Darth Rádzig Stark

Rádzig was only 12 years old when the Jedi killed his father, but he never despised him like Rahegal did, on the contrary, he believed that it was because of his father that he could get the opportunity to rise in power under the tutelage of another Sith. He saw his father’s demise as an opportunity to break his chains and become what he was meant to be from the beginning. After a couple of years studying on Korriban, Rádzig became apprentice of Darth Kasanami, current member of the Dark Council. Under his shadow, Rádzig learned the ways of the Dark Side and became stronger in the Force as the years passed, eventually forming the first Assassin Order under command of his Master.

Rádzig was granted his Lordship after killing one of the members of the Jedi Council during a mission issued by his Master. In time, he became a figure of great renown, always placing his duty before his own desires. Honor and victory would become his primary statutes and would eventually lead him to discover his own philosophy. According to recovered datacrons, Rádzig would believe that not only “negative” emotions could fuel the power of the Sith, but also the “positive” emotions could achieve that, and even in a larger scale. Negative emotions such as hate, fear, jealousy and anger were traditionally related to Siths, but Rádzig believed that positive emotions such as love, pity, loyalty and friendship could also fuel the power of the dark side, as those emotions were easier to tap into and manipulate. The duality between love and hate became an inherent quality of the Dark Lord.

The turning point on Darth Rádzig’s life arrived when his Master defected the Empire; as it is widely known, the Empire would hunt Darth Kassanami down and destroy his power base, including his apprentice. To avoid this, and as a last act of love and friendship, Kassanami ordered his apprentice to strike him down, so he could reclaim his title, his power base and in the process save his life. Even though it was an agreement, Kassanami would fight Rádzig with all his strength, finally falling to the younger Sith.

As he raised from the ashes of what used to be his Master’s stronghold, Shokster knew everything would be different. The council commended Rádzig for his bravery and loyalty to the Empire, and granted him the title of Darth, with all the powerbase that his master possessed; this included his stronghold, his wealth and a Class I Heavy Dreadnaught designation “Gladius”, with around 600 troops that would now be under his command.

Shortly after, the new Darth found his new allies on the Order commanded by Darth Seela, even though he never put himself directly under her service, he did help her achieve her goals, and put the “Gladius” on her disposal. During his first years ---<<<< DATA CORRUPTED >>>>>

During the invasion of Zakuul over Imperial territory, Darth Stark was sent by the Council to lead a fleet of dreadnoughts and destroyers against the enemy. During five years he battled the Zakuul navy, winning key battles over Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Ord Mantell. However, during the massive battle of the Defense of Mandalore, a fleet comanded by Oberyn Stark managed to defeat the combined forces of the Republic, the Empire and Mandalorian fleets. During that battle Rádzig’s fleet was reduced to two single vessels, losing over 2 thousand men in the conflict. His fiancee, who was commanding the secondary flagship, perished when the vessel exploded, along with the child she was carrying. The remaining of the Republic and Mandalorian fleets scattered across the outer rim, leaving the inner worlds defenseless to the non-stopping advance of the Zakullan fleet.

This defeat, but mostly the lost of his fiancee and son, destroyed Rádzig who then ventured on a crusade to hunt down every single Zakuul ship in the hopes that one day he will eventually find his brother and take his revenge. This went on for years until the end of the war when he finally faced and defeated Oberyn in a fierce clash over Korriban. He turned his brother over to the Empire, compelling with his duty, but the task was too much for them, and Oberyn escaped again.

Losing his devotion to the decaying Sith Empire, Rádzig joined forces with Darth Arkina, Empress of a rising Empire that seeked to remove the weak and defeated leders of the Sith and replace them with their own. Arkina saw the potential and loyalty that Rádzig represented and appointed him as a member of her Council. He fought countless battles for her, until she betrayed him in favor of the Sith Empire, forcing Rádzig to fully commit on a final confrontation with the Imperial Fleet, and fleeng the sector into the uncharted regions.


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