The One Sith Academy on Kaon was founded by Darth Q'urrim Midicoil, influenced by Darth Ray'ak's Secondary Academy. Darth Ray'ak served as the Minister of Sith Philosophy and Education, as well as the former Wrath of the Emperor. The goal of the academy was to formalize the training, education and indoctrination of all citizens who joined the Sith Imperium by providing them the groundwork and base for further learning and education. This is done through a variety of core classes, and multiple extracurriculars.

The Academy was first established in Kaas City with the grudging approval of the Sith Empire after an addendum was added to their treaty with the Sith Imperium. Following the Great Transference and colonization of the Solaria system, the Academy was moved to Ry'llara and eventually Solaria. After the destruction of Solaria at the hands of Sith Empire, the Academy was relocated to the planet of Amgarrak where it continues to exist to this day.

The One Sith Academy exists under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of State and Education, and is overseen by a Headmaster or Headmistress. The current headmistress of the Academy is Lady Candicia Augustina.


Official ceremonies and rites an be found here.


One Sith Academy students are both Sith and non-Sith and are instructed in five core classes:

  1. History and Lore (H)
  2. Law and Order (L)
  3. Formalities, Customs and Courtesies (F)
  4. Ideology and Philosophy (R)
  5. Combat (C)

Note: Each of the classes listed above are linked to pages which will serve as the course material.

Sith instructors at the academy are titled "overseer" and non-Sith instructors are titled "professor".

The Sith Imperium's Dark Council has the duty to oversee all trials and instruct all classes.

Students Classification

Students are classified by the amount of classes they have taken:

A student who has not taken any tests and has not been sworn in as a citizen is noted as: Need Citizen Ceremony

A student who has not taken any tests and has been sworn in as a citizen is noted as: AS0

A student who has passed one class is noted as: AS1

A student who has passed two classes is noted as: AS2

A student who has passed three classes is noted as: AS3

A student who has passed all four classes is noted as: AS4 and is ready for the graduation ceremony.

Any students with a overall class credit count of AS6 or higher will be given an honorary mention and additional commendation during the Graduation Ceremony.

Following graduation, former students will be assigned to masters and apprenticeship if Force-sensitive, or ministries.

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