Nuruodo'Jubei'Yagyu, or better known by her core name Jubei, is a Chiss Female, who was born and raised on Csilla the Chiss homeworld. Before The Great Transference, (and her awakening) was a Commander in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. When she was awakened by her old friend Princess Vindictiva Roderick, The Crown Princess of the Sith Imperium, She came to find out that she was not only a Highly decorated Officer (RADM) of the Imperium Military, but also received a Knighthood with in the Praetorian Guard, and holds the rank of Knight Captain. Upon her awakening she was elevated to Minister of Intelligence, and later transitioned to the Minister of the very Ministry she was wanting, The Ministry of Science and Technology where she can further herself in Microbiology, in which she attained a degree in during her time at a University on Csilla. Currently she serves as the Commanding Officer of HMS Sovereign, the Lord Emperor's Flagship.

((WIP, More to come.))

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