The Olesya Name is common among the Republic as it is very well respected for their loyalty in the Military. Their origins begin on the planet of Agleuria which was a large Republic Settlement there the young soldier known as Roglon met with a young Smuggler named Carisam Mauves these two would grow a strong bond together during their time away from their jobs.

After an entire year the couple ended up being married at the spot where they met as everyone was in attendance.

Years would pass as they would have Four beautiful children one son and three daughters their names being

Tanyarovna Olesya - The First Child Born

Ada Eliasara Olesya - The Second

Kardeon Olesya - The Third (Codenamed Ghost)

Anna Olesya - The Last (Black Sheep)

These three children would grow to follow their own paths in the galaxy.


Twenty Five Years would pass, Ada Eliasara would go missing as Tanyarovna would be busy with her work as a republic soldier and Kardeon went on to marry a beautiful woman by the name of Trinya Keyes. However their home world would be soon attacked by an unknown force the Eternal Empire.

General Roglon would attempt to see that all civilians were to be evacuated but little to his knowledge the Knights Of Zakuul have out numbered them Roglon looked in horror to see a Knight Cut Down his wife as he became enraged he charged in blind and attempted to take down as many as possible but was killed by a saber to the chest no one survived the assault of the Eternal Empire.

Upon hearing this Tanyarovna formed her own cell to attempt to attack Zakuul from the shadows, Kardeon however was devastated as he would be busy taking care of his son Jordan Keyes with his wife. Ada Eliasara after being defected from the Republic and swore an oath to her king Sefran Roderick heard of this news and placed a shrine in Centares as a reminder of her parents sacrifice. Anna however was to busy with her family to even care of what was happening.

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