ignored him, tending to Erasis, but he suddenly raged, grabbing the attention of the group.

The figure called himself the "Monarch". He addressed the group, mocking Erasis by simply calling him weak and fragile. The group told the figure to back away, but he said that he was not there to harm Erasis. Ryshias had gathered more strength and attempted to attack the shadow, but his attacks passed through the entity, who pushed the Councilor back with the force. The Monarch told them he was burdened, being in a spiritual form instead his long dead physical body, and expressed his confidence that he could destroy all of the group at his full power. Of course, the group disbelieved him, still thinking he was just some crazed spirit.

But the Monarch finally revealed his true reason for appearing, saying that he was saddened by Erasis. But he was not concerned about Erasis' death, he was concerned that Erasis had survived! The group abruptly looked back at the body of Erasis, realizing that it was now gently breathing. The Monarch said they should leave him in the lava trench, as he was weak and unable to keep his own House in order. They snapped at him, saying no one was left behind. Then, Erasis' other, Dread Master half began to speak, remarking that the Monarch was an enemy and a weak fool. However, the Monarch only laughed, announcing to the Imperium that he would soon return to the galaxy at his full power and he would wipe them aside.

Now, with the Imperium aware of Erasis' survival, the Monarch no longer felt his presence was needed. As he left, he reminded the Imperium to beware of him and of the Xenocide. He left telling the group that the Imperium would face its darkest days in the near future, and then disappeared. The group, relieved to see Erasis alive, quickly stabilized him. He remained motionless, but was surely living.

Ryshias stood at the exit of the lava trench, directing the group to Imperium rescue shuttles waiting. The shuttles were quickly boarded with the members of the Imperium and an unconscious Erasis. Ryshias had the last member board the shuttle before he himself left the trench. But as he began to limp towards the evacuation shuttles, Republic fighters and attack shuttles began surrounding the area. It was a small force, but Ryshias, not wanting to endanger Erasis, told the shuttles to leave without him. They soon were out of the Republic's reach, so instead they targeted Ryshias. Althea

Normally, the Sith could have defeated the small Republic force with little difficulty. But as he tried to attack, he collapsed. As he lay on the ground, the Republic began to surround him and he had no escape. He quickly remembered that all his attacks on the barrier and been redirected at him, depleting his energy. He cursed, and desperately held the Republic back with the last of his little storage of power. Over an open Imperium channel, he reported to his flagship that he could not make it off-world, and that it had been an honor serving with his crew. Then, the comns went silent, and Ryshias was no longer heard... (Concluded on 1/24/2015 in "Operation: Tomb Hunters")

Additionally, it was reported that there had been a transporter issue with the wrath, but she transmitted an eerie message, stating she was leaving the Grand Inquisitor and the Imperium for Vaguest,but none could answer her as her comms went silent. Juadulis posted a bounty for her to be returned safety at 5mil credits. Leski and Chriskrayt both reported injuries, most likely incurred through the barrier, but eventually made it out.

Meanwhile, back at hospital Citadel, Erasis was brought to a medical room. Praetor Ruu'san Kalder operated on Erasis desperate to revive him. Juadulis worked on Leski. The rest of the group briefly reflected on the strange and sad events of the day, then went their separate ways. Ray'ak places special flowers all around the room symbolizing important traits one could desire. Almost as a reward, a holocron appeared, and taking the form of Erasis, it thanked Ray'ak, told her he loved her, and made her promise not to forget. She did not, nor would she, and as the holocron shut down to recharge, Ray'ak left, smiling.


The Return of the Grizzled Admiral

Involved: Hawk'e {now Vaguest}, Vicros, Andrekios, Ray'ak, Azu'lae, Ryshias. Tykas

Hawk'e had set out to study the former Grand Admiral's connection to the spirit of Tulak Hord. however, not wanting to access the armor directly for fear of corruption or possible possession, the Mysteries and Ancient Knowledge Scholar sought the Dark Lord's lightsaber instead. after finding the weapon, a great surge rippled through the force and the spirit of Vaguest returned to inhabit the Scholar's body. Azu'lae, Tykas, and Ryshias responded to the ripple which originated at the Secondary Imperium Academy. Upon finding the man, they realized that his hair and eyes had turned snow white. on the bridge of his nose and connecting to his forhead now set the Tattoo of a certain Dark Lord of the Sith.

upon recognizing the man as Vaguest, Azu'lae jumped into a rage and it took the combined powers of both Ryshias and Vaguest to bring her down. afterwards, Vaguest, confused by his return, approached both Vicros and Andrekios, the men responsible for his initial death. after confronting Vicros, they two fought and Vaguest, still not used to his new form, barely beat Vicros in their duel. afterwards, Vicros gave an apology, standing firm. Vaguest noted the apology and forgave him for the incident. soon after, Vaguest came face to face with the man who ordered his death, Andrekios. after a heavy debate, the two did ended on a calm not, sheathing both of their blades and letting bygones be bygones. Vaguest Orion now stands risen In the body of Hawk'e, eager to serve the Imperium until he once again, and hopefully for the last time, tastes death.


Tragedy at Hospital Citadel

Involved: Rey'a, Vicros, Filan, Andrekios, Tykas, Leski

Rey'a was in Hospital Citadel as per her house arrest, and had called Vicros to meet with her on the balcony to share wonderful news with him. When he arrived, she announced that she was pregnant with twins, and likely had been for the past week or so, but was unsure. The two shared a happy moment, before they were interrupted by a masked assailant. Said assailant detained Vicros, tying him to a wall as he attacked the unarmed Rey'a, knocking her to the floor. A relentless beating ensued, while Vicros was forced to watch. As the assailant left, he stated that "This is to be a message, that any member of the Imperium is vulnerable". He spoke a phrase in Mando'a, and told them to remember his words, before diving off the balcony and making his escape. Vicros broke free just as their attacker escaped, and rushed over to the bloodied Rey'a, who had fallen unconscious.

He took her to the Sovereign, for its more advanced medical facilities, as with no one to operate at Hospital Citadel, the Sovereign's med-bay provided better security for the injured woman. Upon arrival, he sent out a distress call, which Tykas, Leski, and later Andrekios answered. A medical team saw to the unconscious Rey'a's many wounds, as the group discussed the event, and how to find the attacker. Upon waking, Rey'a began to panic, fearing for the children's safety. Andrekios reached out with the Force to feel for lifeforms withing her, but only one source of energy was found. One of the children had died during the attack. This sent Rey'a and Vicros into states of denial, although Rey'a was considerably more tearful. As the medics continued work on her, Andrekios called Vicros to the side to discuss how they would go about finding the killer. As the others eventually left, Rey'a stayed in the med-bay of the Sovereign until Asavian took her to his home as the new location of her house arrest, as per orders of the Emperor.

Return of the Xenocide:Intro

Involved: Erasis (Deso), Salvatus, Candcia(did I spell that right?), Ruu'san, Asavian, Ryshias, Azu'lae, Loret, (A couple other councilors?)

After Salvatus welcomed Candcia into the Imperium as an ambassador, he asked if nay had anything to bring to the council, Erasis raised his hand in a shaking affirmative. he walks and kneeled noticeably lower in front of the Emperor. He then revealed he not only knew who killed Arestenax, but also how it was done.

Simply put, Erasis opened by saying that it had come to his attention that one named Trickster had alluded that one named X'aan had killed the beloved Lord Emperor and Lady Regent. He affirmed such, stating that he had done it, but how shocked even the councilors. X'aan was the son of Zenosis, The nephew of Erasis, and Watcher (special agent) of House Citadel, which instantly drew the Emperor, Ruu'san and Asavian to put Erasis himself under suspicion of aiding the assassination. He responded in a shaky positive and negative: The coordinates of the Soveriegn had been taken, from him, but he did not give X'aan the authorization to do such act. This prompted the question of who and why, and people still awaited the how. Erasis revealed an answer that paled Azu'lae and took Ryshias aback: the entire attack had been coordinated and executed by Erasis predecessor and father, Blood Sith Alesis Citadel, The Last, the Xenocide, The Master of the Secrets of House Citadel.

Salvatus found this news not at all affecting to the overall issue: Desocratos had stated he let this happen, and as such there was no reason to not put all of House Citadel as enemies of the State. Erasis fired out defenses in swift succession to mitigate such damage. The first was Alesis had simply possessed Erasis in body, forcing him into stasis, and then taking the coordinates straight from Erasis' mind. Second, That Alesis was indeed strong as he could easily target the Imperium again. Some were unconvinced, prompting a remark by Asavian that Ultimately, Salvatus decreed That X'aan shall die and that until Erasis had formulated a plan to capture and defeat him, he was to be under watch, to which Azu'lae, the greatest defender of Erasis that day responded to take charge of. Erasis agreed, provided that rey'a was released or transferred from his care. Salvatus placed her under Asavian instead nad the meeting concluded.


The Return of the Xenocide: PRELUDE



Erasis (in Deso's body)





Tykas, Azu'lae and Vicros were aboard the Soveriegn when they heard a commotion on the bridge, which with inspection revealed a comical scene of Zenosis arguing with an Imperium Guard over accessing data. The wrath approached him with a rather unimpressed expression, and demanded an explanation, with the other two filing in behind. Zenosis quickly explained that Hospital Citadel had been robbed, again. He also mentioned Erasis was busily trying to find clues on the who, what, when, where, why and of course, how this occurred. So they accepted Zenosis' unspoken plea and went to the Hospital, leaving him to bicker with the guard.

Citadel was so busy in his work he needed a physical touch by the Wrath to "wake" him. He explained the situation, showing the reliquary where the blade once was resting. It had lost its cover, as if it had been broken, and a tablet rested inside, that carried the inscription of the blades' owner, his fate, and the power of the blade itself. At this Vicros announced he had pressing buisness and went elsewhere.

Azu'lae went into detective mode and started throwing a hypothesis: that given its ipmortance and his recent escape, Alesis could have an involvement in the ploy. However, Erasis speculated his other half and the Masters' dread forces could have been behind it, but realized they could have taken the tablet too. He also shared that he knew what had happened to some degree, he did not know quite how though.

Erasis explained a blind, somewhat frightened girl had come asking for a tour of the Hospital Citadel, to which Erasis was reluctant, but after making a crude joke about her blindless to which he was unaware he was embarrassed and showed her around. At the end, he left her to her business only to remember waking up on the couch.

Erasis then took some more readings discovering that another object was found, so he and Tykas gathered the dust inside using a force technique to analyze what it would have been, since Erasis never knew it was there, speculating Alesis had put it in before he had been imprisoned. Azu'lae, a bit emotional wlaked outside, to which Erasis sent tykas to fetch, woh returned emptyhanded, saying she was still worried about the threat to her children. She eventually came up, and that was when Erasis discovered the delicate nature of the dust, fragments of a cyan crystal, adegean in nature, perfect for a Lightsaber. However with further testing it showed that it too contained fingerprint DNA and bit of DNA in the crystal istelf that related to Alesis. At this Tykas too had to depart.

Azul'ae even more pressed on This had to be Alesis, but Erasis reminded her that the girl did not make sense. He went to work again when Azu'lae noticed a small needle sticking from his neck. She lbuntly asked if he was taking stims and when Erasis replied in the ocnfused negative she plucked the needle out....a sleep dart. the puzzle fell into place on the How. Now Erasis needed a who, but he oculd not decipher what for power was used. Strongly filled with emotion, Azu'lae clenched her first and said the skills were Nightsister-like in nature. They decided to contact Takhisis, to see if she knew anything, as Mother.

Takhisis silently met up with the Councilor and Wrath at the Hospital, and was filled in. Outraged, she slapped Erasis at his inability, but also stated she had no clue whom this nightsister was, but would try to look into it, and responded she would send a detachment of knights to aid him. Erasis responded with the same, but did not accepts the nights after his guilt with Nostrem. After, all departed.



Erasis awoke, on his couch. He had just remembered giving a girl a tour....he turns and sees his his prized possession, the Blade of gone. The case holding it is broken, only the description of Arrax's Death remains. He is confused and worried, and now sets out to find it.


A Good Day for the Guard

Involved: Rey'a, Vicros, Desocratos

Since the incident involving Dame Rey'a's capture and possession, the Knight has been placed under house arrest, and the custody of High Councillor Desocratos for monitoring and medical care. Since the beginning of her arrest, he has been checking both her mental and physical health, including check-ups and calibrations on her new robotic hand. During a routine check-up on her hand, Desocratos offered Rey'a a choice: either keep the hand as it is, or, through a long and drawn out process, grow a new flesh-and-blood hand for transplant from her DNA.

Choosing to regain her hand, he led both her and Vicros to his laboratory, and began work on producing a mental image of both her good hand, and the bad. After a tiring process, the image was sent to the large machine in the middle of the room, where Desocratos sat down and began work. After a quick sample of blood from Rey'a, the machine started humming, to produce her new hand. Desocratos claimed that the hand will be ready for transplant by Life Day.

After the High Councillor left, Vicros invited Rey'a down onto the balcony of the hospital, and the two spoke for a while as they overlooked Nar Shaddaa's high-rise. After a little while, Vicros knelt down and proposed to her, to which she said yes.


To Cleanse the Corrupted

Involved: Loret and Desocratos

Supreme Commander and Minister of War, Loret, had been suffering from a corruption since the death of Grand Admiral Vaguest. The noticeable effects of the corruption included raving mad, amnesia, and sometimes even insanity. While Loret had been identified as being impure, she was never officially removed from power. However her ministry was commanded by Darth Zorget for the duration of Loret's sickness.

As she still had some mental control and awareness, Loret had asked several for a cure to her madness. Several pointed her to High a Councilor Desocratos, an expert healer. Loret was taken to his hospital on Nar Shaddaa to be examined by Desocratos. Despite Loret's raving, she was able to tell the doctor that her illness came from relic of the ancient sith Karness Muur, creator of the infamous rakghoul virus.

Loret also stated that one Darth Heid (enemy of the Imperium) had begun a healing procedure, but was interrupted and imprisoned. Desocratos was able to use his extraordinary powers of the force to locate the source of the problem: a growing darkness overtaking Loret's brain and self-control. Along with his companion, Desocratos extracted the dark essence from Loret and contained it in a holocron.

As the Dark Matter was removed, Loret remembered who she was and was eager to return to her position. The effects she had been suffering were lifted. However, when Loret was healed, Desocratos was able to sense another sith presence come over Loret, but it was only there for a brief moment. With Loret cleansed she returned to commanding her ministry.

A Direct Message

Involved: Knoxus

The message goes slicing through Imperium com channels and to every Citizen

"We are the Legion of the Fallen. Our will is foreseen by the ancient sith. Ressurected we will proceed.. No mercy no relent for you the Imperium you hide behind the false belief that we are a minor threat and that our version of perfection is heretical. When the time comes you all shall see the strike of which you have never seen before. No one can save you. No one can protect you. One by one you will see destruction. just like we did with your Academy. Just like we did on Korriban, Just like we did on Belsalvis our goals are nearly met. And We will achieve.. perfection"

The view would pan over a V shape formation with members surrounding the leader who inhabits the body of Knoxus.

Hidian speaks directly forward the one who carries the scythe Saber with three edges.

"To Ryshias, You were lucky with that little toy of yours on Belsalvis but ask yourself this is it really enough to end us? Because when you laid there motionless do to my sorcery you seemed to be doing nothing but playing dead!" Hidian begans to laugh like a Maniac as the view pans over to a Masked man whose eyes glowed a deep green with no pupils in his eyes.

"What Hidian is trying to say.. is that we have already labeled most of you as our targets... one by one you will all suffer.. One By One.. you will all die or give way to our Rise" - ???

The Fallen Legion glare straight


The broadcast stops immediately

It is unknown of what their next plans are but it surely sounds that they are plotting something large

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The Trickster

Involved: Ruu'san(As Trickster), Rey'a, Jaudulis and Azu'lae.

After revamping security measures in her stronghold, Wrath Azu'lae had thought that she was safe. However, that night a hooded female managed to bypass her security systems using stealth technology. She would pop in and out of the scene, ultimately causing Darth Azu'lae and Darth Jaudulis to flee the stronghold.

Calling for help from Darth Rey'a, a member of the Praetorian Guard and recent victim to the Fallen Legion's second-in-command Nyx, Azu'lae hid in the Viszla homestead with her lover. The woman had been taunting Rey'a in the stronghold for a lengthy period before addressing herself as a member of the Legion. Knowing this, Rey'a called upon her new-found ally, Nyx, and was able to counteract the woman's stealth.

"I am known as Trickster..." she says as she is revealed and cornered. After capturing Trickster, Rey'a had summoned the two Councillors back to the stronghold to deal with the unarmed assailant. To avoid being killed, the Trickster used illusions instead of weapons to strike her foes. Her first trick was produces tens of copies of herself, flooding the living area of the stronghold. Jaudulis, however, easily ran through the copies with minimal effort. Her second trick was to pluck their heartstrings... She had asked, "What ever could that sound be... Do you hear it?" And suddenly the screams of children were echoing among the stronghold's durasteel walls, Azu'lae knew the voices were her children, immediately seeking to save them. She then reproduced the screams Vicros had made as Rey'a mauled him, leading her to insanity. Jaudulis had again remained somewhat calm and attempted to kill the girl, which had stopped the screams, but did not stop her heart. She had convinced him to wait... Summoning all three members back to the living area... Her third trick...

"Stand in a straight line. I will show you the fate of your Lord Emperor."

After the three stood still, she snapped her fingers all they were instantly in the Council Chambers on the Sovereign, and there were people everywhere, they realized this was the day the Lord Emperor had died. Trickster led them to a corner in which she identified a stealthed assassin, the murderer... She falsely identified the weapon as pointed out by the Wrath, raising her suspicions of the Tricksters ability to lie. After continuing the scene, Azu'lae had ordered Rey'a to apprehend the girl, for she had missed to many key details for it to be true. Before being sent to the brig, the Trickster revealed the name of the assailant, "His name is X'aan... I do not know who he serves... But I have given you a place to start looking, big guy." she addressed Jaudulis.

After being placed in the brig the three were there and she announced, "Oh before you kill me... One last thing..." she snapped her fingers once more, returning them to the stronghold to reveal that they were still playing on her gameboard. They then knew why Zavik had kept her despite her tricks against him.

Jaudulis was on the brink of killing her when Rey'a warned that she could still serve a purpose for finding the Fallen Legion, and so she kicked Trickster in the head, knocking her out. This had allowed Rey'a to take her to the stronghold controlled by Darth Jaudulis, where he had a carbonite chamber. Rey'a had appropriately placed the Trickster's slab against one that belonged to a Hutt.


Finding the Headmistress.



Desocratos (Erasis)


Belleva, a Sith who was trained by the Headmistress Ray'ak from birth received visions of six familiar women in her mind, guiding her to her allegedly dead "Mistress". The cave hidden by a series of waterfalls is where she led Councilor Citadel, knowing he would want to find out of the ultimate fate of his lover. Erasis and Belleva spotted the Headmistress, surrounded by six transparent women in a circle formation... chanting in an ancient Sith language.

Belleva knew who these women were, the Septus Mirtis, (Seven Deaths in basic) a dark side clan of witches Ray'ak led before becoming Sith. She and Erasis hid behind a rock formation, thinking they would not be seen... unfortunately for them the women knew of their presence the minute they arrived on Dromund Kaas. The women told them to step forward, and each and every one of them threatened the two, except for one. Belleva stated the names of each women and what they were. It was revealed that Ray'ak had voices inside of her that guided what she did, the voices of the women she killed when she reigned as head mystic or as they called her, "Supreme."

It was revealed that when Ray'ak hit the ground, the six left her mind and took shape, bringing her to the cave strongest in healing energy, and healed her. Upon finishing, the six re-entered the mind of Ray'ak, and she returned to the Academy as if nothing happened, continuing to train her shadow apprentice Belleva.


The Legion Reborn

Involved: Rey'a, Desocratos, Jaudulis, Si'alla, Emperor Salvatus, Ryshias, Vicros, Knoxus

A tremor is felt on Korriban as Zavik had successfully ressurected the Fallen Legion her most loyal followers now with them alive she has made her mark on the galaxy as the Imperium tried to assemble as many people as possible to stop her as ordered from the Emperor himself.

The attack would seem to be a good plan but Rey'a stepped in front challenging Zavik who actually managed to defeat her with a glare of her eyes that manipulated her mind into forcing her to fall and pass out as the Legion members took her dissapearing.

A loud roar is heard as it was coming from over the mountains of Korriban It was the beast that is almost awakened.

With Rey'a now in the clutches of the Legion Zavik had one more job to do and that was to finish off the rest of the fools who stood in her way as she took a large boulder from Korriban's rock surface and hovered it over top of Desocrates, Ryshias, and Vicros as she slammed it down ontop of them.

They tried to create a barrier but the rocks just fell on top of them lucky enough the Emperor himself appeared but Zavik and the Legion have already left for Belsalvis for the ritual to be preformed on Rey'a

Meanwhile on Belsalvis Zavik and The members of the Fallen legion preform a dark ritual draining Rey'a of her energy as it fed into a statue of a beast ( who is yet to be named )

The Emperor moves his vessel to Belsalvis and ordered the retrieving of the body of Knoxus, Zavik sensed the presence as her loyal servant appeared through the ground beside her. She looked down and ordered most of her members to leave and prepare to get ready to deal with the Imperium members.

Zavik heard a commotion outside as it was the Imperium charging in she knew they were coming as the ritual was already finished the purple smoke began to circle around Rey'a and then consumed her very being as she was reborn into Nyx who was once the apprentice of Zavik. Her eyes flash to dark red as she prepared for her orders.

Zavik dissapears into the force fading into the mist as her voice whispers into her mind

"Start with Vicros... pierce his beating heart!" - Zavik to Nyx

With no hesitation Nyx inside Rey'a charged at Vicros attacking him

Ryshias grew angry but a member of the Fallen Legion Hidian lands in front of him extending his scythe saber with three blades as he smirked at Ryshias and when Ryshias called for backup with Si'alla a female appeared through the darkness who had red hair her eyes though deep purple she did not appear to be carrying any sabers on her just hands as the two began to fight each other.

Hidian would be seen almost winning as he gets the upper hand stabbing Ryshias with his sabers the blood staining his hilt as Hidian prepared for his fatal move taking out a Black long spear stabbing it into himself as this made Ryshias fall over but the new weapon forged thanks to Ryshias was in belsalvis orbit as it began to fire on pure darkness causing a small wasteland. Some forces were destroyed of the Fallen Legion but the Highest members knew better than to stay on world as they were preparing for their next faze of the plan.

Hidian knew that they had to leave before things got out of hand as the Female who remained silent let out a soft smile toward Si'alla as she faded into the force with Hidian.

Si'alla was confused and wondered who she was but by then the Vault began to crumble as the Imperium forces made their way out with their wounded.

Aboard the Sovereign's medbay Vicros and Ryshias were being treated for their wounds and Nyx would appear to speak inside Rey'a mind and explain things that she did not understand.

She is the Key and as long as Zavik lived and was still out there Nyx would be with Rey'a to try and help defeat her former master.

It is unknown right now of what the next plan is of the Fallen Legion, But it is said this one will create chaos unimaginable.


Disturbing The Peace

Involved: Knoxus

Zavik has successfully found the tomb of where her Legion of Fallen reside and is currently preforming a ritual that will ressurect the spirits of her loyal subjects to start their plans against the Imperium.

Meanwhile a strange force entity is seen walking around Dromund Kaas' caves and has been spotted at the Academy appearing to be Knoxus herself though the Entity does not speak nor say a word to anyone.


Terror at the Academy

Involved: Knoxus, Ray'ak, Desocrates, Jaudulis, Ruu'san (Belleva), Tykas, Vicros, Rey'a

Darth Zavik arrived at the Sith Imperium Academy of Dromund Kaas, there in the body of Knoxus everyone thought it was strange to see her with a hood over her head. She would then turn to reveal her dark eyes one being purple the other being deep red it was no longer Knoxus as she smirked looking at Tykas, Vicros, And Rey'a

Ruu'san called for backup and ran trying to rally others as it came to a surprise Zavik charged at Rey'a with full force knocking her down with a blunt strike with the saber knocking the Knight out cold. She then turned her attention toward Tykas as she scarred the Knight with her saber and sending Tykas flying backwards.

Ray'ak watches creating a barrier so the battle would continue Tykas was out cold it came down to Vicros and Zavik staring at one another the two would have a great battle but it was Zavik who emerged victorious. As she would drain some of the life source from Vicros slashing at his back making him fall unconscious

Tykas emerged seeing Vicros unresponsive as he charged at Zavik with blinded rage only to be lifted into the air with a force choke, Rey'a was saddened to see Vicros laying motionless as she gets up in boiled rage and attempts to attack Zavik head on. The ending result was Rey'a was forced to kneel before Zavik forcefully

Tykas tried one last attempt to attack Zavik with his own saber but it did not work as the saber pierced his back and Zavik stabbed him through his chest not killing Tykas but giving the right chance as the spirit of her former apprentice that died centuries ago begins to take control over Tykas' body slowly but Rey'a crawled toward Vicros Zavik seeing this charged in slicing her hand off as Vicros' eyes widened seeing his lover fall in front of him, unconscious in his arms as Desocrates rushed in wondering what the hell was going on to see bodies laying all over the place as Ray'ak and her servant who would call her "Mistress" stood between both Tykas now possessed body and Zavik

Ray'ak managed to defeat Tykas do to the spirit still trying to get used to the body. As Zavik knocked out the follower of Ray'ak

The two would stand toe to toe as it would seem Zavik was almost going to win but in the end it was Ray'ak who emerged victorious or it would seem.

"You hurt his body.. You will be harming your friend Knoxus as well!" - Zavik to Ray'ak

Ray'ak stabbed her saber directly into Knoxus' body as she tried to let out a scream but Zavik did not say a word as she with the last of her energy Sends a force wave to Ray'ak sending her flying off the balcony of the academy It is unknown if she survived the fall or not. Taking this Chance Zavik ran toward the body of Tykas placing her hand over his chest as a dark mist formed she slapped her hand down and made his body rise as they both faded into the force when Desocrates came to find the news of Ray'ak being pronounced Dead at the scene.

It is said that the two have fled to Korriban where they will perform a ritual that will bring about more of the Legion of the Fallen to life.


A tremor in the force

Involved: Knoxus

A tremor in the force is felt, Knoxus' presence no longer is felt as her body is possessed by the spirit known as Zavik who is the ancestor of Kallig Legacy this spirits goal is to destroy those who were close to Darth Knoxus Kallig starting with her brother Armen Horada who managed to escape with barely an ounce of his life. Darth Zavik plans to place the spirits of those loyal to her Regime after defeating members of the Imperium and corrupt their very life source.

"Rise... Rise my loyal slaves and minions... from the force..... I call upon you..." - Darth Zavik inside Knoxus' body chanting as her body begins to lose control completely.

12/21/14 (or something like that)

A Birth and a Marriage

Involved: Azu'lae, Jaudulis, Salvatus, Ruu'san, Ryshias, Desocratos, Tykas, Vicros, Andrekios, Asavian (IDK who else)




Erasis ( in Desocratos)





Upon Discovering that a warrant for Erasis' capture was in place for his actions days before, Councilor Citadel decided it was best to surrender for a more merciful treatment as fleeing people are often stupidity tormented. His surrender as "appreciated" by Ryshias and Vicros both, who met the unarmed Erasis on the Sovereign. He was bound by a saddened Vicros who was ordered to bind him "comfortably," to which Erasis held thanks. Ryshias too apologized but in a sudden turn, let Desocratos free, stating he was only told to capture, never to detain. At This Ryshias offered Erasis refuge and they both traveled to Tatooine, where Erasis stayed exiled. Before they left however, a disguised Rae'vyn attempted to board the Soveriegn, But was noticed by Ryshias. littlwe is known what took place, But it was laso rumored that Erasis and Ray'ak too said goodbye.


"Party Crashing"


Azu'lae (and Elsa|Idris)












((If i missed anyone say, it was a LONG list this time)

Azu'lae and Juadulis had invited a large number of people to celebrate the announcement of their engagment. Many came, some first, some late, and most were jubilant. Even more celebration occurred when it was announced Azu'lae was with child. Everyone happily rushed to the bar (save Azu'lae) And her already existing Children also played around with some very unsuspecting Council members and friends.

Because there are multiple aspects to what happened at this rp I, (Erasis) will only tell mine. feel Free to add your parts in as well, I can't remember all the side convos. (-era)

The perspective of Desocratos(Erasis)

Desocratos was invited and so came, but he was rather..odd throughout the entire celebration. the others had their drinks, Erasis spiked his then stood at the window alone, he walked to the balcony and stood...alone. Ray'ak, Ryshias, and Jaudulis all asked what was going on, and he turned away. Eventually, he came to sadness. Suddenly, He grew silent and burst into light, falling on the floor. Many rushed over, and shouts for a medic was heard when suddenly He seemed to float on his own..but was covered in red fumes...and he rose...and a loud voice filled the room. It told them all they were fools, and continued to raise in pitch, and multiplied to sound as if four voices. Juadulis made the connection, it was Alesis. Little was said, and The Empress was evacuated. Saber's were drawn, and Azu'lae rushed to find her children but was stopped when the manifestation pointed at her body and said..."mine."

Soon after, Alesis released possession and Desocratos left all without an answer. An arrest warrent was issued soon after, too which reached his ears rather fast.


Involved: Just Councilor Citadel.

In some strange way, Councilor Citadel awoke on the floor of the one room he normally blocks off with his force imbued seal. He was further confused to find blood marks on his functional Jedi Forge replica, and a couple lightning scorch marks in that same room. Running upstairs, he found nothing damaged, but he saw his special project was missing. Anngered and worried, he ran around in a panic but found nothing....and he stood confused...A robbery..right under his nose.


Involved: Azu'lae, Ruu'san, Desocratos, Zatraxia, Ryshias, Vicros, Rey'a, Zaarin, Xaketh

Over the course of a several months, the nerve agent poisoning Azu'lae had rendered her left leg useless, stolen her hand-eye coodination, and wreaked havoc on her mind. By the time Ryshias had created an antidote, the Wrath had gone critical. She could no longer walk, she needed a tube to breathe, and her brain was shutting down.

Ryshias presented the Praetor with the antidote, with the warning that it was untested. Councilor Citadel, however, had a different concern--the materials and formula for the antidote and respective poison were left in the open at an abandoned SIS laboratory. As the three bickered back and forth, Zatraxia and Xaketh stepped in, pointing out that it was better to use the antidote and risk the consequences as opposed to letting the Wrath die. Resolved, Ruu'san injected the antidote into the Wrath, who soon woke, choking on the breathing tube. 

After extracting the tube, Desocratos and Ruus'an began to question Azu'lae as to the nature of the poison. She had no idea as to how she was exposed, and was surprised to learn that K'aryssa was still alive. It was determined that the Wrath had been exposed via a nerve gas, which meant that several others were possibly affected: the Praetor, Jaudulis, the Regent, and the now-deceased Vaguest. A call went out for more antidote, and for a sweep and decontamination of the Wrath's Dromund Kaas home.

As the room cleared, Azu'lae asked after Vicros, not remembering his death. She was in formed rather bluntly, and it was evident how much she had cared for him. Sighing softly, she took her first steps on fully functional legs, and joined the Praetor on the bridge until the canister of gas was recovered, and her home was decontaminated.


Involved: Azu'lae, Rae'vyn, Vicros, Ruu'san, Ellisixi, Rey'a, Ryshias. (Alts: Valencia and K'aryssa)

Following her visit to the SISA, Valencia found Darth Azu'lae collapsed on the floor in one classrooms. Valenica noticed that Azu'lae was unconcious and in need of medical attention so she called for Ellisixi, who left to find a medical droid. Azu'lae was brought to the med bay and medical droids quickly got to work, running tests to see what had caused he sudden loss of consciousness. They soon discovered that it was a type of toxin that had somehow been introduced into Azu'lae's body that caused her to go into a coma. Ellisixi proposed a ritual that he had learned that could help remove toxins from one's body. Valencia agreed to help him perform this Ritual, while Rey'a tried her best to contact Praetor Kaldar.

Ellisixi's ritual proved to be a success and Azu'lae soon awoke from her coma, however, she seemed to suffer a sort of amnesia. When Valencia asked her how she was feeling, Azu'lae responded with "Where is Achilles? I must speak to Achilles." By this time, the medical droids had an I.D. on the poison that was in Azu's system. It was a type of Republic neurotoxin that was still in experimantal stages. When Ruu'san arrived, she and Valenica quickly got to work sorting out the peices of Azu'lae's past and came up with two potential suspects for her attempted murder. Darth Rae'vyn, Azu'lae's current rival, and K'aryssa Volkihar, one of Azu'lae's enemies.

Valencia ordered that Rae'vyn be taken into custody and told Ruu'san to have someone search for any sign of K'aryssa Volkihar. When Rae'vyn was arrested by Darth Vicros and was questioned by Ruu'san. After a few minutes of interrogation it became apparent that Rae'vyn was not responsible for the attack on the Emperor's Wrath. But she did provide useful information regarding the second suspect, K'rayssa. Rae'vyn told Ruu'san, Vicros, Rey'a and Ellisixi that she had met someone matching her descriprion, only this individual was not Sith. K'aryssa had become a Jedi Knight. Ryshias joined the others with news of K'aryssa's location and presented it to Ruu'san. Ruu'san along with Rey'a, Ryshias, Ellisixi and Vicros made their way to Tatooine. K'aryssa's last known location.

Shortly after the group confronted the jedi in the dune sea, K'aryssa confessed to the attack on Azu'lae. Admiting that she had attempted to poison the Wrath in an effort to cripple the Imperium. During this time, Ruu'san ordered K'aryssa to surrender her weapons and come peacefully. K'aryssa then stabbed the Praetor through the stomach with her lightsaber, wounding her. All members of the group, instantly, attacked the lone Jedi. K'aryssa was wounded severely be her attackers, however, despite their best efforts she was able to escape and avoid capture. Ruu'san was taken to the med-bay of the Sovereign, and Rae'vyn was cleared of all charges. Rae'vyn volunteered to put a bounty out for K'aryssa to be taken alive. So she may face Imperium justice. Ryshias volunteered to aide Rae'vyn in the search for K'aryssa. Rae'vyn agreed, it was with his help that they were able to find her in the first place. Rey'a volunteered to stay with the Praetor, to keep her safe, feeling that she had failed to protect her on Tatooine. Vicros, also, volunteered to gaurd the medbay. Where Azu'lae and Praetor Kaldar were being treated. Ryshias then left the med-bay, to search for a sample of the toxin that nearly killed Azu'lae and addled her memory, while Rae'vyn commenced her search for the blood-skinned Twi'lek.


People Involved: Andrekios, Vaguest, Tykas, Vicros, Loret, Ruu'san, Vi'Kirr'Naam, Ray'ak, Zaarin, Zaffand, Heid, Jaudulus, Deso/Erasis, Rae'vyn, Azu'lae, Vindictiva, others (Sorry if I forgot your name)

Upon summoning Grand Admiral Vagues and Grand Moff Loret to the Sovereign, Prince Andrekios demanded to know of the progress the pair had made on an unspecified mission--the retrieval of an ancient, powerful weapon. Defiant, the Grand Admiral revealed that he had destroyed the weapon, unwilling to let it fall into the Prince's hands. Enraged, Andrekios declared Vaguest a failure and a traitor, impaling him on his lightsaber. Turning to one of the Knights present, Andrekios ordered Vicros to execute Vaguest, an order with which Vicros complied, beheading him.

Upon Vaguest's death, his armor became imbued with the spirit of Tulak Hord, and the spirit manifested itself into a being, which then proceeded to attack the Prince. Having unmasked the Prince and his weakness, the spirit turns to the crowd, and the Grand Moff attempts to kill the Prince. The Wrath of the Emperor arrives, only to learn in shock that Vaguest, who had been courting her, has died. The spirit then passes the armor to Zaffand and tells Azu'lae the depth of his feelings for her before disappearing forever.

Praetor Kaldar arrives on the scene and immediately commands order, declaring the Prince as a traitor. Andrekios is arrested and taken to the holding cells. On the way to the detention level, his escort, Rae'vyn, is ambushed by Loret, allowing Andrekios to escape. His freedom is short-lived, as Zaffand arrives and renders the Prince unconscious. The Prince is taken to stasis, and Loret is apprehended and returned to the conference room. The Sith Lord Heid appears and reveals that the weapon was actually an artifact containing the experiments of Karness Muur; then goes on to state that both the Prince and the Grand Moff have fallen victim to these experiments.

Regent Vinidciva arrives as Heid attempts to heal the Grand Moff's "insanity", whichends up wiping away her recent memories. Vincitiva orders that Heid and his nephew Tykas are to be arrested for treason, and they are taken away. She also orders Zaffand to be arrested for interfereing. Heid is locked up breifly before he tricks the Grand Moff into unlocking his cell. He is then chased to the escape pods where, upon the order of the Regent, Lord Jaudulis executes the traitor, and his headless body is thrown into the void. Zaffand also escapes by blinding Vi'kirr'naam, who chases after him with the help of Azu'lae.

Zaffand is cornered by the Regent, and the two begin to spar verbally. The Wrath steps in and speaks quietly to the Regent, who allows Zaffand to be pardoned. The three of them then travel to the detention level to question the Prince, who has no memory of the day's events. Given the massive amount of evidence against him, Vindictiva announces his trial, stating that the time and place would be announced shortly.

Short OOC Version

((Prince Andrekios called a meeting to hear the progress of the mission he sent Vaguest and Loret to do. After revealing he destroyed the weapon, Andrekios kills Vaguest for his failure. Andrekios ordered Vicros to deal the killing blow. As Vaguest died, his armor took shape and the spirit of Tulak Hord took over the armor Vaguest was wearing. After showing the people of the Imperium that Andrekios was not invincible, Hord leaves to give the armor to Zaffand. Meanwhile, Loret swears vengeance and promises to kill Andrekios in Vaguest's name. Ruu'san orders Rae'vyn to put Andrekios in stasis. On their way to stasis, Loret ambushes the two and Andrekios attempts to escape. Before he can escape he comes face to face with Zaffand and is subsequently knocked out. He wakes up and is suffering from amnesia pleading with the others that he did not kill Vaguest and that he was just with Vindictiva and his daughter Aulaura. Andrekios is taken to stasis and Loret is taken back to the conference room and is bound. Heid, utilizing hologram projection to hide his identity, reveals himself. He reveals that Vaguest actually destroyed an artifact containing experiments created by Karness Muur. He claims that Andrekios and Loret are the victims of these experiments. He attempts to heal Loret's insanity but accidentally gives her amnesia as well. He is taken to be interrogated but escapes from stasis after he tricks Loret to hit the release. He is chased down and is killed by Jaudulus; his body is then thrown into space. Andrekios wakes up to see his wife staring at him and he pleads with her that he did not kill Vaguest. She disregards his pleas after a recording is shown that shows that Andrekios killed Vaguest. Speechless and in disbelief, Vindictiva announces his tribunal and states that the time and place of said tribunal will be announced.))


Gathering Strength Pt.1

Darth S'rahnia, knowing that she will soon have to defend her throne from Pyara, sought to build her power base and gain an advantage over her new rival. Feeling unsure of whom she could trust in the Imperium, S'rahnia turned to her personal assassin and loyal servant, Darth Relonic. Relonic had been teaching a group of initiates who had planned on taking their first steps to becoming members of the Sion's Apostles, when the Lord Empress appeared before them. The initiates stood in awe, as S'rahnia spoke of the plots against her with Relonic. And the potential dangers lurking among the shadows if the Imperium. She told Relonic that she had come to gain allies within the Apostles, brave Sith who would stand beside her as she removed Pyara from the galaxy once and for all.

Relonic, being loyal to the woman he swore his life to serve, agreed to stand by his Empress and defend her against this new threat. The initiates who were accompanying him, also pledged to aide S'rahnia in the battle to come. Wishing to prove their worth to the Lord Empress. S'rahnia smiled and told them that they will be graciously rewarded for loyalty and, with that, S'rahnia vanished into thin air, promising to call upon them again when the time was right...


The Injury and treatment of Praetor Citadel.


Praetor Citadel.











Part I

Praetor Citadel, weak from his tri-split, traversed to the dark temple in attempt to gather power to strengthen his body. He neared the Huge Statue of Ancient Horror, and spotted an ancient face, Darth Nostrem, Apprentice of Darth Arctis and Dread Guard Commander...but also the destroyer of Amgarrak. Erasis was instantly enraged, and sent a distress call, reporting that the destroyer was found and that his own Praetorian guards were engaging. They were defeated, and Erasis called in a detachment of knights, all that were defeated by decapitation. Finally Erasis rushed The Darth himself, calling for aid. Azu'lae and Vicros Arrived only to see Nostrem throw Erasis of the statue..brusing his neck, breaking bones in his back, and causing internal bleeding. Nostrem escaped.

Azu'lae and Vicros rushed to his aid. Azu'lae asked questions to assess his damage, And Erasis indicated them....but lost consciousness. Vaguest also arrived, meditating earlier at the Shrine of Revan and learning of Erasis' plight there. All two bandaged him and took him to the Academy on Kaas, while Vicros was sent to find Arctis. From there he was given a brace and bandaged, But he continued jumping in and out of consciousness.

Finally, Erasis was transferred to the more medically advanced Sovereign above Kaas for the treatment of his internal injuries. As he was laid to be treated, Darth Arctis entered, as he was summoned. Vicros gave him the holo found with Erasis: The butchering of every knight..done in derisive action. Arctis indeed identified the man as his former apprentice but declared he had diplomatic immunity. Vaguest became irritated and soon engaged Arctis in a brawl, that was ultimately broken by Vindictiva, but then the Regent engaged Arctis. Then Erasis was silently rushed to Palace Citadel for further medical work.

Part II

[Location: The Sovereign]

Immediately after his most severe wounds were treated, Praetor earned a strict summoning and disciplining by the Regent for his harsh actions. However, he was pardoned and promised diplomatic immunity provided he continued his work without interference.

Part III

[Location: Palace citadel]

Back at the medbay, Azu'lae, Ruu'san and Ray'ak all visited the ailing Praetor, each hoping to offer aid, and all demanding he lay to rest again. After multiple visits, Erasis revealed that he had been recently taking a stim to stabilize his efforts, and it contained crystals that he had taken from the Prison of Alesis. After fallingwhen the stim wore off, but then entering unconsciousness multiple times, the analysts determined the crystals could be be having adverse effects. It got to a point where Erasis became confined to his room and only able to stand if his force-imbued relics were kept active. Finally, fed-up with the situation, both Azu'lae and Ruu'san agreed to perform surgery to filter out his blood of the remaining crystals in his serum, and then formulate another serum that he could use for his public appearences.

Part IV

The day had come, and all gathered that were needed: Vicros to make sure none impeded, Jaudulis to regulate the artifacts keeping Erasis stable, Ruu'san to perform the techincal aspects of the surgery, and Azu'lae to preform the force aspects. Erasis met them and explained briefly what had to be done, and then began the process by a casting a ritual that traversed his spirit into the relics scattered around the room. His last warning was to keep those stable, else he would be lost permanently. Erasis body fell, and Ruu'san began draining all the blood, and jaudulis began imbuing the relics with power to survive. His computer interfaces began to aid, indicating that the blood should be scanned. As it turned out, the crystals did not perfectly match that of the prison, but did share DNA with the crystal prison, but also with Alesis and Erasis, and it was discovered that Erasis' new host has terraformed the crystals. Confused as to what this could mean, Ruu'san began running possible explanations, while Azul'ae bean to use the force to filter out all of the crystals. Finally, Jaudulis suddenly broke his channel with the relics, and was taken over by the 1st generation Successor of Styrak. He explained with a dreadful overtone that by some strange occurence, a fragment of the dread master had made its way back to Praetor and chose to be a terraformer to take control slowly.. Of course.. this explanation was all that was needed to stall the relics...and they began to explode one by one. Azu'lae saw this and rushed to the remaining few relics...only to watch in horror as they too exploded.

Shocked, Ruu'san grew silent. Jaudulis began to plead to some entity for life, and Azu'lae slammed her fists on the table...when suddenly Praetor's voice echoed through Palace Citadel. Confused, all wished for answers until Vicros motioned Azu'lae to the next room, where a large globe of raw energy stood, with a small reliquary below. The others rushed to the room. Erasis explained that the dreadful remnants allowed for his body to bind to the power contained in Darth Arrax's saber, an new heirloom to house Citadel. He directed for his body to be placed in the energy, and it was so. As he rose, Praetor despelled all the dreadful power, including Arrax's back into the saber once more. He thanked all present, the next day, appeared for the closing of his praetorship, with a nice biological stimulant to keep him healed.


Title: "All for an Orb"

People involved:

Praetor Citadel




Dread Master Asavian

Location: The Successors' Dread Palace.


Andrekios met the Dread Master side of Erasis at his palace, showing him an orb he recovered from the reliquary of Darth Arrax. He wished to know the meaning, usage, and significance of what he held.

Erasis replied in awe, stating he had only encountered four, and they were extremely powerful. The first he said summoned a ghost of Dread Master Vendition. The second was said to be destroyed. But the third was used to power a repository of Dread Master Styrak...that Erasis claimed to have created. The fourth...appeared as Andrekios showed it.

Andrekios refused to be drawn in by story, and sought guidance on what he should do with the orb. Erasis was about to make a suggestion, when "the Last" aspect (Alesis) possessed him. He began to state he should place his orb in the inactive repository of Dread Master Brontes. The Dread master side took control of Erasis' voice and sounded agreement. However, praetor then took control and advised against it, as he would be driven further out of control of the body.

As Andrekios began to respond, Dread Master Asavian entered the room, in his simple councilor design of old. But, upon seeing Erasis out of Equilibrium, he channeled his dark energy into his form as a Dread Master. Just the presence of another master gave the Dread master side of Erasis time to manifest control, at which he began to don the full robes of the Dread Master. At this Andrekios was stunned but was assured otherwise. Asavian too inspected the orb, and came to a census that andrekios could chose to benefit the masters by placing the orb in the holocron, or the masters would imbue him with power, which purpose would be unclear, but used from the orb.

Andrekios chose to leave it to fate, and so Asavian dueled him the Throne Chamber itself, ultimately victoriously overpowering the prince who, as Erasis noticed, had employed fearful abilities to attack the master. In the end, Erasis took the orb and charged it, and gave it to Asavian to place in the repository. Erasis then froze (Brb'd) and Asavian and Andrekios went to place the orb. upon placing it into the Holocron, A force activated and Andrekios began to speak in a Dark voice of a supposed "Ancient Dread Master [name]" He claimed total power, an of course Asavian and Erasis drew sabers.

The Dark Force negotiated with the Masters, saying his host needed to be killed in order to free his energies. although Praetor cried protest, The last and Dread master agreed to do so, and lead him to the chamber of the masters. As Erasis preformed the ritualthe spirit flew into the holocron of fear, and andrekios dropped to the floor......AS Ray'ak walked in. instantly she raised her lightsaber in protest and confusion, calling Erasis a traitor. Erasis momentraily took control as Praetor and apologized to the confused Ray'ak, stating he had lost control, and advised her to get the prince out. Seconds later, the other 2-thirds took over the body, and Ray'ak was attacked by waves of dread guards (companions) and finally by Dread Executioner Nolus. Defeating them all, she began to intensely dueled Erasis himself, in both the dread master and last forms...Which she was able to defeat.

Andrekios, as Ray'ak was fighting the Master, suddenly made an attempt to get up, and he limped towards the holocron. At that, Asavian walked in the room, and saw the provocation, and proceeded to attack Andrekios again.

Erasis took contol as Praetor and got Andrekios and Ra'yak out..but stayed behind..and was attacked by Asavian and Nolus. he was hit and traversed to Oricon via forcewalking to heal.


Title: The Initiation of Si'alla into the role of Deputy Minister of Expansion.


The ceremony was conducted by Erasis, at his Nar Shadaa Palace. the Attendees were Girlok, Ray'ak, Makzor, Si'alla, Praetor Citadel, and Gytery. 

Citadel called them forth, and summoned Girlok as guard into the palace. He had him stand in front of a Datacron Decor, to "Protect the knowledge" Then he Brought Ray'ak and Makzor in, and gave them seats.

Gystery was brought in with Si'alla, and she was lead to the others. Si'alla then was lead to choose separate gear for her diplomacy role. Once selected she entered the room with Erasis still in her original garments.

Erasis simply stated he needed a replacement for the ministry and also required a worthy Representative.  He had Sialla stand and brought forth. He tested her by combat, and though victorious, Erasis pronounced Si'alla fit for the role, spiting the remark from Ray'ak "that is but a fragment of his power"

Erasis then casted the Spear of Midnight Darkness, as he was taught by his ritualist.(Ray'ak) he then placed the blade on either side, and commanded the Deputy to recite her oath. Erasis then had Girlok bring forth the blue datacron and placing it between the Deputy and Praetor, Girlok sat down.

Erasis told Si'alla to rise, saying he had gifts for her. She did, and the first was the "Fragment of the Holocron Of Raptus, the Diplomatic Dread Master" Erasis told her to consult it often. Second, Erasis gestured with his hand, and as he used a bunch of healing abilities, Si'alla changed into her golden clothes, to make it look as if Erasis casted them on her. Third, Erasis, gave Si'alla the use of his Sky Palace as a Diplomatic frontier, and office, and a silver Key.

Erasis then had to go (stupid internet) and left abruply.

This ends the Record))


He steps off his ship, feeling the grass of Yashuvhu for the fist time in nearly 50 years. Remembering the past, he sees a vision of a red skinned child, playing in the grass and with an akk dog, as his parents argue about his future. Shaking his head, he trudged on foward, with his apprentice in tow.

"Brother, why are we here? Why did he summon you here?" Zikara asked. Vi stopped and looked at Zikara. "This is where I was born, Zikara. This is my homeworld. As to why he summoned me, I think I know what is going on."

Without another word, he turned and headed off, with Zikara keeping up. After an hour of walking, they arrive at their destination; The Three's Compound.

The Mandalore's home stood in traditional mandalorian fashion, with guards patrolling the premises.

The Keeper's home looked like a simple but good home, like a building on Dromund Kaas, but with assassins and snipers hidden around the home.

And the Dark Lord's home, his father's home, stood taller than both of the buildings, with etchings of the Sith Language carved into the building. And the Three standing at the center of it all. Aged by time, the Mandalore, Keeper, and Dark Lord of the Sith stood, watching as the pair approached.

"You came." The keeper said, with a hint of surprise in his voice. The Mandalore laughed and looked at him. "I told you he would. Now pay up." She said. The Keeper grumbled as he passed a credit chit to her.

"Enough." Kyro said, and stepped foward to meet his children. "You finally came home, Vi'kirr'naam. I think I missed you a little bit."

"Cut the small talk, Father. Tell me why you called me here." He laughed. "My foolish son. You already know why." Vi'kirr'naam growled. "Yes. I do."

As he finished saying that, Kyro and Vi drew their lightsabers, and clashed together. Zikara jumped back, preparing to draw her saber. "No, Zikara!" She froze as Vi yelled at her. "This is my battle. You interfere in anyway, and I will kill you next!"

Thinking for a moment, she nodded and stood there and watched the battle. It was obvious that Kyro had the advantage in power, and that Vi had the advantage in brute force and strength. The battle could go either way, but Zikara saw something between the two combatants; Vi looked confident and Kyro, for a split second, had a look of surprise. Vi'kirr'naam pressed his attack, pushing his father back.

"Whats wrong, Kyro?" Vi mocked. "Has old age finally claimed what little strength you had?" Kyro pushed back against Vi's assualt. "Defiant as always. You remind me of your mother more and more." Vi saw an opening and took it, scoring a slash at Kyor's arm. As they broke apart, Vi continued to mock. "You want defiance then? My mother, before I was born, altered my DNA, so none of your DNA would be part of me. I am pure Sith. You are a footnote in my rise to power."

 Feeling Kyro's rage rise, he blocked in time as Kyro called down a storm of lightning. Catching it with both his lightsaber and his hand, though in pain from the attack, Vi redirected the lightning at his enemy, completely catching him off guard. A million volts of lightning passed through Kyro, shocking him and detroying his lightsaber. As he was shocked by his own attack, Vi picked him up with the Force and smashed him onto the ground, hearing a bone or two snap.

As his enemy laid on the ground, trying to get back up, Vi remembered his childhood with this man; nothing but pain and sadness and rage. As Vi remembered, his own anger rised, until he gave himself to it, and let it comsume him.

Engulfed in rage, Vi tossed his own saber to the side and stepped foward. Kyro looked up long enough to see Vi close in and kick him across the face, denting his helmet and rolling him across the ground. Vi stepped foward and ripped Kyro's helmet off his head and tossed it aside, and proceeded to beat his own father within an inch of his life with his bear hands. The Keeper, Mandalore, Zikara, and the audience just watched in stunned and frightened silence, as the cries of the Dark lord were heard after every hit.

Some time later, Vi is exhausted and his arms hurt, and Kyro laid as a beaten pulp. Vi stood, and stared in disgust at the sight of his father and former master. Thinking he has had enough of this, he called his saber to him with the force, and ignited in his hand. As his raised his saber, he said, "I thought that this would be the toughest battle of my life. What a disappointment." And without another word, he brought his saber down and ended his fathers life.

Everything was silent, until the 'mandalorians, and 'Mandalore herself, broke out and cheer. Mandalorians loved a good fight. Zikara moved foward and quietly embraced her brother. '"That was amazing, my brother. Congratulations." '

Vi stood in silence, then turned and backhanded her, pushing her away with the Force at the same time. When she looked at him in surprise and anger, he stated, "No. I am not your brother anymore. I am Darth Varon, Head of House Torak, Dark Lord of the Unknown, and your Master." Zikara quickly bowed her head. "Yes, master. Forgive my ignorance."

Vi looked around the compound, then said, "Rise, my apprentice. We will continue your training, then we will return to the Imperium..."

Darth Varon returned to the Imperium after Zikara's second and final betrayel.

But that is a whole other story....


Lightsabers clash, a woman's screams, and the force stealing life. Vi'kirr'naam and his sister, Zikara, both recieved a message, seemingly sent from Lord Emperor Willerick, to meet on the bridge of the Ziost Shadow. But both arrived to a sight that they both feared since adolescence; their father, Kyro Torak, without his helmet and his saber drawn. The blast door closes behind them, locking them in, and Kyro begins.

"You have both been disobedient children lately, haven't you?" Kyro said, slowly advancing to Vi and Zikara. "The last time you were disobedient, I removed your arm, Varon. And I sent Zikara away." He stops a few meters away from them. "And now, like before, you need punishment and discipline." He smirks at them, a sight that they know to be rare and terrifying. "Now, come to me, my children. Meet my sabers embrace!" Kyro yells as he lunges towards Vi and Zikara.

Vi'kirr'naam dives foward to meet his father's saber with his own, as Zikara manuvers around to attack from behind, as was how Vi and Zikara fought. Vi attacks with years of experience under his belt, against the decades of training that made his father the man he was. His father could read almost every move he made, and his senses made him aware of the sneak attack coming up behind him. He pushes Vi back and shoots force lightning at Zikara as she attacks, immobilizing her to only watch as her father and her master fight.

"You have have become strong, my son." Kyro said, as he saber-locked with Vi'kirr'naam. "I have struck you several times, but you show no pain." Vi smirked at Kyro. "After you cut my arm off, I have no feelings of pain anymore." "I can fix that." Kyro said gravely.

Vi'kirr'naam was so focused, he did not see Kyro pull a hand back then thrust it back out to Vi, pushing him across the room with both the Force and lightning. Although in pain from the shock, he had noticed something strange. "Lightning is supposed to be blue and white." He thought. "Why is his blood red?" As if reading Vi's mind, Kyro unleashed a storm of red lightning onto Vi'kirr'naam. Having been hit by lightning before, Vi knew that this new lightning was ten times more painful than anything he ever experienced. Feeling pain for the first time in a decade, Vi'kirr'naam screamed in pain.

"BROTHER!!" Zikara yelled, then activated her lightsaber to attack.

Kyro saw it coming and picked her up with a Force Choke, and said, "You will watch this, Zikara." No matter how much she struggled, she had no choice but to watch as her brother howled in pain, both physically and through the force. The red lightning storm engulfed Vi'kirr'naam in a blinding flash of light and a devastatingly powerful explosion. The light gone, Vi'kirr'naam layed sprawled on the ground. Kyro released Zikara, and allowed her to move to Vi's side. She gasped as she turned him over; His appearence had changed. His ruby red skin changed to a charcoal red color, his hair was gone, and his eyes went from a dim orange to a bright yellow. Zikara looked to her father.

"What have you done to him?!" She demanded. Kyro simply grinned. "I punished him for his disobedience. And I think he suffered in your stead, as well. 

Zikara looked upon her father, and noticed that his face appeared...younger? Then realization hit Zikara like a force push, as to why her brother appeared older and her father younger. "You stole his life force." Kyro smirked at Zikara. '"'And I added it, and part of his affinity to the force, to myself. Thanks to this ritual, I have become younger and more powerful then ever." 'He laughed as he opened the blast doors and walked away, leaving her to tend to her brother.

Varon awoke from a coma 4 days swore to destroy his father for all he had done, and he would destroy anything and anyone to achieve his goal.

Dread RP

Dread RP LOG

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