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A young Cathar born on Dromund Kaas to a low class family who was enslaved by a Sith Lord when he was young. He later found he was force sensitive and was sent to train as an acolyte on Korriban.

Due to living as an alien on the Imperial homeworld, Oogwan faced lots of discrimination and hatred from others. He has a hard time trusting others because of this and it takes time for him to open up to his peers. If one can get him to open up, they will find a different person. One who values others, has a deep interest in the force and artifacts and at times, someone who is a bit cocky and impulsive.

Early Life

Oogwan's upbringing was harsh and unforgiving. His father Myrax was a low ranking soldier in the Imperial military until he was permanently injured during a mission. This left only his mother Sylva to make a living for the family, due to being aliens however she found much difficulty in finding and keeping a job. This led to many days going to bed hungry and plenty of scares on losing their home.

Oogwan felt he had to do something to help his family, but due to his lack of education and his species, he could not find any way to help his mother make credits. Desperate, Oogwan resorted to theft. He would steal food, credits, anything he could get his hands on to help his family.

This all changed one day when he attempted to steal from a Sith Lords daughter. He was unfortunately caught and was going to be executed by the girls father Lord Lamdoz when suddenly he hesitated and decided to enslave Oogwan instead.

Life As A Slave

Being a Cathar, Oogwan was naturally strong and robust. Because of this most of his work consisted of manual labour that other slaves did not have the strength to carry out. His work days were longer than his other slave peers due to the many tasks only he could do. His tasks would also leave him by himself for the majority of his day. Oogwan never tried to escape, fearing what would happen to him or his family were he to be caught.

Living a life alone and hopless led Oogwan down a dark path, he grew cold and distant, eventually becoming comparable to a droid. Only following orders and never rebelling. There was one person who he would act more human around however, that person was none other than the girl he tried to steal from many moons ago. Unlike her father, this young girl was against the idea of slavery. She was the only one who treated Oogwan like a person anymore.

His life would finally change when one day when other slaves had planned a rebellion. They had attempted to take the Sith Lords daughter hostage, planning to demand their freedom in exchange for her life. As they tried to take the girl, Oogwan instinctively held out his hand and watched in awe as purple lightning flew out of his fingertips and into the slaves body, killing them instantly. 

Later that day, by demand of Lord Lamdoz, he was sent to Korriban and trained to become a Sith.

Slave Turned Sith

While the Sith Code says "Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall set me free." Oogwan felt like he was still simply a slave, now with new masters and robes instead of rags.

Oogwan faced more discrimination than he had ever suffered on Dromund Kaas, he felt like an outsider and eventually, would fall back into his cold and distant self. Eventually something else would grow in the Cathars heart, anger and hatred. Anger that his life had taken a turn he never wanted, anger for not being able to escape, hatred for everyone that had mistreated him and hatred for the one that had put him in this life, Lord Lamdoz.

Having nothing but hatred and Sith training in him, Oogwan became a devastating force. He was ruthless, harsh and when made really angry, animalistic. Others at the Sith academy had started to call him a living weapon. When he finished his training, there was only one Lord who took Oogwan as an apprentice. The one who had enslaved him those many years ago, Lord Lamdoz.

The Slavemasters Apprentice

"You are all weak, I could make you all bow to a slave if I wanted to!" Lamdoz would remember what he had said many years ago to his fellow lords as he looked at his new apprentice. The pieces were falling into place, Lamdoz's own living weapon was being forged in front of his very eyes.

Oogwan would follow his masters orders faithfully and unquestionably. After being trained further in lightsaber combat, Oogwan was sent on his first assignment by his master. He was to kill a Sith that was known only by few and only by name, Bilrysso Cheerno. After searching for weeks Oogwan had finally found his target. Oogwan attacked Bil relentlessly, but Bil was still stronger. Bil would sense Oogwan's inner feelings, the ones he had locked deep inside him and take pity on him. After subduing the young Cathar, Bil would offer to take Oogwan as an unnoficial apprentice, promising to teach him tricks that he would never learn from his true master. Oogwan begrudgingly accepted.

Bil's lessons would be trickled in with ways to make Oogwan open up and regain his older self. After many moons the two developed a friendship and Oogwan slowly regained the feelings he had locked away so long ago. After finally becoming a new person, Oogwan felt there was only one way to truly be free. He had to break the chains that bound him, he had to kill the one that enslaved him so long ago, Lord Lamdoz.

A Weapon No More

Oogwan would return to his master, claiming his mission was succsessful. Lamdoz, proud of the weapon he had forged, showed Oogwan that all of his life was planned by Lamdoz himself. On that faithful day Lamdoz first found him, Lamdoz could sense the force in Oogwan. He told Oogwan about how after that day he had planned out all of the events in his life. His solitary enslavement, his friendship with Lamdoz's daughter, the slave rebellion that awakened Oogwans powers and finally, the ability to mold Oogwan into whatever he desired.

Oogwan, enraged at the news that his suffering was all part of Lamdoz's plan, would finally lash out at his master. After a greulling battle that had cost Oogwan his hand, Lamdoz had been killed. In his dying breaths Lamdoz would laugh, saying that in the end he had succeeded. He had made a Sith Lord bow to a slave, he would then let out his final breath.

Oogwan could not stay anywhere in the Empire, he had just killed a Sith Lord. He stole a ship and fled to Nar Shadaa, leaving an encrypted message to Bil. Bil would join his old friend immediately, though Oogwan claimed to only be telling Bil of what happened and that he may never see Bil again, deep inside he was desperate for help. He hoped Bil could help him once more, help him find some sort of safe haven where the Empire could never find him. Bil had just that for him and suggested joining the Imperium. Oogwan would head there immediately.

Life In The Imperium

Though Oogwan was originally imprisoned for entering Imperium space, he was let go at the mention of Bil. He would become a citizen and eventually graduate the academy with honours. He is now looking for a master, but something is keeping him from taking initiative and finding someone to teach him.

Force Powers And Abilities

Though his actions can be seen as being on the side of light, he relies on the dark side of the force to empower him. Using his hatred for his enemy and the passion of killing them. He can summon lightning from his non cybernetic hand and knows all the basic force powers due to his training on Korriban. He was also specially trained in assassination and lightsaber combat. However if he lets his anger overwhealm him he becomes reckless and sloppy, resorting to animalistic attacks.