Protocol Droid D4-R9

Welcome, I am Protocol Droid D4-R9, special assistant to the Lord Emperor Arestenax of the Sith Imperium. His Majesty has assigned me the task of ensuring that all citizens of the Imperium are properly oriented and aware of the our history, their duty and the general operations of the Sith Imperium. Please review this holo-message carefully as it will be imperative for your successful integration into the Sith Imperium and it is your sovereign's command. 

Your new home, the Sith Imperium.

The Sith Imperium holds claim to the Indrexu Spiral. Our homeworld is New Amgarrak and our ruler is Lord Emperor Arestenax. For more information on our lore please click the following link and it will take you to the main page where our lore, our laws and various other important information is recorded.


For All New Recruits

All new citizens will attend lessons at the One Sith Academy on Kaon where Lords of the Sith will instruct you in our lore, customs and guide you to this Wikia. Citizen ceremonies are mandated by the monarchy and its government; they may be led by any Praetor, Imperator, or the Lord Emperor. Once assigned a master, you will begin thinking of what caste and ministry you would serve after your apprenticeship, and what role you would have in the Imperium.

Your caste will determine with ministries you have access to.

For Sith Recruits (Agents and Bounty Hunters may skip ahead)

If you are Sith and new to the Imperium it is important to know our rank structure. Sith Order ranks will be placed in your Member Note in the guild window. If you have no member note, seek out a Praetor, Imperator, or the Lord Emperor to rectify the situation.

From level 1-70 you may be an apprentice.

From level 30-70 you may be released from your master, and initiate the trial to become a Lord.

At level 55-70 you may initiate the trial to become a Darth, administered by the monarchy alone.

For more about the ranks, ceremonies and trials >>>CLICK HERE <<<

For all Sith levels 1-70, you must be assigned a master. It is your job to actively seek a Sith with the appropriate title (Lord or Darth) to be your master. You will not be advanced in rank unless you are assigned a master. Level 30 is the minimum level you can be before you are considered for promotion to Lord.  

For all Sith levels 31-54.

Your master can hold off that promotion if they are a Darth or a higher level until they feel you are ready to advance. If you surpass your master in rank then they must advance you and release you from apprenticeship and you must be assigned a ministry. Lord Councilors of the various ministries may recruit you or you may seek out the Lord Councilors for appointment to one of their ministries.

If your master holds the rank of Darth, you may or may not be released to seek your own role in the Imperium. This is to be viewed as an honor, as serving a Darth typically means you are serving a more senior member of the Imperium and thus have more opportunity for high advancement.

For all Sith who attain the rank of Darth (minimum level 55). 

When you are released from your apprenticeship you must be assigned a ministry. Lord Councilors of the various ministries may recruit you or you may seek out the Lord Councilors for appointment to one of their ministries.

In addition to ministries, Sith Lords and Darths, level 30 and above, may also apply for an appointment to the Knights of the Praetorium, who serve under the Minister of War. The Grand Master of the Knights of the Praetorium is Darth Vaguest. Only Knights of the Praetorium may suggest a nomination to Knighthood and all appointments are made by the monarchy. 

For Non-Sith Recruits: (Sith may skip ahead)

Your fighting style (Mercenary, Powertech, Operative, Sniper, etc.) does not indicate your career path. All non-Sith can consider all non-Sith roles. For example, a person with a powertech fighting style could if they want serve in the military or become a Knight of the Praetorium or Imperial Agent. Conversely, operatives could be bounty hunters or Knight of the Praetorium. Your fighting style does not restrict you from serving in any capacities that do not require the Force.

From levels 1 - 30: You will have the Member Note rank of Citizen/ME (Military Enlisted). You will then be advanced depending on the position you attained.

Military Officers (Levels 31-55 (Flexible)): are a variety of positions throughout the ministries; often serving Lords or Generals/Admirals.

Knight/ADM/GEN (Levels 56-70(Flexible)): are high ranking field commanders or Knights, or aides to Darths and Lord Councilors.

For all Citizens: Customs and Courtesies, Titles and Styles

The resurrected Lord Emperor Arestenax made various reforms that include how we refer to each other and how we are supposed to act in the presence of senior and junior members. 

Please review our "Customs and Courtesies, Titles and Styles" page.


For all Citizens: The Law and Tribunals

The resurrected Lord Emperor Arestenax issued commandments which are to be followed for the good governance of the Sith Imperium. Further, he has instituted the right to trial by combat and tribunal for all citizens to settle disputes and for discipline of law breaking citizens.  

Please review our laws and tribunal system.

>>>CLICK HERE <<< 

For all Citizens: Welcome! 

Thank you for reviewing this orientation holo-message and welcome to the Sith Imperium. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to ask any of the people with the rank of Praetor, Imperator, or the Lord Emperor for assistance. They are the officers of the Imperium.  May the Force serve you well, long live the Lord Emperor, and glory to the Sith Imperium!  

Protocol Droid D4-R9, Special Assistant to the Lord Emperor, signing off.