This is the History, of His Excellency, Qurrim Midicoil, Former King of the Midicoil Kingdom, Former Voice of the Lord Emperor Arestenax, Former Grand Master of the Knights of Indrexu, and Dark lord of the Sith.


Early Life:

Qurrim was born the son of Prince Qurgax the Uncrowned, son of King Harask II the Triumphant on the planet Zelos II, His mother died in childbirth and was raised by his Zelosian Step-Mother. At the age of 15 the Midicoil Kingdom fell to Cathar raiders and Qurrim and his family fled his homeworld to Balmorra.

Qurgax, Q'urrim, and his older sister Absa'lon lived in the southern regions waiting for the call of their father to return home, unfortunately for them the call never came. The Imperial invasion of Balmorra destroyed the town they lived in. Qurgax resisted and was executed by an officer (hence the title "Uncrowned"). The Imperials rounded up everyone in the town and sent them off to be slaves of the Sith Empire.

Early Adulthood:

Qurrim had been bought by a Pureblood lesser Sith lord named Vukua. He served as a farmhand on Korriban and after years of service his master gave him a human woman for a wife and a year later his wife died giving birth to a daughter who he named Mystiss. Vukua soon after gave him a higher status and let him travel across the Empire as an aid to his daughter. It is during this time that they fell in love and, unbenounced to Qurrim, she became pregnant with is child, Telia.

On one of their trips to Dromund Kass Qurrim met an envoy to a strange Imperium of Sith and he abandoned his now former master and joined the Imperium.

In the Imperium:

After becoming a citizen of the Imperium Qurrim was trained to be a Knight by a Great lord of the Sith named Tykas, despite never have been trained as an apprentice and graduated with flying colors.

After his graduation a Sith lord named Erasis, Lord of the Diplomatic council seat, befriended Qurrim and taught him to be a Sith. Impressed by Qurrim's Diplomatic prowess named him his right hand and Qurrim negotiated many alliances and trade deals for the Imperium. This helped Qurrim attain the title of Darth.

Qurrim met one of Tykas's friends, Misa'soma, after his ceremony and they became good friends and lovers. Qurrim eventually married Misa'soma and they had twin children, Tavan and Aseria, then another daughter, Relya, 5 years later just after the formation of the great houses.

House Midicoil and the Augmentation Plague

The establishment of the great houses in the imperium was a dark time for the Imperium and Qurrim especially. Qurrim founded House Midicoil and became a lesser house under Zaffand, head of House Orion. Qurrim and Zaffand got along initially, but after the rescuse of Hadzuska, Zaffand and Qurrim became more and more bitter towards eachother. Even their wives were at odds, forced to be allies Qurrim began to look elsewhere to gain support to become a Major house.

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After these events, Qurrim became obsessed with the augments and kept a close eye on Hadzuska and did many experiments and upgrades to the augments. Being so obessed with the augments, Q'urrim began to neglect his wife and children. after months and months, Misa's old lover returned and she left him and took his children with her.

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Distraught over his wife leaving him, Qurrim began to lose the strength of his house and the Orion's began making moves to put house Thul in its place, Assassins made attempts on his life and even killed his children right in front of him however there is no evidence linking the assassins to the Orion's. After this great tragedy, Qurrim became lost in darkness and distress and began dark rituals and sorcery that changed him greatly.

He wanted his house to be more powerful than the Orions, so he went to Lady Daenery's with a offer to combine forces via marriage, Qurrim was denied and House Midicoil fell as all his supporters either died or abandoned him.

After the fall of the Great Houses and Dread Masters gained power, Qurrim began to focus less on the politics and wars the Imperium fought and decided to keep to himself and his augmentation experiments.

Qurrim first upgraded the "instillation" speed and reduced it's pain level, afterwards he lessened the dampening affects it had on an augments ability to use the force and improved the the augmented's ability to process information and sensory inputs.

Qurrin began to find other augmented in his search for new ideas, he would bring them to his facility in the swamps of Yavin IV, either by invitation or force, to upgrade them and add programs and implants that would force the user to obey his commands without the user ever knowing, he began to create his own army of augmented.

When an augmented died the skeletal structure would become his slave, being nothing more than an amalgamation of parts in a humanoid skeletal shape. Qurrim also began to search out people to test his augments on, usually resulting in the death or permanent psychological and physical damage.

Hadzuska, now a lord of the sith, began to notice Qurrim's work on the augments and threatened him. However Hadzuska needed Qurrim's help to remove the augments from his friend and in the attempt, Qurrim was only able to partially remove the augments to the anguish of both Hadzuska and his friend. She was permanently scarred and began losing her senses and feelings and Hadzuska never forgave Qurrim for his failure.

Motivated by his failure, Qurrim started his final upgrade to the augments. Perfecting every part of the tech he implanted his nephew with them creating Subject 100, who's location is, to this day, unknown to all but Qurrim.

Exile and Return

Arctis, Lord of the Science seat found out about Qurrim's experiments and demanded they be turned over to him. Qurrim refused. He swore to Hadzuska to never give or let anyone else use the augmentation plague. Outraged by this, Arctis had Qurrim arrested and tried before the council for disobeying a superior. The council ordered Qurrim to give Arctis the information on the augmentation, Qurrim gave him everything except the key ingredient to creating it successfully.

Arctis arrested Qurrim and brought him before the Emperor's daughter where he was flogged and tortured to the brink of death and executed his wife in front of him which drove him to madness. After being released he exiled himself to the far outreaches of the galaxy, hiding the augmentation plague where no one could ever find it. He traveled all over the galaxy piecing his mind together through study and rituals, he hid his face behind a mask in shame and slowly began the healing process throughout his travels. He preformed great acts and "miracle" healings on Quesh, found great power and rituals on Tund, and returned to Balmorra to his old home to find peace.

It wasn't until a decade later when the Imperium invaded a small moon under Zakuul rule that they found Qurrim. After taking over said moon they learned of a great healer that would heal anyone, civilian, Imperial or Zakuulan. A small task force was dispatched to find this healer and bring him into the Imperium. Discovering it was Qurrim, they brought him back into the fold of the Imperium and dropped all charges against him and restored his title of Darth.


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Darth Qurrim Midicoil died giving life to his daughter, Kaieera Midicoil. He created her from Augments and his own DNA to create the perfect Voice of the Emperor, unfortunately he was consumed when the ritual to give her life was preformed.

We mourn him to this Day.

This is the history of His Excellency, Qurrim Midicoil, King of the Midicoil Kingdom, Voice of the Lord Emperor Arestenax, Grand Master of the Knights of Indrexu, and Dark lord of the Sith.

(Written by the Zelosian aid to Lord Qurrim)

A New Beginning

After the Emperor changed history, Qurrim was never found by the Imperium, so he instead freed himself, gathered allies and went back to him home and led a revolt against the invaders and relcaimed his throne and ruled as a benevolent king for over 40 years before his abdication and eventual death of old age.

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