Known Knowledge

An uninhabited planet located in Wild Space, Zigoola is said to be a nexus in the Dark Side of the Force, and is able to warp the minds of those who traverse the surface and are pure of heart and mind. There is reason to believe the barren planet was used durin the Great Sith War for hoarding Sith artifacts, a suspicion supported by the presence of a Sith temple on the surface. This stockpile of holocrons, obelisks, weapons, and other priceless artifacts are the source of the extreme Dark Side energies, which not only make men insane--they are the reason the planet is barren.

While little information is available pertaining to the initail discovery and use of Zigoola, the planet was rediscovered for the Imperium by Darth Knoxus Kallig, who ventured out to find the planet after sensing it through the Force. The journey through the void cost the judicator her sight, as she was ambushed by a Jedi Master who had gone mad from the planet's influence.

Imperium Colonization

Upon her return to Imperium space, Kallig consulted with Darth Vindictiva Roderick, the Imperial Regent, and told her of the planet's power. Intrigued by the concept of a planet seeped in the Dark Side, the Regent ordered Kallig to unearth more information about the planet. As per the Regent's command, Kallig consulted with the current Praetor at the time, Praetor Desocratos Citadel, in order to learn more about the strange world.

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