An important figure in Imperium history, Darth Nostrem is responsible for the attack that destroyed Amgarrak. Reviled for his actions, he is one of the Imperium's oldest enemies.

Historical File

Darth Nostrem is the mastermind behind the attack on Amgarrak, the original sanctuary world and capital of the Sith Imperium. Although he claimed to be acting on behalf of the rogue Dread Masters, this was later revealed to be a bluff. Ensuing his successful assault which brought about Amgarrak's destruction, he gained favor with the Dark Councilors in command of the Imperial Military. Darth Decimus, who presided over the Sphere of Military Strategy, chose Nostrem to act as his liaison to the Minister of War.

Unfortunately, several years later the Empire would come to ally with the Sith Imperium, which had been reformed and vastly expanded under Darth Arestenax. As a gesture of good will to the Imperium, the Dark Council exiled Nostrem to the far reaches of the Outer Rim.

During the Galactic War, Nostrem reappeared, now deeply resentful toward the Imperium, to whom he vowed to take vengeance upon for the loss of his career. He was able to reach Dromund Kaas and conducted an archaeological dig near the site of the Dark Temple, hoping to uncover ancient artifacts to bolster his own power. Nostrem was confronted by the Imperium's reigning Praetor, Darth Erasis Citadel, within the temple halls. His escort of Imperial Knights were defeated and brutally executed by Nostrem, who located the Praetor himself and attacked him in a rage. Reinforcements arrived only to witness him throw Erasis from the temple's mezzanine to its ground level, severely injuring him. He disappeared a second time after the duel in the temple.

After the scheming diplomat Darth Vrahal was foiled in his attempt to destabilize the Ministry of Intelligence, an investigation led by Admiral Nezzor revealed that Vrahal had contracted Darth Nostrem to assassinate Darth S'renx, the High Councilor in command of the ministry. However, Nostrem himself did not follow through with the agreement to murder the Councilor nor did he appear directly at any time during the incident.

Darth Nostrem's present status is unknown, but it is presumed he is alive.

Psychological Profile

Considered dangerously unyielding even by his peers, Darth Nostrem is one for whom the ends always justify the means. Unlike many Sith, he holds no interest in ideology, self-indulgence, or politics―though that isn't to say he is not a thinking man. Nostrem is a master of strategy, analyzing his adversary's own tactics from the shadows before he strikes. Strangely, he is fiercely opposed to anti-alien philosophies many in the Empire cling to and openly mocks Sith who revere the old ways.

Additional Notes

  • According to Imperial records, Nostrem was trained in the ways of the dark side by Darth Arctis.
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