156th Republic Special Forces Response Team 

The Vanguards were formed under the command of Jedi Knight Zakall and Republic Soldier Ada Eliasara Who at the time were in a secret relationship years before Centares Incident having their first child but seperating shortly after to ensure that the order does not banish Zakall 

The 156th R.S.F.R.T (Republice Special Forces Response Team) consisted of a mixture of both force sensetive and troopers who would be split into teams of six one being named the "Vanguards" 

  • Commander Hayes (Deceased) Codename: Vanguard 1
  •  Gandan (Deceased) Codename: Vanguard 3
  • Edwards (Deceased) Codename: Vanguard 2
  • Viktoria Olesya (MIA) Codename: Vanguard 6
  • Captain Kayne (Deceased) Codename: Vanguard 4
  • Vestaa (Deceased) Codename: Vanguard 5

These six soldiers were responsible for assisting with the wounded civilians during a great conflict that resulted in the deaths of thousands. But sadly it was a one way trip for all but one of these soldiers

It was on the planet of Strion E61 that reports of unknown forces deplying a beacan of some sort to a battle fortress orbiting the planet so the Vanguards were in charge of finding out who the enemy was and why they are here on this planet.

Everything went occording to plan but that is until the masked knights emerged yelling about some "EMPEROR" and assassinated every living being that stood in their way as the dust would settle  only a cracked helmet remained on the battlefield.

The Vanguards Were Destroyed....

Their Memory lives on as the ones who sacrificed themselves for the lives of others..

But what of Ada and Jedi Knight Zakall's child? 

That ... is still.. A Mystery....

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