Nezic Zadane is a human male, and lord of sith. Born to House Zadane he was entrusted to Chirikyat upon his birth. She serves as his protector and right hand in all aspect's. After the Empires attack on House Imperior, House Zadane sent Nezic to reinforce their old allies, attempting to bolster them without drawing the Empires attention.

House Zadane

A more minor house of Alderaan House Zadane relied less on brute force and military might, and more on Knowledge and subterfuge. Joining the alliance with House Imperior, House Zadane worked to supply the alliance with knowledge of the galaxy at large as well as the hidden secrets of the sith. Ruled for the past years by Nezic's father, House Zadane thought it prudent to send Nezic To the Imperium to aid them.



Upon his birth to the Galaxy Nezic was placed under the protection of Chirikyat. The powerful pureblood watched over him as he grew into his role and power. Nezic showed signs of extreme gift with the force at a early age, his skill and control unmatched within his house. As his training continued this skill and power only grew along with his mind, his cunning and knowledge grew to the levels and exceeded those of his house. While his raw physical might and skill in lightsaber combat languished his loyal protector Chirkyat more than made up for this weakness.


Powers and Abilities

While not as skilled in lightsaber combat as other sith Nezic excelled at force techniques and force based attacks.

Base Saber Form of Shii-Cho

Advanced Force Technique

  • Chain lightning
  • Force Storm
  • Force Tempest

Intermediate Force Technique

  • Force Fear
  • Force Barrier
  • Force Whirlwind
  • Force Scream
  • Force Wound
  • Dopplegänger
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