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With so many different positions of leadership within the Sith Imperium, it is important that each one is defined by a specific set of requirements and duties. A job description, if you will.

High Leadership

Lord Emperor

The guild-master and chief executive, the Lord Emperor is tasked with managing the guild in its entirety. He/she is responsible for the appointment of officers to assist in the administration, as well as maintaining an orderly and efficient atmosphere within the guild. The GM is also responsible for the upkeep and consistency of RP Arcs within the guild. Taking assistance from officers, the guild-master must keep a main RP arc going at all times.

Specific tasks - Appointing and managing officer-corps, writing guild RP arcs, recruitment and academy classes, responding to OOC disciplinary issues, maintaining the guild discord, moderating the guild wikia, upholding guild rules, holding officer and guild meetings when necessary, coordinating relationships with other guilds and groups, managing the guild bank and funds appropriately.

Hand of the Lord Emperor

The co-leader and second-in-command, the Hand of the Lord Emperor is tasked with similar duties to those of the Lord Emperor. The Hand must be ready as a contingency plan in the event that the Guild-master is absent, ailing, or is otherwise unavailable to run the guild.

The person occupying the position of second-in-command performs a few essential tasks: managing the guild in the guild-master's absence, managing relationships between the officer-corps and the guild, and assisting the guild-master in his/her tasks that relate to and involve the guild.

  1. Managing the guild
    • The GM wants a skilled person who can run the guild efficiently even in his/her absence. In such cases, the Hand needs to be someone with good management skills and someone that the guild-master can trust. The second in command will act as GM, overseeing the day-to-day affairs of the guild, delegating authority, and ensuring that all ministries are working in harmony. However, he will be answerable to the Lord Emperor and must keep the latter in the know in relation to the affairs of the company.

Managing relationship with the guild-master

  • Understand the Lord Emperor’s Vision
    • Knowing the guild-master's plans and vision is essential in ensuring the guild progress and develop in the correct way. Once plans are known, the Hand can assist and provide counsel to the guild-master.
  • Help the Lord Emperor do the right things
    • It's important that members of the guild do the right thing, following outlined rules and progressing in the right way. There may be individuals who are confused or stuck, and it is the duty of the leadership to free them and help them to continue on their way. The second-in-command can assist the Lord Emperor by asking what the guild is currently doing and what it is supposed to be doing.

Specific tasks - Leading the officer-corps, providing input and writing guild RPs, recruitment and academy classes, responding to OOC disciplinary issues, upholding guild rules, moderating guild and officer meetings, leading officer meetings if the guild-master is not present, assisting players when necessary, aiding the guild-master in accomplishing his vision & plans, ensuring that ministries are being run in a positive and efficient way that benefits the guild as a whole.

Officers & Junior Officers

Lord Councillors

Officers of the guild, Lord Councillors are tasked with the administration and upkeep of their specific ministries. Furthermore, officers should ensure that their ministries remain positive and welcoming. Exclusivity is not tolerated and anyone, if they are proficient in the skills required, should be admitted entry. For example, a Lord Councillor may not bar entrance to all but their closest friends within the guild.

Deputy Ministers


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