Young, powerful, ruthless, and fiercely loyal. Noted for her expedient ascension and youth, Pasaiss Astrum presides as the current Aritash of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Early Life


Born to Zazzalil Astrum, Pasaiss was born on the planet of Bardotta. A planet in conflict, Pasaiss and her mother were both members of the Frangawl cult, rare humans among the dark-sided Bardottan cult. Her father is unknown, but was likely some Sith traveler.


Zazzalil was killed when Pasaiss was at an early age, and she was readily taken in by the leader of the Frangawl cult. From age 4, she was tutored in the ways of the dark side, and the vicious ways of the Frangawl. When first she was discovered by the Sith, she was around 8 years old. At this time, she had grown nearly completely feral, a slave to the tremendous amount of dark side power within her.

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