Peace is a lie.

Kara considered those words a moment with an amused smile playing at her lips. From the near constant howling of the dust storm, to the quiet whispering withen the tombs and the bustling noise of the academy. Peace was truely a very rare commodity here on Korriban.

She shook her head and trried to refocus her thoughts. What was she supposed to be looking for again? Ah yes some old dusty sith relic buried deep withen one of the many tombs. She sighed. She honestly figured these tasks was fools errends. The item being sought actaully just placed there by the overseers as a means of testing if an acolyte could retrieve them or not. She highly doubted any of the so called lost relics was of any real value.

Thinking back over the directions she'd been given she turned left at the next intersection. The incistent whispering seems a bit louder here, almost understandable. Noticing a large crack in the shadows of one of the many statues lining the hallway she knelt to investigate, not because she felt what she sought was here but out of curiousity. She felt withen the crack and her exploring fingers felt something small wrapped in cloth. She pulled it out and unwrapped it carefully. Exposing a data chip. A newer model not more then a handful of years old. She wondered what was on it and why it was here as she pocketed her find and resumed her hunt.

Later in her quarters after finding and turning the 'lost' relic into the overseer. Kara lay in her bunk staring at the ceiling unbidden her hand rested on her pocket and the chip withen. She pulled it out and grabbed a reader. "Likely someone's cookbook" she thought amusedly to herself. The contents of the datachip left far more questions then answers. The contents being nothing more then a single set of coordinates. "To where?" she wondered.....

A couple days later she slinked off to the landing pad and stole a shuttle. Curiousity finally getting the better of her. She laid in the course as she blasted upwards thru Korriban's dusty atmosphere. The thrum of the engines and the various beeps of the shuttles systems brought a smirk to her face. "Even here in the dead of space, peace remains a lie....." she said quietly outloud to herself. Moments later she pressed the levers forward, making the jump to hyperspace and the mysterious coordinates awaiting her at the other end.....

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